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    GMs: @Klutzy Ninja Kitty

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    Welcome to Kingdom Hearts: Daybreak! This is a roleplay that is chronologically set during Kingdom Hearts: Unchained X. Some knowledge of past Kingdom Hearts games may be required to fully understand this roleplay's lore, but it is not required that anyone needs to know all of the series' lore to participate.

    This is a game that will be divided up into chapters, and events will happen over certain periods of time in these chapters. The main idea of this roleplay is based around Daybreak Town--home of the Keyblade wielders in this story. All of the wielders will be living here, acquiring missions from a mission postings board at the town plaza, and working together to gather lux for their Unions. The separate Unions--although they try to work together--have been feuding lately. Will they resolve their differences? Or will their problems eventually lead to a civil war?

    Note: This roleplay will diverge from canon at some point. Many events that will take place in this roleplay are events that have not been revealed in titles such as Kingdom Hearts 2.8 and Kingdom Hearts 3, so they will be original, non-canon events.

    Table of Contents

    Premise - An introduction to the story

    Rules - All of the rules and instructions that must be followed in order to participate.

    Lore - The history behind Kingdom Hearts: Daybreak and how it connects to the roleplay.

    Worlds - Any and all locations having to do with this roleplay will be listed here, including home worlds of all the characters.

    Character Sheet - Fill this out in order to participate.

    Cast - An entire character directory of all NPCs and PCs that have been or currently are in the roleplay.

    The Story so far... - This will be a summary section for all of the past events that have already happened, and all of the current events that are happening.

    Announcements - Any and all announcements made about this roleplay.​
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    Keyblade Wielder Premise

    Ever since you've been young, you've felt different than others. You have strange dreams where a unique key-shaped weapon appears in your grasp, but you don't really know what this power is or how to control it. At some point in your young life, you have another strange dream. A Chirithy calls out to you, telling you what you are. You are a keyblade wielder, destined to leave your home and travel to a place where you will learn to master this power inside you. After viewing these dreams, you choose to leave your home and follow your destiny.

    Your journey begins with an Awakening as you stand on a platform of stained glass emblazoned with images of five creatures — the bear Ursus, the snake Anguis, the unicorn Unicornis, the fox Vulpes, and the leopard Leopardus. You select one of the five as the Union you wish to be allied with and a flash of light appears, your keyblade appearing in your hands once more. The bright light emanating from the Keyblade transports you to a brand new world known as Daybreak Town.

    Daybreak Town appears to be a quaint place, with its pastel-colored mosaic streets and peaceful atmosphere. However, the world actually exists as the site of a massive conflict between the five Unions... a conflict that will hopefully be resolved in the future...

    As you make Daybreak town your home, your Chirithy appears at your side--teaching you how to control your keyblade and what your task at hand is. You must travel to other worlds and destroy heartless, creatures of darkness, and collect orbs of light known as lux for your Union.

    Chirithy Premise

    You clearly remember how you were born. You appeared one day in Daybreak Town, as if out of nowhere--a young, pure being of light. Immediately, you knew your purpose. It is your job to locate a young keyblade wielder, who you are meant to assist, a wielder whom you were bonded to from the moment of your birth. This bond you share is for life and, whether you know who they are or not, you will always be connected with them. If they feel pain, you will feel pain. If their life ends or their heart falls to darkness, so will your own.

    So, it is your job to locate and guide this new keyblade wielder. You must teach them how to control their abilities and make sure nothing bad happens to them. But, in a world where the once peaceful Unions of light are now feuding, you wonder how easy your task will be...

    Will you run from your destiny? Or will you choose to accept it and find your wielder? Maybe you already have...

    The choice is yours.
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    1. All of Iwakuroleplay's rules apply to this roleplay.

    2. Please listen to and respect your GMs. Also, be sure to respect any and all other members of this roleplay as well. No arguing with anyone in the OOC thread or treating a character with disrespect IC because you're mad at them out-of-character.

    3. Godmodding, Metagaming, and overpowering your characters is forbidden.

    4. OOC talk is not allowed in the IC thread. If you would like to talk OOC you're more than welcome to do so in our OOC / Sign-Ups thread or in Daybreak's discord server.

    5. If you become inactive for a long period of time without telling anyone, your character(s) will be turned into NPCs that could be given to GMs, other players, or even killed off. So be sure to tell everyone if you'll be gone for a while and intend to return so that this doesn't happen. Similarly, if you tell everyone you will be quitting the roleplay, your characters will still be turned into NPCs so if you ever decided to return to the roleplay there's a chance your characters would still be there.

