Wisteria: A School...That Isn't Actually 'a School'?

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  1. @KayLove

    Good Evening and welcome.

    Welcome to where, you may ask.

    Why, Wisteria Academy of course!

    Don't tell me you've never heard of Wisteria Academy before?

    Oh dear... I can see why you've been enrolled here. You need some serious education.


    This, is Wisteria Academy. A forerunner of the newest educational model, soon to be applied to all schools. The traditional environment of a school lifestyle has been scrapped, gone are the days of tedious bookwork and strict teachers.

    Here, is the future.

    This school is like no other. There are no classes, not in the traditional sense. Materials are provided, information given freely and never are teachers allowed to pressure students to succeed. Instead, the school focuses on teacher students how to operate in life. How to handle social situations, the challenges thrown at us by life and how to overcome these challenges.


    • You are a student in this school.
    • You are above the age of fifteen and below the age of twenty. Age range is 15-20, in other words.
    • Male, female, transexual or any other gender identities. Everyone is welcome.
    • Relationships are allowed. In fact, they are encouraged. Love and dating are all issues we face in life, and in the future can present many challenges. Much of the roleplay will revolve around around relationships and dating, so this will be the main defining facet of the story.
    • You can be of any sexuality, as long as the partner is willing and both players agree.

    [​IMG]A- Main Hall (mainly for meals and meetings), as well as the admin building for the school
    B- Jakob Performing Arts Centre- for optional drama and acting classes
    C- Sports Storage and Sports Admin building
    D- Tennis Courts
    E- Cricket/softball/Baseball fields
    F- Shops and small goods area
    G- Teachers accommodation
    H- Indoor sports (several martial arts styles, dance classes, as well visual arts classes)
    I- Multipurpose Student Hall
    J- Teacher offices, counselling rooms and school medical centre
    K- School church, offers texts and religious classes of Catholicism, buddhism, Christian teachings and Judaism. Information about other religious services can be inquired about at the main Office (A)
    L- Library, with sound labs and computer access for those without personal laptops
    M- Equestrian Centre. All students have access to horses and riding equipment lessons at their disposal
    N- Aquatic centre, available for sport training as well as leisure
    O- Student Accommodation: Co-ed dorms, as students are expected to act with maturity as to such things as sexual relationships- not that these relationships aren't allowed. They are allowed, if they are not sexual in public.
    P- Lecture hall for Humanities classes, languages as well as most classes- not that students have to attend these.
    Q- Visitors accommodation
    R- Football, rugby, AFL, NRL (insert ball related sports here) field
    S- Science labs and Faculty
    T- Land for free use, gardening projects and agricultural lands. Horse rides can venture out here into the bushland for some time, as well as bushwalking and hiking in the area.
    U- Headmasters Accommodation.


    • No sexual content in the thread. If both players are in the same age group, then sexual content can be done off-thread and hinted at later.
    • Follow Iwaku Rules otherwise. :)
    • Students DON'T have to attend classes. But it is recommended that they do so.
    •Co-ed dorms, as students are expected to act with maturity as to such things as sexual relationships- not that these relationships aren't allowed. They are allowed, if they are not sexual in public. Students are not paired with age or year group either.


    Dorm 1

    :: Krystal :: 15 :: Female :: Year 9 :: @KayLove ::
    :: Tamar :: 17 :: Female :: Year 11 :: @Komorebi ::

    Dorm 2

    :: Dante :: 17 :: Male :: Year 11 :: @KayLove ::
    ::Amber :: 17 :: Female :: Year 11 :: @Ookami ::

    Dorm 3

    :: Ryan :: 19 :: Male :: Post Grad :: @Komorebi ::
    :: Ariel :: 15 :: Male :: Year 9 :: @Kitsune ::

    Dorm 4

    :: Aqua :: 16 :: Female :: Year 10 :: @amybri18 ::
    :: Rosemary :: 18 :: Female :: Year 12 :: @Shayla ::

