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  1. Welcome to the Witch Chronicles

    (The following information is the all the lore that you will need to know in order to RP. Enjoy ^^)
    About Witches, #20B2AA

    Can only be female. Born with incredible powers and is sensitive to magical energy. (Can be any race, magical or not) They have high mana absorption and is able to transfer some to their familiar, making them stronger and some human’s even able to cast magic.

    Witches are born with a mark since birth and that becomes their seal of power, signifying what and who they are. It’s basically their second name among their kind and magical folk.

    Witches do have a special affinity with magic but they tend to have control on one specific element. (This can be anything to Time control to Darkness manipulation).

    About Familiars, #BC8F8F

    Bound to the witch by some form of contract. (Blood Exchange, Signed unbreakable magical signature). Their sole purpose is to protect their master at all cost and follow direct orders as given. Their free will is controlled by only their witch. A small distinct seal can be found on their bodies, signifying their connection. (Can be any gender/Can be any race, magical or not/ May or may not be humanoid).

    How to acquire a familiar
    Summon or Find a volunteer (willing or not). A contract can be forced but be warned, if the familiar’s soul is stronger than it will rebound and dangerously damage the witch’s soul in return. For when a contract is formed, the familiars and witches soul is needed to bond momentarily before the witch’s seal can be placed.

    About Hunters, #778899

    The Sorceress Huntsman
    An organization dedicated to eradicating the world of witches and familiars alike. They are also responsible for keeping controlling of dangerous magical creatures such as Werewolves, Vampires, and just the general Undead. Most call them the Huntsman.

    The Tower
    The Tower is the Huntsman main base of operation. This is where new recruits are trained in and also where they shall stay if they pass the test. There are rooms and living quarters fit for thousands.

    The Council
    Seven lords of power reside in The Tower giving orders and missions to the Huntsman. The leader to this Council is called The Justiciar.

    Hunter Weapon Type, #800000

    Cursed Artifact
    This mainly focuses on dark but highly effective magic that is best suited for combat. They are the most powerful out of all the weapons but come with a price. Like witches, these also have their own contract that binds their user to them. It can be as strange as one prick of blood each day to a pint of blood for each use. Be aware that the more dangerous the contract is the more powerful the artifact.

    Holy Relic
    Calls upon light magic to heal and grants its user the ability of fast regeneration. Those who possess such weapons are known to be hard targets to kill as they are able to heal injuries that have not be afflicted towards critical areas of the body (heart, brain, lungs, kidney, stomach, liver, etc.). There is also an increase in physical attributes such as superhuman strength or incredible eyesight. The only vulnerability of the relic is ironically itself. In order to properly wield such a weapon one must bind their own core or life energy to the object. If the weapon were to break (which is a rarity) the damage towards the users core may be irreversible as well as deadly.

    Charmed Weapons
    The most commonly used but weakest form of defense/offence. These are less dangerous to wield than its other two counterparts and have a more wide range of variety as well as uses. New recruits are usually in possession of these magically imbued weapons. Their powers come from the magical symbols of witches and the most common would only hold one or two inscribed onto its surface. The more symbols it has the more powerful it will be. The only way to gain more is to kill a witch and 'steal' theirs. Eventually they will be able to even rival Cursed Artifacts and Holy Relics.

    The Justiciar & The Prime Millenium, #FAFAD2

    The Prime Millennium
    A very powerful witch born of the blood of the Ancients. They are the symbol of hope for Witches who wish for their persecution to end. In most cases they do not have a familiar as their power might be too much for their protector to handle resulting in their death. It is unknown when or where the next Millennium will be born or appear. It is also known that they are not restricted by gender or race.

    The Justiciar
    The most respected man or woman of The Council. In order to gain this title one must be able to defeat The Prime Millennium or has been trained and hand selected from the previous Justiciar.

    Setting, #00CED1

    A somewhat modern but futuristically influenced landscape that contains a medieval government system. Which means aristocracy, royalty, and nobles. There will be heavily technology based cities connected by 'bridges' that are able to transport people at one half the speed of light with no turbulence and damage to the rider. But will also contain open greenland, forests, and wildlife (magical or otherwise).

