(WIP) The Tempest: Shining Lights

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  1. WIP
    (Do not post just yet! Formatting is NOT done!)

    Warning: This game is not for the weak of heart or stomach. Please take this game with a grain of salt, as there will be lots of death.
    The Templeton Tower, or the Castle of Temples, used to be a beautiful castle owned by a couple of suitors in Ireland. But why did it have that burned, dark look? They rumored the castle to be haunted with lots of ghosts, caterwauling through the nooks and crannies of the halls.

    Around the 1870s, the castle caught on fire from a single match and too much firewood. Strange enough, the one who set the fire died while the whole thing stood intact. Even the haunting tales of apparitions did little to dissuade six entities to change it to a school.
    Now, almost 300 years later, the famous castle transitioned into an equally extravagant school. The students worked lo g hours and socialized in harmony. Unfortunately, the halcyon years grew to a screeching halt. The principal of the school was a demonic entity dubbed "Flashlight".

    During the Bloodstream, Flashlight handpicked twenty out of the thousands of potential students to get in to what he called The Greenlights. This was an Honors Program in where each student went on field trips, committed to their work, and even deliberate on current events. Upon the second week, it was clear that Mr. Flash had a less than honorable reason for the Greenlight Project.

    One day, these students woke up in an alternate dark version of Templeton Academy. They didn't remember forms to be a member of the Greenlight Program. The real plan of the Bloodstream was to make it a slaughter frenzy. If they were to survive and leave Templeton, they were to accept the prisons, try not to breach school rules, and kill one of their own.

    Failure would result in immediate death.
    (Because this is a rough draft, these rules are not set to stone)
    1. If you are aware that you have limited time, please refrain posting in this game.
    2. All rules apply
    SHSL: Please be realistic when it comes to choosing a school issued title.
    1. The talents have to exist in real modern life. Research the talent as if you had to write a research paper on it.
    a. If any of these talents are unrealistic, inappropriate (well, it IS a school) or vague, I will ask you to change it.
    b. If you choose to be the "Templeton's Lucky Stars", PM me. This is just like playing the "Ultimate Lucky Students"... Minus the " Ultimate", of course!
    2. Unlike a certain game, I will not recommend that you start your title with "Ultimate". This is real life; " Ultimate" = GODLIKE POWER! Or... You are the only one who really knows that talent. Take your creations SERIOUSLY, as I will reject characters with "Ultimate" without a reason.
    a. You are young students attending a high school. You are not expected to be the best in the world.
    b. You can have it start with " Top", such as "Top Teen Bookseller" or "Top Ballerina".
    c. You may also have "(Insert Country/City here)'s Best/Honorable/Top..." as a title. For example, America's Sweetest Gospel Singer is an acceptable title.
    d. You may also have a title without these honorifics. "Lady of the Pack", " The Victorian Fashionista", "Imperial Gunner" or anything like that fits.
    e. These GLP (Greenlight Prodigies) need to have a purpose for living.
    First Name:
    Middle Name:
    Last Name:

    Grade: (8-12)
    IQ: (should be realistic)

    Sexual Orientation:
    Age: (please keep it between 14-19 of you are a student.)
    Birthday: (Today is September 19, 2020)

    Religion: (Try not to choose the same religion as someone else! There's lots out there!)

    Appearance: (For pictures, real life photos or realistic drawings are REQUIRED. This game is best viewed in real life in where we learn to grow.)
    Voice: (How does it sound like? Feel free to put this section in character)

    Personality: (detailed)
    Strengths: (Max of four)
    Weaknesses: (Min of two)
    SHST: (Super High School Title; refer to the rules for more information.)
    Biography: (Optional)

    Extra Info: (Anything else?)
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