Witch Surgeon anyone?

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  1. Been itching to try out a character that I've never gotten to use.

    In a nutshell, there's a woman named Friggs who lives out in the woods. Not only does she research magic and science, but she is also an excellent doctor, her specialty being life-changing surgery. Often people with nowhere else to go or who need to be under the radar will come to her for help that can't be found in a regular hospital. Her surgeries always go well initially, but there is also almost always the risk of disastrous consequences.

    Your character, a lady, needs something that a normal doctor can't do, or perhaps they don't want anyone to know, and they go to seek out Friggs for help only to learn that there is far more to her and her home than first appearances may hint at.

    If you fancy an rp with witchery, monsters, mixing magic with science, some lesbian fluff, surgical horrors and a little general silliness, let me know. I will note that Nightvale and Franken Fran were part of the inspiration for this, if you find that enticing.

    This could become a mature rp if you would like, but there needs to be plenty of character development and relationship building beforehand. Friggs does live out in a forest by herself and has very odd kind of moral compass after all.

    Thank you~
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  2. This sounds like a new, and very interesting concept XD my internet's not the best around so response times may vary till I'm officially back home, but I think I can do this >.< (May not be able to become a full on mature RP though since I'm only 15, but everything else is ok in my book :3)
  3. This sounds pretty interesting indeed, I'd love to try it out, be it mature or not, thought I think it gives more room to work with as the thing progresses ^^
    So yeah, count me in if you still want someone :3
  4. Yeah, I like what your resume said and think we should give it a whirl.
  5. Sure, feel free to PM me and we can discuss everything =3
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