Winter Wars

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  1. (OOC: )
    The truck goes down the long bumpy road to the forward base. The driver remains silent as the radio plays some news cast about the ball game. A couple of the men with you look nervous, and you spot one of them reading the serial number of his rifle obsessively.
    Outside you spot trees spread out across the land. The occasional spot of bare red dirt is intermittent in the green grass. You also spot some animals not to far off, they look like some descendants of Earth's deer.
    Well you may as well introduce yourselves.
  2. Viktoryia sat against the wooden bench, the bumps in the road jostling her and her medical bag around a bit as they made their way down the road. She looked up at the others with a warm smile and nodded. "Hello, all. I take it I'm being deployed with you?" she asked, her Russian accent barely noticeable.
  3. Paul was looking out of the truck, lost in thoughts.

    "Hello, all. I take it I'm being deployed with you?"

    "Well, we are in the same truck, so I guess that's a yes" Paul said, still loking outside.
  4. The truck driver looks at you over his shoulder and says "We'll be there in three minutes."
    The wind picked up, blowing on the cloth covering on the back of the truck. That's when you spot the barrel of the Sniper rifle poking out of the grass. One of the soldiers with you yells to the driver but it's too late, and you all hear the blast of the gun going off.

    The shot flies and hit's the driver in the stomach, spraying the windshield in blood. The driver loses control of the truck and it soon careens into the ditch on the side of the road, flipping onto it's side.
    Two men move forward from the grass, guns at the ready.

    (...The dice are supposed to say: the 20 is To Hit, the 12 is Damage Modifier.)
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  5. (To roll dice just look at your post and click "more options", it'll be under there.)

    "Oh, heh. I suppose. I just wanted to acqu-" Viktoryia began for the gunshot rang out. She involuntarily flinched, then dropped down to the floor of the truck. "Oh god, oh god," she mumbled as the driver started losing control. The truck flipped, and she held desperately to the bench as it turned and turned. Once it stopped, Viktoryia let go and crawled from the truck, staying behind the as she crawled to check on the driver.
  6. "Fuck!" Paul curses and quickly aims at the soldiers with his trench gun (which he picked up from the ground before the men arrived) and shoots at them (if they are not too far away).

    (Seriously, dies, seriously? First you roll me the number 20 twice in my other post and now you hate me for it? :P Anyways, Is there any sort of way of deleting the Dice rolls? Other than deleting your post of course.(Sorry for posting it here, but I don't enough time right now for that))
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  7. (You only get one attack Aravhorn, and the road isn't that wide, so you are within range)
    You fire and the shot goes wide, missing them completely. "Hands in the air! Drop the gun!" One of them yells.
    From inside the truck you hear one of the soldiers speak up. "You motherfuckers messed with the wrong truck." Five of the other soldiers moved out of the truck and fired.

    And they hit their target, the first enemy soldier. The bullets impact him in the chest and he screams as he falls to the ground, bleeding.

    The other enemy soldier opens fire, aiming his Thompson at one of the soldiers. At the same time you hear another shot ring out.
    His burst hits Paul in the stomach, tearing into him and spattering blood onto the ground.
    (Paul HP: 77%)
    The sniper's shot hit's one of your soldiers in the leg, knocking him to the ground.
    (Soldier HP: 37%)

    The drivers elbow has been blown out, and you can see the bone has shattered. He looks up at you with a smile and asks "So Doc, tell it to me straight, what are my chances?"

    (And if you can't tell, not all the NPCs have the same health as you. That's so larger scale battles don't take forever.)
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    Vulnus threw 20-faced die for: (Sniper) To hit Total: 14 $dice
    Vulnus threw 12-faced die for: (Sniper) Damage Modifier Total: 8 $dice
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  8. Paul stumbles and places his hand on the wound. Dammit, it looked bad! Deciding not to take any unnecesary risks, he retreated where the medic was after firing a blind shot at one of the enemy soldiers with his pistol (his trench gun fell to the ground when his stomach was shot).
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  9. Viktoryia grimaced at the wound, then pat the soldier's shoulder. "I'm not sure, but I'll do what I can," she said, opening up her medical bag and taking out her tools. She injected him with a morphine syrette, so at least if he died it wouldn't be painful. She set to work patching up the wound as best she could.
  10. Paul makes it to cover as the gunfire continues. He can't see much of the battle from his position but judging from the staccato of gunfire outside the sniper has retreated from this battle.
    Viktorya patches up the wound as best she can, but the elbow cannot be saved. It will have to be amputated at a field hospital, but for now he's stable.

    The two of you hear Jeeps pull up and a new staccato of machine gun fire starts up. Soon enough a soldier in strength aug armor walks into the truck. "Everyone okay?" He asks, smoke still coming off the MGs overly hot barrel.
  11. Viktoryia smiles down at the injured driver. "There we go, you're stable. Just... Don't try to move your arm. At all." Viktoryia grimaces again, then looks towards the sound of the jeeps. She waits out the small battle, then turns to the soldier approaching them. "Yessir! I've patched up the driver, though... Ah... He'll need to be taken to a proper hospital and have his forearm amputated," she explained, making sure the driver couldn't hear her.

    She glanced back at Paul and scrambled over to him, starting to work on his wounds too.
  12. "Yes, we are fine, soldier... What is your name, or rank?" he asked while he grunted when Viktoriya applied the bandages on his wound.
  13. "Call me Mad. And as far as your concerned, I'm above you." From what you can see he is most certainly above you in rank, just judging by the uniform. "Get everyone out of the truck and we'll flip this thing over onto it's wheels." He says, stepping out and barking a few orders.

    Paul's wounds don't look too serious, but he does need some bandages and the like. You quickly get him patched up and ready to move. (Paul HP: 87%)
  14. Vikotoriya nodded and crawled into the truck, looking around for anyone else injured during the truck's tumble into the ditch. She called back to the other soldiers for help carrying out people, then reported back to the armored machine gunner. "Okay, truck is empty. Now, did you need our help, or..." she gestured to the armor he was wearing and the hydraulic muscles.
  15. "Thanks." he said to Vik after she bandaged him up. Then he hopped off the truck along with the others. "Well, Mad, I was just asking about your rank so I could adress you properly, since just calling you as "soldier" didn't seem appropiate to me, the same goes to calling you just by name (I'm a bit quirky, I know). But I don't mind if you don't want to tell it for now."
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  16. Mad grabbed the side of the truck and hauled it onto it's wheels. Upon stepping outside the two of you spot a couple of injured soldiers(allies) who are being tended by medics. Two of them begin moving a soldier who's leg is now missing to one of the jeeps. "Fucking hell. You were lucky my patrol came by when it did, otherwise we might be hauling bodies home." Mad said.
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