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Hello all you lovely people, my name is Wicca (but I typically go by Melon) and I am craving some roleplays! Before I get onto the plots and pairings, why not share a little about myself, eh?

I am a socially inept twenty-year-old female who probably spends far too much time on the internet. I am currently a part-timer at Taco Bell (Fun stories there). I am an avid Elder Scrolls fan, and if you become an RP partner, there's a chance I may bring up Elder Scrolls lore up at some point - whoops! Despite being socially awkward IRL, I am a very friendly person online. So don't be shy! I enjoy making new friends, especially with my RP partners. I play both male and female characters, but I lean towards female characters for the most part.

I like to think I am a very laid-back person, so I am not terribly strict when it comes to the writing style of my partner (I am by no means a perfect writer....not even close.)However, I do ask that you give me at least a paragraph response. I like having something to work with, ya know? I am not terribly strict on grammar either - everybody makes mistakes - all I ask is that you have decent grammar in your posts, if there's some slip ups, do not worry! I make grammatical errors sometimes and have to go in and edit my posts XD. I also ask that you please write in third person; it's just a personal preference of mine. Now lastly, I ask that you be patient with me. I am a slow writer. You'll probably get one or two posts out of me a WEEK. I do not write smut, but some of my roleplays may contain adult-content such as, but not limited to: Gore, Abuse, Violence, Murder, etc.

Now for the fun part! The plots! Also, I am willing to change portions of the plot if you have a better idea that we can both agree on!

Locked up Love
Modern/Serious/Slight Abuse/Emotional

Character A swears she was framed for the murder of her husband, but the court decided she was guilty despite her pleas. Character A was sentenced to life in prison for a crime she did not do. Character B is a guard in the prison and over a course of a year has started growing fond of Character A. This roleplay will revolve around a forbidden romance in a prison. I would prefer to play the female role in this roleplay, but I'm not terribly picky. Also this isn't completely thought out, so feel free to give me your input if you would like to do this RP!

The Prince(ss) and the Peon
Fantasy/Laid-back/Feel Good/Romance Heavy

Character A is next in line to be crowned King/Queen but finds the royal life so terribly boring and wants some excitement in their life. Character B is a lowly peon, inheriting the family farm after their parents were brutally murdered. Character A decides to sneak out of the castle one night and runs into Character B.....and that's all I got so far. A pretty vague and generic plot, but I can't help but love the idea of royalty falling in love with a commoner. o3o

What a Witch!
The year is 1692 and the peak of the Witch Trials. Specifically the Salem Witch Trials in colonial Massachusetts. Character A is a deacon in the town's church and is in love with Character B. However, Character B has been accused of being a witch. Out of panic and concern for Character B, Character A runs off with Character B. Defying the Church and all he has been taught. If the two were ever to be caught, they would both face execution. I would like to play Character B in this.

And since I have no roleplay posts on this site yet, here is an example of my writing

"The face of the moon was in shadow."

The thunder reverberating throughout the valley and the smell of rain signaled a storm was coming. And a particularly nasty one at that. Lilith let out a sigh as she pulled the hood of her cloak over her head. Storms weren't particularly scary to her, but they sure were a nuisance when there was no other cover around. This was not how she wanted to get wet. Lilith dragged her feet as she walked down the long, empty road. Certainly she had to be close to Agartha by now? The greasy old man she ran into earlier assured her that the town was only a few miles further....and yet she saw nothing. It was starting to get dark, and though the dark didn't bother her, she would hate to waste magic by enhancing her vision, and then immediately stumble upon the town. So she would save it for now, but if that old geezer was wrong.....She relished in the thought of turning him into a newt, and then stomping on him.

Her entertaining thoughts were interrupted when she saw a flicker of light far ahead, and she smirked. That had to be a torch being lit. Her sauntering turned into a jog as the sprinkling rain escalated to a heavy pour. She really, really hated rain. She started to slow down once the town was in full sight, and she stopped to catch her breath. A heavy-breathing, cloaked woman sprinting towards the town gate probably would've been a bad first impression.

