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    Welcome to the Witch Chronicles

    (The following information is the all the lore that you will need to know in order to RP. Enjoy ^^)
    About Witches, #20B2AA

    Can only be female. Born with incredible powers and is sensitive to magical energy. (Can be any race, magical or not) They have high mana absorption and is able to transfer some to their familiar, making them stronger and some human’s even able to cast magic.

    Witches are born with a mark since birth and that becomes their seal of power, signifying what and who they are. It’s basically their second name among their kind and magical folk.

    Witches do have a special affinity with magic but they tend to have control on one specific element. (This can be anything to Time control to Darkness manipulation).

    About Familiars, #BC8F8F

    Bound to the witch by some form of contract. (Blood Exchange, Signed unbreakable magical signature). Their sole purpose is to protect their master at all cost and follow direct orders as given. Their free will is controlled by only their witch. A small distinct seal can be found on their bodies, signifying their connection. (Can be any gender/Can be any race, magical or not/ May or may not be humanoid).

    How to acquire a familiar
    Summon or Find a volunteer (willing or not). A contract can be forced but be warned, if the familiar’s soul is stronger than it will rebound and dangerously damage the witch’s soul in return. For when a contract is formed, the familiars and witches soul is needed to bond momentarily before the witch’s seal can be placed.

    About Hunters, #778899

    The Sorceress Huntsman
    An organization dedicated to eradicating the world of witches and familiars alike. They are also responsible for keeping controlling of dangerous magical creatures such as Werewolves, Vampires, and just the general Undead. Most call them the Huntsman.

    The Tower
    The Tower is the Huntsman main base of operation. This is where new recruits are trained in and also where they shall stay if they pass the test. There are rooms and living quarters fit for thousands.

    The Council
    Seven lords of power reside in The Tower giving orders and missions to the Huntsman. The leader to this Council is called The Justiciar.

    Hunter Weapon Type, #800000

    Cursed Artifact
    This mainly focuses on dark but highly effective magic that is best suited for combat. They are the most powerful out of all the weapons but come with a price. Like witches, these also have their own contract that binds their user to them. It can be as strange as one prick of blood each day to a pint of blood for each use. Be aware that the more dangerous the contract is the more powerful the artifact.

    Holy Relic
    Calls upon light magic to heal and grants its user the ability of fast regeneration. Those who possess such weapons are known to be hard targets to kill as they are able to heal injuries that have not be afflicted towards critical areas of the body (heart, brain, lungs, kidney, stomach, liver, etc.). There is also an increase in physical attributes such as superhuman strength or incredible eyesight. The only vulnerability of the relic is ironically itself. In order to properly wield such a weapon one must bind their own core or life energy to the object. If the weapon were to break (which is a rarity) the damage towards the users core may be irreversible as well as deadly.

    Charmed Weapons
    The most commonly used but weakest form of defense/offence. These are less dangerous to wield than its other two counterparts and have a more wide range of variety as well as uses. New recruits are usually in possession of these magically imbued weapons. Their powers come from the magical symbols of witches and the most common would only hold one or two inscribed onto its surface. The more symbols it has the more powerful it will be. The only way to gain more is to kill a witch and 'steal' theirs. Eventually they will be able to even rival Cursed Artifacts and Holy Relics.

    The Justiciar & The Prime Millenium, #FAFAD2

    The Prime Millennium
    A very powerful witch born of the blood of the Ancients. They are the symbol of hope for Witches who wish for their persecution to end. In most cases they do not have a familiar as their power might be too much for their protector to handle resulting in their death. It is unknown when or where the next Millennium will be born or appear. It is also known that they are not restricted by gender or race.

    The Justiciar
    The most respected man or woman of The Council. In order to gain this title one must be able to defeat The Prime Millennium or has been trained and hand selected from the previous Justiciar.

    Setting, #00CED1

    A somewhat modern but futuristically influenced landscape that contains a medieval government system. Which means aristocracy, royalty, and nobles. There will be heavily technology based cities connected by 'bridges' that are able to transport people at one half the speed of light with no turbulence and damage to the rider. But will also contain open greenland, forests, and wildlife (magical or otherwise).

    Rules, #F0FFFF

    1. All Iwaku Rules/Policies Apply
    2. No OP characters
    3. No fighting in the OOC
    4. Romantic Relationships are A okay and encouraged actually (If its gets too steamy however take it to the Libertine or PM guys :) )
    5. Two characters per person
    6. One witch and or familiar each person
    7. You cannot be your own Witch or Familiar
    8. Sit down and have fun.


    Important: Read This If You Don't Want Me To Kill You (open)

    Cursed Knight.jpg
    A knight cursed to wander the ruins of the once prominent kingdom of Carcia. It was said he had been the last remaining citizen as all its residents had been slaughtered prior after his return from the southern isles with the rest of his dispatched platoon. He had brought down 100 men before being killed himself.
    (Available as a possible familiar)

    The Demon Princess of the perpetually dark and omniscient country of Larcion. Not much is known of the maiden except that she is hostile to humans and anyone who trespasses in her territory (basically the grounds of the castle). That is of course unless you have received an invitation.

    The King of the most well-known and prosperous kingdom, Erodial. It’s advanced the farthest in technology, medicine, and science. Due to his Father’s unfortunate early death Leon has taken the throne at the young age of 19. Unlike the early speculations of the nobles the golden age his father once brought about continued with his rule. In fact the economy and overall satisfaction of the people seemed to heighten at his command. He is a truly well-loved King.

    Strange Little Boy.jpg
    A genius prodigy that has captured the attention of many kingdoms and countries. Though he mysteriously disappeared after the prior attention he had received only a month before. Some say he is wandering the country plains and occasionally visiting the great technology cities in disguise. What’s even more surprising is his parent’s complete compliance with their son wandering the world without a single knowledge of his whereabouts. (Riddle Carlyle Seinfeld)

    Traveling Merchant.jpg
    Meet Yuri Inaru, a traveling merchant that has all but the best and rarest material. Weapons, cloths, armor, potions, you name it and she has it. But don’t be fooled by her appearance. While seemingly appearing as a young child Yuri packs the punch of a full grown ox. So to say that the occasional bandit is no trouble for the young woman.

