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    Some things to know about this group!
    The Astrological Zodiac are completely new to the system. The Zodiac Legacy is currently being passed down to 12 deities of the group, so powers (The powers/abilities you chose when making your CS) relating to the Astrological Zodiac are new. During this RP, you will learn to develop and control their powers over time. When you first come in contact you will most likely freak out or be completely oblivious. Being in this group means that you have no idea about anything, and hopefully, Danika or Robert (depending on who you chose OOC.) will guide you through it (Those people are me!).

    Coming into contact with your power will have one MANDATORY thing. You have to summon it up with a strong feeling you have. Whether that be envy, happiness, sadness, anger, anxiety, etc., that feeling in particular, will have to be summoned for you to gain access to a power you wish. Now, over time, you will learn how to use your abilities without feeling but, in due time. If you have this strong feeling at random, this power will come out unwillingly until you learn to control it.

    During this RP, you will have to wait for the others [TeamZAPS or TeamZODCORP] to come and find you. So during that time, you might meet up with a couple of Astrological Zodiacs in your area, how you came in contact with your power, how did you react?, is your character going to be practicing these powers over time even before the research facilities come and find you?, etc.



    Some things to know about this group!
    The Chinese Zodiac are the "veteran" group in this RP. They have already been contacted and gotten from either Robert Wells or Danika Sherring and are currently located in ZAPS Laboratory or Zodiac Corporation. Because they are already picked out from the crowd of Zodiacs some time ago, these human counterparts are already in contact with their power. When using it, these humans are not likely to be so oblivious and shocked about their ability unless they have a power they will be learning to use/find out throughout the course of this RP. The humans in this group have not completely mastered their power, so there is still a little bit of learning to do from them. Unlike the Astrological Zodiacs, the Chinese Zodiacs do not have to summon up a certain feeling to unleash their powers unless they are still a little bit new to everything that is going on, or they are the type of person that doesn't learn quickly, too shy, etc.

    Since you people are the veterans of the group, you will be helping either Robert or Danika (Depending on which team you chose OOC) locate the astrological Zodiacs in your team before the other research facility beats you to it and starts an attack first. Once all the correct "newbies" of the group have been collected for the correct group, you will also help them train with their powers. Get to know them a little better, make them feel comfortable around the place, teach them how to summon their powers and control it, fight with them USING POWERS ONLY, etc. It's survival of the fittest out there.
    This is war.

    [BCOLOR=transparent]BAILEY DOVE. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] LIBRA.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]NYC, NEW YORK.[/BCOLOR]


    [BCOLOR=transparent]ASTREA ‘REA’ LAMBROS.[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] ARIES. [/BCOLOR]


    [BCOLOR=transparent]NYC, NEW YORK.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]KEKOA MAHELONA. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] LEO.[/BCOLOR]


    [BCOLOR=transparent]RENNES, FRANCE. [/BCOLOR]





    [BCOLOR=transparent]NYC, NEW YORK. [/BCOLOR]
    People I haven't heard from yet. I think.

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Emily Huang. Rabbit. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]AIRPORT TO TOKYO JAPAN. [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]TeamZAPS or TeamZODCORP?[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Annabelinda Jocelyn Irving. Snake. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]BELFAST, IRELAND. [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]TeamZAPS or TeamZODCORP?[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]ROOSTER. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Capricorn.. I need you here bud. c: [/BCOLOR]



    "It's time."
    "I know."
    "We need to find them. Fast."
    "I know."

    Robert Wells, the current founder of ZAPS Laboratory is talking to one of his pesky coworkers, Adam. Adam is one of the many advanced computer scientists ZAPS Laboratory has to offer. The main headquarters of ZAPS Laboratory is located underground, in a discreet part of Hinsdale, Colorado. There, Robert and his colossal team of researchers study and look into the Zodiac Legacy and the secrets it contains. Every 200 years, Zodiac deities will transfer their energy down onto a human being, the reason for it is still unknown. Once that transfer is complete, a human, who is the "perfect counterpart of the Zodiac" will have the deities's powers and abilities.
    And because of his job and passion, Robert has been focused on one thing the entire day.

    It's been 200 years since the last Zodiac Legacy, and now, he has to find those new Zodiacs before Danika does.
    "What do we have on them?"
    "Follow me, Rob."
    Adam led Wells into a huge lab room. There were many computers, screens, and people lit under huge white fluorescent lights. And because the research facility was so large, even Wells had trouble finding his way around. Polished shoes tapping against concrete floors, Wells walked up to Janice, another one of his computer scientists.
    Who are they?
    "They're perfect for the job. The deities have chosen right, this time."
    Janice hits a few buttons on a keyboard and instantly, the entire room was filled with pictures of men and women. The room fell silent as they all looked at the gigantic screens. Robert gave Janice a proper high five for actually getting the screen to work. The room burst into a short span of laughter.

    First up on the screen was a woman with light brown/blonde hair. The picture shown had her hair in curls, and her blue eyes were greatly enhanced.
    As if trying to start off the meeting, Robert opened his mouth, only to be interrupted by Janice.

    "This! Is Bailey Dove. She is currently in New York City, New York studying to become a lawyer. As her future occupation states, she.. Is Libra's human counterpart."

    Janice stated the information in an almost unamused and serious manner. It was so different from Robert's motto. Fit. Fair. Fun. Robert did not wish to comment on her voice until later. Janice pushed the → arrow key on that small keyboard and the image changed of another woman.

    "Caterina Elise Vanderbuilt. Currently located in Cheyenne Wyoming. Has a small split in personalities. And what better way to have two personalities than to be the human counterpart of Gemini."

    "Astrea Lambros. Located in Birmingham, England. Has a bit of an innocent personality. Could possibly freak out when confronted by us. To be taken gently. Human counterpart of Aries."

    "Hanzo Akitsuki. Located in Henning, Tennessee. Human counterpart of Scorpio. Might also have a possibility of running away when confronted by us."

    "Richard Brian Kennedy. Taurus. Located in New York. He's a hard one to track down, so he might be harder to find around these parts."

    "Kekoa Mahelona. Leo. Veeery tough. He should be a joy in the ass during training. Los Angeles. Lord god help us all in the heat."

    "Is.. Is that all the Astrological?.."
    "Yes. That's who we need to find."
    "Are you certain these are those people..?"
    "... We have to find them to find out."

    A wicked frown appeared on Robert's face for a mere moment. His head snapped to Janice, looking at her with unwavering eyes of anger.

    "Do we have her here today?.."
    "Tiger. It's time. You gotta find some of these people. Show yourself."
    To be honest, Robert was terrified of the Chinese Zodiacs. They were quite powerful, since they've been here longer. Finch was no exception.
    "Choose three people you would like to seek out. I will take the rest. It's time. Be quick on your feet, Tiger. We've got a pizza delivery to make. Speaking of pizza. WHO WANTS PIZZA?"
    The research facility grew into a roar of cheers.
    Sure, this was war, but there was always time for pizza.
    Character(s) Mentioned:
    @Shayla @ᗰᗩᗪ ᕼᗩTTEᖇ
    @CasketCase @Cerulean
    @Shattered♦Secrets™ @IceQueen

    "Who are they. WHO ARE THEY?"
    Danika was enraged. 200 years have come by so quickly she could barely catch her breath. Danika burst through the research doors with a scorn look on her face.
    "Tell me who they are, Jacob. Now."
    The innocent young adult, AKA, one of her many co-workers, scurried around the research lab in hopes of getting the names and locations in time before Danika decides to snap his neck. Danika wanted things to be done fast and to the point. Once Jacob pulled up large computer screens with people's faces on them, Danika felt a bit at ease now that she's got the information she truly desired.

    "Where is the dragon?"
    "H-He's here?"
    "Yes! He's here. Where the hell is he? We need these people fast. And now, before Robert gets his people first and starts an attack against us. We need to be first. Always. Jacob. Find that damned dragon."

    Danika's motto was: always being first means that you get power. And that was all that mattered to her right now. Danika needed to get those people, quick.
    Once the dragon showed up, Danika would turn a computer screen around so the man could see. There were the same images of men and women going about their daily lives. When it comes to finding people, Zodiac Corporation takes the cake.

    "Here are the people. Pick 3 of those people that suit you fancy. Find them, and bring them here. I will take the two people on singlehandedly."

