Witch's Hunt: Blessed Cursed [Vivian x FALCON]

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  1. It wasn't the alarm clock that woke Lila up, but it was Stella, who busted down the door despite having a set of spare keys to it, "Wakie, wakie bitch!" She yelled, throwing a yelling goat at Lila. Letting out a startled shriek Lila scrambled out of bed, frantically pushing the animal off her bed.

    "Stella what the fuck!" she shrieked, shooting the girl a glare but it was quickly overwritten by pure disbelief, her red haired friend had a goat, several goats, in her room.

    "It's a goat farm," she announced proudly, setting down yet another small goat letting it roam freely in the small apartment room "It's my goat farm, get out."

  2. Without warning, William rode into Lila's room on a goat, horns sprouting from his head. Unintelligible goat noises were all that came forth from his mouth. Following behind him was what must've been a goat version of Marry. Behind her was a large goat with several smaller goats following behind it.

    "L-L-L-Lila. Are you r-r-r-ready to go to the b-b-beach?" Goat droppings fell behind Marry, whose goat face turned a deep red. "S-Sorry..."
  3. Lila shrieked at the sight of the two, throwing her blanket over her head to shield her eyes from the scene as Stella laughed, clearly proud of it all. "Go away! Go away, go away, go away!" she gripped the blanket tighter as Stella tried to rip it away from her. The constant goat noises driving her further off the edge.

    "I said this is a goat farm now Lila!"

    "Fuck off!"

    "You have to become one of us if you want to stay!" Stella yelled, finally managing to rip the blanket away from Lila, as soon as she did she paled. Lila's eyes widened at the sight of Stella, she no longer hands normal ears, instead, they were floppy and resembled a goat's, with horned curving around them. "Starting is rude you know," but her words were deafened by a scream. Frantically Lila got out of her bed, startling Stella enough so she moved out of her way, to her dismay she didn't get far and fell immediately face first into the floor, her feet entangled by the bed sheets. She groaned, her nose in pain as well as her head as a goat clopped over and began trying to eat Lila's hair.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.