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  1. {Interest Check Thread}

    {Main RP thread}

    Hi! here is the place where you can chat and read updates as well as infomation about the Witching hour! here is also where you can post your awesome forms :]​
  2. updates

    still not back yet.. so I'm trying to get everything done..please excuse the mess :]​
  3. Magic

    will be added

    {the only thing I'll say at the moment is.. as long as the magic isn't seriously over godded.. like you can kill someone with a glance.. there's a high chance it'll be fine :] )​
  4. History of the village

    to be added (don't worry, it's not really that important :] )​
  5. Races

    Witches and Warlocks

    Witches {female equivalent) and Warlocks (male equivalent) are the main focus of the RPG, they can be good or evil. All Witches and Warlocks tend to be very powerful opponents with some being more powerful then others. Witches and Warlocks tend to have three magic areas they're very good in, but are weak against three other forms of magic as a form of 'balance'. All witches and warlocks also have a unique power, a power that no other Warlock or Witch can posses. The power can be anything from a very useful or dangerous power, to a very harmless or comical one. Witches and warlocks also have a unique aura colour that represents them, this is like a 'magical signature' that allows them to be identified by other Witches and Warlocks as well as high ranking Witch hunters. All Witches and Warlocks each have a unique title that could ether relate to their unique power, their aura colour, or both.

    (the following text is optional)

    Witches and Warlocks have often being persecuted for practising 'The Devil's Work' however very few of them actually delved into such dark arts. The reason for that is a simple one. Many spells like the normal element ones such as fire and light are that simple that almost all Witches and Warlocks can use them without even trying. However the stronger the magic is, the greater the strain on the caster. The magic that became known as the 'Devil's work' is the darkest and the second most powerful magic there is.. it has many benefits such as eternal youth and other such things, but using forbidden magic can quickly drive a Witch or Warlock insane and prolonged use can even turn them into monsters.. grotesque mockeries of themselves. Only Witches and Warlocks can use such forbidden spells, but not many actually will for those reasons.

    Witches and Warlocks do not live by a set code of honour or dignity, they pretty much do their own thing. There are no rules for them, and because of that they cannot even trust each other (or at least most of them don't) from stealing apprentices and spell books books, to killing each other or setting each other up to be captured by the Witch Hunters and even enslaving one another everything is free game for them. As a result friendships between them are rare and invaluable, some Witches or Warlocks may form groups with others for added protection if they feel that they need to.. however many of them ether stay alone or have their familiar pet.

    Witches and Warlocks can also lose their power, but that is an extremely rare and humiliating occurrence. The only fate that awaits such poor unfortunates is being shunned by the other Witches and Warlocks, or being enslaved by what might have being their most hated foes while they still had their powers. Since they are treated as less then nothing, even their family's and/or covens are discouraged from thinking about them.. with that in mind some Witches and Warlocks become Witch Hunters in order to gain revenge.


    {A big thanks goes to Raven for clearing this up for me :] }

    Traditionally, Mages are males and females are the same as Witches and Warlocks.. it's just that they have less positive connotations then a 'Witch' or 'Warlock' for the sake of this RPG however they'll be a different type of caster. Like Witches and Warlocks, they to have a special power that's unique to them and they also have special titles.. however.. Mages are more or less over looked by the Witch Hunters because they don't pose the same amount of threat, in fact Mages take a solemn vow to never hurt another living creature or use magic for their own selfish gain. Mages tend to devote their time in helping others and only a few Mages know elemental spells that could harm others. The only time it's allowed for a Mage to use such magic is when lives are in danger from the selfish actions of a Witch or Warlock. Mages cannot however use, learn or even study forbidden magic.