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Location: RENNES, FRANCE. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Location: LAKESIDE, OREGON.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Location: ULLAPOOL, SCOTLAND. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Location: LITTLETON, COLORADO. [/BCOLOR]


    [BCOLOR=transparent]Location: BETHLEHEM, ISRAEL. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"Remember, Arthur. I want these people in this lab quick. Failure to give me what I want will result in punishment. Do you understand me? Let's go. Time is of the essence. We need those Zodiacs. We need their power. Message me your choices in people. See you soon, Dragon."[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]With a quick turn of her heel, Danika Sherring was out of those huge, metal, lab doors, ready to take on the chance of victory.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Character(s) Mentioned:[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]@Ali @Hermit @Dramma @Azula [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]@Kitsune @Zabby[/BCOLOR]
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  2. [​IMG]

    ZodCorp Lakeside, Oregon (Aquarium)

    "You would do well in relaxing yourself, Danika. Wrinkles are likely to appear if you stress much longer."
    The brilliant blonde flashed a cheeky grin her direction, his eyes shifting their attention to the LCD monitor before him with a list of names, locations, ages, and the likes plastered below each highlighted zodiac. Arthur crossed his arms, wrinkling the white cotton shirt he currently had on. In his left hand he held a small gold chain, linked on the end was a rather old looking charm that resembled a Chinese dragon - one that seemed more snake-like than anything. It was gold in appearance, much like the chain itself and about the size of Arthur's thumb.
    He maneuvered it around and through his fingers like second nature, finding it sooth his mind and ease the choice he had before him.
    His cherry red eyes glistened with the reflection of the monitor as he scanned each name and the information listen below; it always did surprise the Dragon how ZodCorp managed to acquire all this information, clearly he was the field man and there were hidden accomplices that shadowed these targets to acquire such vast amounts of personal information, he even noticed how their social insurance numbers were listed beneath the names.

    "So do you think she wants them all here soon, or can I just relax for a bit?" A hearty laugh fell from the nude-toned lips of the dragon as he looked to Jacob who seemed rather shaken and worried for his own well-being and his jobs security at the moment.
    Arthur simply snorted, turning his head from the shaken man to once again examine the screen. Delta, Charlie, and Lucas would make for the most worth-while trips in the dragon's head, seeing as two out of the three (if they held true to their lore) would put up a rather excellent fight for the Dragon in terms of collection and conviction. Arthur's lips arched up into a tell-tale smile those at ZodCorp had come to know; it was a smile that said he was ready for a challenge.

    "Lucas Grove, here comes the Dragon."


    "Good Afternoon Mr. Ernlaid. Please, if there is anything we can do to make your flight more enjoyable, just let us know."
    Arthur simply smiled up at the flight attendant before him, he sculpted her curves with his eyes and watched each expression on her face change with her movements.
    "Thank you, as always, Clarice, you know I will." He turned his attention back to the window on his left, allowing the silence and solitude of the private air-liner to ease him into a relaxed state. His sloshed the Merlot in his right hand thrice, before placing the cup to rest on the chairs sidearm, gripping the stem of the wine glass for support.
    His free hand sought to retrieve the phone from his jacket pocket. Skillfully flipping the device into an upright position, he clicked it on, entering the messaging application before clicking on the pre-existing message section between him and Danika.


    He placed the phone back in his pocket before bringing his hand up to his head, massaging the bridge of his nose rather thoroughly. Wasn't it the affiliates that were supposed to cause the leader headaches? Not not the other way around.
    The man grasped rather tightly onto the stem of his wine glass as he felt the body of the jet begin to glide forward, as the friendly -if not over enthusiastic- voice of the Captain came on over the planes intercom.

    "Good Afternoon passengers, this is your captain speaking. Just a quick update, we have been cleared for take off and will arrive at Lakeside State Airport in 5 hours, so sit back, and enjoy the ride."
    The speaker buzzed quickly, closing out with a rather catchy jingle Arthur knew would be stuck in his head for the remainder of the flight.
    He turned to face outside the window, watching as the ground picked up with speed, even though he knew it was the plane that was increasing it's speed, he liked to believe the cement had turned itself into a treadmill and was accelerating the plane to it's needed takeoff speed. He watched the runway leave his sight, as he sat back into the large and luxurious leather chair, closing his eyes to the coming trip.


    Arthur simply stood in the parking lot of the large aquarium in which his first target was located. Behind him waited a black limousine with a golden dragon on it's hood - whoever saw this car would only have to assume it's patron was involved in a very wealthy line of work, and it was true, Arthur did run one of the most successful Art Auction's the world had come to see: Chance Encounters, he deserved the best, and regularly profited on that conclusion. Everything around him was bleak and without sunshine, reminding him much of the time he visited his auction house in London, England. The sky was threatening rain, and the dragon had only hoped he would acquire this man before the heavens decided to drench him.

    The trip here reminded him just how much he hated the human way of traveling. Yes, he could have flown, but then how exactly would he have picked up and retrieved three completely fresh-minded people and transported them back to ZodCorp? Even though he was completely and utterly exhausted and fed-up with the planes, boats, and cars of this world, he reflected on the fact that he did indeed make the right decision; also, his previous assignment had worn him out something fierce, consuming a lot of his energy, this alone would have made flight hard.

    He looked down to the smart phone in his hands, bringing up the Zodiac Corporation app that Danika had made him download after yelling directly in his ear several times.
    Say what you want about Danika Sherring, but she could definitely get what she wanted with ease, whether it be by screaming, scare tactics or force; and the Dragon appreciated that.
    He flicked his finger across the screen scrolling down the list of information, passing over Charlie and Delta before coming to a stop at the face of Pieces, or Lucas, as he was called in his human form. He had some simplistic brown hair, and a well put together, handsome face. In each picture he saw of this man, there were always sunglasses covering his eyes, it annoyed the dragon - though, this was a nice picture of him, Arthur had no idea what he looked light on a regular day when less fucks could be given about ones appearance. Arthur always cared about his appearance though, and never went into the public eye without looking 100%.
    He had chosen to sport a white cotton long-sleeved shirt, partially see-through and a fur-lined coat, also in the shade of white. His pants were a burnt brown that almost resembled bark on a tree with their odd pattern. His feet were clad in reddish orange boots, most-likely of the leather origin, as he only wore the best. Finally, his neck and wrists were decorated with a massive gold necklace and similarly matching bracelets that resembled dragons teeth; his charm was nowhere to be found.

    Arthur clicked the button on the top of his phone, shutting the display off before sliding the device into his left-side pocket. His signature grin slid into place on his rather charming face before he made his way to the car that had an identical match on Lucas's profile. He assumed the man was most likely still working, so for the moment, he would wait.


    ╔═══════════════ NOTES══════════════╗
    ❝Edited. ❞

    Characters Interacted With:
    Danika Sherring (@Commander Cheesecake)
    Lucas Grove (@Dramma)
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  3. [​IMG]
    Her House > Library
    ✯ Relaxed and Curious ✯


    The sound of classical music overflew Adrienne's room as usual. No day passed without her listening to classical music. The slow yet solid melody from classical music always lighten her mood, so she always used classical music as her stress relief. Her feet walked across the room in tune with the music, making her steps looked like a soft dance. Today was her day off, she didn't need to go the laboratory. Adrienne loved her day off, but it didn't mean she could slacking off and be a couch potato. She wouldn't let one day wasted without productivity. Adrienne decided to learn more about her power. It's been a week since she was granted with strange power. Adrienne remembered that day...


    It was rainy and misty, the street was empty because it was already 10 p.m. The dog's howl and the sound of raindrops clashing on the street was the only harmony heard along the street. Wearing her jeans jacket and boots, Adrienne walked in fast pace. She forgot her umbrella and her car was in workshop, totally not one of her good days, but it didn't stop her from going home. With her body condition, Adrienne really needed to get home quickly or she would catch cold and she couldn't go to work. As she was closer to her house, Adrienne saw someone standing right in front of it. With her soaking wet clothes, Adrienne slowly approached the unknown hooded figure.

    "Are you waiting for me? Or just standing here by chance?"

    The hooded figure stayed silent, making Adrienne sighed impatiently, "Whatever," Adrienne shook her head and stomped her way to her house. Today was already messed up, she didn't want to deal with creepy stranger. Right when she was almost put the last digit on her password locked door, Adrienne felt someone grabbed her arm tightly, causing her to scream in pain, "Ouch! What are you--" As she tilted her head up and her light gray eyes glanced to someone who was right next to her, an odd sight flashed in front of her eyes. The hooded figure revealed its face, but it was too bright and shiny for human's eyes. Adrienne closed her eyes as the pain burnt her eyeballs. Moment later, she was collapsed and woke up in her bed on the next day.

    Minutes after she woke up, her head was aching like hell. She didn't remember anything after the flashing light from the hooded figure. Thinking that it was all just an odd dream, Adrienne went to the bathroom to wash her face. When the frosty water brushed her face gently, a memory out of nowhere rushed into her mind. It's not a visual memory, instead it was just words flying inside her head...

    Dear Adrienne, it might sound odd for you, but what I say here is true and undeniable. You are the chosen one, the human counterpart of Virgo, one of the astrological zodiacs. I will bestow you with grand powers that will help you to achieve my goal, our goal. Soon, someone will come for you. Accept them and you will see how much I've given to you, my dear.

    Adrienne snorted, growing up with books and facts made her looked everything from logical mind. Power in these modern days was ridiculous. Adrienne assumed it was just the effect of her medications. She never believed illogical things like this, therefore Adrienne ignored this odd experience and back to her normal days.
    However, these past few days was bothering her so much. She kept dreaming about that unusual incident again and again, poking her curiosity to find out the truth. But that's not all, she also kept getting 'information' from people around her, like their name, age, job, and many more. It popped out like messages and it was annoying. Maybe it was the power, but Adrienne was not so sure. If what she remembered was true, then someone would come for her, someone would be able to explain this unexplained incident.

