Wishyouwereme and Moonstar's [One x One]

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  1. "Don't even think about it..." Nathan warned Abby, who was his best friend. They hadn't always been best friends. But he had another girl best friend who was best friends with Abby so therefor Nathan became friends with her. School ended now and it was summer. School started again though in a couple of weeks and all he did was sit around with family or head down to the beach which was always full of people by this time of year. Today Abby came around for a while and they were sunbathing boredly in his family's large family on the grass. The more bored she got, the more irritating she was. She was standing near him with the garden hose in her hand, clasped and had a smirk on her face.

    "Come on Nathan.. Don't be so boring!! All you've done is lay around" She whined.

    "But I don't want to get sprayed by the garden hose" He muttered, not paying much attention.

    She sprayed him anyways, and he was damp in a matter of seconds.. He wasn't mad and was chuckling a little. "Okay, fine" He muttered and picks up a bucket, pouring ice cold water into it. He moves over to her and she backed up a little.
  2. Suddenly, out from nowhere, Wish buzzed right on in with a wide-spread cheerful smile on her face. "Hai guys! I was texting you both but no one responded, and Abby you're parents said you came by to Nathan's house so I thought I'd stop on by!" Wish took a moment to witness the scene about to take place, observing with horror as Nathan was moving in on her best friend with an ice cold bucket of water. Best-friend nerves kicking in, Wish wasted no time and made a dive in front of Abby, ready to take the harsh soaking.

    "Wait, Nathan! Let's be a bit more considerate! That water is freezing!" Wish was pleading, but only taking Abby's side as she didn't know she had assaulted Nathan with a garden hose prior to her arrival.
  3. Nathan grinned at Wish's arrival, but couldn't help but notice Abby's eyes narrow at her appearance and gave a quick roll of her eyes. "Hey Wish, Abby has been pestering all day and told me I was lounging around way too much! So she sprayed me with the garden hose" He went to fill up the bucket again and stared at the two girls.
  4. Wish stood up from her currenly seated position, feeling pretty triumphant after she had just saved Abby from an attack that would had cost her beautiful hair. But then she noticed Nathan was about to fill up the bucket again. She quickly turned to Abby with a frantic look* "I know how much you like to play around but he's going to get you now! You should really apologize." *Had Wish seen Abby's slightly hostile look from when she first entered, she would not be warning her right now.
  5. Nathan just shook his head. "Nah, we were just playing around" He said and put the bucket back down, he lay back in his spot on the grass and went back to what he was doing - nothing. She spent a couple of minutes like this until Abby tapped him impatiently.

    "This is so boring!" She groaned and then looked at Nathan. "Can't we go to the beach and swim?"