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  1. Quick Info! (open)
    Game Master: Sakura
    Accepting New Characters: Yes! It's a lot to read, but don't be intimidated! Ask any questions! :)
    Posting Expectations: At least once a week, please :)
    Genre: Sci Fi / Fantasy / Drama
    Basic Plot: In a futuristic world plagued by governmental corruption, the dictator commends all without money to death. In the face of this adversity, a strange kind of magic ignites the beginnings of an unlikely rebellion. The Wishring will grant you one wish, but only if you grant someone else's.


    The year is 3010, a futuristic age of technological advances beyond one's imagination. Everything is electronic; cars, houses, etc. Welcome to Ksaria, the city you live in. It is one of the greatest in the world. A beautiful, well-equipped city, it remains isolated from the rest of the world by oceans and makes very little attempt to connect with them through air travel.
    Life in Ksaria, in the last few months however, has taken a drastic turn. Two months ago, the Head of State was assassinated. His assassination led to a spiral of events that are being investigated for intrigue while the current government suffers from corruption and the people's rebellion. As a result, there is total chaos in the state.

    Murray Dash, the previous secretary of state, has now declared a state of emergency and taken the position of Dictator, ultimate ruler. He submits a televised statement throughout Ksarian television that he is now the Supreme Ruler, instating new laws into Ksaria's constitution. Only the Rich will be spared. All others will be obliterated.

    In fear for their lives, official representatives of the people of Ksaria are battling out their differences, secretly planning against one another to become members of the Supreme Council, a select few to be established within the next week.

    Dash prepares to send out Official Death Notices, you could choose the way that you wanted to die, but you had to die. Unless you could pay the millions of dollars required to live in New Ksaria, you were sentenced to die within the next two months. "Those without money deserve to die," he was saying o live broadcasts, "They don't have money because they've never worked hard."

    The first death. A twenty-seven year-old mother and her seven year old daughter. They chose to die through poisoning. On the night of their execution, something strange occurred. The daughter cried and cried, "Please let my mother live! Please don't kill us!" Even after the mother drank her poison, she did not die. A white light encompassed the room and the government enforcers were burnt to dust, leaving no trace of any of them or the poison. Mother and daughter survived. The mother found, tightly enclosed, in her daughter's hands, a ring and a small piece of paper which read, Wishmaker.

    Afraid for their lives, the woman took her daughter and moved into the slums on the outskirts of Ksaria hoping to evade the government's enforcers for some time until she could receive enough loans to pay off Dash's sentence. In her hurry to move, she left the ring in their old apartment, where it was found by someone else, whom it was destined for.

    Possibly a heirloom from another dimension, the wishing ring allows you to make one wish, on the condition that you make another's wish come true. Someone with the ability to do so is then called a Wishmaker. Once a wish is made, the Wishmaker is bound to certain conditions (listed below).

    Unbeknownst to the woman, her daughter was too young to properly understand the conditions of the wishring which fell into her possession. If you cannot carry out the duties of a wishmaker, the price you pay is your own life. A few days later, the woman was seen burying her daughter in Ksaria's common graveyards and committing suicide above the grave. These were the first deaths recorded in the news. More sentences were being sent out to others in the lower-class areas of Ksaria.

    The new owner of the wishring, however, had other plans. With the ring's powers, he believed they could start a rebellion. Assigning wishes based on the people's outcry, they could work together to hold onto what was they loved; their city, their families. While the wishring and the wishmakers are capable of rebelling against Murray Dash and changing Ksaria's dark fate, they could also fail and cause the loss of innocent lives.

    After all, not every wish is for the well being of someone else. Humans are a selfish being.


    Wishmaker Guidelines
    The first wishmakers will be assigned randomly! If you would like to be one, please send me a PM! Once the roleplay starts, wishmakers can only be assigned through wishring passage!
    Once you make a wish, you are bound to these conditions with your life.