    Dorm 5

    :: Sammi :: 17 :: Female :: Year 11 :: @Little_Ghost98 ::
    :: Alice :: 15 :: Female :: Year 9 :: @Strawberry ::

    Dorm 6

    :: Alex :: 17 :: Female :: Year 11 :: @Little_Ghost98 ::
    :: Hezekiah :: 18 :: Gender-fluid :: Year 12 :: @OhLookAFanboy ::

    Dorm 7

    :: Dante M :: 18 :: Male :: Year 12 :: @Seiren ::
    :: Fianna :: 17 :: Female :: Year 12 :: @DANAsaur ::

    Dorm 8

    :: Finnick :: 18 :: Male :: Year 12 :: @Ĺค∂rєภgเℓσภ ::
    :: Väinö :: 18 :: Male :: Year 12 :: @Komorebi ::​
  3. Tamar Tehrani

    The ornate stone gate of Wisteria Academy loomed like a monolith above her head and Tamar's grip tightened on the straps of her canvas backpack. Beside her, the nonchalant manner of her older brother both annoyed and amused her intensely. How could he be so casual about this? They were in a different country for crying out loud! Sure, England was their birthplace but Iran had always been their home, the place where all of them had grown up. Her older brothers had found the move a lot easier, since they'd moved over to Iran at an later age than she and Ryan had.

    Though the hour was early as they entered the school, a worker in the main office was already there to direct incoming students and with a cheerful smile, she had directed them both up to the dorm section of the Academy. Never had either of them seen such an ornate and simply massive school. It was like something out of a novel, beautiful and strange. Chatting softly between the two of them, they made their way up to where the dorms lay, tucked in between small areas of trees and vegetation.

    Tamar grinned and paused awkwardly at the intersection that led to the two halves of the dorms. This was the first time since they'd moved here that they'd not share a room and it was a bit weird. She was broken from her thoughts as her brother hugged her tightly and felt that knot of anxious worry loosen in her stomach. "Don't worry, ya idjit. It's not like you're not going to see me again. I'll unpack and get to know my roommate and you'll see me soon. Okay?"

    Tamar flushed and nudged her brother in the shoulder. "Yeah, yeah. I'll see you soon. I think we'll see each at lunch, since we eat together. I'll see you, I guess." With a wave, she grabbed her bag and turned to the right, quickly finding her dorm room with the help of the map she'd been given at the office. She entered the room and began to unpack her things, hanging her clothes in the wardrobe on one side of the room and arranging her books and knickknacks on the small bookshelf next to her bed. She's just pinning up a few of her posters and photos above the desk, as a girl she assumed to be her roommate entered the room. She was a little younger than Tamar but that didn't faze her. She was looking forward to meeting her new roommate.

    "Hi there. I'm Tamar Tehrani, year 11. Nice to meet you...?"

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  4. Aqua slowly opened her eyes. She looked around the room that she was in. It was cosy and all, but just not home. Still, she had to get used to this school. Looking across the room to the other bed, Aqua could see that her dormmate, Rosemary, was still asleep. The 16-year-old girl rolled over in her bed and closed her eyes once more, falling back to sleep.
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  5. Krystal and Dante Adams

    The two siblings walked up to the building. They have never heard about Wisteria Academy until their mother said she was sending them off there.
    She said something about wanting them out the house for once and meeting new faces. The academy was also told to help teach how to operate in life, and due to how the two grew up, it was needed.
    "Do you know where you're going?" Dante asked his younger sisters.
    "Not really, but I can manage. Do you know where you're going?" Krystal asked the same question she was asked.
    "Not a clue."
    Krystal had a suitcase in one hand, and over her should was her guitar. The fifteen year old wanted nothing more than to hurry up and put her belongings down in her dorm.

