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  1. Who would've thought that witches and werewolves existed in this small town right outside of the city? Most believed they weren't even real. Most didn't even acknowledge the fact that it wasn't a common subject in the area. Werewolves and witches just didn't exist and no one bothered to search for facts because they knew the supernatural did not exist. That was just the way modern society was. It did not bring down those truly, though.

    A certain witch had the joy of being your everyday teenager until junior year came around. The family- more her mother- let out their deepest secrets of the young adult being descended from white witches. She thought it was a joke at first, laughing and making fun of her mother's assumed assets. However, when she finally processed the silence in the atmosphere and grim facial expressions, the humor was no longer there. "Oh," she had spoken, her words barely audible. "Show me." After that day, wicca and witchcraft came into the teenager's life.

    Despite the tedious and relentless practice of perfection in her spells and rituals, administered by her mother, the youthful brown-haired adult soon grew to love her newly profound religion and education. She still went to public school, but her secondary learning was always in the heart of her home. After three years, she applied for multiple colleges around the states around her own. One in a city nearby accepted her application, and because college was a new experience for her, she decided to go there within the city closest to her hometown.

    After a few months, thanksgiving break came around. For the holidays, she came home a couple days before thanksgiving day as a surprise. As soon as she pulled up into the driveway, her family- composed of her parents, an older brother, and two year old sister- all came rushing out to greet her. "Lynette!" Her mother exclaimed. "You came home early!" As soon as Lynette took Alecia- her younger sister- into her arms, the two year old squealed with delight. Patches and Lola- the family's dogs- a cardigan welsh corgi and german shepherd, came rushing out after the family. They knew right away by their sense of smell that Lynette was home. A small family reunion was made at this point. Lynette set Alecia down, greeting her older brother, parents, as well as her dogs with comforting hugs and kisses.

    "Lynette, what made you decide to come a little earlier than expected?" her father questioned as the family came inside. She shrugged, a smile on her face. "I wanted to see your faces when I came home early. They were quite amusing, actually," she teased, her father chuckling as he placed a buff arm around Lynette's shoulders and squeezed her close to his side. "Well, you've made it just in time for dinner. It's no wonder you get your punctuality from your mother." She grinned, eyes closing as her mother came up beside her on the other side, giving her a kiss on the side of her head. "I've missed you hon," she spoke sincerely. "Give me a moment and I'll bring out the rest of the dishes."

    The dinner consisted of much flavor- especially with the stew- made up of various vegetables such as carrots, zucchini, and celery, as well as the organic beef cubes. Lynette took a sip of her milk, setting it down when her older brother, Jared, asked her about college. "It's been going well. A new experience but I'm making tons of friends in the drama club and acting class," Lynette responded, her mouth full as she chewed one of the beef cubes relentlessly. She placed a hand over her mouth, swallowing the meat and delicately patting the edges of her mouth with the white napkin on her lap.

    "Your friends would be delighted to know you're back early," Lynette's mother spoke. "Oh, you mean Kayla and Alison?" Lynette inquired. "I was planning on calling them after dinner. Since turkey day doesn't come until Thursday, I was thinking a short camping trip would be ideal for a small reunion of childhood friends." Her parents gave a small nod of approval. "As long as they don't have anything planned, I'm sure they'd love to camp out." Lynette silently sipped the rest of the broth and placed the bowl down on the dinner table. "If they're available, we'd be camping within the forest, not far from the barn. Check up on us anytime you'd like." Lynette's father, Andrew, snickered. "Hon, you don't need to be checked up on," he stated. "You're an adult now. Good luck." He winked, Lynette feeling a small giggle erupt from her throat. She sighed in ecstasy, "Thanks Dad. I'm excusing myself from the table now. It's almost 7:00 pm and I have some phone calls to make."

    That night, as Lynette had assumed, her friends had no events planned out and were absolutely excited to be doing a simple camping trip within the forest. "Ooh!" Alison squealed, tightening her arms around the tent components. "This is going to be awesome. Kayla, you have the sleeping bags and lanterns?" Lynette's other friend tagged Lynette on the opposite of her left side. "Yep. Oh- and the marshmallows and skewers." All the girls got ready for the night, stopping at a clear area within the forest. Lynette set the cooler she had been dragging across the pathway down at her feet and went to help Alison and Kayla construct the tent. After the sleeping bags were placed inside the tent, the girls built a fire with the fallen branches nearby. Alison placed rocks around the pile of branches before Lynette striked one of the more sturdy branches, lighting the fire. Each girl sat down on the large log nearby, Kayla taking out the skewers and bag of marshmallows out.