    (the following text is optional)

    Mages live by a strict set of rules and codes, much like the Knights Templar of old. They are taught to be chivalrous and kind and never to use magic for their own gain since doing so is to abuse the Gift given to them by God. All mages know of and have the capacity to preform the most powerful light magic there is 'God's Work' however very few of them actally do use it. 'God's Work' (as the villagers have termed it) can help crops grow, heal the sick and even bring back the dead for a short time or bring them back totally if they have being killed by a Witch or Warlock. However 'God's Work' takes a large toll upon the Mage's body and prolonged use will kill them, however it is said that a Mage who dies while using 'God's work' is assured a place in Heaven for their sacrifice.

    Due to the moral codes the Mages live by, they also must never harm another Mage in any way. Mages are taught to respect and treat each other like family even if they are not related by blood, as a result Mages tend to look out for each other and feel totally at ease with each other. Should a Mage lose their powers or be wounded badly, they will still be looked after and supported by the others as much as possible. However there are some mages who will not want to be apart of the main mage view, they'll want to use magic for their own ends and they won't want to help others. These mages often run away from their homes and try to learn darker magic on their own or convince a Witch or Warlock to take them on as an apprentice.


    Apprentices are young men and women (or boys and girls) who have a small amount of magic potential, if they're lucky they'll find a Witch or Warlock who will teach them knowledge of the arcane arts.. however in exchange they are expected to help around the Witch or Warlock's house and do anything they're ordered to, there are very few appreciates who actually surpass their master or mistress in magical ablity but those who do so have become some of the most powerful magic uses in history. Many however simply learn how to conceal their powers.

    All Apprentices wear an insignia somewhere on their clothes with the symbol of the person they're apprenticed to.


    it is a conmen human misconception that familiars are animals, in fact the truth is much more horrifying. Familiar are Witches and Warlocks who have being defeated by another Witch or Warlock and had their powers stripped from them and their freedom taken away by their new master. The familiar has a animal form that is chosen by the victor of the battle, but they still retain their human form as well. Any Witch or Warlock can be reduced to this pitiful state.

    (optional info to be added)


    if a Witch or Warlock is defeated by a Witch hunter they can be bound to the will of the Witch hunter who defeated them.. however the more powerful the Witch or Warlock is terms for making them a pawn change. Powerful Witches and Warlocks must be subjected to a special ritual or 'persuaded' to willingly surrender themselves. Once they do they become little more then 'dogs' 'slaves' or 'pawns' and are used to hunt down and track other Witches and Warlocks. Any Witch or Warlock can be turned into a Pawn.

    (optional info to be added)

    Witch Hunter

    Witch Hunters may lack magical ability but they can be just as strong as the Witches and Warlocks, the difference is that they rely upon the use of weapons and traps that can turn the tide of battle. The weapons they use can do anything from killing to simply disabling the powers of the Witch or Warlock. Many of the Witch hunters are very evil and psychopathic, however there are exceptions.

    (optional info to be added)


    (to be added)


    (to be added)


    just your normal everyday person, nothing to see here..
  6. Characters


    Sepiroth Anramath Silencia- The Rose Warlock





    Witch Hunters




  7. in terms of the form.. you may fill out as much of this as you like.. also, you may cut out the parts that don't apply to you.. so if you're a witch, warlock or mage.. you may cut out the parts about the Familiar and things from your form :]


    {Optional overview}

    ~The Basics~

    Gender preference:

    ~the personality~

    Personality overview:




    ~what are you?~


    if Witch, Warlock or mage do you have a title:
    unique power description if witch warlock or mage?:

    if Familiar, Apprentice, homunculus or Pawn
    Do you have a master or mistress?:
    how long have you being with them?:

    what are your thoughts on them?:

    if familiar what do you look like in your other form:
    if homunculus are you loyal to your creator:

    if Witch hunter, what is your view on witches and warlocks?:



    anything else?:


    add anything you want here :]​
  8. Name:
    Brianna Whelan
    Physically - 24
    Actually - (will fill out when master/mistress and background is established)

    Sexual Orientation:



    (Hasn't been established I'm open to working it out with anyone who's interested)
    In servitude to (Master/Mistress) since the curse was placed upon her, (number) years ago
    What are your thoughts on them:

    (will fill out when master/mistress and background is established)
    Wolf Appearance:
    As a wolf Brianna is much larger than average. From her paws to the tip of her ears she is six feet and from her nose to the tip of her tail, thirteen and a half feet long. Her fur is pure black exactly like her hair. Her eyes the same grey blue.