    Stopping her mind from wandering around, Adrienne chose to pay a visit to the library at the central town. Internet was not an enough resources for her to learn about her power and zodiac things, she needed to find some books. No matter how advance the technology was, it still couldn't beat the knowledge hidden within the pages of books.

    After finishing her morning tea, Adrienne took the car keys and drove her car to the library, didn't forget to put on the classical music to accompany her way.

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  4. The Day Kekoa Gained His Powers...

    Kekoa was at his gym, Golden Gloves. He had kept the building open later than usual, helping a newbie boxer with his fighting techiniques. "Come on, you can do better than that." Kekoa was holding up his big fists, letting the young boy hit them. He was trying to see how hard the boy punched... which wasn't really that hard. "Listen, I could be home right now... instead, I took the time to help YOU out. Now, if you want to get to where I am in life... HIT HARDER!" The boy pulled back his arm, and he swung... hitting Kekoa in the chest. "Shit!" Kekoa bent over, but started to laugh a little. "Good job kid... we'll finish this tomorrow." The kid apologized and walked off to go to his car. Kekoa waited for the boy to leave his Boxing Gym. He then went over to lock the front doors.

    He rubbed his stomach. "Damn... that boy has potential." He smirked and went to sit down in his office. He hadn't changed out of his gym outfit yet, since he still had to make sure everything was put up. He had let his other trainers and boxers leave early, so he would have to clean up by himself. He was about to go into the locker room... when he heard a noise coming from the front area. "Hey! Who's there?!" Kekoa jumped from behind his desk, looking out towards the front. Nothing... then he heard movement again. "Who the hell is in my building?!" Kekoa didn't like thieves or criminals... he had a problem with them breaking in when he first opened.

    Kekoa saw something or someone in the middle of the boxing ring... he didn't know what or who they were, he couldn't tell from the glaring appearance they had. "What? Why are you here?" The figure had a strong and powerful voice. "YOU... WARRIOR, YOU HAVE BEEN PICKED AS THE NEW HOST FOR THE ZODIAC, LEO. WITH THIS COMES GREAT POWER, AND GREAT RESPONSIBILITY. WHAT YOU DO WITH THIS POWER, IS UP TO YOU... CHOOSE WISELY MY FRIEND." Kekoa didn't know what the figure was talking about... be he noticed something charging his way. A LION! Kekoa wanted to run... but something in his mind told him not to. When the lion figure jumped at him, he thought he was going to die... but instead it seemed as if the lion jumped into him.

    When Kekoa realized that he wasn't dead... he also discovered that the horrible pain he was feeling from the boy's punch had gone away... and the bruise that was growing, was gone also. Kekoa went to look for the figure in the ring... but they were gone too? "What the freak is going on?" Kekoa shook his head and went to finish cleaning up his gym. "So weird."

    Two Weeks Later...

    Kekoa had been researching about Zodiacs and everything since that whole incident had happened at his gym. He looked up The Leo Zodiac... which was also his birthday zodiac sign. This "power" thing could not be true right? Kekoa had noticed that when his skin was impacted with a hit, or some type of forceful touch that was suppose to be painful... it was like seconds later the pain was gone. It wasn't the usual "you'll get over it" type of recovery... but it would just go away, and there would be no bruise or anything. He just brushed it off as him being a well trained Pro Boxer, and his body was use to fists and painful hits... but he still felt like it was something more than that.

    He was on his way to Golden Gloves. His Co-Owner, who was also his brother Alika, had opened the building for Kekoa. He was usually the one to open and close, but he ws busy with the whole Zodiac thing for the past two weeks. He still couldn't get over what the hell the lion had done, did it really go into his body? Was that how he got this power or whatever it was. He sat that aside for the moment, only worrying about getting to his business and his passion.

    "Koko! Where were you?" He smirked at his younger brother. "Just busy with stuff, Lili. What's been going on around here?" He would be watching the boxer trainees today, so he didn't bring his gym clothes, wearing a casual outfit. "Nothing much, that kid that you said gave you a hell of a punch two weeks ago... he's getting better." He was happy to hear that. "Good... I'll be in my office. If anyone asks for me, that's where I'll be." Alika nodded his head, as Kekoa walked to the back area, towards his office.

    He took out his laptop. Kekoa wasn't a really techy nerd type of guy, he usually just liked the physical proof of things and such. For this type of situation, anything physical would not help him. He searched up zodiac signs and meanings of them. Leo The Lion... powerful, strong, brave. That did sound like him in every way, he still didn't know what the whole "New Host" meant. Was he suppose to hold on to something? All of this was just confusing him right now, he didn't have time for this. He shut his laptop and dropped his head on his desk. Frustrated and annoyed now.

    Location: (Los Angeles, California U.S.A.)-Golden Gloves Boxing Gym
    Mood: Frustrated & Annoyed
    Activity: Looking For Answers... Failing
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    Outfit: Look

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  5. [​IMG]
    ~Ann Clari Finch~
    ZAPS Laboratory --> Golden Gloves Boxing Gym
    Mood: Slightly Amused, Focused

    Ann sighed gently as she heard someone calling for her, her head popping up as she was alerted to the sound of her name. Swiftly raising to her feet, Ann found herself bounding towards Robert, who had called her name. Giving off a smile, Ann walked up besides Robert, her bare feet providing good traction against the slick floors of the lab. Ann had this strange habit of walking around barefoot, it always felt better to be without shoes. But if she did wear shoes, it was always sneakers, nothing else. Boots were too heavy, and convers never allowed her to move as she wanted to. Ann had selected her outfit somewhat haphazardly, well that was Ann most of the days. She had on a light blue V neck that was a bit too big for her, it was draping over her shoulders, and a black pair of spandex on her legs, which allowed her to move freely, without being too hot.

    "It's that time of year is it?" She questioned Robert, smiling as she walked up to stand next to him as the man raved about pizza. There were going to be a few difficult ones to capture, but Ann seemed to always be up to the challenge. Almost nothing could deter this woman from her path when she had her mind set on something. With a wicked grin, she pointed at the Lion first. "He's my first target." She said clearly, smiling. "I see a fighter in him, granted he probably wont take well to a mixed martial artist coming into his shop, but he'll get used to it." She said, her smile sticking to her face. "I'll take Gemini after that, should be easy enough, and then I will hop over to England and get Aries." She said, looking at Robert. "I would have taken Scorpio but I couldn't take all the fun for myself, then you would be mad at me." She snickered, smiling at him. Giving his shoulder a brief pat, she turned towards the door and headed for the exit. "Well then, I'll be off, I have a plane to catch~" She said, using a relaxed tone that indicated familiarity with Robert. And with that the energetic tiger was on her way, with an express ticket back home.

    "Welcome to LAX Ladies and Gentlemen."
    Ann let out a relaxed sigh as the plane she was on as it pulled up to the gate, the seatbelt sign turning off and allowing her to get up from her seat. Ann had still had her headphones plugged in, pulsing some of her favorite music through her ears as she slowly made her way out of the plane, controlling her urge to shove every single child and stupid bumbling adult in front of her aside and get out of the plane. She hated confined spaces, it just felt like the walls were always closing in, besides the roar of the engines was awful to her sensitive ears. They were still ringing in her head, persisting long after they had touched the ground and only serving to irritate the woman more. As soon as she was let out of the plane, Ann took off running, letting out a deep sigh as she got out of the walkway and into the airport. "I hate traveling." She grumbled to herself, shaking her head and hurrying to the exit as quickly as possible. She hated the smell, the sound, and the people in airports. Forgoers were so rude to Americans that she had stopped trying ages ago.

    Ann was about halfway to the outside when a small group of guys came up to her, laughing and giggling as they looked excitedly at her. "You're The Empress, Ann right?" The one who was shoved at the front of the group asked, and Ann noticed that there was a distinctly nervous tone about this man's voice. Laughing slightly, Ann smiled and nodded. "That's me. Just stopping by for a bit, taking care of some business." She said, smiling. They proceeded to gush over her, and she signed stuff for them, and then waved as she sent them on their way as she continued her march towards the outside.

    After finally worming her way through the crowds of LAX, Ann reached the outside (Finally), and was washed over by the familiar smell of Los Angeles air. She inhaled deeply, sighing slightly as she looked out at the cars in front of her. "Nothing like fresh LA air." She mumbled, before stepping out to find her driver. Now unlike some people, Ann was not extremely wealthy, but she was highly noticeable, which is why there was a need for tinted windows. Thankfully, most of her fans thought she had left for a private vacation or knew she needed her privacy. Sliding into the car with tinted windows, Ann relaxed into the leather seats as the driver took off to the pre arranged location, Golden Gloves Boxing Gym.
    About a good hour later, Ann was showing up at the gym, telling her driver to go find a place to park, since it would be a while. The shop was something she had seen in a picture a long time ago. She had been looking around at different training areas around where she lived, and this was surprisingly close to her house. She had never taken much interest in doing boxing as a primary style of fighting, so she hadn't bothered signing up. If she remembered right, the owners name was Kekoa. That was the guy who had inherited the lion spirit. And as soon as she had walked in, she realized why.

