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  1. Hey everyone! I am just looking to see who would be interested in doing an RP based off the TV series Winx.I have several ideas already and I am going to just state them here in a list.

    Just general genres that i want to have in this RP
    ~ Romance (I want everyone to have romance if they want to have it)
    ~ Action

    What I am hoping for in this RP
    ~ Romance (again ^^;;)
    ~ I want to have some Character Deaths but that is only if we want to have it~ ^^

    Plot Ideas
    ~ Further in the future and our OCs are "re-incantations" of the previous Winx Club. We could change their group name if that is needed so that they different from the winx.
    ~ A new set of monsters and antagonist
    ~ The Winx Club have passed away for several decades now but of course they haven't been forgotten and we can have some different characters that are similar to the originals in the RP
    ~ There will still be three Schools for the fairies, specialists and the witches and the relationships between the three are better than during the time of when the Winx were here.
    ~ There will be a new set of head teachers and I would love everyone to offer to play not only a winx, specialist or a witch.
    ~ For the Characters I am thinking of a group of six fairies, twelve specialists and six witches. Of course I mentioned before I would love it if some people offered to pick up several of the subjects that are shown to be taught in each of the schools.

    Okay thanks for reading this all but yeah I am hoping to get enough people interested in this. I am actually reall excited for this so please if you are interested tell me~ ^^

    But I would just like to say~ I would like to have the Princess of Melody takign Musa's spot in the winx club in carntations ^^
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    Fairies Re-incarnations (No more fairy spots open!)
    Bloom: @IceQueen, fairy of the flaming dragon
    Musa: @EternalMusic, princess of melody.
    Flora: @EtherealLights, fair of nature
    Techna: @RareSecret, princess of technology
    Aisha: @Kattekerma, fairy of water
    Stella: @Adira, princess of the shinning sun

    1. @Aqacia
    2. @EternalMusic
    3. @RareSecret
    4. @Powerless_

    1. @EternalMusic
    2. @Adira
    3. @EtherealLights
    4. @Aqacia
    5. @Powerless_

    Alfea -
    Headmistress: @EternalMusic

    Potionoligy: @Kattekerma
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  3. I'd be interested!
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  4. I'm interested in this ^-^
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  5. I'm interested
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  6. Yay! There are three people interested!!! *looks around* well I am planning on playing Musa's Re-incartation and the head mistress of Alfea. I don't know who you guys were planning to play ^^
  7. I would probably play a potionology teacher and the reincarnation of Aisha.
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  8. I'm definitely interested! I'd love to play a reincarnation of Bloom or Flora!
  9. I'm hoping to play a witch if thats alright with everybody else.
  10. I'm interested. I'd like to be the reincarnation of Techna. If we are doing that plot.
  11. I would love to be the reincarnation of Musa or Bloom if we do that kind of plot~!
  12. OKay well you have got her!

    You can have Flora cause...

    Asked for Bloom and i can't allow you to have Musa cause I kind of already baggsed her.. Soz ^^;;

    That is absolutely fine!

    I would love you to play a witch. thank you so much!

    OMG! So many replies and I wasn't even gone that long! Thanks everyone for showing such interest and I am loving you all soo much for it! I will create a roster at the end of my first post so that we can see who has been taken and who hasn't ^^
  13. Okay next question, who would your reincarnation like to be? Princess or not a princess. I am going to do this in the order that people first contacted me with who they wanted so sorry if you are the last person and you didn't get a princess or a non princess.

    OKay here is the order that I am going to take the first pick goes to...
    1. @Kattekerma and then
    2. @Adira and then
    3. @RareSecret
    4. @IceQueen

    Tell me if you would like a princess or a non princess.
    The slots that are open are.
    2 princess and 3 non princesses.
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  14. I'd like to take the role of a non-princess if you don't mind.
  15. I'd like a princess please :)
  16. I feel like being a princess.
  17. Guess I am non princess
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  18. Awesome thanks guys for the quick responses! Okay next thing, any of you interested in playing other characters? I will play the headmistress of Alfea and I can play the other headmistresses but I feel like that will be boring for me and I am not sure if I can take care of more than 5 characters ^^;;
    But i guess there is a first time for everything~ ^^

    But yeah are any of you interested in other teaching positions or even specialist positions?
  19. haha sure thing, just give me take a moment.
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