Winter's first call.

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    Deep within the belly of stone; lives a race ancient yet reclusive by nature. Untouched by the concerns of the outside world. They live out their days in silence; their history and culture unknown toward those which walk the surface. Some consider them vampires; while others a form of lycan. Human's whose skin is as pale as winters first snow. Covered in white ash whose beauty rivaled that of the elves. The local orc's refer to them as "Ashlandian vampires." Their art depicts them as half man half bat. Capable of taking down the strongest and most heavily armored orc chief.

    Some consider them to be abominations. A woeful blight upon the realm. While others recognize them as an actual species; just trying to survive in these harsh lands. A small town at the base of the mountains consider them to be protectors. Devouring trolls and giants which normally would over run their homes. Rarely have they ever devoured a human being less a wandering hunter get's it in his head to take one of their kins head as a trophy.

    Often they could be found in town engaging in trade with the locals. This is one of the only times passing travelers would see them. Even now a small group of ashlandian vampires could be found entering the town. Being led by a Matron...Matron Kityana of the Silvermoon house...

    A frigid wind gripped the land; as winter proved to be as hostile as ever. Making life difficult for all those which called these mountains their home. The once paved road was buried under a thin blanket of snow. The sound of snow crunching beneath their stride would serve as a reminder that winter had finally arrived. And it would be many months before this blight would be purged by the aroma of spring and it's spices. Clothed in fur Kityana would peer at the small yet somewhat bustling town. Admiring their will to endure and thrive even in such a rough climate.

    She was accompanied by four of her kin as well as two wagons. Filled with the precious ores which served as their primary natural resource. This ore was used to make fine weapons and armor for both the locals as well as the empire which often made trips to pick up shipments. The sound of the wagons wheels turning against the resistance of the snow pierced the normal clamor. Declaring their presence to the guards long before words could be exchanged. And though they were welcomed into their town. Seldom did they ever exchanged in idle bantering.

    With a simple nod the guards would permit them to pass through the mouth of their primitive gate. Kityana's face obscured by the fur hood which shielding her from the snow being carried by the gust of wind. At this point the caravan would come to a halt as the local mayor met Kityana; offering her his hand. Without hesitation she would take him up on the offer; dismounting from her steed as her boots left their mark on the snow. "It is good to see you again Madam silvermoon." The mayor spoke with honeyed yet genuine words.

    "It has been many moons since we've last seen each other. As usual everything is in order on our end. Naturally I can see you don't have your supplies together yet. Which is fine...we can wait." Kityana replied; offering him a half smile. "Yes; this winter though young has proven rough. In a couple of hours we'll have everything in order." The mayor replied with some hesitation. "I understand...I fear the worst has yet to come. If you do not mind we will leave the cart with you. In return would it be alright if we sought warmth and shelter within your local tavern?" This observation she knew to be true; as did the Mayor.Winter always got worse before it got better.

    "That would be fine. Plus it would be nice to exchange more then a handful of words with your kind for once." The man stated with a chuckle. His word's though not unfounded; still left a bad taste in her mouth. "Thank you." A bow followed as the group traversed through the snow. Turning the knob before passing through the threshold. Immediately they could feel the warmth of the fire. Congregating as one, they would nest at a nearby empty booth. Removing their fur hoods exposing their ash littered and pale faces. The once lively bar was engulfed in silence. The crackling of the wood would be the only sound to disturb the air.

    This was the first time in a long time since they actually entered anyone's home or establishment. However after a moment passed the locals would return to their idle conversations. Meanwhile Kityana would offer her kin a reassuring nod.
  2. As the kin enters the tavern, all heads turn for a quick moment but went back to their conversations. Her kin is silent and hungry, hesitant since they are all hungry for something to eat, more preferably, blood. Kityana doesn't allow that just as yet until the signal is given.

    Anxiously waiting for the supplies Kityana and her kin mingle amongst themselves, trying make themselves seem normal. Thyete weather outside gets worse, but the supplies aren't ready yet. Kityana gets worried that by the time they are ready it'll be too late and dawn will be breaking soon.....
  3. Within the tavern there rested yet another horror unlike anything the world had yet to comprehend. Alabaster skin tight across his frame, violet hues framed in platinum locks. Ebony cloak across his shoulder though for the moment opened to allow the heat to reach his core. Black shirt beneath tight across the toned chest, he watched the parade of new visitors. It was not long since he had arrived here himself, he only sought warmth amidst the sold. In his hand he clutched a black mask, markings hidden for the time being. The staff had been eyeing him with wary looks all evening, he ordered another a lager and sat back in his corner seat, watching the on goings. These new comers did not all emit the human heat signature, nay a handful of them were in fact…..cold. This was a signature he was familiar with the mark of a vampire.
    It twas not often that a killer sat idle but he was new in these parts and his name had not exactly dug into the underworld yet, but he would see to it that his name became known. Perhaps these new folks would provide him with a starting place, people of this sort always have enemies. He would watch the on goings for the time being and wait for something to occur.

