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Welcome Stranger,
I have been liberated from school, and I would love to revamp my writing skills! I'm fairly busy this break but don't fret! I have plenty of time to respond to you once a day. My schedule fluctuates, but I'll let you know if I will be absent for the day or not. Let's get to the good stuff now, shall we?​
Advanced Writers - Patient/Open-minded Person - Aggressive Writer (push the story forward) - Flexible Writer (Capable to write as any gender/sexuality) - Grammar and Spelling should be Proficient - Able to juggle more than one character - A post a week or day - Friendly - Smut is available (For teens) - Other communication is available (I just gotta know you a bit)​

Tales to be Told
Black Bruises; Muse A and Muse B are college students in Canada. The only few that did not leave the country for their homes. The two are stuck in their dorms, sitting ducks. Muse A is an art major who is, undeniably, homosexual. He's a quiet guy and doesn't really speak much. Muse B is an engineering major who is an obviously straight man. The only thing the two have in common is that they are heartbroken. Both have suffered through major depression. Either from a lost love or a tragic loss of family or friends; either way, they're both in pain.​
Panties; This generation has plenty to give - same sex marriage, equality, feminism, all the good stuff! However, people still deal with the inevitable, existential crisis. Muse A and Muse B are dealing with (either sexual orientation or gender). They meet at the party and instantly clicked (either sexually or platonically). Opening up to each other was no struggle but solving it is where the problem lays.​
Neon Lights; The Hustle and Bustle of space is hectic! In this new world, there are parties filled with drinks and drugs. These new drugs are illegal and obviously, one who are in possessions of these drugs get sent to jail. I don't really have a concrete idea as to where this plot is gonna go, but I just know that I have a character in mind so, yeah.​
The Prince & Servant; A twist on Aladdin.​
A Ladies Oath; The Ladies, a prestigious society of women who work to bring peace to the world. Basically, spies of females from all of the world. Our story focuses on two spies from different cultures who are given the task to take out the leader of one the world's biggest (we'll figure it out).​
Unnamed; A story about a successful CEO and an average woman. Muse A and Muse B were young lovers, always cuddling and thinking about a possible future. However, Muse A was always the type to push Muse B away, knowing she would come crawling back. He would flirt with other women and constantly find ways to make her jealous. She would always confront him and they would fight, but always make-up. However, Muse B decided enough was enough and the last time Muse A attempted to make her jealous - she left him. It has now been a few years, they are now adults. The two reunite over a wedding; awkward at first but slowly, they gravitate toward each other. (I am dying to do this)​

Food for Thought
Chinese Dynasty - Romance - Monarchy​
Zombie Apocalypse - Polar Opposite Survivors​
Victorian Era - Crime - Thriller/Psychological​
Witch Hunter - Sold his soul - Chasing after this one witch - Given one more chance​


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Unnamed seems amazing! I'd love to do this if you're still up for it!!
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