    The gym seemed to be very popular with quite a few fighters, and Ann shrugged her bag higher on her shoulder, looking around. "Interesting." She said, a familiar gleam appearing in her eyes as she looked around. Her gaze drifted to the front desk. There was a man there, who seemed to be a slightly older version of Kekoa. Turning her body towards his, she turned her stride towards him and she leaned on the counter. "Hi, I am looking for Kekoa, and the less questions you ask the easier it will be on both me an you." She said, raising an eyebrow. "I have a rather, interesting matter to talk to him about." she said, crossing her arms and waiting for him to get moving.
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  6. Taurus.jpg
    Mood: Drained but relaxing Activity: Memory>Phone>Couch

    It's has quite been a full week yet. Last Wednesday was probably going to be in the top three most famous weekdays that has ever happened to him. Because, it seems, that whenever he isn't saying something funny that something hilarious happens to him. It's like a train wreck that he is strapped into. Scratch that. It WAS a train wreck that started all of this. He was driving back to his apartment, from a gig in Boston, when he decided to take a little extra time at an railroad crossing. The night was cloudless and the back road was only seemed to be driven on by him and probably ghosts of christmas past or something. Who knows what they do when the snow isn't coming down.

    The entire ordeal was long. A drive down, hooking their half-assed set up correctly, performing, and now a drive back. Don't get him wrong, he loved it. He would do it 5 days out of the week, if it paid. It's just draining when he comes to realize it sometimes. Rich rested his head against the seat and just sat there. Listening to his engine, a smile cracked his face. I did pretty good tonight. No hecklers and everyone seemed to have a good time. Can't ask for much more. "Better get going before a train hits me or something."

    Putting the hunk of junk into gear, a light began to shine from the distance. His car popped and moved forward slowly. -DING DING DING DING DING DING- The bell sound off, signaling the train was coming. "Oh you have got to be sh***ing me right now." He started wiggling in his seat, trying anything to get his car going faster. Just when his body lined up with the light, the car just died on the spot. "No no no no no no no no no no." Turning the key...to nothing. The horn of the train sounded off. "I am trying to move you dense mother fu**er!" Nothing was moving, accept for the approaching train. A large roar sounded off and more light could be seen from his left peripheral. Something seemed to have caused a small explosion to the track. The train couldn't stop, now that it was off the tracks and barreling towards him.

    His blue eyes widened at the sight, and that was all he remembered after that. The next morning he woke up, naked but tucked cozily into his own bed. It was strange. That guy who bought me the mojito must have drugged my ass. Good thing I must have gotten away. When he found his car was still gone, he reported it to the police. Only to find out that his car was found at the site of the wreckage of a coal train accident. Foul play was expected, with the whole thing. After a short interrogation, the police decided to let him go, as they did not have evidence to keep him and that he had an alibi.

    It has only been a few days since then. Now he has been working for tips at his usual coffeehouse, but today was a day off. Like he didn't earn it or something.

    The phone clicks, as he disconnected with the insurance company. They told him that he was covered financially, for the theft, but with the circumstances of the train accident it would take a long time before any sort of settlement could be made. Progress. "Whew, that was brutal. Time for some relaxation." Rich moved over to his couch and plopped down to watch SportsCenter and play some video games.
  7. AJ Irving

    AJ had a smug smile on her face when Robert mentioned that the monitors were finally working. It was all thanks to her and her ability to hook things up and get them working properly especially computers. “Looks like Scorpio, Taurus, and Libra I shall go after seeing as in Scorpio is the most likely to run. I am good at tracking so finding the bull one should be fairly simple. Libra’s logical mind will be easy to convince her to join up with us.” The dark haired girl towards the back of the room had finally spoken up looking directly at Robert. Her eyes flashed briefly to Ann, some anger flaring with in her when she was to take Aries the other flight risk. ‘Stupid tiger thinks she can do everything,’ she snorted as she rose from her place. Her strange eyes looking back at her leader waiting a moment before bowing respectfully and headed towards the door.

    To get ready for her two flights, since two of her targets were located in New York. She headed towards her office to set the flights and grab one of her three prepacked bags for trip such as these. It had been some years since she had come to work for them she was fresh out of college at 20, when they had come to find her. AJ had discovered her abilities when she was 16 and learned to keep them hidden and discreet as she used them. AJ finished up the rest of her plans, before headed out to her car that was parked in the underground lot and headed off to the airport set for New York City.

    Getting off the plane AJ rolled her neck it was slightly stiff from her flight but there was no real damage done. She headed to the car port where she arranged for a car for her to use while there looking for the two targets. She tossed her bag into the passenger seat of the car. She drove out to find Taurus first since he would be the most difficult because of his stubborn nature; but she was persuasive and almost always got her way. She arrived at an apartment complex that was on her papers stating that he resided within.
    She parked and shut her car off and sat in car a few moments grabbing a file that resided within her bag that had all of the zodiacs that were possible for their company. He was to be the first on her list. She stepped out of her car and approached the apartment complex. She approached his door and gave a soft knock file in hand.​

  8. Robert's estimate might have once been true. Had he been confronted by something that would have torn him away from his normal life and loved ones, Hanzo would have done everything in his power to escape such a fate. There was no running for him now, for he was in the same place he had been for the past ten years: prison. Driving under the influence and verbally combating his girlfriend, he had struck another vehicle and out of the six people involved in the accident, only he remained. Once the sentences had been made and the news had their fill, it had vanished from most people's memories. Not for him.

    The sounds of iron gates clanging and the general ruckus of men conversing and going about their business was his signal to get out of bed, but he had been awake for quite some time. Lately, his dreams had become quite strange and the other thing he could really recall of them by the time he awoke was that they involved a scorpion. Hanzo recalled hearing that Sigmund Freud had theorized that one's dreams were representations of one's unconscious desires, but he had absolutely no idea what that scorpion might have represented. Self-loathing, perhaps? That might have been it, but it was also pretty late to remind him of that.

    Swinging his feet over the side of his cot, he took a few minutes to lazily rub his face as if it would wipe away the grogginess of a night of rough sleep. The feeling of reluctance crept in as he recalled that he had his weekly counseling today. One would imagine that ten years would have been enough, but he accepted it just another part of his punishment. Bracing a hand on his right knee, he stood him, wincing from the familiar pain from the left leg. Recollecting that one of the doctors had told him that his leg would have to remain in a brace for the rest of his life, he could only grimly smile to himself, knowing that such comforts would never be given to him here; yet another faucet of his punishment he chose to accept.

    Freshening up, he made his way out of his cell, unaware that his fate of languishing within these walls was coming to an end.

  9. While Kekoa was in his office, getting irritated with not finding answers for what happened a few weeks ago, Alika was at the front desk. He was busy taking care of signing up new people and doing the paperwork that his younger brother didn't like to do. Kekoa liked to train the guys, while Alika did the business part of things... the way Alika dresses you would think he knew nothing about business, but he is super smart with that stuff. Alika looked up and noticed a woman, asking for his younger brother. "Hey... your that fighter chick. Ann Finch!" Alika knew all about her, she was a badass fighter. He wondered why she wanted to speak with Kekoa, but he did tell Alika that if anyone asked for him to come get him... or something like that. "I'll go get him, just wait right here." Alika stood up, grinning the whole way to the back of the building. He went to his brother's closed office door... not bothering to knock, just walking in.

    "Yo, Koko... you'll never believe who wants to speak with you." Kekoa looked up at his older brother... who could sometimes act like the younger one. "Who, Lili?" Alika jumped into his face, his braids flying towards Kekoa. "Ann Fucking Finch... the Pro Fighter." Kekoa looked up at him. "Yeah right, stop fucking around with me." Alika sighed. "I'm serious, just come on." Kekoa stood up, going towards the front desk.

    "Wow... you weren't kidding." Kekoa told his brother to leave them alone, and then he went over to greet Ann. He didn't know what she wanted, since she most likely wasn't here for Boxing Training. He ran his fingers through his hair, smiling at the woman. He would play nice for now, depending on how this conversation went.

    "So... you wanna speak with me?" He folded his arms across his big chest, looking like a bouncer. "We can go outside, if you want to speak... less noise." He didn't wait for her to speak, he started to walk towards the front entrance. Golden Gloves Boxing Gym had an outside area, where people could talk and take a break from the hard and intense workouts he had them doing. "You coming or not?" He opened the door for her.

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Location: (Los Angeles, California U.S.A.)-Golden Gloves Boxing Gym-Outiside Of Boxing Gym[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Mood: Curious[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Activity: Speaking With Ann Finch[/BCOLOR]
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  10. [​IMG]
    ~Ann Clari Finch~
    Golden Gloves Boxing Gym --> Outside Golden Gloves Boxing Gym
    Mood: Slightly Amused, Focused
    Activity: Talking to Kekoa

    Ann smiled as the attention of the man at the front desk was quickly snapped to her form. She raised an eyebrow as he said she was Ann Finch. Laughing, she nodded her head. "That's me." She said, her confident tone never wavering as he went to go get his brother. She could hear the brother's excited reactions from where she was, and she contained her snickers of delight. 'Man, I guess they are pretty big fans.' She thought to herself, tapping her short fingernails against the counter, waiting for Kekoa to come back. As soon as he appeared, Ann straitened, a smile drawing across her face. She needed to make a good first impression on this guy, he was the Leo, or so the sheet had said. And based on how large he was that made a lot of sense. He was going to be a huge asset in the fight against ZodiaCorp, but inside the gym was not a good place to talk.