    "Time to roast some gooey goodness!"

    Soon after some nice chit chat, around 10:30 pm, the girls were tuckered out. They put out the fire and slipped inside the tent. Lynette smiled at her friends, one on each side, who had both fallen asleep within a matter of minutes. The crickets chirped, and not long after almost two hours, Lynette was almost asleep, but had been awakened by a strange sound from off in the distance. She glanced at Alison then Kayla- both were completely dead. She grabbed her phone, flipping it open- 12:00 am. Her eyes traveled toward the entrance of the tent- it was light. Slipping out of her sleeping bag, she moved forward to unzip the tent, almost gaping at the sight. She had forgotten it was going to be the full moon. Another howl from off in the distance.

    "What in the world...?"

    (Good god... This has got to be one of the most longest posts I have ever made in my roleplay history...)
  2. Darius was just your typical high school teen, he was smart, funny, good looking, popular and captain of the football team, he thought himself near deity like and the people around him only inflated his already large ego. Despite the stories and rumours he had heard, he remained sceptic about any possibility that life was anything but normal, that these supernatural creatures existed, not witches not vampires and certainly not werewolves. No, he was far too distracted, dating the various women around, be it the head cheerleader or any other pretty girl that looked his way, to absorbed in himself he never once thought of the ramifications of his actions. Though all would soon come to change.

    It was the summer before his junior year, and again he was expecting the next year to be as great if not greater than the year before, and the summer? His summer was just as it was for any other popular teen, it was filled with lies to his parents, drink and drug fuelled parties and hook ups anywhere and everywhere with girls, not even asking their names. Two weeks before school was due to start and he found himself driving in the back roads outside of town, his usual hot, busty blonde in the car, a name he did not know nor cared about, searching for a place just to have his way with her.

    Eventually they came across an old abandoned graveyard, no longer cared for he thought it the perfect place to be alone, and the fact he had never had sex in a graveyard was just a bonus to him. "He we are" he exclaimed, already reaching to take her from the car, already hungry for what she had to offer. Though at first she seemed hesitant "you know this place is cursed right, this is where all those witches were burned you know" she whimpered, almost fearing what was before her. His arms to his bold chest, his eyes sceptically looking her way, he scoffs "You know that is all bullshit right? No witches were burned, there is no such thing, all stories to scare children into behaving." With that he was not hesitant to begin kissing her, and almost tearing at her clothes, just wanting to get his way as he did many times before. They stumble across an altar like stone, it has various markings, probably teen graffiti he figured, lifting her up upon it, spreading her legs and pulling his own jeans down, she giggles, lust now filling her as it did him, pulling her shirt off and then all of a sudden, a flash of lightning, a roar of lightning, then blackness.

    He awoke the next morning, but not in his bed as he would expect, his head was throbbing, his clothes were gone, and he was in the middle of the woods. "What the hell happened last night?" He whispered to himself, suddenly noticing the blood on his hands, the taste of blood on his lips and tongue, and no sign of the blonde. "Is this some joke, was I drugged last night?....Oh this is not good." He wandered around panicing, finding the stream and washing himself clean, not sure what to think, what to do.

