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  1. With Love S.S
    Original Roleplay IC
    Key Elements:
    Psychological Mind Games ║ Blackmail ║ Developing Mastermind Plot
    Roleplay Inspirations*:
    Pretty Little Liars ║ Gossip Girl
    *These are just shows/books that inspired me to create this rp, you don't have to have watched or read them.
    Current IC

    Here's the deal, short and simple, you're being blackmailed.

    I've found out about your dirty little secret(s) and now you have to do whatever I say or risk exposure. Of course you could always just ignore me or maybe even inform the authorities. But think about it. Do you really want to risk your type of dirt getting out? Your friends and family would never look at you the same way again. Or at all.

    Your life would be ruined in a matter of seconds. :)

    So here's how it's going to go down. I'm going to text you a place, an order and a target and you are going to follow my commands within the time limit I give you or I'll tell everyone your Dirty. Little. Secret.

    With love,

    • No godmodding
    • No Gary Stues or Mary Sues, or special snowflakes.
    • All playable characters are 18+
    • Secrets must not be of a sexual nature.
    • This role play is not Libertine so sexual acts may not be publicly role played.
    • No pictures whether real or fake may be used for character appearances, only descriptions will be used. That being said, the descriptions must be realistic.
    • If you disobey S.S, your secret will be shared with your family/or whoever, and you will lose the game and removed from the IC. You may create another character and try again, however the new character must go through my approval process again.
    • For most of the roleplay, the interactions will be between S.S and the characters, but sometimes characters will be made to interact.
    • I am the only one who can control S.S and send messages under them.
    • The rp takes place in a fictional city called Wool Bridge.
    • All posts must be third person, past tense. Grammatical and spelling errors must be at a minimum. Use a spell check if you have issued with grammar/spelling/sentence structure etc.
    • Post length must be at least five sentences, not counting dialogue.
    • The Rp will start with your character doing whatever it is they do on a daily basis and then getting a text from S.S.

    Character Sheet

    Hair Color/Style:
    Eye Color:
    Body Modifications:
    Clothing: (Daily outfits, preferred outfits etc.)
    Other: (Any disabilities or other necessary information?)

    History: (Ten sentences min.)
    Family: (Name ║ Age ║ Relationship ║ Alive/Deceased/Unknown)
    (Or unemployed)
    Secret: (It has to be really bad, but believable)

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    News Reports play a large role in this role play as they are usually about the results of S.S's orders. (The orders that you hopefully carried out to a T!)

    [BCOLOR=#ff0000]Breaking News:[/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=#ff0000]Famous Scuba Instructor Dies during Private Instruction of Former CEO of Goo Goo Furniture, Martin Cassie. [/BCOLOR]

    Earlier this morning, famous scuba diving instructor, Vinicius de Costa died while teaching Martin Cassie, the former CEO of Goo Goo Furniture, how to dive.

    After being examined for injuries, Martin Cassie informed the police and media that during their lesson Vinicius de Costa "suddenly started flailing in the water as if he were having some sort of stroke."

    Unfortunately the exact cause of de Costa's death will never be discovered as his body sunk to the bottom of Wool Bridge's infamous The Abyss, a lake nearly 4,000 or more feet deep.

    [BCOLOR=#ff0000]Breaking News: Radio Host Commits Suicide After Ominous Message from Caller[/BCOLOR]

    Just this afternoon, famous Baa Baa Blah Radio Host Amelia Connors committed suicide in her car in the parking garage of the Radio News building. Information about her death was provided to us by Connors' co-host Debbie Blake. Blake said that they were doing their regular Win a Trip via Questionnaire event, when instead of answering the question a caller stated the following message, "When Trisha comes back, you're screwed."

    Police are now trying to figure out who Trisha is and what connection she has with Amelia Connors.

    [BCOLOR=#ff0000]Breaking News: Yoga Instructor Falls into a Coma during Yoga Class[/BCOLOR]

    The Yoga community experienced a great loss today when beloved yoga instructor Taylor Reyes fell into a coma at the tail end of her 3 o'clock class. An unnamed witness said she thought that Taylor was acting oddly and that she was stumbling through the positions and slurring her words as if she was drunk. However Taylor's coworkers at the gym in which they were all employed, said that Taylor was a "kind of health nut, who never drank a drop of alcohol".