    Brianna is a very quiet person. She responds when spoken to but otherwise she tries her best not to involve herself in other people's matters, unless she really truly cares for them. She is loyal and a great listener. Although kind hearted and always willing to help Brianna doesn't often do so because she fears being rejected by others. She is obviously aware of what she is and knows that she would never harm anyone; to a commoner, who doesn't understand, she's a monster, something to be feared.

    Although it's difficult to gain her trust, if one betray's it, the consequences could be rather severe. Brianna is very good at holding grudges and revenge isn't something she's foreign to.
    Cats (even though they fear her), a well cooked meal, running, hunting, the taste of fresh game

    Being pet, wolf puns, being treated like an animal (will expand more when master/mistress and background is established)
    (Master/Mistress) and what he/she is capable of, Fire, Rejection
    Freedom, Love, A world where she doesn't need to hide herself and what she is from others
    Silver, not only does it burn upon contact but it severely weakens her.
    Woflsbane, although it does nothing upon touch, if ingested it acts as a poison.

    As a wolf:
    Brianna's senses are greatly enhanced. Due to the nature of her curse and size she is also much stronger, more durable and faster. She is also unaffected by disease and has an enhanced regenerative ability.
    As a human:
    Brianna still keeps her enhanced senses and abilities (strength, speed, durability and regeneration). Although not as strong or sensitive (senses) as her wolf form they are still far beyond what a human is capable of. With her smaller human frame she is more agile than her larger, bulkier counterpart.


    (will fill out when master/mistress and background is established)

    Physical Description:
    Brianna is a tall woman, five foot eleven to be exact. She isn't thin, she is actually fairly fit and well defined, a change that took place when she was cursed.
    Physically, there is one thing that separates her from humans, one small detail that shows her inhuman nature. Her canine teeth, they are longer and sharper than average, fangs that can't be noticed unless someone pays close attention.

    (will fill out when master/mistress and background is established)

    If anyone is interested in having Brianna as their familiar just send me a PM so we can discuss details. :)
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  9. she's even more amazing then I anticipated! :] accepted :]
  10. No interest in this game at all?

    Aww, it seemed so promising!
  11. (can I have 2 characters? if not, I'll just remove the warlock or somebody could just play as him xD)

    Name: Phillip Graves
    Age: 39
    Gender: Male
    Gender preference: Straight

    Race: Witch hunter

    if Witch hunter, what is your view on witches and warlocks?: Before, he thought of them no different to violent savages who laid waste wherever they go. But after he found out his brother was a warlock, he's not so sure anymore.

    Phillip Graves was the youngest son of Samantha and Michael Graves who were both distinguished mages in society. He has a brother who was 8 years older than him named Philemon Graves. By the time Phillip reached the age of 10, his parents died from an encounter with witches in the forest. The brothers were taken care by their grandfather after the incident who lives in a village of mages. There, Phillip and Philemon studied the arts of magic and aimed to be great mages just like their parents. Soon, Phillip discovered that Philemon has been studying the secrets of "The devil's work" in hopes of finding a way to resurrect their parents. Despite his pleads, Philemon continued to study "The devil's work" and became engrossed with it. Until one day, his brother accidentally cursed himself and became a warlock. He was driven into a frenzy, killing everybody in the village including his grandfather. Phillip was spared by his brother, leaving him with a message taunting him to kill him the next time they meet. Phillip survived the onslaught and began searching for his brother, slaying witches who are on his way and becoming a witch hunter in the process. What he will do when he finds his brother, he does not know......