    • You must continue to grant other people's wishes until your wish can be granted. These are called wish-burdens. Once your wish is granted, the ring will indicate how many wish-burdens you must grant to complete your duty as a Wishmaker. (The extent of your wish = the number of wishes you must grant)
    • You cannot inform anyone that you are a wishmaker. (You cannot just ask them for their wish, either. You must be able to understand the person's inner dreams and grant something they have sincerely wanted)
    • You must designate at least one other wishmaker (The ring will duplicate on contact and a new wishmaker will be assigned. )
    • You cannot die before you have fulfilled the wish-burdens (If you die, in your last moments, someone else can take the responsibility of completing your wish-burdens, but without being able to make a wish of their own; i.e at the cost of your wish, they complete your duty)
    • Though it happens rarely, you must grant the wishring's wish. (It sometimes has a wish of it's own, a different wish for different people, it will be assigned to you if it applies. If you have not been assigned one, you can request one from the GM.)
    The Lucky Points System!
    Each Wishmaker will have a special stat point called the "Lucky Points"
    Here are the ways you can gain points:
    • One point for each new player you encounter via roleplay
    • One point for each wish-burden completed
    • Two points for each wishring wish you grant
    • One point for each plot-moving action
    • Two points for a plot idea submitted via PM
    With a total of 5 points you have the following options:
    • To complete a wish-burden using Lucky points (It will use up your 5 lucky points and a random 'lucky' occurrence in the roleplay will relieve you of a wish-burden)
    • To pass on a certain wish-burden/wishring wish (If you feel that one of the wishes is impossible for you to accomplish, you can pass on it and receive a new one. In a random occurrence, the wishring will change it's wish-burden for you)
    • Elastic option for those creative players. You can tell the GM what you want to do with your five Lucky points! Remember that these points must tie into some kind of "lucky" occurrence in the roleplay plot :)
    There's total freedom on what kind of character you want to play! Here are so examples in case you're stuck!
    • Poor or Middle class citizen facing the death sentence
    • Politician attempting to bribe Murray to spare your life
    • Head of Council attempting to back-stab Murray to take control for himself
    • Rebel against Murray's sentences
    • One of Murray's enforcement officers (death enforcers)
    *special character roles*
    • Dash Murray
    • The first Wishmaker (finds the child's ring in the abandoned home)
    • Rebellion Leader - Offense Division
    • Rebellion Leader - Defense Division
    Character Profiles! (open)

    [imga=left]Image/Appearance URL[/imga]
    [b]Personal History:[/b]
    [b]Status in Ksaria:[/b] (Poor/Middle/Upper)
    Add whichever of the following snippets that apply to your character-style.
    You can explain any YES/NO answers if you like.
    If none of the snippets apply, that's fine too! (This just for a general mindset idea)

    [b]Received a death sentence?:[/b] Yes/No
    [b]Fighting for a Loved One?:[/b] Yes/No
    [b]Do you want Murray Dash dead?:[/b] Yes/No
    [b]Would you kill him yourself?:[/b] Yes/No
    [b]Do you believe in Ksaria's future?":[/b] Yes/No
    [b]Are you afraid of dying?":[/b] Yes/No

    The CO-GM of this roleplay is LuluRS[x] Feel free to ask either of us questions or contact us if you have plot ideas!

    Rebellion Characters (open)


    Enforcers (open)

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  2. [​IMG]

    The Rebellion consists of two strongholds in the outskirts of Ksaria:
    1. One is led by [character spot open], known as the offence division. They focus on attacking the enforcers and the state directly.
    2. The second is commanded by [character spot open], known as the defense division. They take care of runaway citizens who are evading death sentences and protect them from enforcers.
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  3. Sakura, your ideas are just too good o^o

    Will join this one as well~

    Name: Tori Avalon
    Age: 19
    Occupation/Role: Rebel Initiate

    Personality: Tori holds a lot of anger and resentment, and it slips through in the way he addresses people. He seems to lack respect for most people, and is unafraid of voicing his thoughts on everything, whether it be the treatment of others, or strike plans against the government. Headstrong and blunt, he isn't one to sugar coat his words, which makes him no small amount of enemies, and very few friends. He's also quick to anger, and would rather fight out a problem than talk it over. Tori is one to keep his past hidden from his fellows, as the general consensus on the rich is not a very good one. He is of the mindset that they would, at the very worst, turn on him should they find out who he is.

