Witch hunter Robin: Extinguished

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  1. 371 after the coven sank in the darkness, a figure in the shadows, a cycle renewed, the old one walks again, the circle closed.

    15 years after the Stnj organization was ambushed and Amon and Robin went MIA, their old group reformed. Whispers that Robin and Amonan S-Class hunter were alive surfaced. The man stood at the window. He remembered when his mothers witch gene activated it was a tradegy. He knew Amon was afraid of his own birth right. He didn't like Witches because of mother. His older brother knew this well. Amon never talked of him, after Tobins witch gene manifested. He could control shadows make them thicker firm things from them nothing like weapons more like darts or walls that could stop or slow movement, but he was still learning. He was a Hunter as well, but he was presumed dead, by everyone except the secret X- class hunters of which there was only 3 below that was Amons level which was the "Official" highest level.

    He wondered what his brother was doing was he alive? His phone rang and he picked up. "Be at Grand central station in 30." The line went dead, but he already knew who called his secure phone. Like his brother his looks were brooding with long widow peaked black hair except he had piercing blue eyes and beard kept short. He removed his Orbo cross necklace and slipped it across his neck. Tucking in his silver button up into his black jeans he grabbed his trench coat and greeted the cold nights air. Another assignment was under way. With the normal Stnj low on resources and man power due to the Tokyo incident all stations globally suffered. Tokyo was the largest or so they were told. Work was double time now
  2. Shadows and embers glowing in the hallway. The din of screeching metal-on-metal. Harsh words yelled across the tunnels barely large enough for their speeding tenants. Her raven black hair stuttered soft whispy sounds as it flowed in the breeze of a speeding subway train as it passed where she was leaning against the concrete wall. She let her arms dangle weakly at her sides. ruby red lips sighed softly and looked to the passeing subway car dully.

    "i need...death...." she cooed almost sickly.
  3. As a founding member of the X class he knew the older members but the new ones he didnt pay much attention to. The trainstation was underground a subway really. It was a bit crowded but that was to be expected. He looked around and didnt see anyone he recognized. A few lamps offered shadows which was welcomed. A few guards were running their daily routes but nothing out of the ordinary. His phone rang. "Wait for the others approach dont make any moves they will contact you." Click he pocketed his phone and leaned against the wall. Stnj was being tight lipped about this one even to a high ranking member such as himself.