Winterfest Begins!

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  1. Welcome to Winterfest, a time of sparkling lights, gifts and of course community! In this season of generosity and giving, that some here might call Iwakmas, we hope to find many fun activities and games with this season.

    Some things to look forward to include:

    Fluffy giving us the 12 Days of Christmas, Iwaku-style
    Secret Santa run by Ms_Wrong
    DawnsLight will have some holiday cooking tips
    The Iwaku Radio Show is bound to have some Winter themed segment
    And don't forget the GAMES!

    So everyone grab a cup of cheer and let the festivities begin.
  2. And for any geeks/nerds out there Pirogeth has his Elves making stuff for everyone in the form of Magic the Gathering cards, a new Iwaku set based off the card game and members around this holiday season.
  3. Click here to see the first of the twelves days. I'm sure comic book fans will appreciate the pancake reference, hehehe... I know I do.

    Keep up with my blog to see all twelve days of the corny lyrics I come up with, and the pictures I find. :3 Everyone have a great time this winter. <3