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  1. Universe Information (open)
    Technology took off during the 50's and man soon reached out into the stars. A terraforming experiment took place on Mars, making it a habitable environment.
    Man was soon colonizing Mars, seeking to gather the resources of Mars.
    Fast forward about thirty years. Earth goes dark and Mars forms it's own government. However several factions see a chance to seize power during the initial years of the new government and band together, forming the Free States of Mars.
    The United States of Mars sends a small force to put down the Free States, but it fails and the Free States attack back. Using Blitzkrieg tactics the Free States soon take a considerable amount of land. The United States of Mars quickly stopped the advance of the Free States with a large counter attack. Currently the war has entered into trench warfare, with neither side making much ground.
    Arms remain vastly the same as they were in WW II, meaning MP40s, Lee Enfields, and such weapons.
    However there are newer weapons, such as Tesla Rifles, remote detonating explosives, and such things. There's also Strength augmenting armor that allows a soldier to use an otherwise mounted machine gun on the move, however such kinds of armor are not massed produced and are in prototype phases.
    And of course, we have planes. Planes are considerably more advanced then prop planes, however the pilot is still subject to G forces. Jet planes exist, and pilots are outfitted with suits designed to help them with the Gs, but they can still only take so much.
    That's about it. As far as the name, well it doesn't take place in winter, but Winter Wars sounded better then Mars Wars.

    Okay, so here's how this works, and as a note dice are used, so if you don't have dice I will provide a link to a free web browser dice roller.
    You have 100% health
    A body shot does 10% damage, a limb shot does 5% damage, and a head shot does 90% damage.
    A body shot causes bleeding, which deals 1% damage every round until treated. After 10 rounds bleeding turns into severe bleeding, which deals 3% damage every round until treated. A head shot causes immediate severe bleeding
    Head Shots receive a minus five on the To-Hit roll.
    Weapons have a damage modifier. Roll the modifier die in order to determine how much damage is done on top of the base amount of damage.
    Certain weapons have accuracy modifiers against certain types of enemies, keep that in mind when selecting a weapon to use.
    Some weapons have automatic fire, this fires three bullets. Roll To-Hit for each bullet, and a -2 on the To-Hit chance.

    Armor Class is how high a roll needs to be to hit you. Base is 10 for everyone, and can be increased by certain types of armor.

    Weapons (open)

    Damage Modifier: 1d6
    Clip: 8

    Accuracy Modifier: +1 against Infantry
    Damage Modifier: 1d12
    Clip: 5

    Accuracy Modifier: -2 in automatic
    Damage Modifier: 1d8
    Firing Modes: Semi, Automatic
    Clip: 20

    Sniper Rifle
    Accuracy Modifier: +1 against infantry, +3 against infantry over sixty feet away
    Damage Modifier: 1d12
    Clip: 5

    Flame Thrower
    Accuracy Modifier: Cannot hit targets over Eighty feet away
    Damage Modifier: 1d8 for five turns
    Clip: 20
    Notes: Can only do body shots, does not cause bleeding, deals damage in a cone

    Tesla Rifle
    Accuracy Modifier: Cannot hit targets over Eighty feet
    Damage Modifier: 1d8 for three turns
    Clip: 5
    Notes: Has a 50% chance to stun target.

    Damage Modifier: 3d8 in a 20 foot radius
    Notes: Does no base damage.

    AT Rifle
    Accuracy Modifier: +5 against vehicles, -2 against infantry
    Damage Modifier: 3d8
    Clip: 3
    Notes: Must be setup if user does not have Strength augmenting armor

    Machine Gun
    Accuracy Modifier: -2 when Automatic fire is used
    Damage Modifier: 2d8
    Fire Modes: Semi, Automatic
    Clip: 80
    Notes: If user is not in Strength augmenting armor the gun must be set up.

    Trench Gun
    Accuracy Modifier: -4 on targets over 80ft away, cannot hit targets over 120ft away.
    Damage Modifier: 4d6
    Clip: 6

    Remote Detonating Explosives
    Damage Modifier: 5d6
    Notes: Affects targets in a 30ft radius

    AC: 13
    Health: 400%
    Seats: 4
    Speed: 100ft a round

    AC: 15
    Health: 600%
    Seats: 10
    Speed: 60ft a round
    Weapons: Machine Gun

    AC: 16
    Health: 650%
    Seats: 4
    Speed: 80ft a round
    Weapons: Tank gun, Machine gun(front), Machine gun(top)

    Vehicle weapons
    Tank Gun
    Damage Modifier: 4d8

    And more vehicles to come.
    Radio Pack: Allows for communication to headquarters and other radio operators

    Strength Augmenting Armor: Allows the use of heavy weapons without set up and movement speed with regular equipment. May not have this at the start.