    Three well known junior Hunters famous for their very efficient three way maneuver that has brought down many powerful foes. Though they are only juniors they are sometimes assigned minor senior level missions as a sign of their exceptional abilities. (In order from left to right: William, Marshall, & Jack)
    William possess a Holy Relic, Marshall wields a Charmed Weapon, & Jack has a Cursed Artifact.

    Twins 2.jpg
    The two ruling ‘Princes’ of Incar, the kingdom of vampires. It’s has the most historic buildings but just as technologically advanced as the others. Though they refer to themselves as princes they are technically the kings as their father had succumbed to death nearly a millennia ago. Nico (the one on the bottom) is the diplomatic but reliant while Riko (the one on the top) is considered as the enforcer and as far as their citizens are concerned the more ‘Kingly’ in personality. They welcome travelers into their kingdom but are not responsible for their wellbeing lest they be sucked dry but a rogue vampire. Though they are both a bit wary of Hunters as they had once been at war with them centuries ago. That to a vampire is merely a day of their eternity.

    A very old, powerful, and wise seraph that is the last to grace the mortal world with its pure aurora. Though its powers have been extremely constrained to be able to inhabit the mortal body he now possess. He is still able to perform exceptional feats of magic but far from his true capabilities. As an omnipotent and kind being he shares all that he is able to give (with the exception of the visions future as that is a law bound by unearthly means). He is the exception to many rules and is even welcomed in the Kingdom of Larcion, receiving invitation after invitation from the demon princess that resides there. He is also considered as a neutral being and whatever affiliation he has is his own business.

    Luhan, the Alfa of a pack (tribe) of werewolves in the mostly unexplored regions of the eastern plains. He is a kind but fierce leader who will protect his people with the ferocity of a wolf and the unbelievable strength of his ancestors. (Available as a familiar)

    Witch 1.jpg
    The young witch of light illusions. This fair haired maiden is peaceful but also slightly mischievous. She takes delight from the occasional harmless tricks of light to slightly confuse travelers that wander through the Northern Lights forest that she resides in. The reason why it is called the Northern Lights Forest is because of the beautiful glow it emits during nightfall and the wonderful illusions of glowing butterflies as well as flying fishes that flutter or swim through the air. It’s a magnificent sight that even some Hunters and others admire but also the many others that despise such ‘witchcraft’. The capture of Lilith is at a moderate level though most Hunters whether determined or not to find the witch is unable to. Though if one does manage to find the tricky sprite she rewards them with bright but blinding illusions before eventually escaping.
    (Available as Witch)

    Witch 3.jpg
    The Godmother Witch, Iris. She is infamous for granting the wish of others but usually with a strange and dark twist. Her signature mark is a large black feather usually found where the ‘attack’ had been made. Though there are the occasional exception of when the wishes she grants are good and what is left behind is a white feather instead.
    (How her power works uses the dreams and her own magical energy to grant simple wishes of others. Examples would be ‘I wish I had more money’, ‘I wish I had more food’, ‘I wish I was taller’. She obviously does not have the means nor the power to resurrect the dead).
    (Available as Witch)

    The Bloody Witch of Vengeance. Alice had been said to be the most powerful witch in existence, some going as far as to say she was the Prime Millennium. With her rare, white dragon familiar that breathed blue flames she was able to burn villages and minor cities to the ground. Her main victims were Hunters, mainly those who have either killed or injured a witch. She managed to escape when the council decided to intervene. However the Justiciar made sure to leave his mark and gouged out her right eye where it is said a beautiful Lily now grows.

    Nero, the highborn prince of the Winged kingdom. They live in elaborately made living quarters high above the treetops of the western Redwood Forest. They are primarily made up of archers and guns men. The hostilities between the Winged and the Werewolves are well known but the truce between the two current leaders have prevented any further claims of war. Still some do not know how long the peace will last.
    (Available as Familiar)

    [BCOLOR=#800000]Importante: This is an ever expanding RP and new Information as well as new NPC characters shall be added. I will update you guys whenever something new is put in but I advise checking this post at least every other day to see for yourself.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#800000]Also the PM me if you want to play as one of the NPC characters or if you want me to play one of them as your Familiar or Witch and I'll make a proper CS for them [All the (Available as Witch) and (Available as Familiar) characters]. Some characters may not be playable however.[/BCOLOR]
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  2. A slight wind passed through the depths of the forest at which the Witch of Life and Death resides. All of the forests she considered were her Domains. Although normally peaceful she would simply destroy any creature of thing bringing harm to her forests but assist anyone who needed it. She was a kind and kindred spirit but harbored horrible magic as well as the magic to create. It was in one of her many homes that she decided to take a trip into one of the small towns nearby. It was a hours journey away but none the less was something that drove her. Her curiosity was beyond normal count. She wanted to find out how things work. She did not like technology much but was beginning to fall in love with it.

    In the home she was using were pieces of metal and different types of Computers. She had no idea how to use them yet but was searching for a means to accomplish what she needed. With that thought in her head and with it reaching dusk she set out through her forest. The speed at which she moved was crazy to those who did not know the terrain. She did not need to see but only had to feel for the life around her. Each root and bush gave out a energy that she could rely on even in the dark. When the area became to hard to traverse she took to the trees in which she would run across the branches with a Finesse never seen outside of her Domain.

    The trees suddenly parted revealing a large town nearly thirty minutes away and across a small plain. She leaped off the branch where she sat crouched and landed into a roll before returning to her feet and continuing forward at a run. She slowly began to come into view of the outer homes in the town. She reached one of the and jumped up to get a grip on the porch. She pulled herself up and repeated until she stood on the roof. All done without making a even a crackling of leaves.

    In front of her was lights and the sounds of vehicles. She couldn't help but be marveled by the sounds and shapes of everything around her. To her technology was getting in the way of nature but slowly she began to wonder if she was impeding natures progress. With that thought passing through her head she leapt down. It was obvious she wasn't a normal individual as she was wearing barely any clothes what so ever. Although she was perfectly clean without any dirt on her body at all. Her hair was neat and it seemed like she was a normal civilian besides the staff and bow she had on her.