    "Nice to finally meet you Kekoa." She said, a twinkle of mischief in her eyes as she looked up at him, crossing her own arms and heading after him. "Well thank you for being a gentleman." she said as she walked through the door, waiting until he had come outside to go find a good spot to talk about this highly sensitive matter. Settling on a shaded corner which was relatively empty, Ann leaned against the corner, looking over at Kekoa. "Man, outside the glare is worse." She mumbled, looking at him and squinting her eyes as her pupils adjusted, rather quickly for someone who was supposed to look human. "As you are aware Kekoa, my name is Ann Finch, a MMA fighter, yes, but there is something more important we need to talk about. It's mostly about the incident two weeks ago." She said, looking at him to gauge his reaction.

    "You see, we gather intel that you were approached by something, otherworldly, you might say, something weird that didn't really make sense. Some could say it was a vision of an animal, maybe a lion of sorts. Does this ring any bells?" She asked him, her pupils still adjusting quickly to keep him in focus of the changing light around her. She didn't want to reveal too much about ZAPS before she knew that Kekoa was actually approached by this creature, this spirit, more accurately. Spilling their secrets to a total stranger who had nothing to do with the Zodiac would have been highly embarrassing, especially for someone with so much pride.
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  11. Lucas Charles Grove


    Lakeside Oregon Aquarium
    Heading to his car


    The dolphins zipped through the air doing tricks that no one had seen before. Lucas was known in the world of aquariums for his talent with them, and how they seemed to listen to him. The dolphins leaped out of the water and spun around before diving back in the water. Lucas was smiling as they finished and he grabbed two fish and leaned by the side of the large tank. Both dolphins, Summer and Echo had their heads sticking above the water as Lucas threw the two mammals a fish. Standing up he grabbed a wetsuit and started to get dressed, it was time to swim with the dolphins. No one was back there except for him for whatever reason, although he trusted his dolphins so he dove in the water and resurfaced for air as Echo made his way to Lucas.
    It was amazing the coordination Lucas had with dolphins, he grabbed onto Echo's fin and dove under heading to the bottom of the tank and as he felt Lucas let go a little Echo swam up knowing he went too far under. Lucas loved every second, the fast majestic swimming as he felt as if he was gliding through the water. Echo jumped out of the water as Lucas let go of his fin in mid air before falling back in the water. Treading water he laughed it was so amazing that he could play with dolphins for his job. The most amazing part to him was the faces on kids as he would stand the dolphins and they would swim. It was his trick to end the show, that no other trainers could get.
    Lucas laughed some more as he started to swim towards the edge of the tank, when something grabbed his leg. Knowing the touch wasn't a dolphin he turned quickly and looked under the water. Freaking out Lucas kicked and started to swim towards the edge but moved nowhere as the large fish kept a hold on his leg, it didn't hurt actually but it was trapping him. Calming down Lucas hoped holding still would make the mysterious fish disappear as it appeared out of nowhere. Then suddenly the fish dove down into the tank dragging Lucas with him. Lucas looked for Echo of Summer but saw them nowhere freaking out he looked at the fish as Lucas heard it, "I am Pisces, the zodiac pisces. I will need to reside in your body for protection and to hide do not worry you are the perfect fit"


    The only thing Lucas remembered was waking up on the side of the aquarium with Zoey over top of him giving him CPR. Although Lucas didn't know why he could breath fine. Before long he was coughing up water and was extremely confused as he was just breathing even with water in his lungs. Coughing he looked at Zoey and said that he must have hit his head, and the dolphins moved him to land. Zoey just stared at Lucas and reprimanded him. "You know you shouldn't be swimming with no one else back here you could have died!" She went off about the safety and how the aquarium would have been shut down. Lucas was only half listening just remembering the fish, and then nothing. Shaking off the dream he smiled at Zoey before getting up. Speaking in his coarse low voice, "Zoey I'm fine thank you I just slipped there's nothing wrong"


    Two weeks later Lucas found himself in the back training Echo and Summer, this time with people around him. He thought he was hearing voices in his head sometimes while he walked around the aquarium but always shook it off. It was so strange ever since he hit his head he was just out of place. Finally Lucas decided enough was enough was enough and he had to stay focused. He was packing up his stuff in the back as he tried his hair after showering in the backroom. Most aquariums didn't have locker rooms or showers but with the attraction lately Lucas's aquarium had the money to pay for them for the trainers. Pulling on his clothes he flung his backpack onto his back and headed for his car.


  12. Rabbit.png

    ✈ Airport To Tokyo, Japan ✈
    ❤ Bored ❤

    ✿ - ✿ - ✿ - ✿

    It was pretty much still early, as the sun was rising and the crowds were packed at the airports, either bringing things back home, or going to the famous area for the year. Well, as for Emily, whose family had originated from China and Vietnam, she went to Japan to study their architecture and such. She would most likely be able to pass off a as Japanese to another, or something like that. originally, her mother was completely against the fact that she was travelling to China's rivalled country (Considering that her parents were racist), she was still able to reassure her mother that she will call everyday to check in, even after growing into an adult and finishing university. Her brother was at home, caring for their mother since he was attending a university that was about a 20 minute drive from their house, and so he was able to come home whenever he liked when there were no more classes for the day and such. She had taught him how to cook and care for their more elderly mother at this point, though, her brother usually went to hang out with his girlfriend. Oh well, as long as he didn't try making the girl pregnant, then Emily wouldn't have to chop off his penis. That aside, she was pretty worried about her mother, and the flight would take a couple of hours until she actually got back down onto land, so she would probably sleep the entire way with the earplugs she brought with her.

    As her items passed the inspection, and she left, she heard the sudden beeping and turned around, only to find that the man behind her did not pass. She paused for a moment, and then quickly gathered her stuff, putting her shoes back on, grabbing her suitcases, purse, and hat. The woman quickly tried to rush away, in fear that the man may pose as a threat. As she went, a few security guards patted the man down, only to find a gun in his pocket. The man chuckled a little bit, eventually pulling out a knife. The knife had a key to it, literally. He just flipped the key around and stabbed the officer, prompting the girl to rush more. A few security guards around rushed to aid the bleeding man, and restrained the man with the knife, soon putting him down, and taking away the deciding weapon. Blood had soaked the previous officer's uniform, and Emily, being herself, quickly rushed away from the scene, as she for some reason, couldn't stand the sight of blood itself.

    As the girl rushed over to her flight terminal, she let out a soft sigh and sat down in her seat, patiently waiting for her to be called. She had already sent one more suitcase, and so she was left with two on hand, and she should be able to fit them. Despite going, there were very few people going to Tokyo, which had actually surprised her somewhat, but it was good news, as she wouldn't have to force her suitcase in the cabinet. She then pulled out her iPhone, unlocking it and connecting to the wifi as she waited, soon hearing a light 'ping' sound. Glancing over to the top of the screen, she found a new message from her mother, and the girl held a soft smile on her face. She must have looked creepy, smiling to herself like this.

    Her mom wanted to know when she was getting on board, and after a couple of clicks, the girl pressed 'send', smiling to herself as her mother read the message. After a good bye through text, she turned off her phone so that she still had battery throughout the flight. Soon afterwords, the woman at the front started calling up people by group and number, based off the boarding pass. Emily got up from her seat to board the plane, giving them her boarding pass at her turn, and walking past. She appeared slightly more taller due to her heels, but otherwise, she was wearing baggy clothing, that looked pretty cozy actually. Under it, was a t-shirt and shorts, but it was always better to be over prepared rather than under prepared. At least, that's what her grandmother always taught her.

    The woman finally made it to the plane, flashing a smile to the flight attendants and going to sit down in her seat. She could never get used to sitting beside a complete stranger, never mind alone in a plane full of them. Luckily, the person sitting next to her was a woman and her toddler, who started playing with the girl's hair. "Oh, I'm terribly sorry, he usually doesn't do this with people.." The mother said, trying to get her son to stop, however, Emily just giggled. "It's fine, really. I've been told I'm like an older sister to children.. So I'm used to this." She said, patting the child on his head as they happily reached out to her hand.

    Soon, the speakers came on as they went through the procedure of the jackets, and she pretty much skipped through that, as she had gone over it a million times. After that was done with, the plane began running, and lift off commenced soon after. The toddler started crying as his ears started hurting, and Emily wasn't very comfortable overtime her ears popped, though she found it nice to stare out as they went lift off, admiring how high in the sky they could go.

    Well, it would take over half a day, but she will make it to Japan eventually.

    The next day later, at the very least. So for now, she shall rest.

