Wintry Family Tale

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  1. Like the title suggests I'm looking for an incest RP. I'd like my partner to play the mother and sister and I to play the brother and uncle. This shouldn't be too difficult since the whole house will be stuck in a blizzard for days.

    This story involves an older brother (18-20) coming home from college during the winter holidays to his mother (37-39) and sister (16-18). He hasn't been home in a year and his family misses him a lot. He's been very focused on school and his internship that he hasn't had any time to relax or socialize. His mother is worried for about her son over working himself and tends to his every need. His sister is very enthusiastic to spend time with her brother and find out what college is like. Also, their uncle (the mom's twin brother) comes to visit as well. He's been coming during the holidays ever since their father passed away, comforting the mother and daughter the best he can during this difficult time of the year.

    On the day of arrival, there is predicted to be a terrible blizzard. They prepare buying lots of provisions, and hope the storm passes over them quietly. But they are hit hard with torrential snow. Snow piles up in the town, covering everything waist deep and there is a driving ban in the town. Even worse, utilities slowly go out one by one, starting with the television, internet and phones. Eventually the electricity goes and they are stuck burning things in the fireplace and eventually need to use each other for warmth. Bored, cold and trapped they start to get a little too close.

    This is a rough idea, but you get the picture. Any of this is up for change. The personality and such details for your characters are completely up to you. The stuff I mentioned above is not set in stone.

    There are a few kinks I would like in this RP. I would like the mother or daughter to be a futanari, but this is not necessary. I would like the daughter to be a virgin. I want anal sex, group sex, pegging, bisexual sex, lots of other kinky sex stuff that maybe considered XXX. I am open to adding kinks you like as well.

    Since this is set in a blizzard during a holiday break (7-10 day period) this could be a short to medium length RP, however, we can add potential for creating additional plots, or we can move onto a fresh idea when the holiday is over.

    No gore, vore, bathroom stuff at all.

    Post below if you are interested. If I get multiple people interested we can turn this into a group thing. With 3 to four people.
  2. I might be the first of a few but I'd justlike to say that I am interested to see where this goes so whether if more people do show interest or not I'm totally all for this.
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  3. great i am glad you are interested, firstly, what do you think of the idea of playing one of the women as a futanari?