With Love S.S (7 Spots)

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  1. With Love S.S
    Original Roleplay IC
    [Click the link above if you want an idea of how the role play will go]
    Key Elements:
    Psychological Mind Games ║ Blackmail ║ Developing Mastermind Plot
    Roleplay Inspirations*:
    Pretty Little Liars ║ Gossip Girl
    *These are just shows/books that inspired me to create this rp, you don't have to have watched or read them.
    With Love S.S OOC/Sign Ups

    3/10 Spots Taken

    Here's the deal, short and simple, you're being blackmailed.

    I've found out about your dirty little secret(s) and now you have to do whatever I say or risk exposure. Of course you could always just ignore me or maybe even inform the authorities. But think about it. Do you really want to risk your type of dirt getting out? Your friends and family would never look at you the same way again. Or at all.

    Your life would be ruined in a matter of seconds. :)

    So here's how it's going to go down. I'm going to text you a place, an order and a target and you are going to follow my commands within the time limit I give you or I'll tell everyone your Dirty. Little. Secret.

    With love,

    • No godmodding
    • No Gary Stues or Mary Sues, or special snowflakes.
    • All playable characters are 18+
    • Secrets must not be of a sexual nature.
    • This role play is not Libertine so sexual acts may not be publicly role played.
    • No pictures whether real or fake may be used for character appearances, only descriptions will be used. That being said, the descriptions must be realistic.
    • If you disobey S.S, your secret will be shared with your family/or whoever, and you will lose the game and removed from the IC. You may create another character and try again, however the new character must go through my approval process again.
    • For most of the roleplay, the interactions will be between S.S and the characters, but sometimes characters will be made to interact.
    • I am the only one who can control S.S and send messages under them.
    • The rp takes place in a fictional city called Wool Bridge.
    • All posts must be third person, past tense. Grammatical and spelling errors must be at a minimum. Use a spell check if you have issued with grammar/spelling/sentence structure etc.
    • Post length must be at least five sentences, not counting dialogue.
    • The Rp will start with your character doing whatever it is they do on a daily basis and then getting a text from S.S.

    Posting Requirements
    Third Person
    Past Tense
    Use spellchecker to avoid grammatical/spelling errors.
    Post length should be at least five sentences not counting dialogue.
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