Witch Hunting?

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  1. I was thinking: How would an RP about medieval Witch Hunters go? It could be an AU Crusades, where they went to hunt Witches instead to kill Muslims. There could be different classes of people here, like Templar, Hospitaller, and Witch.
    In it we would have some users with magic and weapons, as well as some with just weapons and just magic. We would work for the Church, or as mercenaries, and go hunt witches in various places. So? how does this sound. If someone could help me work it out a tiny bit, that would be great.
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  2. I would love to join this. But I'm a little skrub on this site though, but I could make a metal as fuck templar. What I'm saying is my opinion doesn't matter much with the ground I have to stand on currently.
  3. I'd love to join but I'm going to hope this isn't a one liner thing, also I don't mind helping out a bit. Just pm me the current ideas you have for it and I'll try to branch out on that x]
  4. Alright. and Don't worry, I'm at least Intermediate always.
  5. Sounds pretty interesting.

    How often would we be expected to post?
  6. Very interested!
  7. Every two days I'd say. I may make Leeway if something i going on.
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