(WIP) Idol Master (ooc/sign up)

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  1. Idol Master, a project that actually very few people know about, is now recruiting new members. It's front is that it is a modeling/singer/artist agency. Well it is.. but in a different sense. For though there are some things that a normal agency would have, but it is also in more then one secret service.

    These idol's are chosen to be in one or more of the fields associated with these secret jobs

    -Alien Hunter/saver
    -Planetary Jurisdiction officer
    -Inter-web Agent

    They do these things while going to

    -perform in concerts
    -photo shoots
    -having a normal teenage life
    -appearing in the video game world
    and plenty of other things.

    But everything changes when everysingle one of these people dissappear. But they didn't go far. Oh no, they have all been sucked into the Viral world. Then have become part of a computer program, and gaming system. It all happened when the makers of Vocaloid started working on Project Diva.

    (sorry will work more on this!)