    The aforementioned witness then went on to say that Taylor went into the Salamba Sirsana position and promptly fell asleep during it. When her students approached her to see what was wrong, they noticed that she had a nose bleed and although she appeared to be sleeping, she would not wake up no matter what was done.

    Taylor Reyes has been admitted to a hospital, and authorities are now investigating her death.

    [BCOLOR=#ff0000]Breaking News: Yoga Instructor's Protein Drink Tampered with According to Police[/BCOLOR]

    Only thirty minutes into the investigation of the death of Taylor Reyes, police have discovered a considerable amount of nutmeg residue in Reyes' blood stream. Students of the yoga instructor recalled seeing her drink from her protein shake bottle just before she fell into a coma. Police now believe that Taylor Reyes was poisoned. Finding no fingerprints on the bottle, police are now trying to figure out who else could have had access to Reyes' belongings and a MO for murdering her.

    In Game Note #1: It should be noted that Tempus Mall is a popular landmark in Wool Bridge.​
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    Those of you who have followed (and are still following) S.S's orders.

    Esmerelda "Esme" Acardi played by kimsim12
    Charlie Klein played by Mippu
    Barden Wilcox played by Firejay1
    Octavian Corell played by Boss Megu
    Naomi Jones played by HelloBeautifulChild
    Elizabeth Ryder played by Jack Ethan Doyle
    Eric Vlad played by MelodiousLime
    Aideen McBroom played by HappyJinglez

    Those of you who have disobeyed S.S or disappeared from the rp due to inactivity.
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    Can I reserve a spot?
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  5. Yes of course! And thanks so much for your interest! :D
  6. I'm dragging @Temper Tantrum because it's high time we had a reunion!
    And my character will most likely have something to do with hers.

    Are you making a character aside from S.S? And do the characters know each other?
  7. Characters can know each other but it's not necessary. I would prefer that most characters' secrets are entirely their own but there can be a few, 'you were there then, tell no one ever' cases.

    And no, I won't be making any major characters but I'll be making a few key minor characters.

    And yaaay Temper Tantrum!!! :D
  8. I'm in the process of begging Temp to come back for this. In the meantime, can I make two versions of my character? One for being linked to Temp and another if she can't make it?
  9. Yup sure. ^^
  10. Uhm...Hi? >///<;;;

    Reserve a spot for me? :O

    Character Sheet

    Hair Color/Style:
    Eye Color:
    Body Modifications:
    Clothing: (Daily outfits, preferred outfits etc.)
    Other: (Any disabilities or other necessary information?)

    History: (Ten sentences min.)
    Family: (Name ║ Age ║ Relationship ║ Alive/Deceased/Unknown)
    (Or unemployed)
    Secret: (It has to be really bad, but believable)

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  11. *ties Temp into place*
    Here's Henri ver1




    And ver2 will come after Temp's
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  12. @Temper Tantrum

    TEMPERRRRRRRR OMG HIIII!! :D Of course I'll reserve a spot for you!
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  13. @Mippu
    Okay, bullying is bad but in this rp it wouldn't be considered blackmail worthy. Try to think of another more extreme secret.
  14. Yeah, I am /crey
    Anyway I still have to gear up for another character with Temp. I hope that's okay.
  15. Spoiler
    Name: Esmerelda "Esme" Acardi
    Age: 20
    Gender: female
    Orientation: bisexual
    Nationality: Italian-American
    Religion: meh...doesn't really think about it

    Hair Color/Style: brown and wavy to her mid-back
    Eye Color: grey
    Height: 5'5"
    Weight: 132 lbs
    Body Modifications: She has a tattoo of the word "vérité" on her wrist. The word represents truth and honesty.
    Clothing: She prefers something simple like a blouse, jeans, and some Converse. Though she might go for the occasional skirt with high heels, but it has to be that kind of day. For work, she's allowed to wear jeans, but she usually wears some flats or heels instead of Converse.
    Other: She's very tan because of her lineage. She's an Italian beauty, really (though make-up definitely helps with that appearance).