  13. Paxton Kostek
    Activity: Meeting with a Client
    Mood: Frustrated

    Looking down the scope of a sniper rifle, Paxton was setting up his shot. He never knew the stories of the people he killed. In fact, he preferred it that way. Some people claimed they liked to honor the dead by remembering them, but that was crap. After the first thirty or so, the names and faces started to blur. The stories and personalities didn't matter. Let those who loved them take care of their dead. Paxton was here to collect a pay check.

    With that thought, the perfect shot presented itself and Paxton pulled the trigger. Watching the bullet through his scope, a grim smile spread across his face. “Perfect head shot,” he murmured in congratulations to himself. His shot had flown true, and now to avoid the ramifications of that shot, he had to move and move quickly.

    In one swift motion, he popped up, spun around, and shouldered his weapon. After this movement though, he froze. Paxton found himself staring down the knocked arrow on the bow belonging to a half-man, half-horse. “You,” commanded a gruff deep voice from the creature. “Take my powers. Crush the adversary by any means necessary.” Then the arrow was released. Paxton watched, as if in slow motion, the arrow flying towards his head and penetrating between his eyes. Their was no pain, but the shock of it caused him to collapse on the spot.

    --- Weeks later–--

    "Ugh," the man dressed in a black suit, white shirt, and black tie rubbed his eyes. His head was pounding from a combination of elevated blood pressure and a lack of sleep. Ever since that damn vision, he just hadn't been himself.

    "If this is going to be a problem old friend, I could always call in another to take your place. You've been sloppy recently." Vadim passive aggressively threatened in his heavy Russian accent. The stinging comment, referenced his most recent vision before the vision when he was found by the police after the assassination. The association had to grease some palms to get him out of that one.

    No sir,” replied Paxton trying to shake off his frustration. Honestly, even though the man hadn't slept for going on four days now, he wasn't as tired as he should be. He was just frustrated and annoyed. It wasn't natrual.

    Something really throws a man off when he's got all these extra hours in a day. The late nights end up being ruled by thinking and regretting more than anything productive. Paxton had thought through a lot of his life in those hours where the sleep was robbed from him, and he hated thinking about the past. It was a waste of everyone's time.

    Fine. Just don't mess this one up,” the Russian commanded. “She's a very important contact of mine. We've traded information and the weaponry before. When she called me up, I was surprised to find she was looking for you. She even made a trip all the way here just to talk about it.”

    Yes sir,” Paxton echoed again. He wa nted to comment about how he had never, ever embarrassed the head of the company when meeting a client, mostly because he was standoffish and never said too much of anything, but still he knew how to be respectful.

    Answer any questions she asks of you.” The Russian continued on with unnecessary instructions.

    Of course.”

    Don't speak until she asks you a direction question. Don't deny her anything she wants, and most importantly, leave the negotiations to me.”

    Paxton suppressed an exasperated I know only to give the anxiety driven man a nod saying he was ready. He wondered if he would have gotten this talk before the mishap on his last mission.

    Okay, then we'll go in. Straighten your tie and make sure to make eye contact.”

    The mercenary quickly checked his tie to make sure everything was in order and then followed his employer into the meeting room to learn who this mysterious woman was.

    Mentioned: @Commander Cheesecake - If you want Danika to be a contact of Vidam to get my character into the organization faster, that's fine. Otherwise I'll make the client they're meeting someone else.
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  14. The Tiger & The Lion
    (Collab Post Between, @Shattered♦Secrets™ & @IceQueen)

    [BCOLOR=#090909]When[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#090909] Ann asked him about the lion that he had seen two weeks ago, Kekoa thought she was crazy. How the hell did she know that... and who was these people that ha[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#090909]d[/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=#090909]this "intel[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#090909]" on[/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=#090909]h[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#090909]im. H[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#090909]e stood [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#090909]u[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#090909]p[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#090909]... staring at her. "Listen... you're fucking nuts woman. I don't know wh[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#090909]a[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#090909]t y[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#090909]our talking about." He looked down at the ground, Kekoa was a bad liar. When[/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=#090909]h[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#090909]e l[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#090909]ie[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#090909]d [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#090909]he couldn't look the person in the face. He wanted to go back in the gym, but once again something in him didn't want him to move. "Who are[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#090909] these "we" anyway?" He wanted to know more about Ann before he told her the truth. He didn't give his trust towards people easily.[/BCOLOR]

    Ann sighed and she shook her head, pressing a hand to her head. "Look, we, the ZAPS corporation have gathered information that you might be the next in line for a lineage of sorts, a very powerful lineage." She said, looking at him. "The people who are selected for this lineage have nothing to do with what life you were born into, it's based on personality." She said, looking at him. "And I am not nuts, I know I'm not."

    He started to laugh at her. "Do you really think I am going to believe that this... ZAPS group or whatever is real!?" He ran his fingers through his hair, he was getting nervous and paranoid... what if this whole thing wasn't a joke? What if what happened to him wasn't some crazy dream or something. He took a seat back down near her. "So this power lineage... what the fuck does it have to do with me? They can't just go around picking people by their choice." He stopped talking. "Look at me now talking about "them", like this is something really going on." He stood back up. "Look, I won't tell anybody about this... but I don't know what's going on and why it has to do ANYTHING with me." He started to walk back towards the gym.

    Ann mentally cursed as Kekoa started walking back to the gym and she reached out, using her instinct to grab his wrist and hold him back, irritation surfacing in her features. "The lion chose you Kekoa." She said firmly, holding his wrist. "If he did, there is a reason. We need you, unless you prefer running under a dictator." She pointed out, looking at him. "Look, I wouldn't have been trusted to go after you if I didn't have some creds myself, and unlike you I know how to control them. We can offer you control Kekoa." She said, looking at him. "You can skip risking yourself. Besides, it's not just you, there are others." She pointed out, looking at him.

    Kekoa stopped right at the door. He had his hand placed on the handle. He turned towards Ann. He moved her hand from his wrist. "What dictator... what the fuck are you talking about?" This was getting out of control, now there was a dictator somewhere. Kekoa kind of wishes he would have just left the gym at the time he usually did, maybe he wouldn't have been in this situation right now. "Control... over what?" He still didn't trust her, but he was getting close. Kekoa is a stubborn man, it would take some more convincing for him to even consider telling her about the incident... even though she seemed to know a hell of a lot about it. "Spill... who or what are you really?' He just stood there.

    Ann looked at him and sighed, her eyes and ears scanning the area for other activity. "Look the dictator thing is hard to explain, it's a long story." She said, rolling her eyes. "Point is, she is out to find people like you so she can give them power, and then manipulate them to do her bidding and then ultimately kill anyone in her way." Ann said, looking at him. "I am against that, along with a few others. Now, control is harder to explain. Each person has their own, abilities, sort to speak. Everyone has different ones. One of mine is reflexes." She said, looking at him. "There are a few others, but that is one of the bigger abilities I have." She added on, taking a deep breath. "I am the human embodiment of the Chinese Zodiac Tiger." She said, looking at him.

    Kekoa listened to her speak... when she started to talk about the Zodiacs, that's when he felt a shiver go down his spine. Maybe all of this was real? Maybe the lion in him... was really a damn lion in HIM. He text messaged his brother. -Be Back Later... Hold It Down While I'm Gone.- He then dropped his phone into his jean pocket. "Ok... let's just go along with this, what do we do now? I won't have anyone telling me what to do... powerful bitch or not." Kekoa didn't like being told what to do, which is why he had to be his own boss. He would play along with Ann for now, if he didn't like somethiing he would just leave.

    Ann looked up at Kekoa and a small smile broke across her face. "Ok I thought that was going to go a lot worse than it was." she laughed, running a hand through her hair. "Usually people think I am nuts even when I finish my speech." She said, rubbing the back of her head. "Well we have a few more people to pick up because well, I can't exactly leave zodiacs wandering around earth to accidentally trigger their powers and hurt someone." She said, looking at Kekoa. "My plan would be to find a flight to the next destination, and with my luck it will be in the middle of nowhere." she said, looking at him. "For now if you are still confused I could give you a full rundown at my place while I find tickets."

    He smirked at her. "Yeah... I would have probably ran off, but something tells me that I can trust you. I hope that feeling isn't wrong." Kekoa would have usually put up a bigger fight, but everything that Ann had spoken of, made some type of sense to him. He wasn't a reckless idiot, he would hear her out and whoever else needed hearing out too. He hoped that the others would be as calm as him... which he highly doubted, not everyone had a intelligent mind and body like he did. "Okay... let's get the show on the road."

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    Mood: Polite/Curious
    Activity: Cooking and Door Service
    Interaction: @Poisoned Rose

    Annnnnnnnnnnnd TOUCHDOWN! Richard leaps out of his chair, dancing like a goofball and making chant like noises. The roar of the animated crowd could be heard from anywhere in the apartment. After taking a victory lap around the couch, he immediately saved his progress and shut the game system down. It was a well-earned victory, as it ended against a very strong opposing team being vanquished on late game heroics. "Thank you, Delanie Walker. You magnificent bast**d."

    With that, he moved to the kitchen and fired up the stove top. It was time for some breakfast. Cracking eggs and chopping veggies and ham for an omelette, the young man started humming to himself. When the toaster popped, cream cheese was lightly slapped on and a glass of apple juice pulled the rest of the meal together. It wasn't overly fancy, but it was very wholesome. Before he could dig into it, a soft knock came to the door. "Probably more suits or something." His chair squeaked as it was pushed back by his hips. Moving with polite speed, he made it over to the door.