    Dante, on the other hand, only carried a backpack with jammed clothing. In his left hand he carried a soccer ball.
    The siblings walked in silence until they got to the dorms. They made a couple wrong turns, but eventually still got to their destination.
    "I'll see you around, Krys," Dante said before he turned in another direction.
    "Bye Dante," Krystal said back and headed off to her own dorm.
    Once getting there, her roommate was already in the room ( @Komorebi ). "Um..hi" was all that Krystal said, a bit awkwardly.

    As Dante made his way to his own dorm, he couldn't help but wonder who his dorm buddy would be. He was hoping it wasn't anybody that could give him trouble, but also hoped he could still make friends with them, that way he won't be alone to enjoy his stay. It wasn't long before he was finally able to find his way to his dorm.
    There was no other person in the room as of right now. Dante threw his backpack on the bed put the soccer ball on the floor. He looked at his watch, unsure of what to do, and decided to bounce the soccer ball off his head, going onto his chest, and hitting any other part of his body except for his hands.
    It was only a matter of time before he sees his roommate, he might as well stick around until they make their entrance and greet him or her.
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  6. Finnick E. Moriarty

    "I'm radioactive, radioactive!" A smooth tenor voice traveled down the dormitory hallway. His voice was deep and succulent, like milk chocolate. Music blasted through the student's room, filling the air with Radioactive by Imagine Dragons. The student was a young British man in his late teens with wild honey blonde hair and butterscotch eyes. He shook his head in rhythm, letting his unruly curly waves fly to the beat of the music. He danced in Dorm 8, his designated room for the year. He was currently unpacking and decorating his side of the room. At one point, he attached his iPod on a dock and cranked up the music.

    Finnick arrived at building O a few hours ago, pumped for his senior year. He was looking forward to a new roommate. None of his flatmates lasted long. A sadistic gleam flashed across his golden brown eyes. Hopefully, his roomie wouldn't be boring! He wanted excitement this year. After he graduated, Finnick intended to leave. Would he return as an post graduate? No. He grown fond of Wisteria Academy, yes, but Finnick wanted to travel. See the world! Spread mischief! Unleash chaos! Break multiple hearts and laugh at the scrutiny of humanity. Since he planned on traveling, Finnick vowed to go out with a bang.

    "Welcome to the new age, to the new age-" Finnick sang. He twirled and deposited the last of his clothes in his dresser. He zipped his empty suitcase shut and shoved it underneath his bed. He stepped back and marveled his masterpiece. His side of the room screamed, 'Finnick E. Moriarty'. Posters and pictures lined his wall, depicting his favorites. His acoustic guitar was propped up on a stand next to the foot of his bed. A small bookcase was shoved against the wall next to the head of his bed, filled with his favorite literature and other objects. It served as his nightstand since he placed his iPod dock on top, including a lamp and drumsticks. A small dresser and desk were added on his side, next to his guitar, courtesy of standard dorm furniture. His bedspread combo and pillows were his final touch. It might scream, 'Nerd!', but Finnick didn't care. He embraced his individuality, including his obsession with fandoms, like Harry Potter, Sherlock, and Supernatural. He possessed a lot more, but they weren't important. Finnick peeled off his leather jacket and threw it on top of his bed. His outfit was somewhat country-like, but it was inspired by a certain pair of Winchesters.

    ((Example of Wall Decor: [1] ↞ The posters and photos are replaced with his touch.

    #1.) Harry Potter Poster ↠ Replaced with this.
    #2.) Jig Poster ↠ Replaced with this.
    #3.) Lord of the Dance Poster ↠ Replaced with this.
    #4.) How To Train Your Dragon Poster ↠ Replaced with this.
    #5.) Random Poster above HTTYD ↠ Replaced with this.
    #6.) Awesome Poster Replacing Photo Room: [1]
    #7.) Random Photos ↠ Replaced by snapshots with Finnick, family, friends, etc. However, the quantity of photos is reduced, allowing more room for posters.))

