Wisdom Teeth

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Which happened to you

  1. Dry socket

    1 vote(s)
  2. puffy and bruised

    5 vote(s)
  3. haven't gotten them out yet

    8 vote(s)
  4. neither

    14 vote(s)
  5. both

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  1. So I have this theory and so far seems to be true. If you get your wisdom teeth out you either get puffy and bruised or you get Dry socket. So if you have gotten them please post below and answer poll above.

    I got Dry Socket only
  2. Never got mine out yet, they only cut up my gums once a month or so. :P

    Though I'm wondering if anyone here is a Dentist and can answer these questions.
  3. what questions hun?
  4. ^This one.
  5. I have only two of mine out!

    My teeth are mutants xD I was in the chair for like four hours, my dentist had to take a break cause his arm was tired.

    Most teeth have two roots that stay nicely in the gums?

    Mine have THREE, and they're ALL hooked into my jawbone. The dentist had to stop after the four hours and said he was 99% sure there were no pieces of my tooth left but to come in right away if it felt infection-y, but he didn't want to remove any more bits of jawbone because then I risk a jaw infection.

    Understandably, he recommended that if my wisdoms on the other side didn't cause any issues (pain, impacting, etc) that I leave them be.
  6. dude fricking ouch I am so sorry

    Oh no this just a poll to see and probably not they already tell you it will happen it just seems people get one or the other
  7. I had my top two taken out, as the little bastards grew in SIDEWAYS. The bottom of the teeth were scraping against my cheeks. @___@

    Taking mine out was flawless. o__o Just POP right out. I was pretty high both times, but it was quick. I didn't have any extended pain, bruising, dry socket or complications. I mean, it hurt and was sore that first day and a little bit the next day, but I didn't notice any kind of swelling or bruising. Just a huge gaping hole that food kept getting stuck in. D:<

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  8. I haven't gotten any of my wisdom teeth pulled, but I know one of them is lying in a weird position so it's growing out completely fucked so it's hard to brush it and two others are only half grown out which also makes it hard to brush them, and the forth one hasn't grown out yet, so that's the only one I dun have to worry about -_-' I'm just waiting for the day when my dentist says "Yep, you're fucked, time for a pull." T-T Though non of my parents nor my siblings have needed them pulled, so I might be safe cause good genes :D

  9. ouch, are they pain full or feel swollen at all?
    see that wasn't why mine happened just happened I kept my tooth holes clean and obviously didn't eat anything that could get stuck, it was just my horrible luck. -_- Oh well they are out yay
  10. I haven't had any taken out and don't plan on having them removed. They're coming in straight and I've toughed through several of them ripping through my gums already.

    Therefore, I am mildly perturbed that there are no poll options that accurately reflect my circumstances (like, so mildly perturbed that I felt the need to point it out).
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  11. No, they're just in bad positions that's all. Has been like that for years without anything happening. My dentist warned me for the one lying down at the side and leaning against my other tooth when he noticed that it was growing out, but since then he hasn't mentioned it, so I'm guessing it wasn't as big of a deal as it could have been. As I said, it's hard to brush so something could eventually happen, but considering no one in my family have had theirs pulled, genetically I seem to be pretty safe.
  12. Oh not bad then
  13. Actually it speaks to my dentists skill and the magic of local anesthesia that it was not a painful experience! By all rights half my face should have been bruised, but I looked fine and barely needed my painkillers. He gave me T3s and I ended up taking them for my shoulder instead. (I have pretty near constant shoulder pain, usually just uncomfortable but sometimes it flares into the realm of excruciating)
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  14. I got you well that's good
  15. My mother is actually a dental assistant so knows a lot about it. Though sadly she doesn't live with me so I'll call her after work to see her thoughts on the matter.

    I got mine out at a rather early age. I think I was 13 or 14? I had all four of mine. I had to be put under in a hospital due to possible breathing issues. My recovery went really well, seeing as I couldn't take the pain killers because they made me feel ill. You'll always get swollen to some degree, my sister had it worse then me. However, if you listen and do everything your dentist tells you to do, it should go over fine. No short cuts because you 'feel good'. They are rules for a reason.
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    By the way, does getting them removed really hurt that bad? I'm guessing a filling is nothing in comparison.
  17. Had all 4 of mines removed because i had a crazy infection and felt like i was going to die. My face felt like it was going to rip in half and the pain went into my ear and neck. I was on pain killers for months because i meeded approval from my doctor because i am an asthmatic and we can die going under.

    My wisdom teeth pushed so hard for so long, they broke two other teeth.

    But after i got them out, one cheek had minor swelling but by the next day it was gone.i ate solid food cause i was hungry and i couldnt really talk because i had stitches. So...yeah that was it lol.
  18. only dry socket
    Bruh ouch
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  19. Mine popped out no problem and by day two I was eating hamburgers like nothing happened. No irritation, no swelling, nothing. Just had to clean the openings after each meal with a water syringe rinse.
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  20. As it happens I have a Wisdom Tooth coming through at the moment. It's been moving for the last couple years and I'd say it's broken through in the last year or so. It's very painful and while I do have the option of having it out, it's actually recommended you push through the pain and let it come through naturally if you have that option, since there are many nerves that can become exposed if you have it removed. So that's what I'm doing, just letting it come through naturally.

    The other side on the other hand, is 'impacted' so if it starts to move I'll have to have it removed, which sucks.
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