    History: Esmeralda grew up as Ms. Popular. Really, she did. Her parents doted upon her; her friends envied her. She got what she wanted when she wanted it. She thought her life was perfect until middle school hit. In seventh grade, her mother passed away. The loss was so crippling that, for a while, Esme didn't know what to do with herself. She refused to call it depression...she wasn't a person that could get depressed! She tried drugs, and she tried alcohol. They helped, but only temporarily. She was a well-known party-goer by the time high school came around. She got drunk often, and no one seemed to notice anything was wrong. Except a girl named Alice. Alice was the new kid and the outcast. Rumors spread like fire when it came to that girl. Esme didn't want anything to do with her, but Alice did. Ironically, Esme was stuck walking home in the rain one day. She couldn't drive yet, but Alice could. The two actually had a lot in common--Alice had also lost her mother. The two spent the rest of the evening together with many awkward silences. Then, quite suddenly, Alice tried to kiss Esme. Esme screamed and kicked her out of the house. She told everyone and anyone about how the girl was crazy and a lesbian. She would never admit until college that she wanted the kiss as much as Alice did. When senior year came, there came a point when Esmeralda would regret what she had done. And that is her dirty little secret.
    Family: Clarissa Acardi -- 39 -- Mother -- Deceased
    Adolfo Acardi -- 48 -- Father -- Living
    Career: She works at a small boutique for about twenty hours a week to help pay for college.
    Secret: When Esme was a senior in high school, she got drunk at a party. Like, really drunk. Alice showed up to the party, and Esme couldn't help but make the girl's time like hell. One thing led to another, and she passed out from the alcohol. When she woke up, Alice was dead--brutally murdered, actually. The knife was in Esme's hands, and she vaguely remembered getting really angry--something about her mother. She was never found out, and she doesn't forget it even to this day.
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  16. YAY! Thanks, Princess. :) Here's my chara ;)


    Character Sheet

    Name: Octavia Julliane Sinclaire Corell-Tempus or just Octavia Corell
    Age: 28
    Gender: Female
    Orientation: Usually Asexual; but she defines hereself Sapiosexual and very attracted to people in power
    Nationality: British-American
    Religion: She believes in a higher being and refuses to consort to a religion

    Hair Color/Style: Black like her soul; Straight; Assymetrical-Bob with side bangs that part on her right
    Eye Color: Violet -- the mark of a TRUE Corell
    Height: Five foot seven 5'7"
    Weight: 137 lbs
    Body Modifications: Earrings count? An infinity tattoo on her left wrist--to signify she is and always was Forever
    Clothing: Semi-casual outfits (slacks, skirts that's both fine--she's gorgeous and knows how to dress), usually with a sweater, cardigan or vest, most of the time in heels, and oh, of course--her wedding ring
    Other: Octavia is very vain about her shoes and hair and will become extremely uncoordinated when it's touched/ruined. She never leaves home without her wedding ring, a testament for her to never waver.


    When you ask any employee at Corell Enterprise, they'll tell you that Octavia Julliane Corell comes out as the sweetest, kindest, smartest, prettiest woman to ever walk the halls of Corell Group Companies. Especially since she was known to be one of the most influential woman of the century, rising through ranks like a tornado blasting through the land. She was like an angel in the Upper Class world. They'll say she's almost too good to be true.

    Well, they weren't wrong.

    Octavia was the 6th child of 7. Her mother, a Sincliare; an English Clan that came as far back as Queen Elizabeth Tudor, married her father; a Corell, a strong Business Clan dated as far back as the early 1800's. The Corell's aren't superstitious, but in one aspect, they were.

    They must never have a 6th child. It was believed that misfortune followed the 6th child--that evil followed the child, moulding, gently teaching and guiding them. It wasn't as easy to hide the death of a child in earlier era's as it was now. Essentially even harder since the Corell's were known to be prolific.

    She was mostly hated and kept separate from the rest of the family, often ignored and scorned. Until her Maternal Grandmother from the Sinclaire's came to visit and took her away. She was 3 then. Then her grandmother died when she was 10. She was then returned to her "true" family and treated even worse than before. Oh no, she wasn't battered, but the emotional and psychological abuse was another thing altogether.

    It was then series of misfortunate events happened to their family.

    Her eldest brother died while on a family outing, falling off his horse that suddenly became crazy upon the sight of her. Her 2nd brother, died on a cruise with his long time girlfriend. They weren't quite sure why he died. His heart just stopped. His girlfriend disappeared after his funeral, making everyone think of foul-play.

    Soon after, her mother disappeared with only a letter stating why. Out of pain and shock, her father had a stroke and is in coma. Her uncle, who took over the family business, whose wife suddenly ran away with her younger lover, signing their divorce papers. It was then her only sister eloped with the son and heir of a rival company; the Spanish Sangre, occasionally writing to let her sister know how she was. Or so, Octavia says.