    The All Important CS, #B0E0E6

    Witches CS

    Sexual Orientation:
    Appearance (picture or description):
    Personality (you can write a full on page worth of stuff in here or just list a few adjectives to describe your character J ):
    History (this is optional but encouraged ^^ unless you’re really keen on having it RPed then A okay~):
    Mark (the seal that you’re familiar):
    Familiar (You can ask someone to be your familiar, RP it out, or you can simply not to choose to have one ^^ If you are in need of a familiar then either ask me because I’m always up for creating more characters or one of the other participating RPer’s if they are interested J ):

    Familiar CS

    Sexual Orientation:
    Witch: (put one here when you get one)
    Race: (magical or human)
    Powers: (if you are human then make this familiar the same as your witch's element)
    Skills: (Whether its sword fighting, spear dancing - -“, bow)

    Hunters CS

    Rank: (New Recruit, Licensed, Junior, Senior)
    Sexual Orientation:
    Weapon Type: (Charmed, Cursed, Holy. Just describe if its a sword or bow in here too).

    Rules, #F0FFFF

    1. All Iwaku Rules/Policies Apply
    2. No OP characters
    3. No fighting in the OOC
    4. Romantic Relationships are A okay and encouraged actually (If its gets too steamy however take it to the Libertine or PM guys :) )
    5. Two characters per person
    6. One witch and or familiar each person
    7. You cannot be your own Witch or Familiar
    8. Sit down and have fun.


    Important: Read This If You Don't Want Me To Kill You (open)

    Cursed Knight.jpg
    A knight cursed to wander the ruins of the once prominent kingdom of Carcia. It was said he had been the last remaining citizen as all its residents had been slaughtered prior after his return from the southern isles with the rest of his dispatched platoon. He had brought down 100 men before being killed himself.
    (Available as a possible familiar)

    The Demon Princess of the perpetually dark and omniscient country of Larcion. Not much is known of the maiden except that she is hostile to humans and anyone who trespasses in her territory (basically the grounds of the castle). That is of course unless you have received an invitation.

    The King of the most well-known and prosperous kingdom, Erodial. It’s advanced the farthest in technology, medicine, and science. Due to his Father’s unfortunate early death Leon has taken the throne at the young age of 19. Unlike the early speculations of the nobles the golden age his father once brought about continued with his rule. In fact the economy and overall satisfaction of the people seemed to heighten at his command. He is a truly well-loved King.

    Strange Little Boy.jpg
    A genius prodigy that has captured the attention of many kingdoms and countries. Though he mysteriously disappeared after the prior attention he had received only a month before. Some say he is wandering the country plains and occasionally visiting the great technology cities in disguise. What’s even more surprising is his parent’s complete compliance with their son wandering the world without a single knowledge of his whereabouts. (Riddle Carlyle Seinfeld)

    Traveling Merchant.jpg
    Meet Yuri Inaru, a traveling merchant that has all but the best and rarest material. Weapons, cloths, armor, potions, you name it and she has it. But don’t be fooled by her appearance. While seemingly appearing as a young child Yuri packs the punch of a full grown ox. So to say that the occasional bandit is no trouble for the young woman.

    Three well known junior Hunters famous for their very efficient three way maneuver that has brought down many powerful foes. Though they are only juniors they are sometimes assigned minor senior level missions as a sign of their exceptional abilities. (In order from left to right: William, Marshall, & Jack)
    William possess a Holy Relic, Marshall wields a Charmed Weapon, & Jack has a Cursed Artifact.

    Twins 2.jpg
    The two ruling ‘Princes’ of Incar, the kingdom of vampires. It’s has the most historic buildings but just as technologically advanced as the others. Though they refer to themselves as princes they are technically the kings as their father had succumbed to death nearly a millennia ago. Nico (the one on the bottom) is the diplomatic but reliant while Riko (the one on the top) is considered as the enforcer and as far as their citizens are concerned the more ‘Kingly’ in personality. They welcome travelers into their kingdom but are not responsible for their wellbeing lest they be sucked dry but a rogue vampire. Though they are both a bit wary of Hunters as they had once been at war with them centuries ago. That to a vampire is merely a day of their eternity.

    A very old, powerful, and wise seraph that is the last to grace the mortal world with its pure aurora. Though its powers have been extremely constrained to be able to inhabit the mortal body he now possess. He is still able to perform exceptional feats of magic but far from his true capabilities. As an omnipotent and kind being he shares all that he is able to give (with the exception of the visions future as that is a law bound by unearthly means). He is the exception to many rules and is even welcomed in the Kingdom of Larcion, receiving invitation after invitation from the demon princess that resides there. He is also considered as a neutral being and whatever affiliation he has is his own business.

