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  1. (First to reply with this can be my new role-play partner. I'm looking for someone that can play the male role in a step brother and sister romance.)

    Jessica Moon, commonly known as Jess, shot up from her bed with sweat running down her face from a nightmare. She clung to her blanket until she realized she was awake again. She sat in the middle of her covers, trying to get her breath back before rolling off to one side and standing up, slowly making her way over to her closet.

    She boosted herself up on her tippy-toes and grabbed a blanket out of the top of her closet and walked by her bed, grabbing a pillow, and out her door. She walked quickly past her step mom and her dad's room, and quietly by her step brothers room, only glancing in once to make sure he was still asleep, before he kept going. Jess saw her brothers eyes shut , so she finished walking down the stairs and into the living room where she laid down on the couch.
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  2. Justin woke up a few minutes later he had to use the bathroom. He lifted the blanket off of his body sitting up letting out a light yawn. He walks over to the bathroom in his tight black shirt and dark blue pajama pants quickly closing the door quickly behind him. After he was done he walked over to his step sister's room to see if she was doing alright. She was gone..did she sneak out? or is she downstairs?. Justin walked downstairs slowly looking around for her finally finding her on the couch. "Jessica what are you doing down here?"
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  3. "Nothing, I just couldn't sleep,"she says looking up at Justin. "What are you doing up so late anyway?" She asks, pulling her knees up to her chest and sitting back into the couch. She tries to calm her breathing and relax, but nothing she tried was working, so she just hoped her stepbrother wouldn't notice her uneven breathing and her whole body shaking.
  4. "I just came from the bathroom and I didn't see you in your room." He blinked a little at his step sister seeing how she was hunched up something must be wrong. Justin sits next to Jessica rubbing her back softly. "I think its more than you can't sleep you can tell me anything Jessica" he yawned stretching out his arms.
  5. "No I'm fine,"Jess says, pulling away from Justin's touch."But you should sleep, you look really tired. You need sleep,"she says looking at him for a minute, then back down at the carpet.
  6. He crosses her arms staring at Jessica "You need sleep too Jessica I'm going to stay up until you go back to sleep" he gets up off the couch walking into the kitchen to get a glass of cold water for himself drinking out of it slowly sighing a little.
  7. Rolling her eyes, Jessica pulled her cover back up over herself and laid down for a minute before following Justin into the kitchen."Justin. Go to bed," she says taking his water from his hands.
  8. "Do you hate me that much Jessica?" Justin looks away feeling a little upset then grabs another glass of water drinking from it slowly leaning on the counter.
  9. "No! I don't hate you," Jessica says, hurt that Justin'd even think that she could ever hate him. "Why would you think I hate you? I just want you to get some sleep,"she says sighing and sitting the glass down on the counter before closing her eyes and leaning against the counter beside him, slowly rubbing her temples.
  10. "I want you to get some sleep too so I'm not going to bed until you are" He finished the glass of water putting them both in the sink to wash later. He pouted looking over at her being stubborn. "Plus you won't me what's wrong with you Jessica"
  11. "I told you that I couldn't sleep,"Jessica says looking the other way. "If I go to sleep you promise you'll go to sleep too?" She asks looking over at Justin.
  12. "Yes I promise. No fake sleeping either I can tell" Justin walks over to the couch grabbing Jessica's pillow waiting for her to go to sleep.
  13. "No you can't,"Jessica mumbles to where only she could hear and follows Justin to the couch. She slowly laid down on the couch and looked at justin for a second and then turned onto her back to look up at the ceiling.
  14. He chuckled softly hitting her with the pillow gently before pulling up at chair sitting in it backwards, resting his arms on the back of the chair. He watches her for a few minutes before resting his head on his arms closing his eyes.
  15. Jessica laughed quietly and closed her eyes, opening them every few seconds to look at Justin, but eventually falling into a light sleep beside him.
  16. He peeked out at her seeing that Jessica has finally fell asleep. Justin got up out his chair putting it back when he had found it walking over to her kissing her cheek gently before going up to his room.
  17. After a couple of good, solid hours of sleep that she hadn't had in a long time, Jessica woke up again with a thud to the floor. She had rolled over in her sleep and rolled off the small couch and into the floor, making her hit her head on the coffee table.
  18. Justin was asleep in his room with the blanket ontop of his body sleeping quietly with one of his arms ontop of his face.
  19. Pulling herself up, Jessica looked around to see if Justin was still downstairs, but she didn't see him. Grabbing her blanket, she walked up the stairs carefully and passed her room and walked towards Justin's and looked in, seeing him asleep. Thinking for a second, Jessica finally gave in and walked over to him and laid down beside him, facing away from him.
  20. Justin shifted over to his side feeling the bed move. He wrapped his arms around Jessica in his sleep breathing lightly.