    Personal History: Tori's family was ecstatic when they found out that they were to have a second child. That is until a blonde father and a red haired mother somehow produced a black haired boy. The initial confusion didn't last long, and his father soon realized that he could not have sired the child. With his mother's infidelity brought to light, tensions in the home grew thick. However, both Tori's mother and father were prominent figures of society, and so to save face, remained the happily married couple. Tori had little to no meaningful interaction with his father when he was young, and so his male role model was his older brother, Saori. The two were nigh inseparable, and remained good friends for as long as they were together.

    When Tori entered middle school, the children began to question the differences between Tori and his brother, bringing to light the fact that he was a bastard son, and he was bullied mercilessly for it. Little was done to deter the bullying, despite Saori's best efforts to protect his brother. It was in these years and the ones that followed that tori grew into the harsh young man he is now. When the new rules of the government were introduced, Saori was the one to convince his brother to join in the resistance. However, it wasn't until Saori was killed in a failed strike against the execution of one of their members that Tori truly began to put his all into fighting against the government.

    Status in Ksaria: Upper

    Received a death sentence?: No
    Fighting for a Loved One?: Yes
    Do you want Murray Dash dead?: Yes
    Would you kill him yourself?: Yes
    Do you believe in Ksaria's future?": No
    Are you afraid of dying?": Even the bravest man is afraid of death.
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  4. Haha, I was afraid this one wasn't going to be popular! Thank you for joining ^^ Your character is awesome!

  5. Name: Daniel Ramsey
    Age: 22
    Occupation/Role: Independent Rebel
    Ramsey, as his friends call him, is a warm fellow. He has a gentle smile, and an inviting gaze. Behind this smile lies a calm and calculating young man. He is a certifiable genius, whether he cares to admit it or not. He is rather anxious when he is alone, and is physically weak. He has a big mouth, but he has learned to control it, his teachers being bullies in primary school, who often left his jaw numb and his nose bloodied. He has slight trust issues, but is very trustworthy himself. He is somewhat responsible, but has no organization skills.

    Personal History:
    Daniel was born to a College Professor and a Nurse, and raised in a stable household. Growing up, his family had money, but his family made him work to get the things he wanted. He hated them for it, but he became appreciative as he got older. He graduated high school early, and went to the cities highest echelon of technology schools. He graduated days before the Dash Incident, and has yet to receive a death notice. He plans to shut down all of the electricity in the city, and using it as leverage against this Murray asshole... the one who killed his father.

    Status in Ksaria: Middle
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  6. Gosh Sakura, Where do you come up with this stuff? Haha.

    I'll make a C.Sheet soon~

    EDIT: Made.

    Name: Anya Ferox
    Age: 24
    Occupation/Role: Death Enforcer

    Personality: Anya is exactly what you would expect from a death enforcer, she's cold-hearted, sadistic, cruel and completely ruthless. Her loyalty to Murray is chilling and her conduct towards those with their sentences even more cold, referring to them as scum of Ksaria, dirt, trash. Anya would also go as far as to act, as if she would save someone before they were to die and then look at them as the sentence carried out.

    Personal History: Anya the daughter of one of Dash's closest associates of course was raised with that sick mentality of mind. Only the strong survive is the usual, except this time it was only the rich. After her father ended up dying in an accident when she around sixteen Murray took her in and treated her like a daughter, not even scolding her for altering her beautiful black hair.

    Anya eventually involved herself in some bad stuff, and like her deeds her personality were altered dramatically. One who had seen the once cheery little girl who dreamt of being an actress would not recognize the adult she had grown into. When people started to get rowdy after Dash's policy and he began recruiting those to enforce she of course had to join and so she did. Her bad attitude and her cruel demeanor led to her gaining quite a reputation among the other enforcers and citizens alike. No one really know when things started going down hill but then again Anya would never let anyone know and live.

    Status in Ksaria: Upper

    Received a death sentence?: No
    Fighting for a Loved One?: No
    Do you want Murray Dash dead?: No
    Would you kill him yourself: Yes
    Do you believe in Ksaria's Future: Yes
    Are you afraid of Dying? No

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  7. Yay! More people :) Thank you for joining!
  8. I am interested, and have a char in mind but I want to know a few things to flesh out the concept.