    Luhan, the Alfa of a pack (tribe) of werewolves in the mostly unexplored regions of the eastern plains. He is a kind but fierce leader who will protect his people with the ferocity of a wolf and the unbelievable strength of his ancestors. (Available as a familiar)

    Witch 1.jpg
    The young witch of light illusions. This fair haired maiden is peaceful but also slightly mischievous. She takes delight from the occasional harmless tricks of light to slightly confuse travelers that wander through the Northern Lights forest that she resides in. The reason why it is called the Northern Lights Forest is because of the beautiful glow it emits during nightfall and the wonderful illusions of glowing butterflies as well as flying fishes that flutter or swim through the air. It’s a magnificent sight that even some Hunters and others admire but also the many others that despise such ‘witchcraft’. The capture of Lilith is at a moderate level though most Hunters whether determined or not to find the witch is unable to. Though if one does manage to find the tricky sprite she rewards them with bright but blinding illusions before eventually escaping.
    (Available as Witch)

    Witch 3.jpg
    The Godmother Witch, Iris. She is infamous for granting the wish of others but usually with a strange and dark twist. Her signature mark is a large black feather usually found where the ‘attack’ had been made. Though there are the occasional exception of when the wishes she grants are good and what is left behind is a white feather instead.
    (How her power works uses the dreams and her own magical energy to grant simple wishes of others. Examples would be ‘I wish I had more money’, ‘I wish I had more food’, ‘I wish I was taller’. She obviously does not have the means nor the power to resurrect the dead).
    (Available as Witch)

    The Bloody Witch of Vengeance. Alice had been said to be the most powerful witch in existence, some going as far as to say she was the Prime Millennium. With her rare, white dragon familiar that breathed blue flames she was able to burn villages and minor cities to the ground. Her main victims were Hunters, mainly those who have either killed or injured a witch. She managed to escape when the council decided to intervene. However the Justiciar made sure to leave his mark and gouged out her right eye where it is said a beautiful Lily now grows.

    Nero, the highborn prince of the Winged kingdom. They live in elaborately made living quarters high above the treetops of the western Redwood Forest. They are primarily made up of archers and guns men. The hostilities between the Winged and the Werewolves are well known but the truce between the two current leaders have prevented any further claims of war. Still some do not know how long the peace will last.
    (Available as Familiar)

    [BCOLOR=#800000]Importante: This is an ever expanding RP and new Information as well as new NPC characters shall be added. I will update you guys whenever something new is put in but I advise checking this post at least every other day to see for yourself. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#800000]Also the PM me if you want to play as one of the NPC characters or if you want me to play one of them as your Familiar or Witch and I'll make a proper CS for them [All the (Available as Witch) and (Available as Familiar) characters]. Some characters may not be playable however.[/BCOLOR]

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  2. My characters will be PMed to you shortly.
    After approved I'll post an apperance-only bio for the masses.
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  3. Name:

    Druid of the Red Wood. Or Siren of the Red Wood.


    Sexual Orientation:



    Life and Death

    N'azul-The Staff of Life
    T'elen-The Bow of Starlight

    Appearance (picture or description):
    Appearance (open)

    Personality (you can write a full on page worth of stuff in here or just list a few adjectives to describe your character J ): Aurora is although young a very worldly individual. She is bright and very well informed as to the dealings of the forests giving her more than her fair share of knowledge. She is a quiet individual who would rather watch in the shadows than to come out and speak to someone who approachs her. If they will not leave she is more likely to write something down and throw it at you than speak.

    If she is ever able to open up to an individual she is an overall caring individual who can not stand un-needed violence towards other people or objects. Being a Witch of Life she holds the woods and nature in general above others. (The rest I will Rp.)

    History (this is optional but encouraged ^^ unless you’re really keen on having it RPed then A okay~):
    Aurora's history is blended with uncertainty. She is an individual of Elven descent making her able to sustain life for countless millennium's Though still considered a child by her race's standards she is a very open individual. Her observant personality has nearly gotten her killed on many occasions as she has strayed into civilized villages. On one such occasion she was driven out after trying to feed the tower mayors prized horse a large turnip because she thought it was hungry.

    Now living in the woods and not having contact with others for nearly ten years it has left her Semi-Mute. She did not speak much before but now it is difficult to get words out of her. More often than not she can be heard singing to the spirits of the forest bringing them out and to her. To those who know where she is it is obvious that she means no harm as she is likely to help people but rarely will speak to them. To those who seek shelter it is known that if you can find her that you can find shelter among the woodlands.