    It had been nearly sixty years since she was last among the civilize people. It took her that long to pull herself together enough to make a move to see what had changed. Every so often a hunter would come into her woods to be met with her eyes staring out at them. She wouldn't harm them but would actually shelter them if they were lost. It wouldn't be a surprise if people knew her by appearance. She was the only 'Druid' people spoke of. Although reclusive she did things without people knowing. Never speaking nor talking but always walking and watching.

    The noise of something nearby caught her attention. She looked in the direction it was coming from and began to wonder. She broke out into a run across the roof top before leaping over and landing on the next. She repeated these steps before coming to a full stop just near a Police station. She lowered into a crouch and began to watch them all closely. She saw weapons on them and then looked at her own. They seemed far more advanced than she remember and began to wonder if she needed an 'Upgrade' as she heard people call it when referring to technology.
  3. Volvante The Magma Familiar
    Soulbound to Madeleine the Fledgling Fire Witch

    "Do you remember the way?" Volvante asked as he followed slowly behind Madeleine. Since her stride was much shorter and lack of proper nutrition left her weaker than most, progress was fairly slow. It felt strange to Volvante to be companion to this little girl. For decades... centuries, he had been mostly alone. Warfare, chaos, and isolation - these three words would sum him up if one were to analyze the vast list of experiences he underwent. For the past couple of centuries however, Volvante had been fairly dormant in his activities. He had taken to meditating in a cave hidden far from any major civilization. The closest population was of a small town still stuck in the ways of old. Technology was rare and wealth was meager at best. It was in that cave where he and Madeleine first met. She had accidentally fell through the brush and in front of the entrance that was fairly sunken in from the surface due to time.

    They were on the road, journeying towards the town of Madeleine's birth. The events leading up to this situation were fairly sudden. For someone like Volvante who experiences years as minutes and decades as mere days, the change was quite drastic. Not too long ago, Volvante was a free spirit. Tortured, but still free to do as he chose. Now, he was willfully bound to this little girl, a fledgling witch, as her familiar.

    Six stones glowing with the emblem of fire rotated slowly around Volvante's neck and eight orbs also displaying the emblem of fire surrounded his waist. These were highly condensed and sealed containers holding a significant portion of Volvante's power. Were it not for their existence, the contract between him and Madeleine would not have been feasible. Unchecked, Volvante's soul would have consumed Madeleine's in an instant. A drop of water into an active volcano. He was left significantly weaker than his full capabilities, but it was worth it. As her familiar, Volvante's soul and hers were on the same wavelength. This means she would not need to upkeep a fire immunity spell to be around him. This also meant Volvante could unleash his power without worry of harming her along with the enemies.

    Buildings appeared in the distance gradually as they kept their slow but steady pace. Based on the distance traveled, it was most likely that this town was the place of Madeleine's birth.
  4. "Yeah, we're almost there," she smiled at him as they got closer. It had been a long journey but she didn't complain, she didn't think there was any point in complaining. She wasn't alone anymore and to her that mattered a lot more than the inconvenience of travelling by foot. As the town came into sight her smile wavered, it had been over a year since she last was here.
    She didn't know if things had changed since she ran away, if the Hunters had heard anything about the things that had happened underneath the surface. Even if it were she still had to find what her mother left behind.
    Seeing the full town now in distance she paused and pointed to a suburbian area nearby the wealthiest part of town.
    "I grew up there," she spoke softly, her voice wavering. Studying the town she finally found a house at the edge, even from there they stood it was easy to see it had fallen in disrepair. "That house," she gestured to it, "is rumored to be haunted by the ghost of a dead witch. I think that was where she lived before..." She trailed off, unable to put on a cheerful attitude in front of her familiar. She considered him more of a friend really, and the bond made it a lot easier for her older companion to tell if she wasn't sincerely happy. Or maybe it was because she was still a kid and he was so much older than her. Snapping herself out of the daze she turned to Vol and smiled. "We should probably check out the house, right? I don't think we should walk straight into the town."
  5. Maggie Hayes walked along the dirt road set before her, the trees of the forest creating long shadows from the setting sun. Maggie normally would have stopped long ago and set up camp for the night, but she was almost at the edge of the forest, and according to her map, there was a small town just outside. She could might be able to find a cozy inn to stay. She just needed to keep walking.

    She kept moving until she heard trickling water. It occurred to her she hadn’t seen a body of water all day and needed to do some dowsing to see if she was still headed in the right direction. Maggie followed the sounds of the water and found a tiny creek. She knelt down and cupped some in her hands to drink: fresh, clean, natural water.

    Maggie pulled out a rather large, black feather from her backpack. “Locate,” she said. Maggie placed the feather on the water and watched it spin on the surface. The feather belonged to Caelus, a fallen Seraphim. She knew Caelus because he used to be her mother’s familiar, until her death a few months ago.

    Memories of that day were still very clear to her. Her father snuck her and her four siblings away from their little house as Hunters barged in. They returned a few days later to a burned house and all traces of her mother’s magic gone. As for Caelus, everyone believed he had died along with Leslie; he was her guardian and her familiar, almost like another son. He and Leslie volunteered to stay behind while they ran to safety. Maggie believed he was dead too, until she found one of his feathers still whole and intact in the rubble. And so, despite her father’s protests, Maggie set off on her own to find Caelus and bring him home.

    The feather spun three more times before coming to an abrupt stop. Its end pointed in the same direction she was headed meaning she was still on the right path, but Maggie noted the feather was much faster in finding its former owner than before which meant Caelus was close.

