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  1. This is an interest check for a rp I'm currently developing which takes place a full 18 years after the events of Deathly Hallows. Just to note this is fully canon (That welcomes all OC's you don't have to be canon), but I will explore deeper and "darker" aspects of the magic and wizarding world far beyond that of Harry Potter and the old gang. In fact, the characters will exist in the universe but only a few may ever be encountered. This was inspired to be a dark, thrilling, but hopeful feeling. That will be the exact tone of this rp if it ever takes off and people are interested.

    The Antagonist has already been created and the entire plot of the story as well. It's extremely gripping and will guarantee any HP fan a mindfreak.

    The setting of the Rp will take place at Hogwarts 18 years after the Dark War. The age of light and magic are at it's most prominent. Dark Wizards are more like myths of the old days more than present threats now. Aurors have become rockstars, mainly because of The Boy Who Lived. Hogwarts is the #1 magic academy on the entire planet, and the Ministry of Magic sits strong as the White House to the muggle world. And all the magic and 18 years worth of harmony couldn't prepare the magic community for what would happen. A sinister figure named "Omni" emerges from the abyss of the magic realm, and no longer is the magic community at stake...for he so declares to oppress the planet forever more in order to reset the balance of the universe. With the old Dumbledore's Army missing or living in isolation, a new generation of students arise to face the threat at hand....with the help from the old generation.


    Magic...a thing of wonder and beauty. How it touches us all while also learning from our very wills of pure magical essence. Some would say it's science beyond the planes of mortal cognition. Others believe it to be something else completely...a never ending pool of life energy to be harnessed and utilized for greater feats, whether it be for fame, power, glory, or truth and justice. This world conceals these notions, these ideals, in a very selective community of favor-born beings throughout the planet. Some are born with the full power of magic in their very veins, others are hybrids only to harness magic indirectly. There are even some who possess no magical competence but trains and learns the way of magic through select means. In the end they are all family, connected by the tethers of the universe and its stream of energy.

    Magic has a history unknown to the outside world, and has evolved and came a long way such as the human history of wars and revolution did. Magic houses war and triumph as the greatest World Wars, it contains places and people of historical significance just as much as the world of non-magic users. These muggles roam everyday clinging to their old fashioned ways and developed myths.

    But our community...the realm of magic. It stands on an entire other scale. This world we know was once almost lost to dark and sinister evil. The Dark Lord. Voldemort. No one is afraid to say his name anymore. The dark cobra in the annals of history that almost corrupted everything we loved of the magic world. The First Wizarding War, The Second Wizarding War, we would all surely be lost had it not been for the greatest and most important moment in the history of magic: The Boy Who Lived. The infamous Harry Potter and his legionaires of Dumbledore's Army, named after a once superb headmaster. He diminished Tom Riddle of his evil machinations with the help of the Army and the sacred Deathly Hallows. We were all saved.

    All these figures, all these events all spawn from a place so now renown in the magic community that people dare to say that it contends with the very White House of the muggle realm. Hogwarts. The School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. 18 years have passed since the Dark War, and now peace and prosperity is at it's brightest. Aurors and more desired than rockstars, The Ministry of Magic has stopped more injustice in the past 18 years with such precision that no one could ever anticipate, and the students....the light of the school's history, they dwell about with distinction. Prowess. Potential. That potential will be molded and shaped by them in their own destiny as the magic realm continues on in promise and hope. Things couldn't be better. Life couldn't be better.

    That's when you know that something is coming.

    Hope it sounds good! If anyone is down for this feel free to respond and reply! :)
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  2. CS template for those who are interested.

    Blood Type:

    Quote/Character dialogue:

    Appearance: (Real or Realistic, Or explicit detail)

    Personality Traits(5):
    Personality Flaws(5):

    Relations -



  3. Okay, I won't say for sure that I'm in right now, but this is just a suggestion to stop people from giggling like morons and leaving this thread later on: Change "anals" to "annals".
  4. thanks, and ok.
  5. Evelina Aurelia Lacey
    Mother is a Muggle Born and Father is half Pure-Blood and half Muggle Born

    "If you don't have your word, you don't have anything- not your friends, not your family, nothing."

    (I'm on my iPad so I'll include a pic later with some wordy description)

    Loyal, Resourceful, Witty, Hard-Working and Friendly.
    Impatient, Often Indesisive, Never on Time, Anxious, and Forgetful.
    Sexuality: Bisexual

    Father- 42 Roderick Lacey
    Mother- 39 Priscilla Lacey
    Sister- 24 Andromeda Chelsea
    Brother 9 Byron Lacey

    Spiders, Heights, Skeletons, and the Dark.
    9" Mahogany with a Unicorn Hair and Dragon Heart String core.

    Evie grew up with one foot in the Muggle world and one foot in the Wizarding world since she was born to a muggle-born mother and half-blood father. So while bother parents did magic they both wanted her to understand all sides of her heritage. She knows how to drive and has her own smartphone and laptop but she's always felt like she doesn't really belong. Her favorite subjects are Potions and Herbology. And while she loves Quiditch she could win a game to save her life.
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  6. Blood = Muggle, half, or pure?
    Blood Type = A B AB O+ O-
    Zodiac = Astrological Sign

    Character Quote: Something your character would say/live by.

    Relations: Family members
  7. Looks interesting..
    Maybe I will make one..

    Do you accept semi-realistic anime pictures?
    o u o
  8. Ah, thank you!
  9. Sorry, it says realistic pics/concept art only.
  10. What are you hoping the posting levels/expectations will be?
  11. Ideally intermediate with a sense of detail and plot. No one liners maybe a paragraph or two. And post anywhere from daily to once every two days.
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