    Medical Pack: Heals 10% health a round. Five uses. Stops all Bleeding

    I'm sure there's more to come
    Character sheet
    Rank: (starting Rank is 1)
    Background: (Short character history.)
    Personality: (Is he jovial or serious, happy or sad.)
    And here's that Dice Roller:
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  2. --------------------------------------------------------------
    Character sheet
    Name: Grayson Harris
    Gender: M
    Rank: 1
    Background: Moved to Mars for one reason: He was bored. Literally, Grayson enlisted and began fighting a war he had never heard of simply because he wasn't happy in his quiet Delaware life. He had no prior combat experience, though found he was a rather skilled melee combatant, sometimes preferring to bash someone's head in with a gun rather than shoot them.
    Personality: Shows almost no emotion whatsoever; answers are blunt and uncannily calm.
    Appearance: Grayson stands at 6'4, with a well-built, athletic form. He has large, heavy hands that allow him to have quite a bit of power between blows, yet making the operation of small firearms problematic. His hair is ashen black, and his eyes are a blank gray.
    Equipment: Thompson, 2 clips, basic armor.
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  3. Name: Paul Walker
    Gender: Male
    Rank: 1
    Background: Paul was born in England, Earth. He joined the USM to stop the Free States of Mars menace and to clear his name from his shady past as a murderer. Medical reports indicate that he suffers schizophrenia, represented in visual illusions of a man he calls Sam. The reasons for this illness are still debated, but it is commonly accepted that it might be due to his hard childhood he suffered back on Earth. Based on the description Paul has given to the medics, Sam looks like a medium-sized man dressed in old businness suit, similar to the ones of the 20th century. His attitude towards its host is rude, always trying to demoralize him and question his own actions (some speculate that this is the reason of Paul's cold nature). The only treatment to this illness is to take one pill of Thorazine each day (something that Paul can rarely get his hand on).
    Personality: Dead serious, no-nonsense type of man. Has an almost inexistent sense of humor.
    Appearance: Paul is a 1.87 m tall man with a strong body complexion. He has dark brown hair (already starting to turn gray), dense eyebrows (the left one has a small scar on it), a five o'clock shadow, and blue eyes. He sports a wide range of tattoos on both of his arms and back.
    Equipment: Trench gun, pistol, 3 mags for the pistol, 12 shells for the trench gun, basic armor.

    Two questions:

    Is Mars still terraformed to llok like Earth or not?

    Where are the shotgunz??? If you are going to add them later, ignore this question.
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  4. It was never terraformed to look like Earth. It was terraformed to be habitable, so there are plants and other such things, but it wasn't terraformed to look like Earth in particular.
    EDIT: Okay, Trench gun and remote explosives have been added.
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  5. I just want to show that you can roll Dice through the forums here. ^-^

    JextheShadow threw 20-faced die for: Testing Total: 20 $dice
  6. Thanks.
    Now if I could get everyone to finish or start their sheet that would be awesome, since we could start.
  7. Gonna be a medic, because the Geneva Conventions says you can't shoot medics! Or something!
    Anyways, have a currently WIP sheet so you know I'm actually doing a thing right now.

    Name: Виктория Голубова (Viktoriya Golubova)
    : Female
    Rank: Rank 1 Field Medic
    Background: Though of Russian descent, Viktoriya was born and raised on Mars, her parents having been some of the original colonists. Living as a humble farmer, Viktoriyalearned medicine by taking care of other farmers alongside her mother. Eventually the war started up, and Viktoriya signed as a medic, hoping she could help without having to fire a single bullet.
    Personality: Viktoriya is a very caring individual and tends to fuss over even trivial things. Unfortunately, she also lacks a sense of humor and most jokes just fly right over her head. Despite her being a medic, she carries a pistol though she's only used it to ward off enemy soldiers from a patient and never fired it as a person.
    Appearance: Going with a picture for this one.
    Equipment: Medic's satchel, medical kit, pistol, 2 spare magazines for the pistol, diary

    Also, who should carry the radio equipment?
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  8. Alright, going to kick this off today, so make sure sheets are ready and finalized. Also, radio equipment is kind of needed for the squad, so I'll stick it with an NPC for now.
  9. I'd be willing to switch my character to manning the radio, but I imagine you guys would prefer a medic to keep you alive :p

    And just a thought, Vulnus. Maybe up the damage values of attacks to make combat a little more lethal so fights don't drag on? Not entirely sure how the damage bonuses work, so that might alleviate my worries.
  10. Okay, damage modifiers work like this: say I get a head shot, well that does the 90% plus lets say I roll perfect with a rifle, so that's another 12%, so in total the damage dealt through that attack is 102%, so the target dies on the spot.
    If you guys want I can up the damage, just showing you how it works.
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