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As my title says I am in the look out for partners to do a witcher 3 Rp ^_^

I have an oc I would like to use in pairing with Garalt who I will place below. Though I'm also happy to play as the Witcher as well.

It will be best you have played the game or done research to do this RP <3

Okay a few rules I'll add in:

- No one liners, at least one paragraph or more. I'm a capable writer and can write over 500 words a post if needed. But I do NOT expect that much from you if you cannot write that much.

- Decent Spelling and Grammar. I know that not everyone is perfect in this department. Just no text language please.

- Help progress the RP story. I've normally got ideas in mind but it helps if my partner does too.

- OOC chat. Very handy way to keep in contact and see how the RP is going. Also a good way to say that you have lost interest or need to poke me to reply XP.

RP pairings:

(I'm happy to do MxM or MxF and possibly FxF.)

Garalt X OC (have a plot)
Ciri x OC
Garalt x Ciri
Garalt x Triss

More or less any female witch lol XP I'll play within reason. As said above I can also play Garalt.

My OC:

Name: Sophie Heartness

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Profession: Witch and hunter

Positive Traits:
+ Intelligent +Friendly + Modest +Energetic
Negative Traits:
- Jealous - Obsessive - Cunning

You will find out as they travel.


Thanks for reading my badly set up post XP creating one on my mobile was harder than I thought haha. If your interested in doing one of these pairings message me here or pm me. <3