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  7. Amber Jestson

    Amber walked up to the open gates and looked past them at the school. It was huge, just like it said online. Amber sighed softly and fixed her duffel bag which had started sliding off her arm. Holding firmly onto the bar of her 'luggage on wheels' Amber took in a deep breath, let it out, then walked onto the school campus. She had to dodge numerous people, following the map she had been given a week before coming here. Eventually, she found dorm 2 and relief flooded over her. She hauled her luggage into the room only to find a guy sitting inside on the other side. Raising a brow, Amber walked all the way in and shut the door. She flung her luggage onto the empty bed then sat beside it all, looking at the guy. "I guess we're roomie's." She said.;
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  8. Dante Adams

    Dante continued to play with his soccer ball, seeing how long it would take for him to drop the ball or end up touching it with his hands.
    He should be taking this activity outdoors, but still wanted to meet his roommate.
    A couple minutes has passed and the door began to open. It wasn't until the female on the other side came fully in and shut the door when Dante dropped the ball. It rolled over to his roommate's feet though Dante only looked at her until she spoke.
    "I guess we are," Dante said right back to her. He looked the girl up and down before looking towards his ball. "I'm Dante, who are you?"

    Krystal Adams

    Krystal entered her dorm room and saw her roommate already making herself comfortable in the dorm. She had her books and other belongings neatly in placed and unpacked.
    "I'm Krystal...year nine," she stated, thinking it'd be more polite to answer back to Tamar. She seemed nice enough, which means Krystal wouldn't have much of a hard time here after all, but then again, you never know. Krystal went over to the unoccupied bed and and set her stuff down, really needing to take the load off her shoulders.

    She did feel a bit awkward, having never shared a room with a stranger before, which also made her feel a bit anxious about the whole situation.

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  9. [​IMG]

    ~~ Rosemary Comstock ~~

    The days had been utter madness since returning back home to Wisteria Academy. She stood outside as her gaze rested with ease onto the grounds of the academy. This was her escape from the constant drama of her home back in Japan. She felt like the oddball out their with her mom and her "New family.." Not as if she wanted to play the role of happy little step-daughter anyway for the man that cared to pretend to be her father. Her darkened brown eyes flashed to the side as she let a small smile curve against her lips. She turned on the heel of her leather heeled boots as they clicked against the concrete. She drew in closely to the trunk of her car as she dipped down to withdraw a two medium sized suitcases followed by a large paisley bag that contained her art supplies. She swung it with ease over her shoulder as she gave the trunk a sound closing. The rest of her things had thankfully remained here from her old dorm while she had been back in Japan.

    With that she gave her families driver a small little salute as she waved. " Catch you later , Morrison! Tell dad I'll give him a call once I'm settled back in." Morrison smiled warmly to her before he drove down the winding roads and out of given sight. She turned a made her way down the stone walkway leading towards the dormitory. She caught a few of the straying random students settling in as they stared blankly at her. She poked her tongue out at them as she continued walking her way with a sway to her body. She had often been told she was gorgeous and beautiful... Yet , she was one of those people who really didn't think looks were everything. I mean , come on.... If life was like that not many people would be truly happy.. What a drag that would be. She caught sight of herself in the reflection of one of the many windows. Her darkened brown locks swung loosely down against her back with the red tips mixed against. Her eyes reflected honey colored against the sunlit glow glistening against the window as she dipped her hand upwards to give her hair a light ruffle as it breezed against the wind. Breaking from her thoughts she trailed with a happy lit smile up to the dormitory entryway. She stepped inside with a shuffle as her suitcases rolled behind her. It felt right... It just felt right being back here at last. Rosemary furthered her way down the hall before stopping at Dorm 4.

