Winterheart Military School

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  1. It is 2244. Humans have travelled all over the stars, we met hostile aliens and had one big war that we had ended up winning, that was more than seventy five years ago. No one had seen an alien in seventy five years. The Republic of Serene has been fighting a brutal war with the Inquire Rebellion. The war has been going on for a count of five years now. Both sides fighting each other with a vengeance.

    This takes place in the Republic, at the Winterheart Military School.

    Commander Lucas Winterheart had run an exceptional school for turning Cadets into full blown soldiers. With a rigorous physical training center and some of the most highly intelligent military tacticians and geniuses working in the Academic's department it was one of the most renown schools in of all the human expanse.

    The school had state of the art simulation programs and a huge campus ground filled with cadets training to become officers.

    No one who came into the school left the same person. They were tempered, ready for battle, ever vigilant and plain brilliant. They were disciplined to the maximum.

    You are apart of Capua Squad. Your Lieutenant training you was Lt. Silvis. She was as hard as nails, frigid with her command and she held a high sense of justice.

    The members in Capua Squad all ranged in personality, some were your friends, lovers, enemies, brothers, and even sometimes your only hope.

    The whole squad, or what was the whole squad at the time. It was a week before the big recruiting season came and every squad had gotten filled to its max or the maximum number of cadets per squad got increased. However the whole squad huddled around Shanley.

    She pressed a few buttons on the console, "Remember when there was the power reboot? Well the Commanders Console leaked a file and I was able to grab it before the security systems kicked back in. I managed to decrypt most of the file, it was classified and there was this video inside." Shanley pressed play on the console.

    It opened the video, it was a helmet feed from a Republic Soldier. He was shooting into a forest, the video wasn't high quality enough as to where they could see anything inside the forest. Someone got shot to his left and he turned and picked up the guy running towards a nearby medic. Except the person he picked up was dressed in the Rebellion colors. Then a blue ball of fire shot into a medic's head making the medic fall down dead.

    "Isn't that crazy?! I think there is something the military isn't telling us, what do you guys think?"
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  2. Raven scratched her head. "What the hell? Why would they... this is scary. There has to be a reason why one of our soldiers would even think twice before helping out a Rebel."

    She leaned in to the console and squinted. Without even thinking about it, she automatically pulled her modded prescription goggles over her eyes. I was beginning to feel naked without them.

    "Rewind back to the fire ball, then pause." Lt. Silvis rewinds to the moment before impact. Raven scanned the screen over and over. Her dark, almond eyes took to staring at the blue flames about to engulf the medic. What the hell... Inside her head, she worked like an electric surgical circuit. She analyzed the angle from which the fire could've come from. She analyzed the distance it would've had to travel. The trajectory. The speed.

    The blue ball was so familiar. She'd seen it somewhere before...

    "Okay, I give up. I don't know what it could be but I definitely think the big guys are hiding something from us." She plugged in her data quoit into the console. "I'm going to take this and encrypt a copy of it. During the weekend, I'll decrypt it again and see if I can figure out the numbers." Raven knew it was fully illegal. She was prone to doing illegal things. A flashback of her entry into the academy bloated her brain.

    "Raven Solus, you have caused us a lot of trouble here. So far, you've hacked and cracked several different data modules. We should kick you out before you get any deeper into the school. But... your skills are... impressive. We could use you as a tactical weapon. However, as a punishment, you can only use the console stations on the weekend unless permitted to do otherwise. Understand?"

    Arms folded and hip tucked out, Raven shrugged. It was unfair. She looked aside, into the reflection of herself on a panel inside the confined court room. She saw a girl, not even likely to be accepted into the academy. She was short and she was curvy. You don't see many from those categories and when you combine them together, it becomes nearly impossible. Her baked skin looked like a creamy chocolate smudge in the reflection, merging with her "raven" black hair. She pouted. She'd have to stay in the school, it was her best shot to use her skills to the fullest without becoming a class A criminal.

    "Understood." She saluted, and with a lackadaisical attitude, she broke from her salute and promptly left the court room."

    "Lt. Silvius... with your permission, I'd like to use this data. We also have to figure out what we can do to get to the bottom of this. Any other ideas?"
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  3. Michael walked to the front of the group since he was in the back, He stared at the screen watching the fireball and the whole scenario. But Michael wasn't much of an analytic person, He was better with technology...and he was a bit of a combat expert. He smiled looking at the footage from the helmet cam and was a bit confused on why he picked up a man in a rebellion jacket. But he just thought maybe he was under cover.

    Michael told himself he was stupid and stood up straight from leaning and looking at the footage. His blue mechanical eyes scanning the technology a bit, His longish dark red hair resting just at the halfway mark of his neck. He was skinny but was defined better, His face was soft and his voice was to. He was normal you know he didn't really talk alot because he really had nothing to talk about.

