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  1. It was a very cold night and Cara desperately wanted to find shelter, at her side there was what looked like an empty house, it was small and, compared to the lonely street she was on right now. it had been hard ever since she ran away from the orphanage, but at least outside she wasn't surrounded by assholes that were constantly trying to beat her to death, she did miss the food though, and her bed.
    She'd escaped a couple of weeks ago, on her 16 birthday and had been wondering the streets since then, she had escaped a couple of muggings and a guy who apparently had a thing for redheads. right now all she wanted was a somewhat dry and not that cold place to spend the night. She aproached the wall and prayed to the gods that it might disapear. All of a sudden a hole in the wall blew open.
    It wasn't the first time this had happened to Cara since she escaped the orphanage, actually, it had happened a couple of times in there too, things happened when she focused on them, fortunatly the thing that happened before her escape weren't too extream, or god knows what would have happened to her.
    she wentt incide the building to find a small storage room that, luckily enough had a small mattres in fairly good condition. She left her back-bag close to the mattres and settled to pass the night when all of a sudden a voice came from the hole.
    "Well, well well, what do we have here?" Said a man from the hole as he approched. "That's a pretty big hole kid"
    "Go away!" Anwsered Cara.
    "Calm down girl, I'm not gonna hurt you. The hole on the wall, did you do it?"
    "Then you better come with me, otherwise the cops will find you and send you to jail for illegal use of magic."
    He turned arround especting her to follow him, when she didn't he turned arround and said, "Or you could stay here and wait for the cops."
    After a moment of hesitation Cara got up, grabbed her bag and run after him.
  2. It was a day like most other, with the exception that Monroe had sent one of his cronies, Nelson, to go out on a recruiting run,looking for Deviants. Monroe was the don of a local gang, one whose forbidden activities involving goetia and other magic had drawn the attentions of the local police. The cops were under orders to restrain and arrest any of those caught using magic, as they could potentially pose a threat to the authority the Federals had over the citizenry. It had been that way for quite a few years when an unknown man ascended to power after the death of the former leader. Since then he became known as 'Black Cloak" since no-one knew what he looked like and always was seen in public with a midnight black cloak. BC had issued executive order Alpha-Sigma 11, which ordered the immediate arrest and detainment of citizens using magic, who were known as Deviants. When that happened, many who were unwilling to stop went into hiding, including Monroe. Since then, he had maintained efforts to recruit those who went against BC.

    While he was away in thought, Nelson came running in with a redheaded girl in tow. "Who is this and why is she here Nelson?" He asked firmly and authoritatively.
  3. "I fond her on an ally close from here boss" answered Nelson "She blew up a hole on a wall"
    "Did she? Did you kid?"
    "Ye-yes sir" she stuttered.
    The man smiled.
    "You don't have to be scared kid, no ome here is going to hurt you, as a matter of fact this is the only place in which no ome wants to hurt you. So go ahead, tell me your story."
    "I... um I'm 16 and I've lived in an orphanage pretty much all my life, I ran away a couple of weeks ago and... the hole thing... it was a bit of an accident, I just wante a place to sleep." A moment of silence passed in wich the boss guy (which is how cara had decided to call him in her head) looked at her with a sort of expecting look. "I would like to stay here" she finally said.
  4. Monroe gave her a small smile. "you're more than welcome to stay here, just don't blow a hole in the building." he added with a tone of playfulness to his voice. "You can call me Monroe, and the guy who found you is named Nelson. Come with me, we've got some spare rooms." He led the girl down a couple of flights of stairs, went past two guards, and through a solid metal door. They continued on down a hall, taking a couple of turns along the way. He then stopped in front of a room with that had the door open.
    "This is where you will be staying, should you fully decide to stay. It may be a bit dull, but it's a place to rest your head. By the way kid, What's your name?" He had meant to ask her that earlier, but it had slipped his mind.