    She creaked the door open quietly as she couldn't help but sight contentedly at the very sight of her room the way she had left it. Her bed remained made and her desk and shelves arranged the way she always liked. Her paintings hung against her walls as the sunlight played in perfect tones against them. She glanced over at the rumpled bed as she assumed her new roommate had arrived the night beforehand. Her last roommate, Jasmine had been a Post- Grad which meant a small stay before taking off into the real world.. She was one of the few people she had been close to honestly and now here she was in her 12th year readying to become a Post Grad herself. She tossed her suitcase atop her bed before laying her bags with ease onto the end of the bed as she shrugged free from black leather bomber's jacket. She crossed over to hang it on the hook hung securely on the back of the door. She brushed her hands in a dusting moment over her ripped jeans before straightening her shoulder cut white lace top as it clung against the curves of her body. She glanced over at some of the pictures hung on her dorm buddie's wall as she attempted to get an idea of who she was.. She seemed a good bit younger than herself but with a innocent look to herself. She crossed back over to her bed as she began to unpack her art supplies to sort and put away in the proper shelving area's. She heard a noise from the bathroom as she kept her gaze focused on what she was doing before calling out." Umm... Hey there! I'm your new roommate , Rosemary.. Hope I didn't crash back in at a bad time for you... I'm a returning student so I'm not sure if we've ever met." She listened and hopefully would get to meet the person who had been paired up with her... Maybe this year would be different and better than all the others. More friends and maybe a chance for something more... Though she found that last bit to be doubtful. Without anymore hesitation she continued unpacking her things as she began to settle back into her home sweet home..

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  10. Amber Jetson

    Amber watched as the boy's gaze drifted from her to the Soccer Ball which rested at her feet. bending down, the picked it up played with it a little in her hands before throwing it to him. "I'm Amber." She answered to his question then leaped out of bed. Amber turned her back to him and started to unpack, wanting to be done and over with it. She would glance at Dante every now and again but mainly focused at the task in hand.
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  11. Väinämöinen Tuomalä
    With his headphones on and Ipod on high, it was no wonder that he hadn't heard the loud music blasting out of his supposed dorm room until he entered the hallway, where even through his own music, the catchy notes of Radioactive by Imagine Dragons could be heard. Slipping his headphones off and turning the power off on his Ipod, Väinö could hear the smooth masculine voice echoing along from the open door of Dorm 8.

    Well, at least his roommate had good taste in music. He didn't know how he'd cope otherwise.

    From the large collection of posters and items on one side of the room, it was obvious that his roommate had been here for some time. It was kinda neat to see the large variation of posters on the wall, many of which he recognised and was pleased to see that his new friend -hopefully- also liked them. He hoped he could get along with him- for it was a guy, if the man moving about and singing in the room was indeed his roommate. He knocked on the door just in case the other male was one of those jumps-at-random-appearances and made his way into the room, dragging his suitcase to the foot of his bed and placing his backpack on the edge of his bed. He eyed the other with curiousity, noting the vaguely supernatural-inspired outfit and wavy hair. And god dammit, he was attractive in that mysterious, I-have-secrets way and it was a bloody nuisance. All he wanted was to not have to worry about that anymore.

    Ah well, nothing to do about it know. Putting his left hand in his pocket, he grinned a half-grin and held out a hand to the other male in the room. "The name's Väinämöinen Tuomalä. Just call me Väinö, few people can bother with my full name. I'm a returning student, not sure if I've met you before. If I have and just don't remember you, sorry about that."

  12. Ariel Rose Hart
    "Woah," Ariel breathed as he stared at Wisteria Academy. It was huge! A lot bigger than the young male expected. His jaw was slack in awe and his eyes shined with wonder as he took in his new school. The school that he would be attending for the next few years. It had a certain...elegance to it, for some odd reason. The pinkette couldn't describe it that well, but it definitely felt like some kind of palace. In fact, it feels like he's just been sucked into one of the many novels that he's read before. Shaking his head, he decided that he should head inside and find out where the dorms are located.

    Upon heading inside, he was directed towards the main office. There, he was overwhelmed by the abundance of students crowded in the place. Luckily, he was able to squeeze through them and get to the lady that was there. She gave him a bright smile and told him where the dorms were located. Following her orders, Ariel exited the main office and made his way towards the trees and vegetation, which is where the dorms were. He stopped at the intersection and stood there for a moment before turning left and going down the path.