    After miles of searching he finds his car, drives home, to rest in his bed, laying there trying to rationalise everything, this was a joke, maybe his friends were playing some prank, spiking him and planning this all out to scare him, yeah that is what it must be, what else? The next day he hears of a missing girl, a blonde girl, could this be his date from the night before? No of course not, he thought to himself, girls run away all the time, this place is a dive, she is probably in the city.
    The next few weeks were uneventful, parties, dates, movies, just everything was normal, it must of all been a joke. But a week later he blacks out again, waking up naked in the woods, this time no blood, nor the time after that. "I should quit drinking" he said to himself, figuring these must be due to his excessive drinking habits and drug use.
    School had come, and everything seemed normal, most of the time, just once every month or so he would black out, waking up in the same woods each time. He sought medical help, nothing, psychiatric help, nothing was visible to anyone, there was no logical reasoning, and he was scared. Could he be wrong about the supernatural.
    Soon it was thanksgiving, and as the meet was prepared he felt his hunger swell, his nose twitching, his ears focused on the sound of meat cooking as his mouth watered. Yes his mum was a good cook, but this was just weird, all of a sudden his senses became stronger, his sense of smell, hearing, all freakishly honed. He ran outside, ignoring the calls of his family, he just needed to get away.
    But soon darkness fell upon the town, and the moon paid a visit to the earth, shining as it peeked out from behind a small cloud. All of a sudden, pain shot through his entire body, he hunched, it felt as if his bones were breaking, little did he know they were, snap, snap, his face ached, he screamed but soon his scream became a howl, and within minutes he could see clearly, the pain had stopped but alas his vision was blurred, his perspective was lower, he noticed paws, he felt the warmth of fur, and yet his human mind was still some what in tact. But soon an instinct to feed came over him, an intense hunger for flesh, he sniffed the air, his ears pricked, he could hear foot steps on twigs, laughing, giggling. An unfamiliar smell invaded him, yet it drew him, with a piercing howl that sliced the air, he moved to the noise, nought but predatory instinct leading his thoughts. Must....feed.
  3. Lynette crawled out of the tent, turned around and grabbed her shoes resting on the inside, then zipped it back up. She cautiously stood up, the night becoming dreadfully eerie despite the beautiful glow of the large silver moon in the sky. With a quick loop and pull on each shoe, she began to head back through the forest on the pathway towards her Mother and Father's farm. As she walked, Lynette did her best to be "stealthy" but wasn't very close to doing so, as there were leaves scattered all around of varied colors ranging from orange to yellow, having fallen down from the trees. Most of the time, she would hear a crunching noise as she put her foot forward and locked it down onto the forest floor. She scowled outright, making her way to the edge of the forest. There was nothing. She saw nothing but a wide field- the barn to the left within her peripheral vision, the herd of cows standing far to the right. Her shoulders slumped as she heaved a heavy sigh.

    The howl must've been my imagination...

    Releasing herself back into the growth of the forest, Lynette thought about what might be out there. "A werewolf is possible," she mused, followed by an awkward chuckle. "Ah, those animals haven't been around for so long. They're practically extinct in this matter." She looked behind her. "Sorry guys. I'll be back," she spoke indirectly to Kayla and Alison, despite the duo being asleep. Lynette began heading over towards the barn, determined that it was where she had heard the strange howling in the night. She couldn't quite depict where she had heard it when she woke up inside the tent, but it sounded like it was coming from the inside. She reached the tall doors, surprised to find the lock was undone. Had her parents forgotten to lock the barn before they went to bed? She rolled her shoulders, immediately opening up the doors, a huge gust of wind blowing her hair back. "Alright! Come out!" she demanded. Nothing. "I know you're in here..." she spoke, taking a step inside the barn...
  4. His nose could have lead him to two possible places, the tents, or a target moving away. His instinct told him the easy meal would be the tent, they suspected nothing. However the possible thrill of a chase was clearly coded in his altered DNA. With great stealth, the wolf moves through the forest, tracing foot steps, the scents she was leaving behind. He was closing in his meal and he knew it, deep down he could already taste her, he hungered, craved. Closer and closer he came. and along the path her spots her, his animal had taken over, care he did not that her hair was long and flowing, care he did not that her body was perfection, she was food. Following behind and to the side he gains ground, soon overtaking, almost ready to pounce. His heart beats, his muscles tense and relax, ready to pounce. Closer and closer the footsteps came. The he pounces, he mistimes, falling just short behind but his cover blown, it was now time to just take what he wanted, he ran, closer and closer, he was ready to pounce, ready to feed, to satiate his needs. He howls at her, then a deep growl as if to say you are mine human. Little did he know, this before him was no simple highschooler, there was an air about her, but still, the hunger sets, is locked, he runs, and runs, closer and closer, lowering and about to pounce......
  5. Lynette did not seem worried after a few minutes of pure silence appeared after she had stepped inside the barn. She only scowled because there was nothing in the area and she had walked out to her Father and Mother's barn for no legit purpose whatsoever. It was wasteful. Releasing a huge sigh, Lynette took this chance to use the end of her heel to head back out. However, an abrupt attack from behind her knocked her away in shock.

    "Son of a-!" Lynette gasped as she turned back around toward the inside of the barn, staring in shock at the beast in front of her. Her throat constricted. As soon as the beast began to run after her, she ran too, trying to swiftly move out of the barn's entrance way, but roughly hitting the side as she stumbled out of the way. Damn, that would leave a scratch and big brown bruise. God the pain hurt, but that wasn't something she needed to be worried about right now. This werewolf was planning to tear her to shreds.

    Lynette couldn't allow her friends to see this. She had to think of a plan, quick. It was times like these- attacks coming at the last minute, no matter the situation- that she absolutely dreaded. Lynette usually planned ahead of time about a week or so, maybe even a month, but right now, that wasn't even possible. She stood, exhausted and panting for breath. This was not good at all.
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