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  1. -This is a roleplay where you could be any type of person you want just as long as its not any type of bad guys, I got that covered!-

    A woman ran through the field screaming as a dragon was chasing her.
    "Help me! Oh please! Someone!" The woman called out as the dragon breathed fire around her almost killing the individual.
    Suddenly someone, or something rammed the mythical creature! Sending it crashing to the side!
    A gorgeous golden haired woman stood on top of the dragon wearing the latest light armor that showed off her curves but no skin...it was Aurora! She was an adventurer and a damn good one at that!
    As the dragon tried to get up Aurora grabbed out Dragonscale, her magical sword that wraps around her arm like armor whenever shes not using it! To unwield it she simply held out her arm and it slithers to her hand!
    With one sharp swipe the wings of the beast were cut off, killing it.
  2. He would skip stones in the mid-morning before the sun would crest over the rocky horizon. Fish the streams some days, gut the deer and skin its hide on others. The hunt of the wolf was his niche however, the predators which hid away in vicious packs. But in the stealth of night he would spy a lonesome wolf, prowling and stalking in a manner any graceful beast of its kind would possess. He did not use a blade nor the piercing arrow. A perfect hide every time. Gracefully striding through the brush with not a sound to be made he'd grapple the beast in a ferocious manner, as he'd learn from the wolves, he'd have to meet there ferocious nature head on. Leaping onto its back he wrapped his strong arms around the beasts neck and just as swift as he'd pounce the wolfs life was no more.

    It was late morning, the river was calling to him. It'd have to wait, he'd spend the morning skinning a straggler to the pack. As the sun rose he'd found his way home to his little corner of town. Content with his kill slung over his back he savored the wolf stench, an alluring stink which brought fond memories of childhood and hay. He lay the wolf at his work bench and proceeded to remove his cowl. What would otherwise be a well built man of the forest, his left cheek bore mangled scars from the cheekbone to the underside of his jaw, his left eye fogged over between the trail of a large gash which stretched across his face. Head shaved bald, small scars and cuts littered from various ventures or a simple straight edge blade. Thin strawberry blonde eyebrows over thin blue eyes. He had the stare of a man who had seen to much, a child who didn't cry enough when injured and a son who lost something dear to long ago.

    "C'mon now girl." He patted the wolfs neck, embracing its thick hide between his fingers, "You'll make a fine coat you will."
  3. https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/d3/17/d8/d317d8be5e9f4c206c92f785021bbcfa.jpg
    Marlina put her toes into the cool river when she heard a woman in the distance scream for help. she sighed.
    "Its not like i can help her." she said to herself. "Unless i can sing the chaser to sleep. Haven't mastered that one yet." She started walking deeper into the river, up to her knees. she pulled her long, white, light dress up above her knees so the hem didn't get wet. She enjoyed the cool, swift motions of the water rushing past her. The water was a second home to her. She waded to a flat rock in the center of the river and sat on it. it was damp due to the occasional wave crashing on it. but it was a big rock and every so often an animal would wade out to it to bask in the sun. But now it was her turn. She felt the waters raise and lower around her ankles and stared at the tiny animals living under the waves. She rested her finger tips into it. She hummed a tune quietly to herself. It was beautiful and melodic, much like the music of her ancestors. She was mostly human, but she had siren's blood in her. She was friendly, but a bit indifferent and tended to push people away who aren't immediately interested in her. She lived in a tiny cabin alone, which she was fine with. Across the lake she saw a hunter walk away with his kill. What she found odd was that there wasn't a trail of blood leading to the place he started skinning the wolf. She shrugged, and continued to hum to herself.
  4. Aurora let her fingers trace among the wolfs fur, the woman herself seemed like a goddess and not just because of her golden hair, but because of her soft skin and fierce beauty...she however was not a regular customer, she was a adventurer...she travled the land seeing different things every time she went, she had even passed by a woman who seemed to sing such sweet songs like a siren.
    "Your scars tell of hardship male," she spoke softly and enticingly as a womans voice should.
    As her golden hair followed the slight breeze she pondered a moment, within the land, it was either gold or items that vendors usually traded for their stocked objects.
    Dragon wings were very rare, but so were the mans fur, they were fresh and soft.
    "How much will dragon wings get me? Or is it gold you are seeking?" She asked with a beautiful smile.
  5. "My name is Rolan, warrior." His focus remained fixed on the wolf and its hide, slicing its belly from top to bottom, he allowed its intestines to plop out into his hands after stringing the dead beast up. "I've no need for dragon scale and little need of gold. However, you could save me half a days hike and retrieve an embalming solution from my sister. Half a days hike upstream into the mountains, through the pass of short pines you'll find a small mining village, not more than forty souls live there. Give her this..." Rolan flung blood off his hands and proceeded to rub them in the dirt. Stepping over to his hovels deck he picked up a small leather satchel no larger than his palm, "This is good water stone, she will know it is from. If you do this for me, you will have the finest hide offered in this part of the mountains." Rolan tossed the satchel toward Aurora and immediately continued his work.

    "If you do accept miss, I must know your name. It has been awhile since I've seen a warrior of such grace who may slay a wyvern, much less a dragon." He peered through the corners of his eyes as he continued gutting the wolf.
  6. "Aurora kind sir, my name is Aurora..." The gorgeous woman spoke with the same gorgeous smile.
    Taking the sachel, she bowed before she wrapped it around her shoulder and started to walk away...planning on delivering the stone to his relatives.
  7. "How careless of me. My mind wanders these days as to not even ask your name." Rolan spoke up, "I should mention, my sister is known as Alla White, she is a Priestess at the local chapel. I'm sure she'll trust who you are lady Aurora." He watched as the adventurer continued on her way for a moment and he continued on with his work. "Now girl," He spoke to the carcass, "where were we."
  8. Marlina marvelled at the blonde warrior. Her hair... So majestic. Marlina hopped from her rock and waded to the other side of the river. She climbed up the bank and poked her head up and over the bank to see what was happening. She watched as the gold-headed maiden left and only the man skinning the wolf was left. She went around the clearing he was in and followed distantly behind Aurora. Maybe she wouldn't mind her tagging along. With a person of her nature, adventure would have to follow. Marlina just wanted some of it.