    After a while, he found his room, with the help of his map, of course. He opened the door and walked inside. It would seem that his roommate wasn't there yet. That being said, the fifteen year old set to unpack his luggage. He put his wardrobe into the drawers and closet, only taking his share. He also put a few of his personal things up. Throughout his unpacking, Ariel would hum a melody to a song that he's heard on the radio, sucked into his own little world.

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  13. Ryan Tehrani
    His sister was quiet as they walked thorough the academy, musing and most likely fretting and honestly- what did she have to worry? Tamar had always fretted about the silliest of things and it was no wonder she was fretting now. As her next oldest brother, Ryan had always been around for her. They'd lived in the same room for ten years, spent a fair amount of time together and she was his little sister! He'd always done what big brothers did and protected her as best he could. But it was hard now that the thought had occurred to him, to put that worry behind him. What if something happened? What if, what if....
    By the time he'd been drawn out of his thoughts, his sister had paused at the crossroads to both of their dorms. He had to go left and she had to go right, since they were in separate dorms and that slightly scared him, to let his little sister go somewhere and possibly get in danger. But Ryan shook his head, shoving the thought out of his mind and wrapping his sister in a tight hug. "Don't worry, ya idjit. It's not like you're not going to see me again. I'll unpack and get to know my roommate and you'll see me soon. Okay?"
    She glared childishly at him and waved her hand as she walked off, and he watched her for a few moments before making his way to his dorm, where his roommate had already arrived ahead of him. "Hey there. I'm Ryan Tehrani, a post-grad here. I've been here for quite a while, about two years. Nice to meet you...?"

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  14. Tamar Tehrani

    Tamar grinned happily at her new roommate, though she could see that the other was definitely a bit cautious and shy right now. It was a fair enough thing to be feeling, Tamar felt similarly about the situation. They were both strangers right now and it was logical to be shy and reserved when sharing a room with someone you barely knew.
    "Nice to meet you, Krystal. I like your name, very pretty. I think you suit it! You're shiny and pretty, just like crystals are! This is your first year here, I'm guessing? This is my second year here."

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  15. Finnick E. Moriarty

    "The name's Väinämöinen Tuomalä. Just call me Väinö, few people can bother with my full name. I'm a returning student, not sure if I've met you before. If I have and just don't remember you, sorry about that."

    A masculine voice washed over him, signaling a new presence. Finnick turned around, staring at an unfamiliar face. He glanced at the boy's suitcase. His lips twitched in response, fighting back a smirk. Flatmate. Clock is ticking! How long will this boy last? Few weeks? Months? For a moment, Finnick wondered if Väinö would last a whole year. Excitement coursed through him, eager for the challenge. In the past, Finnick went through several roommates. Somehow, his flatmates convinced the Academy to switch. In the beginning, Finnick was certain dorm rooms weren't negotiable, but who knew? Worrying about the details were unimportant. Frankly, he didn't care. A charismatic, easygoing smile plastered on his face. His butterscotch eyes glinted with amusement. "I don't recognize you and I'm in year twelve, sweetheart, so don't worry about it," he drawled. A fluid British accent rolled off his tongue, silky and smooth. Most students found his accent entrancing, but would Väinö be ensnared? Sometimes, others found his accent repulsive. The boy was a mystery, a tiny puzzle for Finnick to solve. He would uncover Väinö's pieces and witness his secrets, ticks, and much more. It was a game he played for every flatmate. Hopefully, Väinö wouldn't be boring. He loathed dull, plain-faced people. Finnick sauntered toward his iPod and hit shuffle. After Radioactive ended, Back in Black by ACDC surfaced. His grin widened at his playlist's choice. He adored classic rock. Finnick wondered if Väinö shared the same taste, but banished the thought. He didn't care if the boy liked it or not. If the boy requested to change the song, he would ignore him. Finnick Moriarty didn't listen to anyone unless it benefited him.

