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    Eversong forest was calm was the wind whistled through the forever golden and autumn trees. The trees themselves seemed to flow and sway with curved trunks and branches as if sculpted by the breeze themselves. Despite being far north the grass was always a lush green and the weather always pleasant. Trickling streams cut paths through the forest, softly babbling as many frogs sang from lilly pads close to their shores. Birds joined the chorus making the place simply come alive.

    But all was not perfect in this magic forest. A predator sought his prey, or rather bounty. This was not the sort of place for a darkspear troll to travel due to the Armai influence but money was money. And this troll had a bounty on another worth enough coin to risk the trip. A three fingered blue hand touched a foot print, his amber eyes looking towards the path that they headed. His blue skin was mostly covered in brown mail armor. Laying next to him was his prized bow, made completely from bones. His hair was styled long with the majority braided back into a thick braid, although his bangs did threaten his vision from time to time. His tusks were small and upturned with the left being adorned with a gold ring. More gold rings and bones hung from his long pointed ears.

    A lanky long legged scraggly worg came next to him, her grey fur long and wooly around her neck. Unlike most worgs in the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor, this worg was from Northrend. The difference being her thin lanky form and her huge fangs growing from her top jaw down instead of the other way around. Her nose sniffed the ground where the track was and the troll placed a hand on her shoulder to ruffle her long fur. Her gold eyes looked up briefly as she gave a soft grumble. “Ja. I see it too. Tha otha troll headed towards a dangerous place. But dat be nothin’ to us Chui.” He said as he stood up, the bone necklaces that hung from his neck clanked quietly. Picking up his bow he darted off with his worg at his heels, following the tracks.

    The bounty he aimed to collect was another troll. From what tribe he didn’t know. Not that it mattered. Most trolls aside from a small hand full were hostile towards one another. This was nothing personal for the head huner Raziax, it was just business.
  2. Zen stood stoically as he listened to the wind. He was getting closer and closer to his prey every day he followed..and revenge sounded sweet in his ear. Oh..to get his hands on the masked troll that killed his family. Zen's blood began to boil at the thought of that day, but quickly he pushed it from his mind. There was a time for everything..and this wasn't a time to get caught up in the past: to get angry. He needed to stay calm...he needed to stay focused.

    A noise, North, drew his attention. It sounded heavy...like a troll. Quickly Zen made off for the noise. Will he finally extract his revenge? Zen kept quiet as he seemed to fly between the trees, but he stopped. His vision was strong..and he saw an unfamiliar troll in the distance. Under normal circumstances, Zen would have attacked, but he had eyes for only one enemy. The blood elf walked away, still listening, still watching, for any sign of his masked foe.

    Not far after spotting the stranger, Zen came upon a set of foot prints...troll foot prints. One was heavier then the other. Perhaps from a limp? If there was one thing Zen had been able to do to his enemy it had been to put a limp in his step. Excitement made his heart jump! He believed he was finally on the right trail! With a silent swiftness only a blood elf could have, Zen followed his newly found trail.
  3. Raz was so far unaware of the elf trailing him, instead he focused all his attention to being quiet. Which obviously didn’t work as well as he hoped. His long lanky legs carried him quickly as he moved through the bright forest, just as quickly as the worg at his side. Chui swept her head from side to side as she trotted ahead of her master. Also unaware they were being followed. Soon they came to a darker place. The skin on Raz started to crawl and the hair on the back of his neck stood up. Even Chui whimpered slightly from the dark aura this part of the forest emitted. “Dere be bad spirits here Chui…” Raz though he heard ethereal whispers, sounds that drew his head to snap to the side. The faint decaying trollish architecture told him he was indeed in a bad place. He was on old Armani troll territory.

    But another sound drew Chui’s attention, rousing a soft growl as her golden eyes locked onto something. She started to trot off with purpose now and Raz quickly followed her. She had to have seen something other than ghosts. Suddenly she stopped, crouching low and growling more intensely than before. Raz followed the worgs gave to the very troll he’d been hunting. He was lanky and lithe like he was, a sure sign he wasn’t an Armani troll but probably Gurabashi. Or in other words, Darkspear. What skin that could be seen under his black, brown and tan leather armor was pale blue, another sign he was a jungle troll and not a forest troll like the Armani. This was his target.

    The troll had a one of a kind great snake skull covering his face. Bright scales, feathers and paints made the skull pop with color. The snakes fangs hung down over the face fitting between the long tusks of the male troll. The masked troll stood over a bubbling cauldron. Pouring red liquid, which Raz could only assume was blood, and other things into the smoking green liquid. Raz pulled up his bow and silently took aim.
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