    Octavia was carefully raised by her Uncle and 4th brother. She was then betrothed to a boy with roots to the Sinclaires; his name was Leonille Tempus. She was 13 and he was 17. They allowed themselves casual flings, knowing full well that they were going to marry to allow the Corell line to have deeper roots in Europe. But that shouldn't stop them from having fun.

    She was sent to a strict all-girls boarding school, hoping for her ... demeanor to change. It did the opposite effect. It honed her skills to perfection.

    It was there that Octavia met someone that her entire life just simply came into place. For the first time, she felt like she didn't need to hide who she was. Octavia met her best friend -- one she could exploit and use and never fear that she'd ever leave. Or needs to... disappear.

    (The mere fact that the boy she used to date -- the first one she thought she was in love with before he turned into a cheating bastard -- disappeared didn't matter.) Her best friend was perfect.

    When she was 25, fresh from Uni, she was wed to Leonille. While she was pregnant, she discovered that he was still seeing the girl he was dated ever since he was 19. Octavia thought nothing of it, if only for the mere fact her crush on him was slowly growing into something else. When she learned he was cheating on her and not once planning to stop, she felt only ice in her heart.

    If she tearfully told her best friend that he was cheating on her, that was only her looking for comfort and support.

    If he didn't return home after he was supposed to "meet" with a friend over the weekend, she filed a case report like the dutiful, distraught wife that she was.

    If her 4th brother stepped down from his current position as Vice-President to follow his dream to be a writer and gave the position to her, she accepted, seeing as she was a mother to two beautiful twins. How she wished Leon would come home and see the angels they created together. She needed a stable job to support them, especially since he was still....missing.

    If her 2nd brother deterred to her judgement though he was currently Executive CEO. Octavia gracefully gave input, it was nice to know her brother's cared about what she thought.

    If her Uncle told her his decision to one day make her take over the company in full, well, she wasn't going to look a horse's gift in the mouth, now was she? She'll gracefully accept.

    Of course, this wasn't where she was stopping at all. She was a mother, after all. Didn't mothers want the world for their children?

    › denotes twins

    Simon Corell || 72 || Father || Coma
    Alazea Sinclaire-Corell || 69 || Mother || Unknown
    Edgar Corell || 78 || Uncle || Alive

    Ivan Corell || died at: 22 || Eldest Brother; 1st Brother || Deceased
    Ava'marie Corell || 41 || Eldest Sister || Unknown
    Flavius Corell || 36 || 2nd Brother || Alive

    Cladius Corell || died at: 20 || 3rd Brother || Deceased
    Markus Corell || 32 || 4th Brother || Alive
    Evan Corell || 22 || 5th Brother || Alive

    Leonille Tempus || 32 || Husband || Unknown
    Nikolai Corell-Tempus || 3 || Son || Alive

    Sarai Corell-Tempus || 3 || Daughter || Alive

    Career: (Or unemployed)

    Octavia started as a designer when she was 20 in Corell Fashion. By the time she was 22, she was granted her own company called Intricate Locket, designing things from RTW's to gowns to jewelry to bags to shoes to everything that's designable, including buildings. She moved her way to the top of her family's company.

    Well, it helped to have a supportive best friend as her right hand woman and well, her remaining family's . . . generous offers. She couldn't say "no".

    No one could say Corell Group of Companies doesn't belong to her now.

    Between the disappearances and deaths in her family, her whole life (--and real personallity--) is a secret.

    HOLY SHIT! I accidentally wrote in the entire back story! (And went way beyong 10 sentences...YOU DIDN'T GIVE A MAX) Let me know if I need to edit it out! @ A @ ;;;;;

    Anyway, this is what I get for not rp-ing in a while. It just...flows out. oops. :P //shot
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  17. @Boss Megu
    This roleplay is not in the supernatural genre. Curses, and people with violet eyes do not exist.
    The secret that your character has does not count .
    The part in your cs about the best friend and the husband is confusing and needs to be clarified.

    If you guys need clarification on how this role play works look at the former ic. I'll link the former sign UPS too if you need an example of an appropriate character.

  18. Second attempt!

    And I really don't know why you guys are using the spoiler tags I initially put on my first sample.