    "Your name is a tongue twister," Finnick mused. He didn't bother imitating it. If he practiced, he could enunciate it correctly, but he wasn't in the mood. "Finnick Moriarty. Yes, as in James Moriarty if you're interested in the fandom," he introduced. He skimmed Väinö's profile discreetly, incorporating details to memory. Thankfully, he wasn't ugly. Yes, he cared about outwardly appearances. Call him vain, narcissistic, he didn't care. Lecturing him about inner beauty would be a loss cause. Finnick was aware of the difference, but he chose to ignore it. Underneath his handsome face and charisma is a dark creature. Finnick knew the true definition of ugly. He shook the boy's hand and winked. "I hope you like classic rock, mate. It's my favorite," he drawled, referring to his iPod. A few seconds later, he retracted his hand and sat down on his bed. He tapped his foot to the music, suppressing the urge to dance. He wasn't embarrassed by his dancing or singing skills. He excelled in both fields. When Väinö mentioned being a recurring student, Finnick truly didn't recognize him. His memory might be sharp, but he didn't make it his mission to remember every face on campus. Too much effort and none of it was fun.


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  16. Ariel Rose Hart
    "Hey there. I'm Ryan Tehrani, a post-grad here. I've been here for quite a while, about two years. Nice to meet you...?"

    Ariel squeaked at the sudden voice that greeted him. He whipped around, eyes comically wide. He hoped that the other male didn't hear him humming, or see him swaying slightly to the music playing in his mind. Recovering from his earlier shock, the pinkette remembered that he had to introduce himself to the other male. "Ariel Hart. And, yes, Ariel like The Little Mermaid," he introduced himself with a small smile. "Uh, this is my first year here, so...," trailing off, the teen bit his bottom lip, nibbling at it, wondering what to say now.

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  17. Väinämöinen Tuomalä

    There was a brief pause then, after he had spoken. His hand was hovering almost uncertainly in the air but it did not shake, as he consciously waited for the other to reciprocate to the action. So this was his roommate- golden brown eyes, wavy and messy hair and a sharp grin. As the other introduced himself, he noted the fluid British accent and fought the desire to roll his eyes. He had no opinion of the British accent but was aware that others found it entrancing and beguiling. Väinö would allow himself no such temptation. No matter how attractive the other, it mattered not. He wouldn't allow himself to be drawn into that anymore, it just wasn't worth the effort.

    "Aye, I think I would have recognised you by your accent, if your name had escaped my notice. Well, we are yearmates as well as roommates it seems. And yes, my name is a bit of a tongue twister." He returned the smile, though a little sharper perhaps and wondered how well he was holding his accent in. Though he had a mild accent, it was nowhere near the thickness of his parents, which a slight comfort when surrounded by fluent English speakers. "It's nice to meet you, Finnick. Moriarty is such a fascinating character, to be perfectly honest. Such a cloud of misunderstanding seems to surround the public opinion of him and it's such an interesting topic- Ah, sorry. I spend a lot of time dissecting character types and I can run for hours about it if I can."

    The music had changed while he had been in his room and to his delight, the poignantly brash sounds of ACDC echoed through the room. "Are you kidding? Classical rock is practically my lifeblood." He sat back down on his bed, leaning to grab his bag and began unpacking the various items he had brought with him. He truly hadn't brought much, just enough to make it like home and no more. He unpacked a few books on to a small bookcase, plugging his phone and laptop chargers in at the wall and resting them on the second lowest shelf of the bookcase. He pulled a stick of Blu-Tak out of his bag and stuck several photos on the wall, mostly of him and his friends back in Finland. There were a few here and there of his family, and of the different seasons back home. Once he had done so, he placed a few old snowglobes on the windowsill and sat back on his bed, discreetly assessing Finnick from where he sat across the room.