    How much contact with the outside world does Ksaria have?

    Does the island regulate Internet access?

    Are there black markets for rare goods from off the island?

    And once all the poor people are gone, who's going to scrub the toilets?
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  9. Contact with the outside world
    None in terms of political matters. Let's just say that they have import/exports going, but they don't accept political intervention.

    Internet Access
    Lol, yes! This is supposed to be set wayy in the future.

    Black Markets
    Sure, if that helps your sheet.

    Poor People
    Why, robots of course!
  10. [MENTION=3288]Krag_Jorgensen[/MENTION]

    Also, building on what Sakura has said, there have been a lot of changes in the past two months as Murray has taken control. Ksaria has always been a bit distant from the rest of the world, but in this brief period, it has gone more or less politically silent.

    With internet regulations, things have become much more strict. Its likely that communications, including internet access, has been cut completely in all areas except those in government regulated areas, in an attempt to disrupt rebellion activities. So unless you work within the government, your internet connection has been cut off until further notice.
  11. Show Spoiler

    Name: Victor A. Ivanov
    Age: 42
    Occupation/Role: Leader of the People's Rebellion Offensive Division
    Personality: Victor is very stoic and a bit of a wet blanket in personal conversation. He maintains a professional attitude out on missions. He is prone to gallows humor when he feels it is appropriate.
    Personal History: Victor's family came to Ksaria from Russia five years before he was born. In the following decades, the Ivanov family managed to build a name for themselves, operating warehouses and shipping docks. At its height, the Ivanov International Import Company (IIIC) controlled 25% of all the shipping on the island.

    Within the last two months, communication with the outside world has been almost completely cut off. Many IIIC ships now sit idly in port and Victor's business has taken massive losses. With the new order from the government, Victor prepared for the worst. He could not allow this government to slaughter its citizens wholesale just because they didn't have money. The people needed to fight back, he needed to fight back. Drawing inspiration from other revolutionaries like Lenin, Mao, Che Guevara, and Ho Chi Minh, Victor prepared to oppose Dash's regime. Greasing several palms with generous "donations", Victor was able to sneak in the first of several contraband shipments through fishermen and the black market. He also sent out an Anonymous plea for help to be broadcast to anyone who would listen, knowing that this revolution could not survive without outside support.

    Status in Ksaria: High (for now)

    Received a death sentence?: Not yet. . .
    Fighting for a Loved One?: No
    Do you want Murray Dash dead?: Yes
    Would you kill him yourself?: Yes, because it must be slow. . . very slow. . . I want to show him that all the money in the world won't save his life.
    Do you believe in Ksaria's future?": Ksaria has no future unless we make one.
    Are you afraid of dying?": Not as long as I can take a few of the bastards with me. . .

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  12. [MENTION=4702]LuluRS[/MENTION]

    Is there still a UN or equivalent or is this an ultra-dystopian future?

    Is there any other terrain besides urban in Ksaria? How big is the island?
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  13. [MENTION=3288]Krag_Jorgensen[/MENTION]

    I don't have any information about government influences beyond Ksaria, so I'm afraid you'll need to wait for Sakura for an answer to this particular question.

    As for the terrain, the city takes up all of the island. If there is any large areas not covered with urban living, than they would be specialized parks, or beaches, kept pristine for the middle class and wealthy to enjoy. There isn't any large area one would consider "wild".

    The island, I'm imagining that it is rather large. I'm thinking that Ksaria may have once been three or more large cities, having grown so much that they eventually merged into one sprawling metropolis. I don't have an exact size to give you, but I hope this information gives you a bit of a better idea.
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  14. [MENTION=3288]Krag_Jorgensen[/MENTION] you are exactly the type of Rebellion leader I wanted ;~: I have many realism plot-holes to fill!

    On a possible UN
    I guess the easier answer would be that this an extreme dystopia, but that wouldn't make sense because a few years ago, Ksaria was a happy place. UN / Foreign intervention might make the story interesting so please tell me what ideas you have in mind!

