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  1. Witches are not what they used to be; green and pimply with hooked noses, cackling as they soar through the sky on broomsticks, burned at the stake or melted by water. No. Society has moved past those perceived stereotypes in light of having a new enemy, mysterious monsters that have appeared out of nowhere, a threat too powerful to take down through normal means. However, why are the monsters attacking in the first place? Is there something else going on behind the scenes even more sinister?

    Welcome to the world of Alvaria.

    With magic and technology combined, mankind has built cities filled with both splendor and wonder. Very few knew about the hardships of war ever since the battles between magic and technology came to an end 47 years ago when a powerful monster the size of a skyscraper appeared. After much destruction the two forces joined together to destroy it. Since then witches became an accepted part of society, at last earning their place as rightful human beings. Although there is still some discrimination, officially there's none and for the most part things were looking up. However, that was not the last they'd see of the monsters. That first one, although massive, was actually very weak relatively speaking. The new ones seem to be able to shrug off most forms of attack, allowing them to tear through the human armies virtually unimpeded, as least by offensive weaponry. Walls could stop them...that is until they were tore down by the stronger monsters. After hope was fading, at last came the counterattack. Scientists combined their technology into the witches, complementing their powers in such a way so that their magic could now break through their shields. At last humanity had a means of defending itself. With either incentives to good to pass up or otherwise, they did their best to enlist as many witches as possible to prepare for the war to follow. They have even put effort into finding out how to create male witches, having success in some rare individuals, calling them wizards, but they can't "assembly line" them into existence like they can with females, unleashing their latent power with the witch bloodline. Injecting witch's blood into men works some of the time, but very rarely and often causes complications. Efforts to expand the witch's natural bloodline has also been put into place by, awarding people whenever a witch is born. Through all these efforts humanity has a shot, but it is still a loosing battle. Some of the monsters are so powerful that it would take dozens of witches to fend off, and some of them have even expressed human-like intelligence, although this fact is quickly denied. Is there any hope of victory in these desperate times?

    When spells are activated a golden ring containing a bunch of symbols appears in mid air and the desired spell shoots out. It can have a wide variety of effects, from fire balls to summoning massive guns. I will allow a lot of room for creativity. Some witches can fly by having these golden rings hover around their wrists and ankles, or in some cases placing them around objects like broomsticks. The witches carry with them magical amplifiers that allows their magic to pierce the shields. These amplifiers can be placed in magical wands, necklaces, whatever, as long as it's touching them. They wear uniforms that look kind of like what a witch would wear, but has a more modern feel to it and easier to fight in. Normal humans sometimes help them in combat, but are mainly as a distraction or scout.

    The monsters are coming from an unknown location. They just appear out of nowhere as far as everyone is concerned. They can look like almost anything, some being quite bizarre such as glowing blobs that can fly around in mid air. Their motivation is unknown, although they have been seen eating humans, leading some to believe they simply view humans as a food sources, although not everyone is convinced. As previously stated, some monsters have high levels of intelligence and are even able to command other monsters. Some higher ups and elite witches know of them and are sent on missions to destroy them, but this is kept top secret.

    You can have multiple characters and can fight as a witch/wizard, a monster, or even a human. Not every witch/human is on the same side. For example, you can be a person from an organization who is revealed to be allied with the monsters and working to hunt witches down.
  2. I like the plot.