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  1. Hiya!

    This is going to be the thread we post some of our OoC stuff and our bios.

    I think we should both have control over the witch. Make her fit our needs.

    The bullies should be you because your character is the one being bullied.
  2. Okay, awesomesauce. ouo

    I do like that idea :D I might just leave her up to you if it gets too confusing
    (or I'll take it over, which ever. Hehe. Which. Witch. Funny puns. Punny. /shot),
    but yea, that does sound like it might work out best for now ^^

    As for the bullies, I was actually hoping you'd leave um up to me ;u;
    They won't have much of a debut, just to see our characters off into the forest :3
    Now our girls are in high school, right? How old would you like to make them?
    Also, what are we naming the town?
    [I'm assuming it's going to be one of those smaller ones, where everybody knows everybody?]
  3. Wait...So you don't want to do the bullies?

    I'm confused xD

    And I think our girls should be sophomores..perfect age for trying to go in a forest and what not. So that makes them 15/16 ish?

    I say we find a map and point and that will be out town name xD
  4. No, I do! Er. Yes, I would like very much to play the bullies. xDD
    Sorry for the confusion, I just realized I wrote that kinda awkwardly..

    Perfect indeed. I love it :D They're kinda at that age when being a Freshie isn't
    an issue, but they still don't have any respect from the upper class-men ^^

    That sounds like a perfectly legit way to name things. I love your thought process. <3

    Okay, I got Caldcove and Sagebrook. Hmm. What about you?
  5. Dalhart and Hobbs xD

    And yeah I wanted you to play the bullies xD I need to work on communication skills.
  6. Hm. Well okay. Which one do you want to use?
    Or should we go for a slightly more.. Creepy name?
    Considering all the stories. And that there is an actual
    witch living in the woods adjacent to our town? xD

    A little bit, yea ^^; My fault though, so sorry about that >u>
  7. Awesomesauce ^^

    I kinda like Casper myself.. Perhaps Casper Town?
    Up to you though c:
  8. Yeah I like that one. I'm going to work on my character bio now :)
  9. Kay, awesomesauce :D

    Any specific form we're using?
  10. Erm. I have one I have preset. They have a good one in the Iwaku Roleplay 101 link :)
  11. Alright, I'll find it now ^^ Thanks~
  12. Almost done!
  13. Great! :D I'm ready anytime you are!
    Just say the words ^^