    Mark (the seal that you’re familiar): Her Mark

    Familiar (You can ask someone to be your familiar, RP it out, or you can simply not to choose to have one ^^ If you are in need of a familiar then either ask me because I’m always up for creating more characters or one of the other participating RPer’s if they are interested J ): (To be Added Or Maybe Not.)

    (May be added to or changed slightly as I think of more. I was a base CS out.)​
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  4. Everything looks good so accepted :)
  5. Name: Reggie Dorom

    Nickname: Traitor, Mist, Beast

    Rank: Senior

    Gender: Male

    Sexual Orientation: Straight

    Age: Immortal but appears to be 22

    Height: 6'4

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    everything but the clothes instead he wears this

    Personality: Works hard, Lone wolf, Ambitious, sarcastic, mysterious, does care and doesn't trust anybody so he puts his guard up a lot,

    History: Will explain throughout story

    Race: Half Demon/Half Human

    Weapon Type: Holy Lightning sword it can pierce any shield of barrier when interacting with dark powers it acts as a shield and can light dark areas like a lantern, Cursed Blade of Hades inflicts horrible wounds and induces poison into the persons blood stream, He dual wilds them both and has a been given a Blessed cross necklace used to cleanse witches/ familiars.

    Skills: telekinesis, telepathy, transforms into a beast, he can fly, and summon both his swords

    Name: Tomlin Waters

    Nickname: Tommy

    Gender: Male

    Sexual Orientation: Unsure

    Age: 19



    Personality: Slim, athletic, Easygoing, weak-appearance obviously he is lonely and alone everyday, Funny, Really caring, loves nature,

    History: will explain through out story

    Witch: no

    Race: Magical Fox Boy

    Powers: Air manipulation, Force field of light protection, Heal others wounds, Invisibility Water manipulation, Energy conversion

    Skills: Mystical/Magical staff, Enhanced hearing, Speed like a fox.

    Weapon(s): Staff of Lidia it's a weapon he need to use his powers
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  6. This is awesome! Very well thought out and expansive. Like an open world sandbox like rp. Could I have two characters?
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  7. Interesting characters. Accepted ^^

    Thank you and sure, thats actually the limit so go right ahead ^^
  8. Oh and before I make my first cs. I would like to play a familiar so If anyone needs one let me know!

    Cool! Ill post them both then
  9. Aurora currently but I'm torn between her being on her own or to have someone.
  10. I'll have my Witch up soon along with my hunter as well.
  11. Name: Fel Anderson
    Nickname: Witch Slaughter

    Rank: (New Recruit, Licensed, Junior, Senior) Senior
    Gender: Male
    Sexual Orientation: Straight
    Age: 132, appears to be somewhere in his mid-twenties.
    Height: 6'2

    Appearance: Fel has the tall stature of an elf, and slightly pointed ears, however the rest of his elven blood was covered up by his now very warrior-like frame. He is still relatively slender, but is much bigger than you would expect from a half-elf, though not by to much. His body is covered by faded scars and other battle-marks has he gets them faster than his holy weapon can heal them. He has short brown hair, that reach and even cover his ears, people gossip back and forth if this on purpose or not. He wears reinforced leather armor to provide greater mobility, especially since he carries a divine weapon anyways.

    Personality: Fel is known for his extreme prejudice against witches. He is known for his brutal and effective ways he kills witches. While he doesn't necessarily wish to make them feel pain per say, and often will prefer swift kills over drawn out ones, he still feels like witchcraft is a plague that needs to be exterminated completely.

    However a somewhat less known side of him is that he is actually quite kind and compassionate to pretty much everyone else, including familiars, and he sometimes will even go out of his way to kill a witch without also killing the familiar, though he will not hesitant to use force against a familiar to get to a witch. He will also shed very few tears over any familiars he has to kill, truly believing it is pretty to be dead than to be what he considers a slave to a witch. He even doesn't mind if someone is a vampire, werewolf or similar creature, he even has a bit of admiration of werewolves. He dislikes the concept of undead creatures that was not born undead, not so much out of spite of the creatures but more so that he feels like they are unjustly cursed. It is also of note that he is actually noticeably not to friendly with other hunters despite tolerating them.