    6. You are allowed to sign-up with as many characters as you like, but be sure not to take on more than you can handle.

    7. Something we refer to as the "posting rule" should be in effect for every IC post. It is extremely helpful in keeping track of where everyone is. At the top of any post you make put in bold the name of the character you are currently playing, their location, and who you are interacting with. For example:

    Kim - Bus Stop - Steven

    If you are playing multiple characters in one post, just add their names in:

    Kim and Stacy - Restaurant - Each Other

    If there are multiple people in the same place and you don't know who you are interacting with at the moment, broaden the terms:

    Kim - Office - Everyone

    This way, no matter who replies, everyone who is currently in the office knows you might be interacting with them or can start an interaction.

    8. More rules may be added as we see fit.​
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    As mentioned above, this roleplay takes place during the period of Kingdom Hearts: Unchained x. For a clear representation of this, see here for a Kingdom Hearts story timeline.

    The following is important, recurring information that you will see often during this roleplay.

    Keyblade: A key-shaped weapon that can vanquish the darkness and free the hearts from the Heartless. It can also unlock any lock, including the Keyholes to the hearts of worlds. They were originally weapons made to fight over Kingdom Hearts, but Keyblade-wielders today use them to guard the realm of light instead. You can change the shape and abilities of a Keyblade by equipping a keychain to it, and they can also be transformed into vehicles for traversing the Lanes Between. Some Keyblades belong to the realm of light, and some to the realm of darkness, but all that difference amounts to is which side of Kingdom Hearts’ door it needs to be on to close it.

    Lanes Between: The paths that allow travel between worlds. They’re opened by Keyblade-bearers using the power of their Keyblades.

    REALM OF LIGHT: People live in this light-filled realm. Everything was connected long ago, but after stability decayed, the realm was divided into smaller worlds. Every world is covered by an invisible wall, making it impossible to travel to other worlds without special means. Besides which, prancing between worlds is expressly forbidden, as it may mess with the natural order of each one. Every world has its own heart, and if you open the door that leads to it, darkness will cause the walls around the world to shatter. Those fragments rain down as a meteor shower, and they can be used as ingredients for Gummi Ships.

    REALM OF DARKNESS: Located on the opposite side of the realm of light, no humans live there, and it’s flooded with Heartless. The realm of darkness and realm of light are connected with the Door to Darkness and the Door to Light. The Door to Darkness can only be used by beings of darkness, and the Door to Light can only be used by residents of light.

    REALM BETWEEN: It exists between the light and the dark. The number of worlds here is scarce in comparison to the realm of light. And because of how unstable it is, corridors of darkness are prone to open sporadically.

    Unions: Unions are factions in the world of Kingdom Hearts Unchained x. There are five Unions in total, each led by one of the five chosen apprentices of the Master of Masters, the Foretellers—Foreteller Invi's Anguis, Foreteller Gula's Leopardos, Foreteller Ira's Unicornis, Foreteller Aced's Ursus, and Foreteller Ava's Vulpes. The goal of each Union is to defend the worlds from the Heartless, collect light in form of Lux and compete with the other Unions in those categories in different daily and weekly challenges.

    Fortellers: The Foretellers are a group of Keyblade Masters that appears Kingdom Hearts χ and consists of Invi, Gula, Ira, Aced, and Ava. Together, the Foretellers lead the five Unions and protect the worlds from darkness.

    Heartless: When a person loses their heart to darkness, the darkness in that heart is made real, and a being of darkness is born in the darkness. They lack intelligence and reason, but they yearn for darkness and go after the hearts of the worlds. They reproduce by stealing more hearts. Evil groups tend to use the Heartless for their own schemes.

    PUREBLOOD HEARTLESS = Heartless that occur naturally. It’s possible to free hearts when they’re defeated by the Keyblade. The realm of darkness is home to an abundance of Purebloods.

    EMBLEM HEARTLESS = Artificially manufactured Heartless that Ansem the Wise’s apprentices made during their experiments. They bear a crest on their bodies that contains Xehanort’s “X” recusant sigil.

    Nobodies: The opposite of the Heartless known as “non-beings.” When the owner of a strong heart becomes a Heartless, a Nobody is born. Most of them have the appearance of white ghosts, but if the owner of an especially strong heart becomes a Nobody, they can maintain their human form. While a Heartless is a heart lost to darkness, a Nobody is the body and soul that’s separated from their heart. They’re emotionless, instead using memory and intellect to act as a group.

    Dream Eaters: Monsters that haunt the realm of sleep and eat dreams. They can appear as Nightmares, which induce bad dreams, or Spirits, which can consume nightmares.