  18. Ryan Tehrani
    Ryan grinned and couldn't hold back a short laugh at the squeak the younger student let out as he spoke but he muffled his chuckling behind his hand. "Nice to meet you, Ariel. Cool name, very unique. Guess you'd probably hate the nickname Merman then?" He grinned wider and he could see the other was stuck for words, so he stuck out his hand in the universal gesture of introduction.
    "Don't worry too much about the school and the people. You'll get used to it fairly soon and it's an easy system. It sure beats normal school and it's a lot easier to navigate. If you want, once I've unpacked I can show you around. I think I'm going to meet up with my sister anyway, so you'd be welcome to tag along!"

  19. Finnick E. Moriarty

    "Moriarty is such a fascinating character, to be perfectly honest. Such a cloud of misunderstanding seems to surround the public opinion of him and it's such an interesting topic- Ah, sorry. I spend a lot of time dissecting character types and I can run for hours about it if I can."

    A chuckle rumbled through his chest. Amusement danced across his butterscotch hues. "Don't worry about it, sweetheart. I'm fascinated with Moriarty's characterization as well," Finnick revealed. He watched the boy unpack, unloading clothing and other miscellaneous things. His side of the room wasn't as extravagant, but Finnick was naturally flamboyant and eccentric. He added flare in his style. He picked up his drumsticks from his makeshift nightstand and tapped his sticks against his legs, following the beat of the music. He played the drum line for Back in Black previously, executing the rhythm wonderfully. Playing the drums was exhilarating, but he preferred his guitar. He mouthed the lyrics, letting the music wash over him. He imagined a trap set in front of him, similar to the drums he used in the music room. Finnick owned his own set, but it was stored in London, his hometown. He purchased the set last summer.

    "Are you kidding? Classical rock is practically my lifeblood."

    Finnick threw his head back and laughed. "Wonderful! I won't be bored this year," he declared. His eyes glinted with mischief. Hopefully, Väinö wouldn't disappoint him. He was looking forward to his game. He intended to make his last year memorable. A few minutes later, Back in Black transitioned into Carry on My Wayward Son by Kansas. His grin widened in response. Kansas was one of his favorite classic rock bands. He sang along, tapping his foot to the music. If he stood, he would of started dancing. However, he remained sitting. Finnick averted his eyes toward Väinö. "What type of fandoms do you like?" he inquired politely. He slipped into his charismatic, friendly persona. He was often described as outgoing, straightforward, and flirtatious. One of the main reasons his roommates switched was witnessing Finnick's darker side. Sometimes, it was unintentional. On the other hand, he performed experiments and gouged his target's reaction. Would they recoil? Scream? Faint? When he unleashed his true side, it wasn't pretty. Yet, that's what made it fun. He was a boy of mischief and chaos. It earned him the nickname Loki.


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  20. Väinämöinen Tuomalä
    There it was again. Why in all the worlds, was he being called sweetheart? It truly was a question for a rainy day and Väinö tucked it away in his mind, to be pondered upon at a later date.

    He listened politely, with one ear at least, as the other professed his own fascination with Moriarty and though his mind protested his snap decision, he had a good hunch that they would get along just fine. Or not. Who knew, to be perfectly honest. He grinned as he heard his roommate begin to drum along to the drum line of Back in Black, as his own foot started tapping and as he moved to place the last of his clothes in the wardrobe, his waist and hips moved with the beat and it was strangely embarrassing, considering he hadn't actually meant it. The beat was just too good.

    As the music switched over to Kansas, he grinned and sang along with his roommate, noting the way the other's voice was clear. Väinö himself was a good singer, not excellent but if he knew it well enough, he had no shame in his voice. "Ah... fandoms. Such amazing things. Supernatural, Doctor Who, Hannibal, Sherlock, Primeval, Harry Potter, Breaking Bad... Those are my main favourites. From your clothing choices, I'm going to say that at least one of yours is Supernatural?"

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