    “Bar keep another round, “ His thick metallic voice rolled across the air, likely drawing some attention to himself. He cared not if the world knew he was a little different.
  4. Even Kityana and her kin notices this bizarre stranger in the tavern. They debate if Kityana should go over to him and introduce herself, but what would the humans think. Especially, if there was going to be a brawl in the tavern. His eyes focus on Kityana and her clan from underneath his hood but goes back to back to drinking his drink.

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  5. The sound soft crunching in the snow would be carried along the cold crisp air that twirled around the locals that where outside. These soft footsteps would be made by a pair of bare feet. Yet it seemed these feet had taken no toll from the snow and its ability to take away warmth and the feeling in limbs and body parts. Skin like the snow in colour and felt smooth like velvet. The presence of a creature that is rarely seen came into sight heading towards the tavern.

    With that the tavern door would open slowly and a nose would poke through sniffing the air inside. A few sniffs later and a head followed. A head that had two long antlers resting upon the top surrounded by wild and untamed pine wood colour hair. Two deer ears swung back and forth as it listened to those inside. Hazel green eyes larger than the average human lined with thick lashes darted from one to another inside the tavern.


    The female finally stepped inside, showing the rest of her long narrow body. Legs that seemed to never end and to the amazement barely covered except for an interesting pair of poofy shorts. She seemed human but at the same time was not, thanks to the deer characteristics, including the deer tail that twitched on her lower back.

    Slowly edging towards the bar in hopes many would ignore her though her entrances wasn't so discrete. Not being one to really talked to would hear a man called out for another round. Having no idea of what the drinks were like she would jest to the bar keep to make it two of whatever the man was having.
  6. The bar tender handed her two drinks. She felt a strange atmosphere coming from the hooded man and Kityana's clan. She had no clue what kind of beings they were, except for keeping her distance in order to prevent anything from happening. This town attracted many different species, but the townspeople were kinda used to having visitors.

    It was growing colder out. Snow increased another inch or so, probably before dawn it would be blocking the entrance and exit door of the tavern. Kityana stood up and went to the bar for something to drink. She tried hard to stare at the new comer, but couldn't help but wonder what kind of creature she was. Uncertaininty was starting to build quickly than before.

    "Human, vampires/lycans and now this new comer, who else is gonna show up?" Kityana thought to her self.
  7. She stole glances at the hooded stranger who seemed to be watching them as well. She kept her face hidden behind the book she was reading. Kityana, her blood-mother, disapproved of her spending so much time reading instead of learning the crafts that would keep their kin alive and thriving. It was the first time Kityana has ever taken Valeria with her in hopes that she would learn something about politics and alliances. So far, all the girl's ever learned is that winter is very harsh when you don't have a roof above your head.

    One of their clan-members placed a drink in front of her which she eyed warily. Oh, she was thirsty alright. After all she's very young, the thirst is quite unquenchable. She looked up at Kityana and saw her watching the deer-lady at the bar. She has never encountered her kind of creature from her books before. Maybe she'll try to search for her when they get back home.

    Just then she felt the weight of the stare and followed it back to the hooded stranger. She felt uneasy about him being there. There was something amiss about him. It felt as if he wasn't entirely human in nature. She watched him watch them. His face was unnaturally beautiful. Not that she was attracted to him or anything. But his face bore the resemblance of that a descendant of an elf.

    Her eyes grew wide in realization. What business could he possibly have in this town? But before she could think any further...

    "Valeria," she looked up at Kael who gestured to the drink that has been placed in front of her. She nodded her thanks and took a sip.
  8. Kityana focused her attention on Valeria, "What are you reading about this time, my dearest?" Attempting not to be so superstitious about these new comers. Well it is her territory and it is her right to be suspicious of such things. After taking her eyes off of both the man and deer-lady, Kityana felt the both of stare at her now. It felt really uncomfortable and couldn't ignore it. She looked at Valeria and said to her "I'll be right back, I'm going outside to check on the provisions." After saying this, she left the table and went outside to check on the provisions that the mayor had promised. Hoping that both beings will eventually follow her and have some kind of conversation instead of stares and glares from each other.
  9. Kityana has left before Valeria could even reply. She sighed and looked at Kael. "Shouldn't you follow her?" Kael looked at the door which Kityana has just passed and then at the two strangers now watching them closely. He looked at Molrim who was sitting beside Valeria. Molrim nodded before he stood up, following Katyana out the door.

    Valeria once again looked at the hooded man who was still watching them. He gave her the chills and she did not like it at all. She looked at the closed door, hoping Katyana would just come back and say that they could leave. She re-opened the book she was reading and tried futilely to ignore the queasy feeling on her stomach. ...maybe it was just hunger.
  10. After a few minutes of reading, while the rest of the clan was doing their own thing she felt an unknown prescence at their table. She looked up and noticed the hooded figure, standing there. good thing, Kael and Molrim didn't notice this. Knowing her mother's guardians, they've would've stopped her in her tracks.

