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  1. Two people who have hated each other since they were in diapers are forced to work together on a school project... What could possibly happen?...

    ~~My Character Info~~

    Name: October Andrews

    Age: 17

    Body Type: Slim

    Height: 5'6"

    Personality: Outgoing, Funny, Smart. She is usually nice to you if you are nice to her. She is stubborn and pretty short tempered and is tougher than she looks. She is not afraid to stand up for herself or others. If you do something to piss her off you better be careful from that side of her. She is very loyal and honest.

    Brief Bio: Octobers childhood was no walk in the park. Her father is an abusive alcoholic and her mother commited suicide because she couldn't handle her husband anymore. October tries to stay away from home as much as she can to avoid her fathers wrath. She tries to keep a positive attitude around others (unless you piss her off). She has become pretty good at hiding her true emotions over the years.

    Looks: Pic Below :)

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  2. o.o this is my jam :3 I shall try my hand at a CS in a moment I guess X3
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  3. Name: Katsumi Kuma

    Age: 18 (recently had his birthday)

    Body Type: Medium

    Height: 5'7

    Personality: Reserved but short fused at times, he's got a rough exterior but likes to keep that away from others as much as possible, unfortunately this doesn't mean he doesn't lash out sometimes, other than that, he's actually a pretty timid, and gentle person if you get to know him.

    Brief Bio: Katsumi should have grown up as a happy child with a happy life, his parents were nice enough to him and took proper care of him. Despite the general normality of his living environment before and after he went to school, he was found to be rather pensive most of the time leading a more introverted life. Contrary to how this may seem, he did surprisingly well in school and caused little to no trouble, except of course when trouble came to him.

  4. Tell me if I dun goofed anywhere XD I tend to do that o.o
  5. Accepted! :3 I will write out the RP. I am being driven home right now soI will do it when I get home because its going to be kinda long lol.
  6. Okie! :3 I can't wait! o-o
  7. Haha me too :3 Atleast this gives me some time to think about what I am going to write XD
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  8. Heh, I guess that works o-o
  9. Ok I am back :3 Getting to work on it now xP
  10. Okay! X3 *waits patiently trying not to get too worked up about it* o-o
  11. It is done x3 Just look in the OnexOne Rps :D
  12. Yay! :D I shall make a response soon! :3
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  13. So I was thinking the assignment could be like they have to perform a certain William Shakespear book in front of the class with a partner.... and our characters have to do Romeo and Juliet! xD I only think that because there is a a kissing scene (maybe even a few o.o) and during practice that would be a good way to get the feelings started lol
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  14. X3 that would be cool o.o (and also very very awkward XD which could give room for that sort of thing ;3)
  15. It would be pretty funny XD
  16. So which house should they go to first? His or hers? :3
  17. Hmm... Only because it fits the plot better, his I guess o.o
  18. Ok cool ^^. This is also a perfect oppotunity for them to know what each others living situation is like :3
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