witcher 3??? and other fandoms



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Hiya! I am Korra and I'm really happy you have given up your time to read my search post ^_^

Straight of the bat I will say I have a few rules.

- Decent Spelling and Grammar.
- Communication.
- Contribute.
- No one liners.

That's it ^_^

Okay above it's obvious I'm dying for a Witcher 3 RP and would love to find someone to play Garalt for me so I can use my female oc. <3 but I've listed down a heap of fandoms I love.

* means have a possible plot.
<3 means dying to do.

Fandoms (with some pairings):

Witcher 3:
Garalt x OC <3 <3 <3 *

Naruto: <3
Kakashi x Sakura *
Sasuke x Naruto
Itachi x Sasuke
Naruto x Gaara *
Hinata x Naruto*

Samurai Camploo:
Fuu x Jin*
Mugen x OC
Fuu x Mugen
Jin x Oc

Kingdom Hearts: <3
Sora x Kairi
Riku x Sora
Kairi x Riku
Roxas x Axel
Terra x Aqua*
Oc's are welcome.

Legend Of Korra:
Korra x Asami*
Asami x Mako
Oc's are welcome*

Legend of Aang:
Katara x Aang
Zuko x Katara
Toph x Souka*
Oc's are welcome

Bucky x Steve
Thor x Jane
Darcy x Loki
Thor x Loki
Natasha x Clint
Tony x Loki
Tony x Oc
Steve x Tony
Oc's are welcome

Teen Titans:
Raven x Beast Boy
Raven x Robin
Starfire x Robin
Oc's are welcome

Devil May Cry: <3 *
Nero x Dante*
Dante x Lady
Vergil x Lady
Dante x Vergil
Oc's are welcome

Sons of Anarchy <3 *
Kingsman <3
Treasure Planet
Nana <3
Sengoku Basara
The Darkness
Jak Series (ps2)
Fruits Basket
Elfien Lied
Dying Light
Assassins Creed

There are so many more but I'm going off the top of my head lol

Thanks for reading and would love to hear from you. Either pm me or comment below <3