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  1. Ayden couldn't understand how she had wanted to break up with him. It just couldn't be! He was perfect for her, he knew that she would thank him for keeping them together one day, it was good for her, even though she may not realize it yet.
    "Hey, cutie", he said, even though she still wasn't awake. She hadn't been for the last couple of hours, but he was sure that she was going to wake up soon. It was just a matter of time.
    He went to the kitchen. He had made dinner, pasta. The sun was down, it was late, but Ayden didn't care. Since he had left his scholarship for her, why not get a house as well? They were in a house, far away from civilization, so that it could be just the two of them. He had been preparing for this, decorating it just the way he knew she would like it.
    He looked at her as he stood at the doorstep, she looked so peaceful as she slept. The room was decorated close to identical to her room where she had lived before he had kidnapped her, everything to make things perfect. One thing that was different though, was the chains attached to the wall. He had carefully put chains on one of her wrists, and around her neck as well. Because, he didn't want her to run away. That would be a disaster, it truly would.
  2. Amie slowly began waking up. She couldn't remember much, and her head was pounding. She kept her eyes closed, thinking that opening them would make it worse. But, even though they were closed, something didn't feel right. This isn't my bed.. she thought in her head. She couldn't feel the chains around her neck and wrist yet.
    She opened her eyes slowly after figuring out that she wasn't at her own house in her own bed. She looked around without moving her head. When she saw Ayden, she sat up and was about to run over to him, demand him to tell her where she was at, but the chain around her neck had choked her, jerking her to a stop.
    The sixteen year old blonde stared at him, in shock for a moment, not knowing where she was. "Where am I?" Amie demanded from him. She didn't know why he just couldn't understand the fact that they were broken up. It wasn't a hard concept for her to understand. She had just.. fallen out of love with him. Found someone else. But, he just couldn't stay away. And, now this? Why...?
  3. Ayden looked at her with a sort of satisfaction in his eyes. She had to understand that she couldn't just do whatever please her all the time, she had to think about him as well. Knowing that he was in control of things made him calm, he knew that he was the one who decided things here. Now she wouldn't be able to play around with him anymore, now he was the one in charge.
    As she opened her eyes and was about to run to him, but couldn't because of the chains, he stood perfectly still. She looked surprised. He thought of what she might was thinking. He smiled at her as he heard her sweet voice, she wanted to know where she was. He came closer, sat down on the bed beside her, looked at her.
    "Don't worry, you're here, with me", he said. He looked around the room for a second before looking at her again.
    "This is you room. And this is our house", he said and stood up. He looked towards the window that had been blocked by some planks of wood with nails on it. The only light came from a small light bulb in the sealing.
    "Would you like to join me for dinner?" he asked.
  4. Amie looked around the small room, before her eyes settled back on him. She watched him stand up, shaking her head. "No," she said, answering his question. "I want to go home. I don't want to be here with you. You're crazy!"
    She stared at him, knowing now that if it was just them, he could practically do anything he wanted, and she could do nothing. Not when she was in these chains.
  5. Ayden sighed. It looked like she didn't understood it yet.
    "Amie, listen to me", he said, grabbing her hands with his maybe a bit too harsh.
    "You are home, and you don't have to eat if you don't feel like it. I'm not going to force you. You can call on me whenever you're hungry. And, last but not least", he said, giving her a kiss on the cheek, "I'm not crazy", he ended the sentence and smiled at her, letting go of her hands.
  6. Amie shook her head. "This isn't my home," she flat-out told him. As soon as her hands were free from his grip, she wiped at her cheek where he had kissed her.
    She thought about her cell phone, which she didn't feel in her pocket. He probably took it from her when he brought her here. It's okay, she told herself. They'll come looking for me. It won't be long before they realize I'm gone, and then they'll find me.
    She just hoped that's what would happen. That always happened, right? She stared at him still, hating that he was doing this to her.
  7. Ayden looked disappointed, his smile was gone. Somehow he looked angry, almost. What was wrong with her? She should be happy that he was doing this for her.
    "Well, it's your choice. See you after dinner", he said, and left her alone in the room. On his way out, he turned off the light and then shut the door. It would be her punishment for being so mean to him. He sat down in the kitchen and ate his pasta. They were far away from home, and he had told the ones who knew them that they were on vacation. Hopefully, no one would miss them for at least a few months. And by then, they would probably have lost all clues of where they might have gone.
  8. Amie sat there, looking down at her hands even though she couldn't see anything. It was too dark after he turned the light off. She couldn't help but start crying. She kept it silent, though. She didn't want him to hear her.
    She started feeling a bit sick to her stomach and then thought that she should have asked if she was allowed to eat by herself. She wasn't sure if hunger was making her sick, or if she was truly feeling sick. But, she didn't like this feeling at all.
  9. A few hours later, Ayden thought that she had learned her lesson. He went to the room where she was, and opened the door and turned the light on. "Are you OK? Is there something I can do for you?" he asked.
  10. Amie lifted her head. She was laying down on the bed she had been on since she had gotten there. "I.. um... I don't feel too good," she told him quietly.
    She knew she might as well not yell at him or anything, since she was obviously not going anywhere for a while.
  11. Ayden sat down and looked at her with worried eyes. "So, you're not feeling good? What's the problem?" he asked, sounding very concerned as he touched her hand and then her chin, gently.
  12. Amie's shoulders shook a bit when he touched her. She tried backing away a bit, not wanting to feel his touch. "My stomach hurts," she answered. "I think I'm getting sick or something." She held her stomach, feeling almost like she was going to throw up.
  13. Ayden looked concerned. "Lets get you to the bathroom then", he said, and took her chains off.
  14. Amie nodded, rubbing her wrist once the chains were off of her. I could try to run, she though. But he'd most likely catch up to her by the time she got to the front door. She didn't see any use in it. She stood up, trying to keep her distance from the boy.
  15. Ayden gently grabbed her by her wrist and walked to the bathroom.
  16. Amie tried getting free from his grip again, but didn't succeed. She was glad that they had gone to the bathroom, though, because she could feel that she was about to puke. She quickly got herself into the bathroom and over the toilet, hoping he'd shut the door for her.
  17. "I'll wait outside", he said, and shut the door. He thought of why she was sick, could it be something she had eaten? Well, at least it wasn't his fault, he thought. He was going to take good care of her, make sure that she wouldn't have to puke anymore.
  18. After a few minutes, she flushed the toilet and cleaned herself up a bit in the sink. She washed her face, looking at herself the whole time. She wasn't sure why she had all of a sudden gotten sick like that.
    Another few minutes passed and she opened the door and looked at him.
  19. Ayden smiled at her when she opened the door. "How are you feeling? Better?" he said, and gave her a kiss on the cheek.
  20. Amie nodded her head, but didn't smile at him. She still was upset that she had to be there with him. She wiped her cheek where his lips had touched.