    The door slowly swung open, showing that he was wearing black gym shorts and a plain gray shirt. And what he say was a pair of enticing green eyes, that made his own pair of blues widen just a bit, and a professional file. His mouth hung open, just slightly, as if words were just going to fall out.

    "It's not often that someone decides to come knocking, with a file. Much less when that person turns out to be a strikingly beautiful woman. What can I do for you, miss?"
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  16. ~ Caterina E. Vanderbuilt ~
    Her House > Riding Arena ~ Relaxed & Focused ~ Outfit of the Day ~ Current week outfit
    Cheyenne , Wyoming

    ~ A Week Before....

    Cat had just finished up another terrible blind date again..." I swear the freak show's are never ending..." She grumbled as the skirts of her dress rustled against her body with each step she took. It was only than the man came running up behind her as he stopped at her side. He all but fumbled with his words as he adjusted his glasses over the bridge of his nose." Hey Cat... I mean Caterina... I just wanted to say I had such a good time look...I mean with you! I hope we can do this again sometime!" It was than she came to a complete stop in the middle of the parking lot as she took a deep breath before tuning to smile at Jackson." I so wish I could do this again...But! I really cannot stand dates with people who only focus on things below my head.. Goodnight!" His mouth opened to speak as she smiled her sweetest and walked off as he ran off back inside in a scurry. In all honesty she had never been good with the "Guy Department" of things.. Couldn't a girl just wish that a Prince Charming or the right guy existed? She sighed softly as she continued her walk through the parking lot as the moon's faint glow shone against her dark silken locks.

    As she finally came to approach her white truck. She clicked the key's as the headlight's flashed as she drew the car door open. Before she could toss her purse in her cell began to ring loudly as she quickly withdrew it from her black clutch. The name read , Jaques.. Her manager.. She so didn't need to hear his pushing tonight over how close the National's were and how she should push harder and practice more. She was already practicing seven day's a week for nearly ten hour's each and even more on the weekends! Without a second thought she slid it to ignore before tossing the cell onto the neighboring seat. As she was about to get in as the light's in the parking lot flickered completely off as the darkness of the night set in.. The wind howled as it began to pick up as her hair breezed in every direction." What the hell..." At that the light's began to flicker on only to reveal two women in black gowns perched against one of the car's as one's laugh's filled the air as they spoke." So here she is... The perfect keeper for us..." Cat's eye's widened as she pressed her hand against the open door.." What do you want from me?" Their eye's seemed to almost glow red before they faded and came to appear before her as a hand of each of their's came to settle against her cheek.. It was a tingling warmth of a feeling that left her un- able to move... Damn...She had to move... God know's what they were going to do to her! At that they smiled slowly as they spoke in lyrical unison." You Caterina... A human goddess in her own way.. You have been chosen by us to be the human counterpart to us... To Gemini of the Zodiac's. You will be our host and we shall become one and our power's that of your own.. Be wise and use our abilities for the right cause. Someone will come to seek you out and they will explain all that we cannot to you.. Choose your path wisely , Pretty Flower." They grinned slowly as the air around them swarmed as they faded into what seemed like a owl... Her eye's remained widened as the creature flew toward her as she prepared to smack it.. Only when she closed her eye's she felt the heavy impact of wind fall hard against her chest as she stumbled back against the car in a thud.. As her eye's drew open the light's appeared normal once more as they lit the lot again.

    Her breathing steadied as her hand brushed through her hair in a slow shake.." What in the hell just happened.." The freaks really did come out at night....No damn kidding , she thought before stepping up quick into the truck with a small heave. She would forget this weird night... It wasn't worth remembering and the stress would so be something she'd need to add to her plate. With that she started the engine and drove back home to sleep off the memories of one of the worst night's ever.

    ~ Two Weeks Later...

    Since that night she had been constantly thinking of The Zodiac's and of Gemini.. It couldn't be real.. It had to have been the wine talking from that night. Yes... Some strange things had occurred since that time..She had been wishing she wouldn't have to drive to the Arena and as soon as she walked out the door she was engulfed in black smoke that left her outside the Arena door's.. Another time that was only a few days ago she had been bucked from Arrow. She laid there her body sore and in pain when the breeze picked up and enveloped her and within that moment the pain felt as if it was nothing. She lowered her head against the steering wheel as she remained seated in the car outside the Arena. What was happening to her? Was she insane? It was than without even wanting to speak she spoke in a more seductive playfullish tone." Oh come on... You know your loving this new side of you!" She shook her head quick as she snapped in response." I like have control of myself...That is something I love!" She growled softly in irritation as a mocking laugh resounded in her mind... Ignore...Ignore it. She said repeatedly as she began to tune out the laughter. At that she opened the car door as she swung her leather jacket over her shoulder followed by that of her satchel. She would forget it all with her practice.. She swore it as she cursed under her breath feeling her darkened hair whip against the small of her back as she made her way into the large Arena door's as several people greeted her as she gave them each soft smile with her passing towards the stable's.

    She turned a bit on her heel as she bumped her hip against the swinging door as she pushed it open only to slip in nimbly with a light clatter of her boots to the hardwood floor's. She walked down the small pathway within the indoor arena as she caught sight of Jaque's leaned with casual ease against Phillipe's open stable as one of the stable hand's was finishing saddling him. She cleared her throat a bit as Jaque's straightened quick with a broadened grin." There's my gorgeous superstar... Ready to practice again? I have to go run some errands and get thing's ready for Milan.. I better see you practicing when you get back." Cat smiled slowly as she shooed him with a quick flash of her hand as he walked past her with a resounding slap to her rear end. She always hated when he did that... Next time she swore she was going to slap the very life from him if he kept it up.

    Cat turned with a grin as she looked to Phillipe as she gave the Stablehand a light pat atop the shoulder as he nodded before heading off to other duties. Cat wrapped her arm light around Phillipe's muzzle as she pressed a kiss atop as she spoke up in a softened voice.." Ready handsome for another round of practicing?" He huffed with a loud nicker as she all but chuckled before grasping his rein's soft in her hand as she began to lead him off towards the open ground's of the Arena. She pushed the small iron gate open from its hatch as Phillipe's hooves clattered against the stone before they came to pad soft against the light color of the dirt. She led him to the center as her French Baid whipped against her back in the process as she hooked her boot to the stirrup and settled atop the saddle. Her paled green eye's slowly wandered the space.. She always had to picture this being the real deal. The crowds cheering , The judges commentary... Her very breath falling heavy from her lips as she prepared for a ride of her life. She steadied her breathing for that moment as she straightened with ease atop the saddle.

    Cat gave the rein's a hard flicker as she sent Phillipe into a heavy gallop as they began a ride around the widened area of the Arena. Dirt flying.. Dust blowing as Phillipe kept heavy speed over the ground as they rounded the first bend that led toward's one of the jumping vault's.. In that instant she lowered her body down closer against Phillipe's head as they neared closer and close to the jump as she flickered the rein's. At that Phillipe jumped... Every time she felt like she was soaring high when he did.. Her braid whipped against her back as they landed with a heavy clatter to the ground as they rode on.. They all but continued their ride steady and fast. She awaited for Jaque's to return with plenty of criticism locked and loaded to shoot at her upon his return back.. She would just picture him getting his ass kicked by one of the horses... One day please she thought with a grin as she rode. With that she kept her mind focused on riding and away from the voices at constant play within her head. It sure was war in their and very , very loud and opinionated.
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  17. [​IMG]
    ~ Collaboration Post between @Ali & @Dramma ~

    Lucas started to leave the back of the aquarium as he headed through the tanks filled with various animals. He kept hearing voices, in his head as he decided to keep ignoring them because he didn't want to acknowledge himself going crazy after hitting his head. Opening the door to the parking lot, he saw a black limo that had a golden dragon on top of it. Questioning the vehicle he just shook his head. He was too preoccupied on the fact he was hearing voices, which is why he wasn't paying attention as he almost ran into that man standing by his car.
    "Um, Hi? Can I help you?" Lucas said suspiciously wondering why the strange guy was at his car.

    Arthur looked towards the man, finding his facial expressions of confusion and suspicion rather amusing.
    "I think the question would be better off directed the other way; How may I help you, Lucas Grove." He smirked, resting his hand on the hood of the mans car. His eyes scanned over the man, finding each detail that was stated in the biography and report given to him earlier by Danika.
    "I have come to collect you, Lucas; oh, and fighting would be a poor decision on your part." Arthur lurched his arm forwards in attempts to wrap it around the mans own forearm, he would get him back to ZodCorp by force if need be.

    Lucas was taken aback by the man's answer as he squinted his eyes at the man with a questioning look.
    "You can't help me? I didn't..wait how did you know my name? Why are you in employee's parking I've never seen you?" Lucas spoke with an small fierceness in his voice as he grabbed his phone ready to call 911. Then the man brought up collecting him and Lucas took a step back unlocking his phone.
    "Excuse me? Collect me, I have a show tomorrow I need to get home you need to go sir" Lucas said taking another step back as the man went to grab his arm. Lucas pulled his arm back fast.

