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    Welcome to the Alfea college for Fairies, the most prestigious institution for faeries in all of Magix. Here girls learn to master the basics of their magic, fight evil, and how to be the guardians of they're realms (Or maybe queens of their realms).

    Through some means or another, you have been accepted (or you were held back a year, in which case, welcome back.) You'll set up and meet your roomates, and other new people, than it's time to start your training. Behave like responsible young ladies, and, and everything will be fine.

    And now, three things to keep in mind:

    One, most of our rules are simple to follow but there is one I must stress: stay AWAY from cloud tower. We have no punishment if you wonder over there because nothing we can do will be worse than what they'll do to you. Ms. Griffin has been 'kind' these last few years, but you may not find such luck now.

    Two, The Red Fountain School is also not available for casual visit. The boys are just as busy as you will be, so let's not be a distraction.

    Finally, I encourage you to be cautious this Semester. We have a string of non-lethal accidents here that we have been unable to identify the cause of as of yet. They seem to be mostly harmless pranks, such as knocking over books, or smoke spells. We will be working on containing this problem, but I encourage you to be alert.

    That said, have fun and good luck!


    Alright; So, you can either join as a professor or a fairy student, up to you. Students will all be freshman (or held back back a year, again up to you) and professors must all be at least older than 21. I'll post the profile skeleton when I have enough people interested.

    Also, there is a story that will be happening here; play along, and add your own twists if you'd like.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.