    She returned the feather back to her bag and stood up. The sky had grown much darker. If she didn’t hurry, bad forest spirits could come for her, or even worse coming across some Hunters. With that, she left the creek, hurried out of the forest and towards the town up ahead.
  6. Dr. Kaj, white In a deep underground location, a plethora of concrete hallways and rooms are filled with various types of people, some walking about doing their things but also some locked up in high tech and secure cells. The really unlucky ones are screaming in agony or being the target of some odd experiments or tests. No one really has any knowledge of the location of this complex, and those who does know either live here or are aware of the dangers if one should try to access it without proper authorisation.
    In the deepest bowels of this concrete hive of a laboratory was the more personal domains of a rather particular scientist. One valuing information about how everything worked above everything and everyone else. Sadly for some of his subjects this meant that if they weren’t cooperating in surrendering the mysteries of how their bodies, powers or abilities worked, they would be presented with no choice in the end, such was the case of his current job.
    Metal tentacle-like arms extruding from his back through some holes in his white lab-coat stretched across the room, getting tools, objects, vials and other devices. The man was wrist-deep in the chest-cavity of a young woman who had seen better days.
    “Heart located on right side... slight differences... one extra chamber?” he muttered to himself as he put clamps on the large veins leading out of the subjects’ heart. As the scalpel rendered the heart free from it’s location one of his metal tentacles took out a clean metal container from a cupboard, put it down and filled it halfway with a resin-like fluid before bringing it over to the man it was attached to. Almost seeming to have a mind of their own the mechanical arms did exactly as needed at all times, though this might have been a problem for certain individuals, Kaj had enough brainpower to handle extra arms, even with the camera inside them providing yet ‘another eye’ for him to see though. It took some time in his earlier years to get used to this but now it’s as second nature for him as it is for any person to use their birth-arms.

    Putting the heart into the container a device on the man’s wrist made two short blip’s.
    Stopping what he was doing the steel arms continued their work as Kaj himself lifted his left arm in such a manor that the sleeve pulled itself back showing what looked like a black brushed metal brace on his lower arm. It opened itself showing him a small screen with lots of information, pictures, a map as well as a small but strange keyboard below the screen.
    “Interesting...” the man muttered as the small screen showed him a headshot, side shot and full body shot series of a young girl. Besides this was a video taken from high in the air, upper left corner read ‘#31’, where she seemed to be drawing blood from a civilian without touching him, it was like the blood just left his body in streams through the skin. She did some movements with her arms and had the airborne streams of blood combine and end up in a rather interesting container. By all means she seemed to be a blood-bender or blood-mage in common terms.

    A menu opened and chose itself along the sub choices, ending up with a small text-window where the upper corner stated “C9”.
    Text wrote itself along the screen basically explaining an address, recommended loadout and the information he had so far. Orders were simple; obtain more information, use any scanner available but stay hidden.
    This was a standard MO (modus operandi, mode of operation) for Kaj and specifically C9. As soon as this message was sent he had more information gathering get on-site. This included drones under the guise of ‘hobbyists’ randomly in the area and tapping into any surveillance cameras that might be in the area. Not to mention a few more tricks he has up his sleeve.

    A small grin grew on the scientist’s face as the prospect of new information and knowledge was a mere day or two away. It now all hinged on what C9 were to gather from this.
    Keeping the grin on his face as the device on his wrist closed itself he returned to the cadaver on his table.
  7. Caelus was in the town, on top of a building near the outskirts of town. He wasn't in the best of shape either, as he was currently covered in dirt and dust with his clothes in tatters. But his eyes showed the worst if it, as they looked souless, empty, and broken. On his wrists, he bore two slash marks from his attempted suicide the day after his master, no, his mother, Leslie, died. She had been killed by hunters, and he had been unable to do anything to stop them. He had been weak, and seeing this, Leslie gave him one final order before she perished, ordering him to survive. That order is the only reason he still lived, but his existence could hardly be called anything more than just that, surviving.

    He sighed, looking at his hands in disgust and self-loathing. He was a failure of a familiar, and a horrible excuse for a son. As he contemplated this, he felt a familiar presence approach the town. He got himself up and easily spotted Maggie as she approached. And with her approach came an over-whelming wave of fear. He was afraid to face her, to tell her of his failure, of how he let her mother die. That was why he had stayed away from the family all this time, he feared what they would think if they found him alive, while their mother lie dead, taken by the damnable hunters. So he sought to hide himself, keeping as still as possible, but in his anxiety he didn't notice the steady stream of magical energy he was releasing into the air around him.
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  8. Fel was requested to come into the tower, and although his offense didn't warrant him being stripped of his position, it was still quite major, and so upon his arrival his weapons were taken. Without them, he felt almost naked. Being a hunter was all he had for what feels like ages and to be left without his weapons made him feel weak, helpless and not quite himself.

    He was asked to stand before the council, he realized that since had killed his objective, the chances of him being severely punished was quite low, however he did burn down an inn, but there was only a one fatality and a few injuries, some of which were severe. The one fatality was the witch. He did also warn the people in the bar and only the witch and her familiar was upstairs. It is of note to mention he was seen dragging an unconscious person out of the burning building while the witch was trapped half-dead burning away in the rubble. It is speculated that person was the familiar.
  9. ...

    Is this feeling... loneliness?

    It's been longer than the woman can remember since she last felt the touch of another human being. Was she even human? This fog, constantly encroaching upon her mind, stealing her memories away bit by bit, without hesitation...

    I can't stand it.

    So, determined to change things this time, she sets out from her misty domain with gusto. She can feel the wisps of vapour clinging to her flesh, trying to pull her back into the world of illusion. A place where she could experience all she desired, but she knew better than to give into temptation now. She had spent long enough in that domain to know what effects it had, and that no matter what paradise it may seem to offer, nothing gained in that world would ever amount to anything.

    I've had enough.

    With an unusual fire in her heart, the expressionless Witch of Phantasms leaves her domain, and sets forth once again into the world of truths. She didn't know where she was going, but she would definitely know when she got there. The last grasping arms of illusion crept at the edges of her figure, giving their final, futile pleas. Turning coldly to the mist, Beatrice rebukes-

    "Now you stop that, oh foolish Mist. I'll be having none of your nonsense today, thank you very much. Shoo."

