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    Everybody has a wish....what's yours?

    Moonlight High School is a boarding school for troubled teenagers, whose parents have given up on. Signing a contract with the boarding school means that the teens will spend the rest of their lives in secured areas where they can't do any harm to society. Some teens never did anything wrong. Sometimes the parents used the boarding school as a type of orphanarium. Every teen in Moonlight High School has a secret wish. Who wouldn't?

    Your assigned name is what the teachers and other students are required to call you. You are forced to let go of who you were before you were admitted to the Moonlight High School.


    Assigned Name:
    History (Pre-Admission):
  2. Name: Emily Farrings
    Assigned Name: Tinkerbell
    History (Pre-Admission): Emily was never accepted by anyone. She was different. Her family was ashamed of her, and so they sent her to Moonlight High School so she could fade away from existence.
    Wish: Emily wants to find someone that loves her.
    Other: Talks in a mysterious, emotionless voice.
  3. Name: Kori Montgomery
    Assigned Name: Monty
    Looks: She stands at 5'5''. Her wardrobe normally consists of various shirts with skinny jeans and converse.

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    History: Kori's parents always referred to her as a 'mistake'. You know, the normal fling at prom night then ending up pregnant. After years of hearing this Kori just stopped caring. Her grades slipped, drug use increased as well as her promiscuity. It wasn't unusual for her to be escorted home in the police car.. sometimes handcuffed. No charges had ever been made because her grandparents had a good amount of influence in the city. Kori's temper is quick. Not only did her parents think Kori was unruly and didn't want to deal with her, they also get scared of her once she is in an angered state.
    Wish: Wants to be feel proud of herself.
    Other: Her voice is kinda gravelly and her nails normally have chipped black nail polish on them.
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  11. Name: Oliver Lavere

    Assigned Name: Poppy

    Looks: He has dirty blonde hair that is originally curly but he straightens it. Usually wears light colored skinny jeans with slightly long dark colored t-shirts. He wears the same tattered black vans everyday. Most of his shirts has penguins on it, as it is his favorite animal. He wears a black necklace with a blue arrowhead hanging from it.

    History (Pre-Admission): Oliver didn't know what he was thinking. Actually, he didn't care what he was thinking. He still doesn't care what he was thinking. He never knew it would be a big deal. He didn't think his parents would make it a big deal either. It was innocent, at least he thought so. Apparently, it was not so innocent according to his parents. He didn't plan on them walking in, but he also didn't care if they walked in. It was just a kiss. Just a small innocent kiss from his best friend. His best friend who was a boy. Even though he was sent here, he has no regrets. Not like he has any choice. He might as well get over and maybe if he pretends it never happened, it'll never have happened.

    Wish: Acceptance

    Other: Slightly cowardly, and lives in kind of a fantasy world. Like cartoons and loves kids.
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  17. Name: Jezleen Jezebell Blair
    Assigned Name: Witch
    Jez (open)

    History (Pre-Admission): So what if she was odd? Oddness is uniqueness, and no one should try to cover it. That was her opinion, but her multiple foster parents did not share her mentality. There was always something about her her foster parents never liked, nor did the nuns at her previous orphanarium. Whenever it had to do with her looks, like her hair that was an only-achievable-through-colouring-yet-somehow-natural shade of red hair, and her soul-piercing green eyes; or her personality, which was odd in their 'normal' eyes. Well, no matter whart the reason, adults never liked it. Her orphanarium, so sick of having this girl repeatedly sent back to them, sent her to moonlight High school to finally dispose of her for good.
    Wish: To have her oddness accepted.
    Other: She claims she doesn't have a style, and this is true. Her wardrobe varies from classic goth to modern punk, with the occasional dash of prep mixed in every nowand then.
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