    The blonde simply snorted in rebuttal to the mans never-ending flurry of questions. This was a classic response to all the people he had come to retrieve for Danika, however, the Zodiac's seemed to be the feistier of the lot. Arthur's hand closed on itself after just merely missing the boys arm, which caused an annoyed scowl to form on his face. He watched the phone in the brunettes hand, which had been unlocked - his thumb ready to hit the 'emergency call' button if need be. Dammit, why did this have to be so difficult. Supposedly, Arthur could approach this with a kind and friendly demeanor, but that just lead to more questions, and surprisingly less trust. People who were too friendly never seemed to get far in retrieval jobs, so he would play the kidnapping villainous role with a vigor and proud attitude until the bitter end.
    "I have already cleared your absence with work for the next few months. You are going to visit your grandmother who has fallen rather ill out in the countryside and need time to be with her until her final days." Arthur chuckled, adjusting his position from leaning on the car to standing at his full height. "It was rather adorable, hearing the soft crying behind the phone line, regular people are so easy to manipulate." He looked towards the man who still seemed rather shocked and frightened.
    "You cannot say with 100% certainty that lately strange things haven't been happening to you...am I right?"

    Lucas listened intently as the man talk about clearing him for work, "Who would fall for that, please I sound completely different then.." Lucas made a scoffing tone as he continued "You."
    Lucas then realized it would be best to just dial 911, so he looked down at his phone until the blonde brought up the fact of strange things happening to him. He set his phone back in his pocket as he stood up straighter and re positioned his backpack. Then he looked back at the blonde and decided to comment on his question.
    "I hit my head while training yes, I had some backlash from it a hallucination and voices. Although that's not strange that has nothing to do with you trying to come and kidnap me!" Lucas said as he raised his voice, he wasn't screaming but his best line of defense was to pretend he was a lot more intimidating then he actually was.
    "Even then I wouldn't go with you to the countryside, how do I not know you drugged me or something earlier that's why I hallucinated weeks ago. Once we get to the countryside that you won't kill me or dissect me or something!" Lucas said, it was vivid a repercussion of watching to many crime shows.

    "If I had wanted to kidnap you, Lucas, you'd already be in the trunk of that limousine, gagged and unable to scream for help. I'm giving you a chance to listen to me, and understand why I'm here and for what purpose. I'm not a particularly patient man, however, if it's more calming for you and will get you where you need to be, we can discuss this on the ride back." He motioned to the limo behind him, with the shaded figure waiting patiently beside the passengers door. "If I had drugged you, wouldn't you be where I wanted you to be at this point?" He waiting a moment for the boy to clue in to that very true statement. Arthur was not one for playing games, he preferred getting right down to the nitty-gritty and finishing whatever need-be done; this boy was easily turning him towards the emotion of anger, which he truly didn't want to capitalize on in that moment.
    With a heavy sigh, Arthur looked out towards the Aquarium behind the brunette. He brought two fingers up to his face, kneading the bridge of his nose. "Because you don't seem to understand how this works, let me make it easier." Arthur reached a hand into the fur-lined white coat he was currently wearing, retrieving a cellphone that seemed rather normal and much like the boys own. He clicked the sleep button, waking the phone up before sliding his finger across the screen to unlock it's screensaver. Skillfully opening an app, he hit the play button before Lucas's own voice rung out into the air, a fake message using the boys voice to call into work, and request the time off. Arthur clicked the phone off, placing it back into his pocket.

    Lucas was thinking it over as he realized that the blonde wasn't wrong, Lucas hated fighting and if the man tried to kidnap him well, Lucas would be in the trunk with no chance. Deciding against messing with the man he was starting to come around, not fully but enough to maybe give the man a chance. He seemed like he knew why the strange things happened and Lucas wanted an answer.
    That's when the man pulled out his phone and started to play the voice over of him saying his grandmother was sick
    . "What the hell? That's why Zoey said she was sorry." He said talking to himself as he looked back up at the blonde.
    "Fine" Lucas said sounding defeated, "Where are we going?"

    Arthur smiled, sighing internally with relief. He was more than happy that kidnapping this boy in a literal sense wasn't something he needed to do today.
    "Unfortunately, I cannot disclose the location itself, but to put your mind at ease, I am taking you to the headquarters of my employer. ZodCorp, or the Zodiac Corporation, in it's long form."
    Arthur approached the limo, finding it's door opened immediately by the driver. He stood to the side, looking back to the boy who was following before giving a slight motion of his hand for the man to get into the car.

    "Don't worry, I won't take you to some random field and execute you without notice first." The blonde smirked, waiting for the boy to enter the car.
    "I am glad you have decided to accept your fate, Pieces."

  18. Banner phil.jpg
    ZodCorps ->Tel Aviv University
    Mood: Amused

    Philomela “Mel” Dean watched as Danika Sherring burst through the doors of the research facility, her voice shrill as she demanded the results from one particular young researcher named Jacob. She was more tense than usual, her determination to grab the Zodiacs creating a nervous atmosphere for the researchers. Mel watched amusedly as Jacob scurried to get his results, the sweat beading on his forehead akin to fear. The two go over the results for a minute before Danika calls for The Dragon, Arthur C. Ernlaid, and tells him to choose whomever he wants to pick up. Then she was out of the facility, Arthur following soon after.

    At this point, Mel decided it would be best to start a retrieval mission herself. She was certain Danika would be looking for her soon and she did not want to be at the mercy of her screams.

    “Jacob,” she called to the young scientist who was still jumpy after dealing with Danika. “I want to see the new Zodiac hosts.”

    Jacob nodded, swinging the monitor to face her. There were pictures with their names and location listed to the right. One of them, Pisces, was crossed out indicating this person was being taken on by Arthur. She considered the list for a moment before pointing at one picture. The man in question was the Sagittarius host and his location was currently in Israel.

    That name was quickly crossed out too and Mel left the facility with a manila folder. As she flipped through the material, she pulled out her cellphone, dialing a foreign number.

    “Hello, Vadim,” she greeted. “Do you know of a man named Paxton Marion Kostek?”

    Mel sat alone in a private cabin of the plane, listening to Arianna’s latest album and munching on a cold cut sandwich the stewardess prepared. A perk of working with a high end company like ZodiaCorps was the privilege to use their resources, which included private jets and cabins.

    Her phone buzzed and Mel saw a new message from Danika:

    {From: Danika, 11:25 AM: “Where are you? Who are you retrieving?”}

    {To: Danika, 11:29 AM:“I am on route to Israel; my first priority is the Sagittarius.”}

    {From: Danika, 11:30 AM:“Good. Remember, do not take no for an answer; I need Sagittarius here no matter what. I do not tolerate failure.”}

    Mel rolled her eyes and replied, {To: Danika, 11:32: Lady, do not pressure me.”}

    Her plane landed and Mel checked into a luxurious hotel (also a perk from ZodCorp), contacting Vadim once more to confirm when and where to meet. The next day, Mel arrived at the designated meeting place: A conference room in Tel Aviv University. Watching as people walked around campus from the window, Mel smoothed the folds of her maroon dress. She wondered if the astrological signs were anything similar to the Chinese ones. Perhaps they had the same powers, and their reason for coming to Earth was the same too. A gold chain with a pendent in Chinese characters reading “rooster” hanging around her neck suddenly weighed a little more as she thought of the sign currently inside her. Surely something had come up for the astrological signs to seek a human host like their Chinese brethren.

    Someone knocked on the door and Mel turned to see two men enter the room. She said hi to the elder man named Vadim then turned her full attention to the second one.

    “Good afternoon, Mr. Kostek. I am Philomela Dean,” she greeted, holding her hand out to him.

    Interaction: @Commander Cheesecake, @Zabby

  19. Paxton Kostek
    Activity: Negotiations
    Mood: Confused

    With a raised eyebrow, Paxton took the hand of the strikingly beautiful woman who offered it to him. He absolutely was not used to clients ignoring Vadim, and neither was the Russian. He wondered what kind of effect this minor slight would have on negotiations.

    "Call me Paxton," the mercenary said tersely as he let go of Ms. Dean's hand.

    A few awkward seconds hung in the air until Vadim stepped in with his natural grace. "Ms. Dean, let's take a seat before we get down to discussions. Also, would you like anything to eat or drink?" While he offered, the old man pulled a chair out for the the lady and gestured for her to sit down.

    Paxton collapsed in a bit of a heap in the seat across from Philomela. Ignoring the dirty look from his employer, the mercenary ignored the pleasantries offered earlier and said bluntly, "What are you here for? Most people just contract through Vadim and I never meet the people I work for. What makes you so special that we have to meet?"

    The vein in Vadim's temple began to pop out. Right after Paxton had promised to play nice and be polite, he was completely ignoring it. Smoothing his temper out, the business man tried to correct for his employee's behavior. "Please, don't mind him" he said in his most charming voice. "He is..... how you say..... unrefined when it comes to the ways of business. If you don't mind though, I'd love to hear what your organization is thinking."
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