    I am thinking that the wishring + foreign support might be a good combination of fantasy x realism that will give the roleplay more dimension. Also, I think it will give us more variety for a character base.
  15. [MENTION=4702]LuluRS[/MENTION]

    Okay, urban terrain.


    For GM's eyes only:
    Show Spoiler
    Here are two of my ideas so far:

    I wanted to make an appeal to other governments / people outside the island. Petitioning foreign powers and running viral awareness campaigns like "Kony 2012".

    I also want to try and get covert (and maybe overt) military aid from other countries. Hit up this setting's CIA equivalents to try and send advisers and equipment.
  16. LuluRS is my co-GM, sorry that it wasn't clear! :)

    &you can PM if you have some super secret-sensitive ideas to discuss!

    Reply (open)

    That sounds like a good idea to me! I am starting to see the benefits of a mass appeal to outsiders. It would give the rebellion much needed and possible support. Also, I fear for the onslaught of possible war. It's a great mix to throw into a roleplay that is supposed to have characters from all sorts of financial and social backgrounds. Definitely what I was looking for.

    Hmm. Since the technology is so advanced, there's tons of stuff that we can achieve in terms of spies and CIA. However, like Lulu implied, Ksaria is probably jamming that technology. So reaching out to other countries in general might be a hurdle to begin with.

    Perhaps I should work on a current world map and some country information.

    Lulu and I have also planned to make some NPC characters to flesh out the rebellion. If you have input on that, please let me know!
  17. I'd like to join but can i suggest something too?
    Because I live in an island-city myself, i think it's pretty much possible for Ksaria as a city that occupies the entire island. But because it's isolated and has its own form of government, wouldn't that qualify it as a kind of micronation instead?

    And, I'd like to take a spy spot. But for the rebels. If that's okay.

    Anyway, WIP. I'm also still figuring out the format. Please bear with me.

    Mimi D'Angelo (open)

    Name: Melania "Mimi" D'Angelo
    Age: 20
    Occupation/Role: hacker/rebel spy [posing as death enforcer]
    Personality: Capricious, vivacious and frank, she likes simply having a good time which, in her terms mean sitting in front of a laptop. She has a habit of unabashedly flaunting her looks and is known for her sharp tongue. She's a reckless and a bit of an airhead and often doesn't think before she acts. She has a mostly tomboyish personality but has a weakness for whatever and whomever she finds cute. She's a loudmouth and cusses often and is often scolded for her choice of clothing, not that she cares. Although she doesn't seem so, she's quite intelligent and has a lot of unused potential.
    Personal History: She came to the Ksaria to study Information Technology and to find her long lost father who is a member of the supreme council on death row not because he did not reach Dash's standards, but because Dash disliked his idealistic views. She attempted to save him but was captured, her father killed.
    Her hacking talents were recognized and instead of being sentenced to die too, she was forced to work under Dash, keeping track of all Ksaria's citizens through the screen of a computer. She works with Anya [if that's okay] and is quite intimidated by her. She feels guilty for sending people to their death, so she tracks the Rebellion and becomes informant.
    Status in Ksaria: now High, formerly middle

    Received a death sentence?: No
    Fighting for a Loved One?: to an extent, Yes
    Do you want Murray Dash dead?: Yes
    Would you kill him yourself?: No, not directly
    Do you believe in Ksaria's future?": Yes
    Are you afraid of dying?": Yes

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  18. [WISHMAKER is undergoing world building at the moment! if you're interested, please PM me and we can discuss ideas!]

    you can continue working on your character sheets/join ! It just might take longer than expected to start! :)

    Wishmaker is on a hiatus! It'll be up again soon in less than month's time with world information, rebellion details, technological/biological/political structures for you to play around with! Look forward to it until then. I'll send everyone who showed interest a PM when it's up.

    Until then, your three GMs, [MENTION=4702]LuluRS[/MENTION], [MENTION=3288]Krag_Jorgensen[/MENTION], & I will be working on it diligently!

    Thank you for the interest! Hang on for a bit while we flesh out the roleplay! (There will be a new thread. I'm going to ask for this one to be moved :] )
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  20. This looks cool.....