    He looked Lt. Silvius and smiled until she looked at him and gave him a death glare which casted him to the back, he took a seat sighing wondering when he was going to be able to show some skill...or atleast be recognized.
  4. ( It was Shanley at the controls and she happily rewinded. )
    "Not permitted. Shanley I want you to delete this and speak no more of it. Raven and Shanley you will run an extra mile tomorrow." With that Silvius walked out of the room not bothering to stop to hear their complaints.

    Slivius was a hard bitch, she was clockwork, everything was set in stone and you follow orders. If you didn't you would be given her death glare, everyone had been given that look at one point and it surely did strike down your confidence. She wasn't the prettiest girl but she wasn't ugly either. She was fit, muscly, strong and had a small gash on her check. She had buzzcut brown hair, brown eyes and freckles on her face. They say she fought in the trenches at Baraby Heights, and her whole squad died except for her.

    Shanley shook her head. "Shit." She looked at Raven. "If you want I can still make you a copy and have it look like I deleted it but there is no way in hell I am getting rid of this." Shanley turned and began to type furiously on the console. She spoke again but her blue eyes didn't move from the keyboard. "Sorry the bitch is making you run Raven."

    Shanley was pretty but humble. She had short cut blonde hair, sapphire blue eyes, and a rather perfect body. However she was only humble in that category, she often dodged around orders, cursed, spit, interrupted and was overall rude to her superiors. To other people she would act casual and semi - considerate. She was nice if you got to know her, and then if you were her friend she would seem almost constantly empathic. She didn't have many friends though due to her family "problems".

    Shanley's family had been military, his Dad rose in the ranks all his life and eventually to Master Chief Petty Officer. He was a sort of war hero, a legend. Shanley's mother was a Captain of a ship and not to mention, also a war hero. Shanley lived in their shadow and was excepted to follow in their foot steps but Shanley had wanted to have another profession, she wanted to work as a Doctor. She had told her parents if she was going to join the military she was going to join the Planetary Defense Forces and be a field doctor. However her parents decided to ship her off to the Academy against her will.

    The drama between her and her parents was often gossip between high officers and low ranking officers. It was hard for a war hero, much less two, to keep a secret. She was often made fun of behind her back. The Planetary Defense Forces were often considered as cowards and people who didn't work. They would make sure Planets were safe from attack and had all the necessary defense and policing they needed.

    "Anyone else want copies? It would be to risky to hand them out later."
  5. ( Ooo, cool. It reminds me of Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn. Awesome movie.)

    "You only asking for trouble, you know," Alice told the two girls, leaning on the doorway, "If she finds out you ignored orders, again, she might just discharge you."

    Alice was a true-bred soldier. She followed protocols, rules, and orders almost religiously; earning a small respect from higher ranked cadets. She was a brilliant study and knew many tactical strategies by heart. She loved to fight--and win--in every practice run; her enemies numbers didn't matter. However, she had one highly noticable, and fatal, flaw. She never got along with her teammates. Their laid-back attitudes and utter disrespect for superior officers made it hard for her to work together with them. They didn't like her, and she didn't like them. Though she might have the potential of an amazing soldier, her skills were worthless if she couldn't apply them in a team effort.

    "It'd be best if you just deleted that like she said to," Alice went on, "Or we're all going to be running extra miles."

    Alice had longish black hair that she kept in a tight ponytail to keep out of her way. Since she worked out, running and otherwise, whenever she could, she had lean, strong muscles. She didn't have a particularly 'amazing' figure, but she had smooth skin that had an usual paleness to it despite her many hours in the sun. Her dark, obsidian eyes hardly missed a thing, always calculating logic reasons and explanations for everything they saw. She never spoke of her family, but she declined the school-provided survival in favor of a long, scarred black knife that she didn't like to be without.

    Alice had seen the tape, and she was a bit unimpressed. While the blue fire was.......unsettlingly familar, her duty, not only as a cadet, but as a soldier of Winterheart Military School, was to kill who she was told to. She wouldn't let this video disturb her preformance.
  6. ( Well thats almost entirely what it is based off of. I only saw it recently :P )

    "You would enjoy running extra miles Alice in Not So Wonderful Wonderland." Shanley's slightly sarcastic tone made it a half joke and a half 'get off my back' kind of deal. "She wouldn't be able to discharge without my parents getting pissed off and her looking like a total doofus. I can make sure she wont know anyone else has it. Well thats unless you know. Show it to her but other than that I can make sure you are all safe."
  7. " She's right...i cant run extra miles im not a fan of it either...but i will take a copy anyways " He said as he came back from his little seating in the back, He brushed past everyone again reaching the front. He looked at shanley his blue mechanical eyes scanning like a robots would, Besides Michael like to inspect people on there forms... especially women who seemed to be the most curviest at this Academy. He put his hand to his head

    and ran it through his hair fixing it a bit. he then let a small smile escape as he continuously went over his thoughts in his head, Maybe if he got a hold of this tape he could figure out what was going on. Maybe enhance the video a bit , fix the directory maybe even find out who was shot and get the feed from the cam before his head was destroyed.
  8. "Alright Michael. I'll get you one on a mini disk tomorrow." Shanley smiled at him and began to type on the console. "I'll make extras for everyone else that wants one. Just ask me after the practice fight tomorrow."