    The Ranking Parade: Every Monday morning in Daybreak Town, the keyblade wielders and Foretellers hold a special parade to celebrate the achievements of the wielders and Unions who did the best job of collecting lux during the past week. The top five best wielders are paraded around town and hailed as heroes, even given great rewards for their efforts.

    Most of the above terms will apply to Kingdom Hearts: Daybreak, but if you're interested in reading more of them to learn more about the series lore see here.
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    Daybreak Town: A quaint place with pastel-colored mosaic streets and peaceful atmosphere. Daybreak Town is the home of the keyblade wielders.

    Daybreak Town Locations
    Town Plaza: Located at the center of town, the plaza is the main gathering spot for its citizens. There is a request board located here for keyblade wielders to use so they can take on jobs.

    Marketplace: A local shopping center where many Moogle vendors have set up their shops.

    The Park: A relaxing spot in Daybreak town with a beautiful garden nearby and plenty of benches for people to sit on.

    Daybreak Town Castle: A marvelous castle which is a home to the Foretellers. It is forbidden for any keyblade wielders (other than the Foretellers) to visit.

    Wonderland: This world is nonsensical and bizarre in its own way. Houses that have foldable furniture, a tea party without any guests, and a forest of giant flowers are just some of the odd things found here. The world is ruled by the stroppy Queen of Hearts and her card-like soldiers.

    Wonderland Locations
    Bizarre Room: A mysterious room that seems to defy logic. The room contains a table with two little bottles filled with strange fluid. The bottles read "Drink Me."

    Lotus Forrest: An odd forrest that is difficult to navigate, appearing almost like a maze on the inside. It's filled to the brim with monsters and weird plants. You get the feeling a pair of eyes is watching you...

    Dwarven Woodlands: Dwarf Woodlands has a Castle where the ruler of the world, the Queen, resides. Outside of the castle is a meadow, which leads to a very dark forest. On the other side of the forest there is a cottage where the Seven Dwarfs live. There is a path from the cottage to a cave which the Dwarfs use to mine rare jewels.

    Dwarven Woodlands Locations
    The Mines
    Dark Woods
    The Queen's Castle

    Olympus Coliseum: The World is based off a similar structure built in ancient Rome. It serves as a place where heroes from all across the lands can come to in order to compete in Tournaments which are held for prizes.

    Olympus Coliseum Locations
    The Coliseum
    The Underworld

    Agrabah: Agrabah is a city built on a very large desert, and as such, sandstorms frequent Agrabah which has resulted in many of the buildings being damaged and weathered heavily. Agrabah has many secret passages to get to other places, one of them leading to The Cave of Wonders.

    Agrabah Locations
    City Streets

    Sultan's Palace

    The Desert

    The Cave of Wonders: The Cave of Wonders is made up of many puzzles and is full of different treasures as well as traps.

    Beast's Castle: A mystical castle that seems to be enchanted. A strong feeling of magic surrounds this location. Beast's Castle looks much like a Loire-Valley-styled castle in old France.

    Beast's Castle Locations
    Entrance Hall
    East Wing
    West Wing
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    Character Sheets

    Appearance: [You're more than welcome to use any kind of face claim you'd like whether it be an actual person, anime character, or even a screenshot of the avatar you use in Kingdom Hearts Unchained x. But keep in mind if you choose to play a Moogle or Chirithy it will have a certain appearance. Moogles look like this and Chirithy look like this. You may, however, describe different clothing or accessories that your Moogle or Chirithy character is wearing in order to make them your own.]



    Race: [Daybreak Town is inhabited by Humans, Moogles, and Chirithy Dream Eaters. You may choose one of the three. Keep in mind that Chirithy do not possess keyblades and are bound to another keyblade wielder as their aide.]

    Union: [Your character must choose a Union to be affiliated with. Each Union has their own agenda that will not be revealed until later. A Chirithy will choose to side with the same Union their keyblade wielder does. For information about the Unions see here.]

    Skills: [Players are allowed to specialize in Speed, Power, or Magic. You may choose one skill to specialize in. You will possess the other two skills as well, but they will be much weaker than the skill you have chosen to specialize in.]

    Keyblade: [You will be allowed to have two. By default you will always have the Starlight keyblade. For your second keyblade, however, if you chose Speed as your skill, Lady Luck will be your keyblade. If you chose Magic as your skill, your keyblade will be Three Wishes. If you chose Power as your skill, you will have the Treasure Trove keyblade. If you chose to play as a Chirithy, this option will be N/A entirely.]