    With this last word, she waves her hand dismissively at the creeping fog. Almost as if hearing her words, the mist begins to creep away, sinking back into the dark woods solemnly. Her expression doesn't change, but the lone Witch stands still for a few moments, looking back at the retreating mist with a sense of melancholy. In an almost resigned tone, she whispers back to her horrible domain, as if comforting it. "Do not fret, dearest friend. You know as well as I that we will be together again, soon enough."

    And that was that.


    After this sad departure, the Great Witch Beatrice was not sure what exactly to do with herself. Rather like somebody trapped in a dream, she begins to skip lazily across the countryside, searching for some sort of recollectable landmark to anchor her to the world.

    She knew she must be... somewhere, although she had forgotten precisely where. Her head seemed so foggy since the last time she went out, just how long has it been since then? Had it been years? Centuries? Or, maybe it had only been minutes, and she had simply imagined herself being lost for all that time.

    Smiling despite the horribleness of her thoughts, she musingly considers the irony of her own fate. Then, just as she was about to begin talking to herself to pass the time, she sees it in the distance-


    A town, quite different from anything in her memories, but recognizable all the same by the wonderful, rustic decor.

    "Oh, what fortune!"

    Humming an unrecognizable tune to herself, the blue-haired woman continues her skipping pace past a strand of trees, making her way towards the ancient town with a bit of a flutter in her heart.

    So, much like a lost spirit, Beatrice begins her path of reminiscence in the once bountiful Village of Golden Harvests. Called Aulen in her time, the village had went through many fluctuations of wealth in recent times, and even now still held on to the appearance of a rural, sprawling town.

    Here, the Witch Beatrice had once descended upon the city at nightfall, turning all in her wake into a wonderful, playful illusion. In these tales, the Great Witch had conjured an entire circus out of thin air in order to please the townsfolk, who had mistakenly been giving her prayers as a local Goddess.

    Needless to say, she liked this town. And now, she was reunited with it, after all those years...

    The Witch was content.
  10. [BCOLOR=transparent]The two stared intently at one and another, neither moving an inch. On one end, the mismatched iris’s looked on in amazement and curiosity and on the other end, the eight eyes of the arachnid looked back with suspicion and caution. Child was fascinated with the small arachnid. It was so hairy and odd looking. In fact, in some ways, its eight legs reminds her of Dr Kaj, all these extra limbs and all that. Child’s fascination was interrupted when a quiet blip popped up within her mind. It was the good Doctor. Automatically, Child activated one of the visor arms and the sudden movement of the eye piece sliding out and flipping over her right eye caused the spider to rear its leg, hiss and scuttle away.[/BCOLOR]


    [BCOLOR=transparent]Turning her attention back onto the notification, Child scanned through the details of the mission. It was simple enough. Recon the target, gather information, stay hidden. That meant light loadout and heavy emphasis on stealth and incognito. Armed with her new parameters, Child disconnected her grapple line from its latch point and plunged ten meters groundwards head first. At the last second, the mechanical body twisted in mid air and performed a hard three point landing. At her speed, most humans would have splattered into paste, but Child wasn’t any normal human. Servos, hydraulics, muscle packages, everything wihtin her body moved in unison to make the landing as soft and silent as possible.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Time to work….[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]By the time Child had reached her target area, there was a slight drizzle and the sky was dark. It was the perfect environment for Child. There was no need to wear incognito clothes. All she had on was her suit and her great coat. With ease and speed, Child bounded and flew over the rooftops of the city, reaching greater heights than usual with her lightened load out. Recon was the name of the game here so if she needed anything heavier than her Misriah, then it was a mission failure. To her luck, this “blood mage” was being foolish. She did not move very far from her first victim, despite the amount of time she had at her disposal. Instead, the blood mage decided to linger and prey on more nearby victims. Her target was young. Older than Child herself, but not yet reaching full maturity, in both mind and body. Child stared indifferently through the scope of the Mattock[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Hmm…. very careless….[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]The slightest twitch was all she needed. One small move and the hyper sonic bullet would punch straight through the small head before she knew what was going on. Flicking through the multitude of filters at her disposal, Child became even more disappointed. As far as she knew, there was no magical barriers she could see. Even a blood barrier would be useless in this situation. All the victims blood were stored in jars whilst her own blood were within her body. There was no way that they would be able to escape their vessel and defend their host before the bullet tore away half her head.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Maybe…. A familiar?[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Maybe this witch was so brazen was due to her having a highly competent familiar? Pulling the gun from her eye, Child deployed her full face helm and allowed both eye piece to cover her eyes. Child could not imagine such a pitiful witch would be able to ensnare a highly skilled familiar that can provide protection and support from too far away. As Child scanned, it was more like this witch did not have a familiar at all. Anyone else that moved abouts in the nearby vicinity stayed only for a few minutes. Only the witch and her victims remained there. One by one, the blood mage slowly extracted the blood from each victim and one by one, Child watched through the scope. Death is par for the course for Child. Its a fact of life. The tie the witch took to kill was somewhat unnecessary,[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]At least the Doctor has a reason…..[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Once the target seemed to be done with her fun and began to walk off did Child switch out to a sub-sonic magazine and popped a single, ricochet shot at the witch. The round bounced off two surfaces to throw off the direction it came from and buried itself into the metal stairs alongside one of the buildings above the blood mage. It wasn’t meant to hit. That would have been easy, but it was to gauge her reaction and did the blood mage oblige. The witch jumped in shock and began to dive behind a small bin. 1.5 seconds after she realise what was going on, Child spotted two long vertical slits that ran along the witch’s lower ulna burst open with blood and swirled into a mist bubble around her in a barrier. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Slow activation time and slow manipulation time. Total of 3 second window from first alert.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]As the witch look around in confusion at what that metal plink noise was, Child pulled out of the area. Recon was all she needed to do and she had gathered enough information. As one of the “hobbyist” drones that were floating lazily flew closer by, Child waved at it and moved off back to her abode. There was reporting to do and Dr Kaj did not like waiting.[/BCOLOR][/fieldset]
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  11. Dr. Kaj, white [BCOLOR=transparent]
    Working on a design for a containment field, known as a holding cell in common terms, the doctor was delegating work more than he was actually doing himself. Although that didn’t stop him from lending a ‘hand’ at times where he could not trust his lower assistants with the details.
    At the end he handed it over to 01, his closest and longest living assistant; a young looking albino woman with a long braid.