    History: Fel was once a very studious, tolerant little half-elf who actually wanted to be a scholar of magic. Perhaps not a user of magic himself, but he definitely wanted to study it. However, all his hopes and dreams were crushed when he foraging through the woods looking for various plants and things for this and that when a witch, who had been watching for quite some time, decided he would make the prefect familar. Deciding he was weak enough to force-ably bind to herself while still being useful enough to want.

    Months, years, decades? He really can't remember nor does he want to went by. The witch molding him into the prefect bodyguard and the prefect soldier. She made sure he grew strong and learned how to handle his weapons, believing he was to weak-willed to deny her, and for the longest time he was. However, one night, when the arrogant witch lay in bed, believing her familiar would keep her safe as at this point he grew into quite the impressive knight, sneaked into the witch's room and sliced her throat with the very blade she given him.

    After awhile of traveling, he appeared before the council baring the witch's head.

    Race: Half-elf

    Weapon Type: (Charmed, Cursed, Holy. Just describe if its a sword or bow in here too). He has a cursed sword at his side, forged just for him. It's curse is that he surrendered all his magic in order to bring it into existence. It is actually not all that strong since it is not a dangerous curse, however it know to glow hot-red and singe anything that is magic when they make contact, it can literally burn through magic and magic users. This effect even applies to the handle.

    He also has a strong blessed sword, though usually he does not dual-wield.

    Skills: His only skills are that he is extremely well versed in combat and tracking, as well as he is relatively good at handling magic and traps, but he is no master.
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  12. Volvante the Magma Familiar

    Age: 1000+
    Gender: Male
    Race: Magical
    Height: 6'2

    Witch: Madeleine
    Power: Fire & Earth Manipulation

    Special Note: Volvante is a very powerful being with at least ten centuries to build power, gain experience, and practice all sorts of techniques. This would obviously be OP and unfair. Since his witch is basically a fledgling, in order to form a contract, he would have to seal the greater part of his power for compatibility. This seal is in place until the contract ends. Essentially, he will never be full power in this role play and I don't intend him to ever reach it again. If there ever is some situation where he could possibly reach full power, I promise to never do so unless the approval is unanimous from all the currently involved and active RPers. Who is considered active or not at that time I leave to the GM to decide.

    Basically, to balance out their team strength with the other teams, Volvante's a bit stronger than average and the witch is weaker than average.

    An odd martial arts style where he wields a Katana in reverse along with a flurry of off-hand attacks and kicks. He is also decent at using most bladed weapons, but nowhere near proficient.

    Preferably a Katana. Each weapon lasts at most a few battles depending on the amount of heat used with it.

    Volvante is a tortured soul, volatile and unstable, for the longest time he was uncontrollable and would wreak havoc on impulse whenever he saw conflict. By the time he entered a contract with his witch, his personality simmered down quite a bit. While very protective and even gentle with his witch, many who meet Volvante would still judge him to be... "barely contained"...
    History (open)
    At least ten centuries ago, a man suffered three unfortunate events in quick succession. He was betrayed by his loved one, his daughter was burned at stake for a crime she did not commit, and he was exiled to the mountains nearby. A few years passed, and while his grief and shock wore off, his anger and hatred only continued to build up. As if symbolizing a breaking point, the mountain he was exiled to erupted and lava started pouring down the sides. He knew his life was about to end and could only yell out curses while being consumed.

    However, while his body was completely disintegrated from the sheer heat, his soul found a compatibility with his killer. Clinging onto the molten rock, the man drove the lava towards the town he used to live in. The town that collectively burned his daughter to death for crimes she did not commit.

    His name was Vante as a human, but with his new found existence, he renamed himself as Volvante.

    Life After Death
    As a familiar, Volvante wandered around the world, wreaking havoc whenever he saw any kind of conflict. Wars were ended when he joined, but ironically, neither side won since Volvante did not distinguish friend from foe. He simply did not care who he consumed in his endless fury. Decades and centuries passed with Volvante's appearances becoming less and less frequent. Eventually, he completely disappeared and soon became a fading memory as generations grew up without that bit of history in their education. Among the very few scholars who still know about him, it is rumored that a mysterious witch had somehow tamed and befriended him.
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  13. Okay and take your time ^^

    Accepted :) Prejudice characters are always fun to be around~

    You know you're already accepted ;p
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  14. Really considering making a familiar but it really seems like their is already more familiarr than witches at the moment.
  15. Name: Ferra Forthtail

    Nickname: Fae

    Rank: Junior

    Gender: Female

    Sexual Orientation: Straight

    Age: 19

    Height: 5'3"


    Personality: Ferra likes to wear a mask of innocence and virtue in front of her classmates. In reality though she does try to see the best of people and is more innocent then she likes to admit, she is guarded hiding her rebellious adventurous side from all except those closest to her.