    Home World: [Nobody but Dream Eaters originally come from Daybreak Town. They are either recruited by other Keyblade wielders or Chirithy Dream Eaters to come live and train there. List here what your character's home world will be. You may choose any Disney related, Kingdom Hearts related, or original world.]​
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    Inivi, Ava, and Ephemera played by @Klutzy Ninja Kitty

    Foreteller Inivi


    Name: Foreteller Invi

    Age: ???

    Race: Human

    Union: Anguis

    Skills: As a master, she is well versed in all of her skills.

    Keyblade: Foreteller Invi wields the longest of the Foreteller's Keyblades, which has a light gray handle. Its pommel and guard resemble a silvery bough bursting with leaves, and are open on the teeth-side of the blade. The base of the blade is an etching of a silver, blue-eyed cobra, with its tail curling into an "∞" shape, and the shaft is formed from a silver, kris-like blade with a wide, darkened fuller, itself etched with a cream-colored ivy design. The teeth also resemble a silvery bough, and have an etched icon resembling Terra's Mark. The Keychain is made of small, silver sprigs, and the token is a leafed silver talisman with an eye of darkness.

    Personality: Invi is intelligent and wise, but prefers to work alone--away from others. Her weakness is that she tends to be suspicious of others and is materialistic, protective over her own possessions. She is also quite envious of the top ranking Unions, and talks poorly of them behind their backs. But to those she grows fond of, she is more than willing to have long talks with them and share her wisdom. Naturally, she is rather quiet.

    Bio: Foreteller Invi is a young woman who wears a blue snake mask and a light blue hooded cloak over a darker blue robe, shirt, and sash, each with gold embroidering. Her shirt is worn beneath Her cloak, is fastened by the sash, and has long sleeves that extend slightly past her wrists. The tassels on the front of the cloak are turquoise in coloration. Her name is derived from the Latin word "invidia", or Envy, which is symbolized by a snake in the Ancrene Wisse.

    Foreteller Gula


    Name: Foreteller Gula

    Age: ???

    Race: Human

    Union: Leopardos

    Skills: As a master, he is well versed in all of his skills.

    Keyblade: Foreteller Gula wields a Keyblade with a dark blue handle. Its pommel and guard resemble a golden bolt of lightning. The base of the blade is an etching of a green-eyed leopard, and the shaft is formed from a golden, spiked blade with a wide, darkened fuller, itself etched with a yellow icon resembling Terra's Mark. The teeth are formed from a web of crystalline spikes, and have another etched icon resembling Terra's Mark. The Keychain is made of small, electrumcrystals, and the token is a spiked electrum talisman with an eye of darkness.

    Personality: Gula is a rather assertive, bold, and tough individual. He likes to be among his Union and inspire them to work hard. He enjoys running, exercising, and sparring with members of other Unions. He is quick to say what is on his mind, and because of this he doesn't have many friends. Regardless, he is still a talkative individual.

    Bio: Foreteller Gula is a boy who wears a white leopard mask and a pale yellow hooded cloak over a yellowish-tan robe, shirt, and sash, each with dark grey embroidering. His shirt is worn beneath his cloak, is fastened by the sash, and has long sleeves that extend slightly past his wrists. The tassels on the front of the cloak are light blue in coloration. His name is derived from the Latin word "gula", or Gluttony.

    Forteller Ira


    Name: Foreteller Ira

    Age: ???

    Race: Human

    Union: Unicornis

    Skills: As a master, he is well versed in all of his skills.

    Keyblade: http://www.khwiki.com/images/thumb/e/e8/Foreteller_Ira's_Keyblade_KHX.png/621px-Foreteller_Ira's_Keyblade_KHX.png

    Personality: Ira is a soft-spoken and kind individual. He is also very energetic and imaginative, unable to stay in one place for very long. He is adventurous, more than happy to travel the worlds and sketch drawings of them in a notebook he enjoys carrying around. His kindness can be a weakness at times, however, as some people have taken advantage of him because of it. But when pushed to his limits, he will unleash an anger like none other.

    Bio: Foreteller Ira is a young man with light skin who wears a white and gold unicorn mask and a white hooded cloak over a light blue robe, shirt, and sash, each with gold embroidering. His shirt is worn beneath his cloak, is fastened by the sash, and has long sleeves that extend slightly past his wrists. The tassels on the front of the cloak are gold in coloration. His name is derived from the Latin word "ira", or Wrath, which is symbolized by a unicorn in the Ancrene Wisse.

    Forteller Aced


    Name: Foreteller Aced

    Age: ???