    Name: Henrietta Charlene McDowell/ Charlie Klein
    Age: 28
    Gender: female
    Orientation: heterosexual-panromantic
    Nationality: American
    Religion: ? (believes in a higher being, doesn't care much)

    Hair Color/Style: naturally wavy mid-back length copper red hair
    Eye Color: green/brown
    Height: 178cm
    Weight: 73kg
    Body Modifications: none
    Clothing: men's flannel shirts, Irish fisherman sweaters, geek shirts, tank tops, mini shorts, jeans, colored socks, mid-calf boots
    Other: mole on the middle of her right cheek and two places on her legs, a scar where she said her uncle burned her, freckles

    Her older brother Henry Charles passed away before she was born and her grieving father practically raised her as a replacement, even calling her Henri. Her mother was too submissive to say anything of it. Henry Charles was a gifted young man who excelled in everything he did, specially in academics. When the pressure was too much, she "became" Charlie, a side of her who knew how to fight back. This "Charlie" launched an elaborate plan to bring down her father financially, and planted false evidences that he was cheating. Her mother was devastated and pressed charges, eventually winning the case. Her grief caused her sanity to deteriorate, something Henri didn't expect. With her mother in a mental facility and her father in jail, she was given to her only closest relative, her father's cousin, an austere doctor who insists on her pursuing a medical degree as well. He never mistreated her, but she was filled with a strong dislike of him, assuming he wants her to be like Henry Charles as well. She successfully framed him for assault and she moved to Wool Bridge to start a new life as Charlie Klein.

    • Marilyn McDowell (mother, alive)
    • Theodore McDowell (father, alive)
    • James McDowell (paternal uncle, alive)
    • Henry Charles McDowell (elder brother, deceased)

    Career: Odd jobs: Computer game shop and comic book shop attendant, does appliance and laptop repairs
    Secret: She brought down her family by framing her father and uncle for certain crimes and indirectly causing her mother to go insane. She doesn't regret it and will do similar plots on people she dislikes.
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  19. http://www.reddit.com/comments/t0ynr

    Somebody should use one of these. Hilarious.

    Name: Barden Wilcox
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    Orientation: Heterosexual
    Nationality: Irish-American
    Religion: Agnostic

    Hair Color/Style: Pale, almost golden brown, slightly messy, but not ugly or in the way.
    Eye Color: Brown
    Height: 5'10"
    Weight: 145lb
    Body Modifications: ? None
    Clothing: Prefers casual clothing, with some mild consideration for fashion, such as loose plaid shirts and mild-colored pants with closed-toed, formal-ish shoes.
    Other: None for now.

    History: It all started with his mother's death, when Barden was seven. Before then, they seemed like a perfectly normal family, though his father could be oddly cold at times. Then, his mother was stabbed to death in an armed robbery of their home. On the outside, his family remained the same. His father and he grieved, and they moved out of town for a fresh start, but they carried on for his three year old sister's sake. That was what he'd thought, though. One year later, his sister went missing. They filed a police report, put out an amber alert, but no one knew anything. She just... disappeared off of the face of the planet. Barden didn't know how he could stand so much loss. His father and he were growing increasingly distant. Then, one day, he came home to a muffled scream coming from his father's room. Curiously, he peeked inside, only to see a woman with her mouth duct-taped shut, tears streaming down her eyes ruining her make-up. Frightened witless, he closed the door to his father's room and said nothing about it to anyone. One week later, he read an article with a picture of the woman he'd seen. She'd been stabbed to death. From then on, there were other victims in the city, but no one knew, and no one could have imagined that the poor Wilcox family had anything to do with it. He never let on to his father that he had any idea. When deciding on a college, though, he chose an out-of-state school and career. He no longer talks to his father on a regular basis, but every night he sleeps in fear that his father will find out he knows and kill him.
    • Elina Wilcox ║ 32 ║ Mother ║ Deceased
    • Martin Wilcox ║ 52 ║ Father ║ Alive
    • Mia Wilcox ║ 4 ║ Sister ║ Deceased
    Career: Lowly Computer Engineer
    Secret: His father's victims, and the fact that he did nothing about it.
  20. I'll go ahead and edit that maybe tomorrow. I kind of overslept and need to run to work.
    Honestly, violet eyes exist, but rare. Also, it had absolutely nothing to do with the supernatural--I was subtly hinting that she had caused/aka planned their murder was insinuated. I guess it was too subtle. Anyway, I'll revamp that I guess.

    No worries. I think I just went too deep on my character's original back story. I'll rewrite. ^^; Hope you can wait another day though...
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