  5. "I'm Cara" she answered looking at the room, if only he knew that, compared to the places she was used to sleeping in this was a castle. She wasn't really sure what to make of this place or, for that matter the men that were with her, but at least here she was safe, had a roof over her head and food to eat, besides she liked her room
    "Thanks for bringing me here Nelson and thanks for letting me stay... Monroe" she said with a shy smile.
  6. "Not a problem Cara." Said Monroe kindly. "If you're hungry. There's a cafeteria where you can grab a bite. Just remember, while you're here, there are rules to be followed. Whelp, with that, I'll leave you alone." He gave a small wave to the girl, covering the mark on his hand as it began to glow. He walked off, leaving Cara and Nelson to do whatever they were gonna do. If she was gonna stay, she was going to have to be initiated and indoctrinated with the rules and traditions of the Defiants. His rule was law within the gang, and she would soon learn that blood would be shed in exchange for freedom.
  7. "He's nice" Said Cara to Nelson.
    "He is, although he's pretty strict"
    "Nelson I... I'm not really sure how this hole magic thing works and I'm at a complete loss about the rules here"
    " Don't worry kid, we'll explain everything to you in time, right now you can go to sleep and settle down"
    " Ok"
    Cara entered the room and left her things on the bed. She pulled out the gray and thick blanket she had stolen on her second day on the street, put it on top of the sheets that were already there and fell asleep almost instantly, thinking about how weird it was that the headquarters of an illegal gang seemd like the safest place she had ever found herself in.
  8. Monroe was busy messing with some of the weapons that they had managed to acquire over time in their armory, thinking about Cara. 'Would she approve and adhere of and to the rules and traditions set forth by the gang?' 'Would she ever come to terms with the fact that freedom could only be bought with blood?' those questions, among others, flooded his mind. The mark on his hand again glowed. The occasions where it glowed were few and far between and after all this time, he still didn't know what caused it. 'It must be something about her that is doing it' he thought to himself.

    His thoughts were interrupted by Nelson entering the room. "Cara is now asleep." he reported. "good, when she wakes up, we can show her around and explain the rules." Monroe stated. He let the events of the day stay where they were for now, and went to go grab some food.
  9. The next morning Cara woke up quite disoriented, it took her a moment to recal where she was. When everything came back to her she had to take a moment to consider everything, there was a part of her, the most rational part, that wanted to leave, but there was also a part of her, a bigger part, that wanted her to stay.
    She started thinking about how they found her, about Nelson, he was nice and of Monroe, he was also nice, she liked his, he ha made her feel safe.
    Better to stop over thinking it, she thought, and with that she left her room, ready to find something to eat.
    She went out looking for the cafeteria but wound up getting lost. Just when she was about to give up she stumbled into Monroe.
  10. The Evening passed with Monroe thinking about the new arrival, Cara, and how she would fit into the Defiants. The next morning, he decided that he would just let events play out as they would and adjust accordingly. He was wandering around the building aimlessly, thinking, when he happened across Cara herself wandering around, except she looked lost. He could tell that it may take her a while to get used to the layout of the building. "Good morning Cara. Sleep well?" he asked amiably. Just because they were in a gang didn't mean that they couldn't be hospitable.
  11. Cara looked at him a bit surprised but glad to see him, it was nice, after so much time alone, to see a familiar face.
    She smiled "Yes, thank you, it was definetly nicer than the abandoned storage room I was planning on sleeping on." She laughed a bit.
    If there was something that had surprised Cara about this place was how nice everyone seemed to be, not that she had talked to anyone but people seemed quite civil, although maybe they were just not overly aggressive, which is what she was used to.
  12. Monroe gave her a light smile as she spoke. When she finished, he signaled for her to follow him then began to speak. "Yes, this is nicer than a storage room, but that's because of the dedication that my people have for our cause." He paused, putting on some fingerless gloves to cover the mark on his hand. "We get by pretty well, but that's just because the police haven't been able to find this place. Those that do are immediately taken care of. Digressing from that, you must be pretty hungry." He led her to the cafeteria and pointed. "Get yourself something to eat if you wish, then I will explain the rules of the Defiants."