    A minidisk was a small chip that you plugged into a console. It was much like the USB drives from quite awhile ago.

    The practice fight was something to be dreaded. Capua squad would be fighting Pompeii Squad. Pompeii was good, organized and led by the fiercest man in the school. Capua Squad was already a bit below the average on the Practice Fight Scoreboard and Lt. Silvius was pissed. Everyone knew she wanted us to be in the top ten like we were before. But some of us have been slacking off in some way or another. It would be a long day tomorrow.
  9. Raven dismissed Alice completely. Not out of disrespect, but out of saving herself unnecessary conflict. Remember Raven, she thought. Don't find trouble and it won't find you. She watched Michael's blue eyes gaze into the distance, then her eyes went back over to Shanley. Shanley was a nice girl, and Raven found that she might be able to be comrades with her when it came time for the real war.

    "So we've got Pompeii tomorrow, huh? I heard their leader is pretty tough. But we can handle them. I'm thinking about heading down to the training room later on, around 6? If anyone wants to join, I'll be willing to spar. We need to improve again, guys. It's the only way we'll get back to the top." Raven's voice began to waver near the end of her little rant. She didn't want to be reduced to the "bunk rodents". Those were soldiers that sat around in their bunks all day and never did any work. But they had just enough money and skills to stay in the school.

    "Anyone up for lunch in the mess hall around 12?"
  10. ( I just finished watching it a second time)

    "Ch. It isn't about if she finds it," Alice growled at Shanley, "It's about disobeying her orders in the first place." Alice turned and left the room, unsettled by the whole lot of it. She had met the leader of Pompeii before she had officially joined Capua squad. She knew that he was as much of a top student as she was and, in a bitter way, she respected his strength, leadership, and skill. She went into her room and began to do push-ups. She needed to focus on tomorrow's battle and began to inwardly recite some of the school's slogans. However, one word echoed repeatedly throughout her mind, breathing strength into her limbs and determination into her mind. Axios. I am worthy.
  11. ( Don't worry however the plot won't be nearly the same as the movie. P.S. Axios is the stupidest thing ever... )

    Shanley mocked Alice as she left. Shanley shook her head and looked at Raven. "I'll join you for sparring." Shanley found it was one of the times where she could get away from the people, the rumors and all the fuss. She had liked sparring. Raven was a good sparring partner as well. "Alright everyone, out of my room!" Shanley waved everyone out.
  12. ( Ouch. I liked it......a bit, anyway.)

    Alice's comm beeped lowly, grabbing her attention. She rose relunctantly and took a quick look outside her room to make sure noone was eavesdropping. Then she quickly sat down at her com and opened the commincations channel. She was surprised by who it was, and began to feel nervous. However, there wasn't a face on the screen, just a black background with white words scrolling across it.

    Your squad is facing Pompeii squad tomorrow, is it not?

    Alice hesitated and then began typing a response. Yes, we are. I would say 'We will win', but with this team, I do not believe victory is really possible.

    A reply was typed into life under her own. You shouldn't say that about your team. You could win, if you learned to work together again. Your team must be your number one priority, not your thoughts or feelings. It is your duty to help your teammates if they are lacking in skills or discipline. That's how we earn their trust and respect. That's how you learn to lead.

    Alice turned over his words in her mind, considering them, then began typing. You may be right, but where should someone like me start?

    There is no better time than the present. Work with your team, Alice, and make they don't disappoint me in tomorrow's match.

    Disappoint? We'll make your team see stars after the ass-kicking we'll give them. And your going to be face-down in the dirt.

    Hahahahaha, that's more like it. Goodbye, and good luck. I will be waiting for a good match tomorrow.

    Alice paused for a second before typing one last message. Thanks for the advice.

    She shut down her comm and stayed where she was for a few minutes. 'There is no better time than the present,' huh? Fine. It was time she got serious about this fight, anyway.
  13. " I...i dont think ill be able to join for sparring today " He said as he made his way outside the room and was walking towards the gym. He was running as fast as he could, He slid through the door and noticed the gym was empty. He questioned himself why but instead he walked up to a hanging punching bag, Closing his eyes he put his hands together. He opened his eyes and looked at the punching bag, he slowly moved his feet and was moving into a Muay Thai fighting style. As before joining, Michael had learned Muay Thai, knowing it would help him in the future. He wasn't completely sure they would let him use it in the fights, but he still practices it incase of a confrontation. He lept into the air his left knee place out in front of him, Placing his right elbow into the side of the punching bag. pulling the back in wards it would land on a human at above the hip and on the neck. As he landed he dropped to the floor letting his body roll into a circle, around the punching bag. Were he leaned forward and sent a back kick into the bag. He used the back kick to flip forward and land onto his feet, spinning around and sliding into his Muay Thai stance again. He smiled as his mind become refreshed slowly on moves like the Horse to catching bird technique, or the Crane drop.