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i hate everything
Hello! I am a spaceship, known as QwibQwib.

More importantly I am a spaceship that is looking for partners! Specifically ones that are interested in doing a Liberteen thread with me.

I'm quite open to a lot of pairings, I'll probably be the gayest space shuttle you'll see in a long time, but I can do much more then MxM, surprise me.

We can think of plots together! It'll be great.

Good spelling and grammar is preferable, I'm likely biting myself in the arse however with this. Not sure how great my own spelling or grammar is.

If you're interested send me a message.

I remain, The Qwib Qwib, Admiral Zaal'Koris' one true love.

Pairings I'm interested in, (There is only one currently :l):

Monster x Human​
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