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  1. Greetings! I should mention my activity can be rather all over the place. Finding enough time to roleplay won't be a problem at all though. I am open to all writing levels, although I do favor the lower ones as I am able to reply a lot quicker. I'm comfortable playing male, female, transgender, and non-binary characters. I don't mind which gender my partner plays. For the plots/pairings that I specify genders, I'm willing to change them with a little convincing. For romance, I'm willing to do any pairing type. Do keep in mind I'm a sucker for a good FxF plot.


    Stepmother x Stepdaughter
    Stepfather x Stepson
    Boss x Employee
    Professor x Student
    Stalker x Stalked
    Celebrity x Bodyguard
    Criminal x Cop's Kid
    Band Member x Band Member
    Band Member x Rival Band Member
    Rich Woman x Poor Woman
    Vampire x Werewolf
    Vampire x Human
    Single Mother x Babysitter
    Tutor x Tutored
    Club Owner x Dancer
    Assassin x Target's Kid
    Crime Boss x Undercover Agent


    Foster Care
    Rekindled Romance
    Broken Family
    Long Distance Relationship
    Starting a Family
    Forbidden Romance
    Organized Crime


    MC - My character
    YC - Your character

    Never Done Running ~ MC has spent many nights pondering why her ex-husband won't stop chasing her. He had been civil throughout the divorce which had surprised MC. MC thought his cooperation meant he was finally letting her go. MC was very wrong. Prior the divorce, MC had been abused far too long by the man she had once been in love with. MC had made several attempts to leave him previously, but he always convinced her using various methods. Just after the divorce was finalized, MC moved far from the small town she'd lived in since she was a child . Thinking she was finally free, MC began settling into city life only to have her apartment trashed, and MC beaten badly once again. MC tried a couple more times to get far enough away from him that he would just leave her alone. Time and time again, he would find MC. Eventually, MC changed her name and everything she could about herself and moved once more. Soon after arriving in a new town, MC met YC. MC has strong feelings for YC, but she's afraid to get romantically involved with YC and requests they remain good friends. MC's ex-husband has found her once more, but this time he's taking his time revealing himself.

    A Family for Christmas ~ MC has been in the system for quite a while, and they are currently in a group home. MC has always been a bit of a troublemaker, but they aren't a bad kid. MC had nearly been adopted several times, but something always happened to prevent the process from being completed. MC has been with their fair share of foster-families and has expressed they don't want anymore temporary families. MC decides to take their search for a family to the internet and makes a blog. MC's goal is to get a family to adopt them in time for Christmas. MC doesn't have any luck at first, and kids and adults alike have been discouraging them. YC happens upon MC's blog and knows right away that they want to adopt MC, but MC's blog has started to become quite popular after MC managed to get on the news and MC is getting more offers than they could have imagined.

    more coming soon


    Dragon Age: Origins-

    Warden x Morrigan
    Warden x Zevran

    Fable I/II/III-

    Hero of Oakvale x OC

    Hero of Bowerstone x OC
    Hero of Bowerstone x Reaver

    Hero of Brightwall x OC
    Hero of Brightwall x Reaver
    Hero of Brightwall x Ben
    Hero of Brightwall x Page

    Mafia II-

    Vito x OC
    Joe x OC

    Alternate plot with Vito and Joe

    Orphan Black-

    Cosima x Delphine
    Tony x Felix
    Beth x Alison
    Sarah x OC
    Art x OC

    OC Clones

    Doctor Who-

    Nine x OC
    Nine x Rose
    Jack x Nine
    Ten x Rose
    Ten x Martha
    Ten x OC
    Rose x OC
    TenToo x OC
    Rory x OC
    Clara x OC

    Genderswaped Doctor x Any Genderswaped New Who Companion

    Red Band Society-

    Leo x Emma
    Jordi x Kara
    Sarah x Daniella
    Emma x OC
    Dash x OC
    OC x OC

    Orange is the New Black-

    Piper x OC
    Alex x OC
    Poussey x OC
    Nicky x OC
    OC x OC


    Sherlock x Janine
    John x Mary
    John x Molly
    Irene x Molly
    Irene x Sally
    Sherlock x OC
    Mycroft x OC
    Greg x OC
    Molly x OC
    Irene x OC

    Fem!Sherlock x Fem!John
    Next Gen.

    Monsters Inc./Monsters University-

    OC Monsters Inc. Employees
    OC MU Students

    Harry Potter-

    Harry x OC
    Ron x OC
    Severus x OC
    Hermione x OC
    Luna x OC
    Bellatrix x OC

    Genderswaped Trio
    Wizarding Family


    Jeanine x Tris
    Jeanine x Eric

    The Middle-

    Mike x Frankie
    Darrin x Sue
    Axl x OC
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  2. I should like to possibly do the vampire x werewolf if possible.
  3. I'd be willing to do one of these stories pm me and we can talk about it
  4. If your still open for rping I'm kind of interested in the band member x rivial band member. And I would actually like to try a FxF role play. I have never done one before and would like to.
  5. Can we do a YC x MC in the harry potter (pooter) world?
  6. Not sure if you're still looking, but I'm rather interested in quite a few of the pairings. PM me so we can figure out which one is best!
  7. I'm interested in a few pairings if your still looking. PM me please if your in need of a partner.
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  8. I'm interested in doing a stalker x stalked roleplay with you.
  9. Do you do Harry x Draco? Or just canon x OC? :3
  10. Hey if you are still looking for partners I'm interested in a fair few, pm me if you are free :)
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