As she approached the gate, two guards trotted over to her, grasping the hilts of their swords. "HALT," one of them shouted, making Lilith roll her eyes at his pathetic attempt to threaten her. "STATE YOUR REASON FOR COMING TO AGARTHA!" What kind of fucking question was that? Lilith fought back making a snarky remark; she needed a place to stay for the night, "Uh....I just need a place to stay for the night? I don't know if you can tell, but it's kind of storming. And I'd really hate to be fried by lightning." Looks like she was unable to hold her tongue. Oh well, she could've been way more snarky. The guards both looked at each other for a moment, before turning back to her. "Show yourself, so we can at least get a look at you." Man, these guards were really a pain in the ass.

She sighed and removed her hood, allowing her dark locks to bounce free. She parted her lips as she put a hand on her hip, "Am I pretty enough to get through," she quirked a brow as she mockingly inquired the men. She fought back a snort as a pink hue enveloped one of the guard's face. "M-my bad, miss. We are having to question anyone who wishes to enter the city."Lilith crossed her arms across her chest, "Oh, and why's that?" The other guard who seemed to be less impressed with her antics spoke up, "We're on the lookout for a witch rumored to be in the area." Lilith froze. "Well shit," she thought to herself. Looks like she'd actually have to be careful in this city.

"Uh-oh," she feigned shock, "any idea what they look like? I saw several people on the road here." Her eyes darted back and forth to the guards before one spoke up, "Well...." his finger tapped his chin, "I haven't seen her personally, but we got told to look out for a woman with red hair and blue eyes."

Wait. What? Lilith's lip twitched, she hadn't used any illusion spells to alter her appearance in weeks. So there's another witch in the area.....interesting. "Ah, sorry, I didn't see anyone like that on my way here. But I'll let you know if I see anything suspicious, aye?" The guards looked at one another again, before looking back at her. Both nodded their heads simultaneously, "Sure," and they walked over to the gate and pushed it open. "Enjoy your stay," the still flustered one said to Lilith, and she grinned. "Thanks hun," she winked at him, causing his pink cheeks to turn a bright red.

Her eyes widened as she was immediately met by the tall steeple of the town's cathedral once she entered the town. She already felt unwelcome; though she was unwelcome most places anyways. She groaned as she realized she forgot to ask the guards where an inn was located. The town was large, and she had no idea how to navigate it. And if the people were anything like the guards outside.....she'd rather not ask for help.

She sighed in relief as she -accidentally- stumbled upon what appeared to be the inn and local tavern. Nice, she could get drunk off her ass AND crash there. She pushed the door open, and was greeted by all the people in the room turning their heads to look at her. Talk about awkward. She walked over to the owner who was currently behind the counter serving drinks to already incapacitated men - how charming. "Hello, I was wondering if you have an open room for the night. I'm just passing through, and I am absolutely exhausted," she stuck out her lip bottom lip in a pout. The man looked her over, perhaps for too long, before finally speaking up, "I question why a lovely lady such as yourself is wanting to stay at my inn, but I will certainly not turn such a beautiful woman down." She sure hoped he didn't want to fuck her, the man was far too plain for her to have any interest in him. "Well thank you very much! I really appreciate it. How much for the night?" The man smiled, "Typically ten gold, but I'll only charge ya five." Ugh, this man was really desperate. Lilith quickly reached into her pocket and pulled out the needed currency. "Here," she said dryly. She was in no mood to fake flirt this time around.

The man must've taken the hint, because he quickly led her to her room, and went straight back to his spot. Good. She untied the cloak around her neck, and let it drop loosely to the floor. The bed creaked as she sat down on it. The bed was a little too stiff for her liking, but she had certainly slept in worse.

Hopefully the night would go by quickly as she had lots to do tomorrow.
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