  13. “Yes, I’m starving… Would you mind kipping me company while I eat? I don’t really want to be the only person sitting alone” said Cara shyly, she had been the only one sitting alone in a crowded room her whole life and didn’t really feel like doing it again, besides she like his company and didn’t feel like missing his company just yet, she just hoped dhe wasn't coming off and too clingy.
  14. Monroe gave her a small smile and a "sure" before finding a spot for them both to sit. He could tell that she was used to being alone for most of her life and was done with it. He waited until she sat back down before beginning to speak. He took a 9mm pistol from out of a holster on the small of his back and set it on the table, making sure to point it away from Cara or anyone else. "I don't wanna frighten you Cara, but despite the hospitality of everyone around here, this is still a gang, and as such, violence will become a part of what you do. Until you can control that magic of yours and put it to use, you might wanna carry around one of these" he tapped his finger against the slide of the pistol.
  15. Cara looked at the gun, then at Monroe and then at the gun again. He had startled her a bit, she had never seen a gun in her life exept from afar. After the initiall shock worn off she had to take a moment to consider his words, she had never been a very violent person, but she understood about fighting for survival, although murder was a diferent thing, then again he wasn't talking about murder, it was self defence, survival.
    She wasn't sure what to do, weather she was comfortable with holding the weapon, so she desided to settle for a comprmise with herself, not accepting the gun but not declining the offer all together.
    "I don't how good of an idea it is to give a gun to someone who has no idea how they work, I don't want to hurt anyone"
  16. "I thought you might feel that way, I also didn't expect you to take it right away. We don't murder just for the sake of killing, but for self defense and self preservation. If you want, we can go down to the range in the basement and I can teach you." he then took out a cylindrical object from his pocket and spun it onto the barrel. That done, he placed it back onto the small of his back. When you're done, we can go over the rules we have."
  17. "Sounds good" She said, even if she wasn't quite comfortable with the gun yet she knew it was importnt for her to at least know how to use one, in case she found herself in danger at some point.
    They went to the basement, there was a shooting range and a couple of diferent sized guns, she desided to pick one of the smaller ones. After basic instructions she tried shooting a couple of times... and faild miserably, not hitting the target even once.
  18. When Cara put the gun down after not hitting anything, Monroe picked it back up and began to demonstrate for her "Make sure you have two hands on the gun. Bring the sights up to eye level and keep the front sight in the middle of the rear. Imagine the center of the target as a sucker and the front sight as the stick. keep the front sight just below the center." He handed the gun back to her. He then put his hands on her waist and turned her. "Keep one leg behind the other and lean forward a bit. Their you go, now start shooting." He wanted to make sure that she would be able to use a gun, seeing as how he had an unshakeable feeling that she would play a major role in their struggle against BC and Federals.
  19. As soon as Monroe put his hands on her waist in order to help her, Cara’s heart started beating harder, it was a bit distracting but she shot none the less, following his instructions as best as she could, this time hitting the side of the target.
    "I did it!" She exclaimed. She almost turned around to hug Monroe but she wasn't really used to physical contact and wasn't sure how he would react so she simply stared at him with a huge smile on her face, incredibly proud of this small achievement.
  20. Monroe gave her a smile as she stared at him. "Good good! Very good! But you can do even better, I know it! Once more and I think you will have got it." He himself felt like letting a few shots ring and he took out his own gun, with the suppressor still attached. Monroe himself preferred to use a newer version of the 1911 model A1. He absolutely loved guns, even if it was just for target shooting. He loaded a fresh magazine and got himself in position. He fired rapidly, letting habit and training take over, hitting very near the center each time until all 8 rounds were gone. He looked back over at Cara. "Goddamn I love the smell of Cordite in the morning. Wanna have another go?"
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