    Personality overview: Hardheaded and Reckless, Phillip always manages to get himself into trouble. He's an alcoholic and doesn't take things too seriously, except if it's about money or information on the whereabouts of his brother.

    likes: Anything that can get him drunk. High-end witch hunting equipment. Fine ladies
    Dislikes: Libraries. Messed-up witches and warlocks.

    fears: Spiders

    dreams: Reuniting with his brother

    weaknesses: Ranged-attacks (since he's more adept in close-quarters combat)

    Strengths: Strong and agile. Wields an enchanted sword who was once owned by his grandfather. Always brings along a variety of witch-hunting supplies like charms, potions and traps.


    picture: Here's how he looks like


    Name: Philemon Graves
    Age: 47
    Gender: Male
    Gender preference: Straight

    Personality overview: Cold and Untrusting, Philemon has made it a rule to "trust nobody but himself". Although he blends perfectly in a village and seems kind to his neighbours, he will not hesitate to kill them once they find out his secret. Despite all that he's done, he still secretly hopes to be reunited with his brother.... even for just a moment.

    Race: Warlock

    if Witch, Warlock or mage do you have a title: The Cursed Warlock

    Philemon Graves was the eldest son of Samantha and Michael Graves who were both distinguished mages in society. He has a brother who was 8 years younger than him named Phillip Graves. By the time Philemon reached the age of 18, his parents died from an encounter with witches in the forest. The brothers were taken care by their grandfather after the incident who lives in a village of mages. There, Phillip and Philemon studied the arts of magic and aimed to be great mages just like their parents. Philemon grew engrossed with the study of resurrecting the dead, hoping he could resurrect his parents. He found out that it is impossible to resurrect his parents using "God's work", for it cannot resurrect mages who practiced it. Because of this, Philemon began studying "The Devil's work". He skilfully snuck into the village's forbidden archives in order to find some way to resurrect his parents. Philip found out and pleaded to him to stop this foolishness, but he did not listen. I'm close, he thought, I can't stop now. Until one day, Philemon accidentally cursed himself with "Chaos"- a curse which grants it's user chaotic and destructive magic which could ultimately drive the user insane and turn him into a monster. As his cries of agony was drowned within his own maddening laughter, Philemon watched as he slaughtered everybody in his village including his grandfather. With great effort, he was able to spare Phillip. In the guise of a taunt, he requested that the next time they meet, Phillip must kill him. Philemon fled from village to village, desperately keeping "Chaos" controlled within him, in order to give Phillip the time to prepare for their final reunion.....

    likes: The quiet.
    Dislikes: Noisy, crowded places. His fellow witches and warlocks

    fears: The "Chaos" within him finally taking over him.
    dreams: For Phillip to kill him.

    weaknesses: Anti-witch charms. Faints whenever "Chaos" is overused. Has no full control on "Chaos", therefore there are times when he couldn't channel "Chaos".
    Strengths: Aside channeling his curse to his advantage, Philemon is also skilled with wind magic due to his studies on "God's work" before he was cursed. Skilled swordsman. Wields a huge sword he stole from a blacksmith whom he killed after finding out his secret.


    picture: He normally looks like this

    But he looks like this while channelling "Chaos"
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  12. ooohh.. I love your characters! they're accepted! :]
  13. I reserve this spot for Sephy the rose worlock
  14. Form

    {unyielding, cold and ruthless.. Judas hunts down all warlocks and witches without pity, if he had it his way.. he'd hunt down the mages to! he enjoys not feeling empathy or sympathy.}

    ~The Basics~

    Name: Judas Eternitas
    Age: 60 (looks in his early fifties or late forties)
    Gender: male
    Gender preference: homosexual

