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  1. I really want someone to be a partner for this plot I have ; _ ;
    Please help a poor soul and satisfy this craving.

    I have three different scenarios for you to choose from, which give a little twist~
    Choose one, though. Or we can mix it a little?


    A young painter lives in a large estate on a giant hill on the outskirts of town. The painter's parents are extremely restrictive, isolating them from the world by keeping them inside the house and never letting them out even once. They were home schooled and barely had any friends, apart from family friends that her parents rarely invited over. The parents had a reason though - the painter was so exceptionally good at painting her works would come to life and roam the living world for a single day, living until the sun sets. Sometimes if you entered their room, there could be dragons flying puffing smoke from their nostrils and breathing fire, or cute fantasy creatures so fluffy they looked like pompoms.

    Our painter grows up, and naturally gets curious about sex. They read plenty of novels, asking her servants to go to the library and pick out random books for her to read. She comes across a book about two demons who fall in love with each other and how they journey across hell and earth to meet each other. Inspired, she draws a very handsome demon using her imagination, watching as the demon emerges from the paper. This demon was indeed very special, it sensed her curiosity, and from its body it emitted a strong aura of lust that caused the painter to explore their sexual nature.

    #1 (open)
    You Go.
    The demon and its creator get to know each other, but the painter knows they will disappear by sunset. A romance occurs between the two of them but they bid each other farewell every day, the painter watches as her creation disappears into black smoke. The painter continues her life, continuing to draw, but never forgetting the demon. The painter decides to draw it again, hoping to see it - but to their surprise, it's the exact same demon! Instead of a new creation that simply looked alike, it was the one she had met a month ago. Same personality, same appearance and it missed its creator very much. From then on, the painter would paint the demon every single morning, their relationship going even further - but the painter had an important task; hide it from her parents.

    #2 (open)
    You Stay.
    The demon and its creator get to know each other, but the painter knows they will disappear by sunset. Not wanting to see such a magnificent creature go, they decide to go to sleep before sunset. When the painter wakes up, they are surprised to see the demon still there, smiling beside them on the bed. Every once in a while, the demon would sneak the painter out to see the outside world through magic, showing them parts of the world that she couldn't even imagine. Love sparks, but the painter's parents have already arranged a marriage between them and a rich family's son/daughter, how could the painter keep the demon and their relationship hidden?

    #3 (open)
    We Leave.
    The demon and its creator get to know each other, but the painter knows they will disappear by sunset. However, just minutes before the sun sinks below the horizon, the demon drags her into the paper in which they were painted on. They arrive in a twisted but beautiful wonderland, a kingdom of imagination. The demon is the ruler of this small world and declares the painter their mate. But a force that is known to eat imagination itself comes closer by the second, its eyes set on the painter...
  2. //rolls in
    I'd like to do scenario #3 with you if nobody already asked.
  3. Yaaay!
    I shall pm you~
  4. A mix of senario 3 and 1. Maybe she gets trapped in the painting at night?
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  5. Interesting! Want to play with that plot?
  6. Of course. But, am I the painter or am I the Demon?
  7. Your choice.
  8. The demon ;3

    Or we can do 2 stories each with a different person and each being transported into a different world?

    I was thinking for a boy painter just facing hard times and creates a kitsune in a dark 60's-era world.
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  9. Sounds good, I'll pm you later~
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