    He whispered to her, "Can we talk, privately, without the others around?" She looked at him carefully and nodded yes, "but you must return before the other's notice I'm talking to you?" she whipsered back to him.
  11. Valeria felt uneasy about her decision. But then again, she needed to know what this man was truly about. She set her book down and told Kael that she was just going to the loo. He looked around and found the hooded stranger missing from his spot. Ivana, her mother's trusted Hand, stood to accompany her. "It's alright. The bathroom's just right over there." Ivana hesitantly sat back down and Kael glared.

    "5 minutes."
  12. Kityana was still outside meeting with the mayor about the provisions. They were almost ready just needed another 20 minutes or so. After her return to the tavern, the deer-lady emerged and said hello to Kityana. Kityana apologized for staring at her for so long, she's never seen a being like her before and was very curious to know more. The two of them talked for sometime and Kityana didn't know that Valeria was missing as well as the hooded figure. She knew her daughter well and wouldn't go far from the clan.
  13. Valeria sneaked off to the side with the stranger, but not very far. She understood the dangers but she was trained well. Except... you never know. She looked around cautiously. Waiting for the stranger to speak up. What could he possibly want from her?

    She noticed the deer-lady had gone out, probably talking to Kityana. She watched from the side of her eye Kael and Ivana. She would get into so much trouble if they found out what she was doing.

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    "I noticed that your clan was watching me, especially your leader, Kityana I think that's her name. But I couldn't keep my eyes off of you. You are extraordinarily beautiful. I'm Saryn.", he whispered to Valeria, also watching the others cautiously. He took off his hood so she could see his dark blue eyes and his hair was blond with the sides braided and wrapped around the back of his head which led into a larger braid. His ears looked like that of an elve's. He smiled, admiring her beauty. "Sorry being so rude, but who are you and what is your purpose here as well?" questioning her generously.
  15. His voice was sweet, enticing. Clearly an elf. His beauty was unnatural, seemingly otherworldly. But then again, what could be considered worldly? She felt dizzy just by looking at him. What was he trying to do?

    "I'm Valeria. We're supposed to pick-up some supplies from the village." She dare not let him know who she really was for she was aware of the danger. He smiled at her and she couldn't help but smile back. And yet, the feeling of uneasiness did not leave her. She looked at Kael and Ivana and she could see their agitation due to her absence.

    "I must go." She turned back, her stomach in knots. What has he done to her when he never even touched her?
  16. "You are right, I'll talk to you when your leader returns, but for now hold on to this." He whispered in her ear, "Danger is coming and our people must join forces, vampires and elves as one alliance." He handed her a folded piece of paper, don't open it until your leader returns.

    He returned to his table and continued to stare at Valeria and the rest of her clan. "What kind of creature was she? Her smell was something I never encountered. What did she do to him?" He thought to himself as he continued reading and drinking his beer.

    Once again the doors opened up and emerged Kityana and the deer-lady, both going back to their original spots. Kityana passed by the hooded figure and gave him a nod of acknowledgement. He noticed this and nodded back.
  17. (remember that the hooded stranger was a killer, just starting out making a name for himself.)

    She tried to act as normal as she could as she sat back in their table, clutching the piece of paper in her hand. She was burning to read it. However, she did not believe his words. Kityana will surely be angry if she found out that Valeria talked to the stranger. Kael and Ivana will surely be punished. She pretended to resume reading her book. It seems that Kael and Ivana did not notice anything. She was relieved.

    Valeria looked up when Kityana had walked back inside with Molrim and the deer-lady. She noticed that Kityana's stare lingered a bit longer on Saryn. She buried her head down in the book. She's gonna get into so much trouble.
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    Kityana sensed danger coming Saryn, but seemed to ignore it. She knew he was different, but how, that was uncertain. She returned back to her table and saw the paper that was given to Valeria.

    "What is this, Valeria?", reaching for the paper; "Something seems definitely strange about you, as if you are hiding something. Something important". The rest of the clan looked at the mother and daughter, but didn't notice a thing, especially Ivana and Kael. Something caused Kityana to put the paper back and head back outside. She left the table with Molrim following her and went back out . "Scout the premises, something is definitely coming, we must be going soon. Hopefully, the provisions are ready if not we're going to have wait here till tomorrow's nightfall."
  19. Valeria remained still as Katyana and Molrim left without a single word. She looked at the stranger who was now watching the door. The uneasiness in her stomach has grown to a full-blown anxiety attack.

    "Kael, would you please get me some ale?" Kael nodded briefly and went to the bar.

    "What's the matter, Valeria?" Ivana asked. She looked at the poor girl who seemed to be shaking.

    "Nothing, it's just the cold I suppose. I wish we were just back home." Ivana smiled.

    "You know you're gonna have to do all this someday too, don't you?"

    "Not for a long time." Valeria sighed dejectedly.

    Kael returned with a cup of ale and Ivana placed some calming potion in it and stirred it methodically.

    "Here, this will make you feel better."

    Valerian nodded and took a sip.
  20. It took awhile for Kityana and Molrim to return with the provisions. Once they returned and went back to their table, it was time for everyone to leave and head back home. it would be about an hours walk and dawn was soon approaching, good thing the wind and speed was on their side. Both Saryn and the deer-lady noticed the vampires' departure it was time for them to make their move and finally talk, without the humans knowing what was going on.