    Leaving the construction to her Kaj had other things to take care of, having a long list of daily things to go through, experiments to feed and take in new data on it was a wondered he could reach it all and still have time to eat. And even fewer knew that Kaj does in fact, not sleep, not at all. The few that know about it and haven’t dared to ask heave just assumed he found a way to work around the whole sleep process to get extra hours out of the day.

    A notification pinged him mentally, making him open the screen on his wrist-device and read through a small notification.
    Turning towards a wall a heat-haze looking area formed in a second and Kaj entered through it, seemingly walking through the wall.
    In a room filled with electronics, tools and computers enough to make a NASA engineer die from dehydration via drooling alone Kaj walked out through the wall, though careful inspection shows a heat-haze area there as well. The most odd thing about this room was the complete lack of doors, windows or any form of location of entry. Not wasting time he started connecting various equipment back and forth, mostly via computers and small belt-like devices.
    As the second notification came in, only a glance was needed on his wrist-screen before a last haze formed in the air behind him, a similar area was formed near the location Child had requested an entry-portal. This was a common way for them to work, at least when Child was doing something for Kaj as time was always a factor.

    As soon as the young cyborg came in, Kaj took a full debriefing, readings of the various spectrums and scan-results, not to mention videos and all information that Child and the ‘hobbyist drone flyer’ had collected and started coding and programming. Once this was done Kaj and Child should have near, if not complete, immunity towards the witches power. Although Child was sort of half-immune already due to the cyborg factor, Kaj was still very blood-filled and preferred it staying inside his own body.

    “Child, gear up. Retrieval of target. Non lethal preferred. Prepare for worst.”
    His orders were simple, when ordering someone that is used to him he was far from friendly in tone or explanations. Keeping everything to a short but explained as needed it didn’t take focus away from what he was doing or kept someone with him for longer than needed.
    Though he always preferred a live subject, as a worst-case scenario the subject could be killed and still inspected. Though Child knew this very well, if she were to kill a target there were certain key-points she had to avoid damaging at all costs. After all how can one have a proper autopsy if there is nothing to look at besides a jar of goo.

    A mental command to and from Kaj later, another haze-portal opened.
    “Armory.” simple and short as normal. Though this was not the first time they did things like these. As soon as Kaj was done with their defences he would open a portal from his current location to near the site of the subject, then do the same for Child. Though Kaj was very well skilled in handling situations like this, as he planned to first talk to the subject, persuade it to allow him to inspect and test. Naturally nothing is without cost so he planned to give something back in the form of certain bits of information, knowledge or material value. Some subject preferred to be paid in money, which was not a problem for a scientist that has worked behind the curtain of large corporations for the last millennia.

    It took 12 minutes and 31 seconds to complete the programming of his defence systems. Since he had the details it was a simple matter, programming it on-site is much worse and has been done in the past, mostly by live-altering the defence coding on Child as she kept being almost-hit by their abilities. Using readings from Child’s internal sensors and his own on-the-fly gathered knowledge it had worked out quite well. Though, with a less agile or hair-trigger reaction companion it would most likely have ended up bad.
    Putting the device on his belt underneath his coat he brought what looked like a four-plugged mini-USB memory stick, it was weakly glowing and contained the proper coding and details for Child’s internal system to obtain almost the same immunity as Kaj’s own.
    Turning to his side he walked through a portal and ended up immediately walking out through the thin air not too far from the location the Witch lived. He didn’t wait more than a few seconds before opening a portal to Child’s armory, presenting her with the complete defence-matrix for her systems as soon as she exited.

    As soon as she was done taking in the wall upon wall of coding needed for a proper defence against the magical energies of a Witch he started walking towards the small city-outskirt house that the Witch lived in.
    Normally Kaj would wear a backpack that had it’s back-part removed, allowing him to hide his mechanical arms in plain sight, not to mention wear something that is less suspicious than his lab-coat, but at this point it had shown itself in the past that if he looks out of place and ‘odd’, as the common civilians claimed it, then it aided persuading a subject.

    Straight up walking to the main door of the Witches he simply opened the door and entered her house. Not really being one for politeness or to consider the so-called ‘normal’ rules and behavior for people he did as he saw best, and the best was simply to enter and confront her rather than letting her have chance to run or panic.
    Rounding a corner they entered into the livingroom to meet the Witch on her way to see who opened the door, only to have the poor woman be scared quite a tad. Retreating behind the next corner she eventually popped her head back around it, barely looking at Kaj and his companion. Starting to ask rather logical questions about who, what and why Kaj explained it as easy as he could.

    “My name is Alco Kaj, this is my companion. I am fully aware of you, your powers and to a certain extent, how they work.”
    “P-powers? I have no such-” Kaj interrupted her with not even a hint of empathy in his voice.
    “Do not try to lie to me, Ms Summers.” his eyes were piercing and sharp, rather uncomfortable to be looked at with.
    “However, I am here to learn the details I can about your powers, how they work, why they work, why you and details like that. I would like you to come with me peacefully. If needed we can talk about compensation as this will be a lengthy process.”
    She looked at him with odd eyes, confusement, fear and a plethora of other emotions.
  12. It took Child mere minutes to arm up to the teeth. Everything was set up so that anyone could just walk up to a specific weapon, grab it and the corresponding ammunition. Security wasn't an issue. If ANYONE was able to get to the armoury and managed to get inside, either Child was dead already or Kaj has deemed the base useless and has been abandoned. Right now, Child is packed to the teeth. Armed with her standarad gear, Child was dressing to impress and/or intimidate. Once she was readied, Child walked straight towards the wall without hesitation and just before she collided, a haze opened up and instantly, she was next to Kaj. Of course, the mission wasn't an assault. It was... an offer of cooperation. So over her entire ensemble was Child's favourite dark greatcoat. Its still obvious that she is armed to the teeth, but it provided some cover of sort.