    ~the personality~

    Personality overview: intelligant yet cruel, a man with no heart or sembiance of humanity. he views the world in black and white and refuses to look inbetween. mentally unstable, he often uses young (sixteen year old) captured warlock males as 'art'. which is worse then torture. a very dominant and rule loving man, he has a personality of someone who can lead or follow depending on the siruration. in terms of women, he is nothing but polite..

    likes: art, quiet boys, hunting, testing new weapons, the church
    Dislikes: vulgar things, loud boys, being nice to witches and warlocks, using the same weapon over and over.

    dreams: to create his magnum opus

    weaknesses: not getting any younger
    Strengths: cunning

    ~what are you?~

    Race: witch hunter

    if Witch hunter, what is your view on witches and warlocks?: they are unholy abominations that must be destroyed.


    to be added


    Description: to be added
    picture: a1b16f760ef69712b97661dc2ac86133a7065ef4_r.jpg
    anything else?:uhh..

  15. Is this rp still joinable?
  16. yes it is :] you're very welcome to join if you like! :]
  17. May I join as a witch?

  18. The Basics~

    Tenebris Umbrae



    Gender preference:

    ~the personality~

    Personality overview:
    A very intelligent man that does not care about anything except his magic. He deems everything weak and foolish except for himself. He thinks that everything should be covered in a veil of darkness and death and that he will be the one to do so. When people call him a monster he corrects them and says "A monster no...no I am a Demon!"

    likes: Darkness, Death, His magic
    Dislikes: Weak/foolish people, good people,(Basically everything besides himself)

    fears: None
    dreams: To cover everything in a veil of darkness and death

    weaknesses: Holy objects/magic, Anti witch/warlock charms
    Strengths: His magic, Wisdom, Strength

    ~what are you?~


    if Witch, Warlock or mage do you have a title:
    The Forbidden Demon

    unique power description if witch warlock or mage?:
    Curses, Darkness spells, Ritual spells, Forbidden spells and Demonic powers



    Apperance (open)

    The beast in the back of the pic is Tenebris's true form

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  19. sorry for the very late reply everyone :] @Incandescent you're very welcome to join! and you're accepted, @PhantomPlazma! :]

    do you guys want me to make the main thread so you guys can get rping? :]
  20. image.jpg Name: Morwenna Galiad
    Age: she looks 21 but she is actually 65
    Gender: female
    Gender preference: female
    Personality: Morwenna tends to treat all with a large amount of caution. She is not nervous but she does not get attached to people. Morwenna has a hard heart but with enough time she might care for the person who stayed by her.
    likes: Morwenna likes cats, snow, pure white stones, black oak, and the moon.
    Dislikes: she dislikes mornings, witch hunters, all forms of dogs, the color orange, and fire
    fears: being burnt alive, getting attached, and small cuts
    dreams: she dreams of strength
    weaknesses: Fire (she can't move out of fear of it), she is paranoid (she will not take any help), she is physically weak.
    Strengths: she is mentally strong,
    Race: Witch
    title: Morwenna of the grove
    Magic: she can use magic that causes plants to grow and move to her will. She can manipulate ice and thunder. She has used the devils work before.
    Unique ability: she can create a world separate from ours for her and one other person/creature for 10 minutes. She can only use it once every thirteen days.
    Bio: Morwenna was the product of two powerful witches and warlocks mating. Fearful that she might become stronger than them they left the child abandon. The child was found by another witch. Confidant in her prowess she took the child to be her apprentice, and her daughter. The witch named her Morwenna. Morwenna learned quickly, absorbing all the magical knowledge the woman shared. Morwenna had a knack for elemental magic revolving around nature and ice. She discovered her unique magic in a battle with a young warlock. She tried to escape him and ended up in a place she had never been before. When she came back the warlock was gone. When she turned 20 she started using the devils work. It killed her master and ended her apprenticeship. Morwenna fearful of what had happened ran off into the woods. She isolated herself and stopped practicing the devils work. Yet it left its taint on her and in a rage she may use it again.

    I hope I can still join this ^^;
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