    Race: Human

    Union: Ursus

    Skills: As a master, he is well versed in all of his skills.

    Keyblade: http://www.khwiki.com/images/thumb/b/b4/Foreteller_Aced's_Keyblade_KHX.png/640px-Foreteller_Aced's_Keyblade_KHX.png

    Personality: Aced speaks slowly and fights slowly, but is very strong. Aced is often silent and concerned with looking strong in front of others, but is truthfully a kind individual. He will never back down from a challenge or an argument. On his off days, Aced enjoys being in the wilderness and fishing. He prefers the serenity of nature over the hustle and bustle of a busy town.

    Bio: Foreteller Aced is a muscular young man with dark skin who wears a dark grey bear mask and a tan hooded cloak over a light brown robe, shirt, and sash, each with black embroidering. His shirt is worn beneath his cloak, is fastened by the sash, and has long sleeves that extend slightly past his wrists. The tassels on the front of the cloak are gold in coloration. His name is derived from the Latin word "acedia", or Sloth, which is symbolized by a bear in the Ancrene Wisse.

    Forteller Ava


    Name: Foreteller Ava

    Age: ???

    Race: Human

    Union: Vulpes

    Skills: As a master, she is well versed in all of her skills.

    Keyblade: http://www.khwiki.com/images/thumb/8/8e/Foreteller_Ava's_Keyblade_KHX.png/584px-Foreteller_Ava's_Keyblade_KHX.png

    Personality: Ava is a cunning and swift individual. To those who get to know her, she is playful, optimistic, and charming. To those she doesn't know, she pretends to be shy. Her shyness is only a front, however, so that she may get to know people before choosing to open up to them. The weakest of the five foretellers, Ava majorly relies on her wit and speed to outmatch her opponents in battle. She's always scheming up new methods that help her Union obtain more lux than the others--which is why they are the top ranked one. During her down-time she enjoys music, dancing, and reading.

    Bio: Foreteller Ava is a girl with light skin who wears a white and blue fox mask and a pink hooded cloak over a white robe, dark grey shirt, and dark grey sash, each with gold embroidering. Her shirt is worn beneath her cloak, is fastened by the sash, and has long sleeves that extend slightly past her wrists. The tassels on the front of the cloak are light green in coloration. Her name is derived from the Latin word "avaritia", or Greed, which is symbolized by a fox in the Ancrene Wisse.



    Name: Ephemera

    Age: ???

    Race: Human

    Union: Unicornis

    Skills: Speed

    Keyblade: The Starlight Keyblade

    Personality: Ephemera is a plucky, cheerful, and energetic boy. He is quite friendly and even doesn't mind helping new people who have just joined a Union, even if it isn't his own Union. Without realizing it though, Ephemera can be nosey. He likes to learn the secrets of others and will even sneak around to learn things he becomes determined to know.

    Bio: Ephemera is a member of the Unicornis Union who has a strong light in his heart. When Skuld first joined their Union he was the first and only one to offer his assistance to her, causing the two of them to become good friends. Over time, Ephemera became suspicious of the foretellers, feeling as if they are hiding something...



    Name: Skuld

    Age: ???

    Race: Human

    Union: Unicornis

    Skills: Magic

    Keyblade: The Starlight Keyblade


    Bio: When she first joined the Unicornis Union and needed assistance, the only wielder kind enough to lend her a hand was Ephemera. The two have been good friends ever since.

    Claimable Characters

    Player Characters

    Sleepy played by @Klutzy Ninja Kitty
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    The Story So Far...

    The story begins on a Monday morning in Daybreak Town. The traditional Ranking Parade is about to take place. The streets are filled with cheering keyblade wielders awaiting the parade to begin. Some wielders are sparring, chatting, or shopping at Moogle vendors. All appears peaceful for the time being...​
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    Name: Sleepy

    Age: 18

    Race: Human

    Union: Vulpes

    Skills: Her specialty is in magic.

    Keyblade: Starlight and Three Wishes

    Personality: Sleepy is a rather lazy, procrastinating individual. Like her name suggests, she is often quite tired, drowsy acting, and even slow. But, underneath her lazy disposition she is actually quite the friendly caring individual.

    Bio: Sleepy was abandoned at birth by unknown parents in a world known as the Dwarven Woodlands. She was found and raised by the seven dwarves. They named her Sleepy, after one of their fellow dwarves, because she enjoyed napping. One night she had a dream in which a Chirithy appeared before her and told her about her destiny to become a keyblade wielder. She left her world the next day for Daybreak Town.

    Home World: Dwarven Woodlands​
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