    Wordlessly, the duo entered the living room where the Witch was resting at. Predictably, she panicked and ran for cover. Child acted on instinct, tracking their target with her MN-23 and with her faceplate down and polarized, it added more to their fear factor. The human and his robot puppet. Playing the part, Child stood still silently, putting pressure on the young witch by slowly side strafing so that their target's "cover" was useless. Kaj remained civil and continued negotiating, letting the target feel like she still had some choice. The cyborg wasn't so much actively aiming at the blood mage, but moreso had it pointed in her general direction, just enough to let them know who had the majority control.
  13. Volvante The Magma Familiar
    Soulbound to Madeleine the Fledgling Fire Witch

    Location: Madeleine's Hometown


    "Yeah, we're almost there." Madeleine smiled.

    Volvante silently nodded, knowing that while Madeleine could not see it, she would still know. This was the nature of their contract, such that they were truly in sync. He followed her line of sight as he took in the layout of the area. It seemed vaguely familiar to Volvante, however it might have been the fact that technologically, the town was in a state similar to when he was human. At least, the less wealthy sectors of the town. It was sometimes amazing to him how even over centuries, some parts of the world are able to maintain such consistency. Resistance to change... perhaps it was this attribute of the society that contributed most to his... change. The town was most likely relatively new in physical age, but from Volvante's perspective, he was certain the town's mindset was very ancient in contrast. If not, perhaps Madeleine would have never met him?

    As Madeleine pointed out the house her mother lived, Volvante could sense her voice grow heavier each time she spoke. However, she forced herself to become positive again with her attitude.

    "We should probably check out the house, right? I don't think we should walk straight into the town."

    "Yes, I must also obtain a hooded cloak or some cover of sorts, it would be dangerous for them to discover us. Dangerous for them."

    Volvante lowered his energy to the absolute minimum, with just enough to hold together his humanoid form. The glowing stones hovering around his neck and strapped around his waist were absorbed into his body, hidden from sight and detection. To anyone spying, Volvante would appear to be a humanoid golem. While less flamboyant, any observation from a distance less than a child's arrow range would generate alarm.

    "However, a witch's house... I will enter first."

    Volvante had a great distrust against witches. The only exception was Madeleine.
  14. Lucia was walking through the town, bored, when she saw two people enter someone's house. Interesting, wonder what's going on over their. Trance had warned her of doing anything dangerous while he was away, but how dangerous could a couple of burglars be. So, she creeped closer to the house, her hand on her special blade ready to teach these guys the errors of their ways. Until she saw that they were definitely not normal burglars, but they did seem to be coercing the poor owner of this house. Deciding to help her out a little, Lucia step through the door into the house, tugging at her clothing to make it slightly less showy.

    "Um excuse me, but I don't think that pointing a gun at someone isn't an appropriate way to ask them something. It's actually rather rude. So if you could lower your weapons, or else I might have to make you." Lucia tone was strong and confident, put in her mind she was slightly worried she may have bit off more than she could chew. She made sure to slide her weapon out of it's sheath on her back, just in case things did get violent.
  15. At his comment about it being dangerous for others that they were spotted she frowned, it deepening slightly at his insistence of going first. As they went towards the worn-down house she really didn't want to send her friend in first, it was her selfishness that led them on this journey after all. "At the next town we can find you a jacket, I'll make sure to cast the fire immunity spell on it just in case you get mad again." She smiled at him as she tried to think of way to enter the house first. He really didn't have to go that far in his distrust nor did he have to be so concerned. They had done well in getting to the town without catching the attention of the Hunters so far after all.

    As they walked through the forest area they got closer to the house, a small, single floor building. It was plain beneath the overgrowth and dilapidation, some windows were cracked and others were missing the glass, at the entryway the door was closed while the pillars supporting the gable was close to rotting. The painting had flaked off and only a few patches remained on the walls, several shingles on the roof was cracked and more was gone. Madeleine looked at the building in silence, almost mourning the state of the house.
  16. OOC: Just a little mention due to my wordy nature.
    This post contains @Raijinslayer ^^

    Dr. Kaj, white
    A voice interrupted the scientist from behind him. The door was not locked after they entered, though this was due to choice rather than forgetfulness. Problem here was that the good doctor really hated being interrupted, even more so than having his time wasted. Unless it was for some really important thing interrupting him was... The reason of the sudden lack of existence of some ex-assistants he has had over the many years of his life.
    He turned around, having no doubt in Child’s abilities to halt the blood witch in case she planned to do something about the situation.

    His glasses was tied to his wrist device’s graphical output, so he could get rudimentary information via that link alone. Scanners located in said device as well as those always present in his cyborg creation were feeding data to his glasses about things they were around. This woman, she had an odd aura about her. It’s energy signature didn’t match anything Kaj had previously investigated but it shared some pulsating and wavering of it’s make with several other gifted beings. It was hard to put his finger on it but, as science often is, he made an educated best-guess of what she was capable of.
    She might be capable of magic, attuned to fire, ice, or some form of heat and cold. But at the same time? Not impossible but there were something odd about the signatures so he could not properly define what she had. More to his danger was a large, strange weapon located on her back, without properly scanning it he could not define it’s makeup but based on it’s being located on her back, and that she seemed to be loosening it ever so slightly in this situation, she should be able to use it.
    In a potential life and death situation it’s always better to assume the worst and overestimate your opponent.
    Though, he did have a bodyguard of sorts with him, which put him at great ease given that he had a rather decent grasp of Child’s abilities. He was also very aware of that information is the basis of a good victory, so all the information and speculation he had realized until this point was sent to child via commands that his wrist device registered via special finger movements. Not many seconds after he was done with his initial pre-inspection he had forwarded the basis of the information to the young android standing not far from him.
    The blood witch who actually lived here seemed to have had enough of this, three people breaking into her house and being threatened.
    Flinging her arm after the one clearly in charge had a red mist being drawn from around her and form as a blood-red crystal before it was launched in Kaj’s direction. It’s aim was true but as soon as it got close to him it seemed to hit a solid wall of nothingness. A split second after a pattern made of hexagon shapes blinked away from existence showing itself as Kaj’s shield.
    A very, very small grin formed on his lips “More power than expected...” he mumbled under his breath as his left hand’s fingers were twitching like writing on an invisible keyboard.

