Within the soul

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  1. The girl kept walking, her arms were close to her. "Fuck" she growled as she kept running. Helecopters were zooming past her overhead, an old office building was burned down to the ground killing 30 people in the process.
    What the police didn't know was that the girl that was in a hurry to get away was the one who blew it up, but not on purpose though. Her entity, Po was the one who had done it.
  2. Kyle gasped as he saw an office building in the distance alight with bright flames. It wasn't too much of a surprise that another building was on fire, many strange things have been happening recently without a cause. He hoped that his sister Danielle didn't work there and that it was another office. He clenched the window sill as he stared out at the building, listening to the sirens.
  3. "And I was just minding my own business, too," Sam muttered under his breath, running down the street and away from the flames of the burning building. His shirt was covered in soot and debris crunched under his sneakers. He glanced around and saw a girl desperately running past.

    "Hey," Sam shouted, jogging up to her. "You not hurt, are you? Do you know what happened here?"
  4. The girl tried her best ignoring the man and kept walking fast.
  5. Gabrielle watched from the nearby cemetery as ash fell to the earth. "Not another one" she whispered to herself. The last time she'd seen an explosion this powerful was in 1684. Although there have been many explosions lately around this town, but none have emitted this much soul energy. Gabrielle began to walk toward the explosion.
  6. Raven felt some strong soul energy near by and looked up. 'Great not another one.' She looked and saw the building on fire close by. 'I might should move.' She looked to see if anyone was near and since the coast was clear turned into her soul-self. And quickly teleported father away from the fire to an area where people usually weren't around. She turned back out of her soul-self and back into her normal human form. She pulled out a mirror from her pocket to check her black hair, and to make sure her eyes weren't white instead they were their usual blue/purple. She put back the mirror and a few minutes latter saw a girl running and heard a man ask if she was okay. Raven secretly followed her and then when they were father away asked. "Miss are you okay? You seemed a little uneasy."
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.