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  1. Welcome to a world of magic with many strange and wonderful creatures. This is a world filled with magic users Witches (female magic user), Wizards (male magic users) and Warlocks (demonic magic powers). this world was once a peaceful world filled with mystical floating islands summoned by powerful magic users for experimentation of spells and alchemy. But now the world has discovered demonic power by a powerful warlock, and from that point on the world started falling apart between powers of good and evil.

    now its your turn to take a stand whether for good or for evil. make your character and step into this mystic world of magic, choose your side, your powers, and your will to survive from both magic users and mythical creatures.

    when creating your character please put down the following:

    Type of magic:
    Other info:

    1. no totally overpowered characters
    2. no 18+ content
    3. murder, torture, etc... is allowed
    4. please try to allow as much character interaction chances in your posts, try not skip spots for interaction
    5. make sure everyone is having fun

    Please considering joining if you think it may be fun
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  2. Hi~

    First of all, this is in the wrong section (It should be on the OOC & Sign ups).

    It seems interesting, I will make a CS in some minutes.
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  4. Name: Ju Okami

    Age: 19

    Gender: Male

    Good/Evil: Evil

    Type of magic: Ice & Spiritual Magic


    Personality: Not a people person, he loves to be alone with his thoughts; any thought about hurting, harming, killing others will immediately activates his madness and sadism.

    History: Okami was born in a small town far from any kind of “advanced” civilization; even the magic on his village was actually very weak; he was just an average kid in this place, until one day, for some unknown reason, when the village shaman made a ritual, Okami’s eyes turned slightly red, an small part of his hair turned white and he just fell unconscious for three days in arrow. His parents were very confused and worried because of this; the local shaman couldn’t fix what happened.

    When Okami woke up he was hearing a lot of voices in his head, he couldn’t get it, most of the villagers thought he was crazy; because of this he couldn’t hold the pressure and went to a cliff not too far from the village, his intention was to jump and end with everything, but the voices in his head stopped him from doing this. He had no choice besides living with this like a maniac, but, he started hearing the voices, paying attention to them, listening and talking to them, this made him realize that it wasn’t thing of craziness, they want and need attention.

    Years later he learned the arts of magic with the help of persons that the voices sent to him; Okami became a powerful mage, he was the proud of his small village, things couldn’t be better, until the disaster happened; the war exploded between two of the most powerful nations, of course Okami was called to participate in this battle, both kingdoms asked for his help, but he didn’t accepted the offers. During this war, when he was hunting and gathering resources for the village, the town was attacked by a battalion with hunger of suffering, money and women; they raped and killed every single person in the village, but they made their last mistake, which was to leave their symbol printed on the walls of the houses. Okami yelled to the sky to dismiss his suffering; the voices in his head comforted him giving him the courage to track those men and end with them.

    Okami pursued them during weeks through an amazing amount of sceneries and environments; when he finally reached them, he slowly killed them tearing apart their bodies and freezing their blood; all these voices in his head talked with him, told him things, inspired him to keep looking for vengeance, the overcharge of feelings and thoughts in Okami’s head made his sanity tear apart; each time he enjoys more ending with the life of others, watching the fear in their eyes, the blood on his hands, the control over life and death.

    Relationships: All his spirits (Which he will get during the RP)

    Abilities: Killing, basic knowledge of the Ice magic and advanced ability with the spiritual magic, tracking and tactical thinking are also part of his abilities.

    Ice Shard: Okami creates multiple shards and throws them toward the objective.
    Infernal Freeze: Okami lowers the temperature in the enemy's body to freeze his/their blood.
    Spiritual Presence: Okami tames any kind of spirit close to him.

    Other info: As Okami killed and communicated with the voices, his hair kept turning white until it was entirely that color.
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  5. Name: Splendora Brightborn

    Gender: female

    Age: 21

    Good/evil: good (ish)

    Type of magic: soul magic


    Personality: strong and demanding, she likes crushing enemies that are weaker than her and hates those stronger then her so she has trained many years and gotten very powerful even managing to make a small floating island which she gave a powerful soul to support it.

    History: after having her parents killed by a warlock when she as 14, she devoted herself to become the strongest magic user there ever was and has taken many souls of both creatures and powerful evil wizards and warlocks.

    Relationships: n/a

    -soul steal: can capture weakened souls and use them when needed later on
    -soul stream: blasts a river of light from the user destroying everything in its way that's weak enough
    -soul defense: puts up a barrier around the user protecting them from harm
    (these powers increase with the strong of soul she uses)
    but her power grains rather fast when using strong attacks and will consume captured souls so she is constantly in search of more souls to steal.

    Other info: minor alchemy knowledge, can use captured souls to change her body into something more powerful (depending on the soul).
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  6. You should have explained that thing of the abilities... (Those are skills, and no skills and abilities aren't the same)
  7. Ok... then want to list your skills then?
  8. Done
  9. Hey Zackymas can you put a limit on his power so hes not just super overpowered?
  10. Infernal Freeze can affect him if he is too close to his opponent, he can't use his spiritual powers twice in arrow, his mind may overcharge if he tries to use ice and spiritual magic at the same time; is this ok?
  11. ya that's more limitaion then i was expecting though, but its good.
  12. @Skyminer Ask a staff member to move the thread over to it's appropriate spot. No need to feel sorry for one little mistake. (:
  13. Question how do i ask staff?
  14. Zackymas want to start?
  15. Name: Ronin Kantono
    Gender: Male
    Age: 23
    Good/Evil: Good mostly, depends on the mood
    Type of magic: Pyrotechnics, illusionist
    Appearance: Fire_mage_by_yobtaf-d4d6btj.jpeg
    Personality: Has a real "I don't give a damn" attitude going on. Calm and inquisitive
    History: Ronin was the son of two well known alchemists. Life was good until one of his parent's experiments backfired killing them both. He learned magic from an old hermit who took him in and tried to instill some responsibility and sense of duty in him but Ronin would have none of it at the time. The rebellious angry teenager set off on his own, a Wizard for hire. Nowadays he spends his time wandering the lands learning all that the floating isles has to teach, getting into to conflicts to help people he likes every now and then.
    Relationships: n/a
    Abilities/skills: Mastery of the element of fire. Basic knowledge of illusionist spells that control minds but doesn't really have the attention span to master it. Intermediate alchemist abilities thanks to his parents
    Fireball: Just your basic everyday fireball that can burn you to a crisp at fifty yards.
    Inferno: Summons fire straight from the ground under an enemy's feet.
    Hypnosis: Clouds a person's mind for a short time making them very open to suggestion. Doesn't work on those with a strong mind or with a one track mindset.
    Other info: Ronin is a bit of a nomad in search of something, but of what he doesn't know.
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  17. Oh question first, Zackymas. How old is Ju? You never specified

    Thank you
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