    “I’m afraid that our discussion has to be taken later, Ms. Summers. I do apologise for his but...”
    Before she got to properly react or he finishing his sentence, he had done some odd movement with his right arm and the blood-mage fell through a haze’y looking area on the floor beneath her. Only Kaj, and to a lesser extent; Child knew where she was at this time.

    Turning back to their new arrival Kaj was both furious and intrigued, on one side this woman had interrupted him and forcing him to take action, removing any free will the blood witch might have had in aiding them, but on the other it had presented them with a potential new subject.
    However, it was clear as distilled and filtered water that this one was not going to submit to their experiments with a discussion, or was it? It was always hard to guesstimate but based on the factors of the breaking in and abducting a woman might not favor well.

    Taking up his left hand he opened the wrist-device and started typing on it like a God on speed, his fingers weren’t a blur nor did it seem super-human, but it was with as great a speed as was possible for a mundane person.
    The sphere of energy that surrounded Kaj and Child flickered twice, once to a deep green then back to transparent, the hexagon features weren’t seen during this flicker. Though hardly as good as a specialized shield he had set their barriers to anything energy related, it would move anything magically inclined slightly towards an off-mark aim greatly increasing ability to dodge attacks of such a nature.

    Not being one for theatrics or talking overly fancy Kaj got to the point as usual.
    “I am assuming you are a witch at this point, and I’m interested in a thorough inspection of your abilities and makeup. Is there a possibility of us coming to a mutual agreement?” he asked the woman in-front of him and his companion. Naturally mentally prepared for the worst he was glad of the adjustments he had done to his metallic tentacle-like arms inside the backpack before he left the lab. And although they could not be seen or heard as they are now, they were more than strong enough to break through the specially made backpack should he have the need to protect himself.
  17. Lucia blinked as everything happened so fast, with the woman shooting some red crystal at the man, only for him to block it with something, then send her into the floor. Then he talked to her about some inspection of her powers. Taking a moment to think about, she quickly sheathed her blade, deciding why the hell not, he wasn't a hunter and that was all that mattered for her. She might have been more concerned about where the woman went, but it seemed they didn't wish to harm the other woman, probably wanted to do similar investigations.

    "Sure, but can I examine your friend here as well. I have never seen anything quite like her before. Very interesting indeed, she is very beautiful." Lucia walked over to the girl, and began analysis her, keeping it strictly visual as she hadn't been given permission yet to fully investigate the subject.
  18. Sensing her worry, Volvante hesitated, but then decided to go after all. Silently grabbing the doorknob, he took a moment to try to sense any presence. Were there any magical traps to ensnare intruders? A silent entity of magic eternally tasked with eliminating those univited? Not finding any traces, he slowly gave a gentle push on the door, which gave away a bit too easily. A piece of rotting wood fell onto Volvante's head with a healthy "thunk".

    "... let's enter."

    The inside was quite messy, it was quite obvious the place had been ransacked. Volvante summoned a very thin wall of earth to cover the windows facing the rest of the town. He then held up a finger and lit it, illuminating the inside of the house.
  19. "Vol! Are you okay?!" She called out in worry as the plank fell on her familiar's head, concerned she followed him inside. While she did know that her friend could handle that with ease she was still reacting as if he was a human.

    As the house got illuminated she looked over the room. Nothing was left unturned, the couch was in shreds, just rotting wood and scraps of fabrics left together with several rusty iron springs. The table was broken, a chest rifled through, with nothing of value left. A glass cabinet stood empty, the glass shattered and a door ajar. Mournfully she walked on in, not heeding any words spoken to her as she saw what was left of the place. The place belonging to the mother she never knew.

    She entered an open door on random, it was the bedroom, or what remained of it. Like the other furniture the bed was broken as well, someone had ripped holes in the mattress in search of something. A nightstand barely stood, the drawer open and the contents had been poured out. Walking over to the items she finally got close to studying them.

    No valuables, old make up, some blank scraps of paper and a crummy sketch. Picking up the sketch she absentmindedly wondered if the sketch held some clues as to find what they were searching for.
  20. Maggie entered the little town, following the path that ran right through; her intention was to find the inn and sleep for the night before continuing her search the very next morning.

    The town wasn't big like a city, but it certainly wasn't minuscule either. The town had some architecture it could boast about, buildings that had a nice scenic view. There was even what seemed like a market place for people to buy food and other trinkets. Maggie made a note to stop by before leaving.

    In the center of the market place was a small fountain, spouts of water pouring from one bowl to the next before ending in the large basin. Maggie approached the fountain, sighing at the cool touch of water when she dipped her hand in. Then she frowned, the water suddenly becoming warmer, waves forming odd patterns on the surface.

    She looked around, checking to make sure no one else was watching before waving her hand over the water. The water became a dark purple that constricted on itself, immediately twisting until it had formed a thin streamline in the fountain. She traced the stream with her eyes until she saw the spot by which it was entering the water. She squinted a little more, finally seeing the tiny vibrations of the magical energy in the air.

    She pulled out the feather once again, walking towards the energy stream. Gingerly, she poked it, causing the feather to tremble in her fingers before slipping out of her grasp.

    “Hey!” Maggie called, running after the feather as it looped and zoomed across the air, presumably by riding the magic energy stream. If the feather was this excited then Caelus must be here, in this very town! She followed the feather all the way to the back of a building, where it halted abruptly, suspended in midair. She touched it, quickly finding that moving the feather was impossible.

    She turned towards the alley in front of her, unable to see a thing as the sun was almost gone. She pulled out her wand from her jacket, but didn't light it yet, wary of drawing Hunter attention.

    “Caelus?” she called, taking one step forward. “Are you here? It’s me, Maggie.”
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