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  1. "When the fox hears the rabbit scream, he comes a runnin' , but not to help."
    -- Hannibal (Series)

    Quintessential Prerequisites
    • Adept or Advanced writers.
    • Capabilities to maintain numerous of NPCs alongside the main character.
    • Patience is a virtue.
    • Be 16+, I don't wish to role-play with anyone younger, my apologies.
    • Portray sexual pleasure passionately, enticing, stimulating all the necessary senses, and anatomically correct.
    • Grammar and spelling must be perfected.
    • Digital art or realistic physiques.
    • Aggressive writers.
    • Make your role-play resume visible!
    About Myself
    • A high school student.
    • SAT classes, sports, prom committee, and drama club.
    • Super busy or hella tired.
    • Will be busy mostly on Saturdays.
    • Timezone, -10 GMT.
    Promiscuous Interests
    • Biting
    • Kissing
    • Restraints
    • Hands (All over dat body)
    • Sexual Frustration/Tension
    • Rough/Aggression
    • Licking
    • Seduction
    • Victorian Era
    • Unrequited Romance
    • Cyber-punk
    • Stubborn X Stubborn
    • Teacher X Student (My cliche guilty pleasure)
    • Model X Model (Gay or Lesbian)*
    • Cabaret Singer X Gangster
    • Poor X Rich
    • Navy General X Mermaid
    • Tribe Savage X Princess/Prince/Royalty (Jin Dynasty, China)*
    • Famous X Bodyguard
    • Knight X Captive
    In search for zero partners at the moment.
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  2. I would love to do another roleplay with you
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