    History: Born to a family of Kitsune slaves that worked the mansion of a powerful family of witches. There was a daughter of her age among the witches and familiars of their family. Though Ferra and the girl were the same age and lived under the same roof they lived opposite lives. Ferra had spent most of her time hidden away in the kitchen, as her mother was used more as a toy for the houshold. When Ferra was 11 and old enough to understand what that meant she swore vvengeancefor the years her family was enslaved and abused. One rainy day when their oldest son decided that Ferra was old enough to go into her mother lines of work. THe son had ended up dead, his throat ripped out. She was 14 and she had learned alot in 3 years. Mainly how to kill. She and several other slaves slaughtered the family and burned their manor to ashes. She walked away with two short swords with the marks of every witch within there family.

    Race: Kitsune

    Weapon Type: Charmed - She likes to wield two short swords that are belted on her waist. One has two symbols etched in its hilt and the second on its blade.

    Skills: Acrobatics, Sleight of hand, Ambidextrous, cooking and sword fighting

    Sexual Orientation:
    Witch: (put one here when you get one)
    Race: (magical or human)
    Powers: (if you are human then make this familiar the same as your witch's element)
    Skills: (Whether its sword fighting, spear dancing - -“, bow)

    I'll the other when someone wants a familiar ​
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  16. Lucia (open)

    Name:Lucia Verduin
    Nickname:None at the moment
    Sexual Orientation: Straight(assumed due to her understanding of biology, may change in the RP)
    Age: 21
    Element:Dragonic IcenFire, burns hotter than fire, and freezes colder than ice
    Appearance :Like the picture, but with less revealing clothing. Not a whole lot, but enough that she won't get thrown out of most establishments
    Weapons: Blade of Frozen Deverish(depicted in appearence), it can be used as a conduit for her magic.
    Personality:A simple soul, she wishes for nothing more than to enjoy life and study creatures and races of all types. Rather naive about things such as love, romance, or sex due to self-isolation. When in combat, tries her best not to kill her opponents, as she finds it detestful.
    History:Not much to tell, she was human born as a witch, found her calling in studying the ancient magic of Dragonic IcenFire, one that is rather difficult to learn, but came to her rather easily. She tries to stay out of most conflicts, but has been forced to fight on multiple occasions. So along with her regular magical studies, she also studies numerous ways to use her magic offensively in a skilled way.
    Mark (the seal that you’re familiar):[​IMG]
    Familiar:Trance, by Tonedeaf

    Caelus (open)

    Name:Caelus Infernum
    Sexual Orientation: Straight
    Personality: He is about equal parts violent and caring, loving to solve problems by way of the sword. He is rather impulsive, and carries no small amount of ego or arrogance, which can and will get him into trouble. When it comes to Maggie, however, he is very protective, tending to go into rages if someone tries to lay so much as a finger on her with out her consent.
    History: Will be revealed in RP
    Race: Seraphim(head Angel)/Demon Hybrid
    Powers: Divine Lightning and Hellfire, Dominance can vary depending on mood. Usually at an equillibrium that makes both powers about mildly strong, but can change into Fallen Angel form with only demon powers, or a Risen Demon with only Angel powers. Said powers get a boost in strength due to being the dominant side at the time. Divine lightning is especially damaging to things of demonic or corrupted origin, and can also be used two purify cursed objects. Hellfire, on the other hand, is especially harmful to Angelic and Holy things, and is able to corrupt them.
    Skills: Sword fighting, Brawling, Archery, Sarcasm, causing Trouble, Getting into Fights, and base Alchemy, a little side thing he researches on the side, so he doesn't always have to rely on his main powers.
    Weapons: He can form his power into swords, bow and arrows, knives, a whip, and even a chakram.
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  17. As long as you and me are accepted Id love to be your familiar. Would you rather have a more monstrous one or more humane.
  18. Awesome, and I leave that up to you. Surprise me.
  19. Hmm well there are available witches in the NPC Spoiler tab.


    PTED ^^
  20. Just a question, what are the higher fair-folk like in this universe? Namely their power and their alignment. Sometimes the fay are the weakest creatures, other times they are quite strong, even one of the strongest magic beings, and sometimes they are good, evil, neutral, chaotic or it just depends.
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