Winter Resort

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  1. [​IMG] James needed a break. He needed a break from his classes, from his teachers, and from everything else that was stressing him out in his life. The snow was begining to fall heavly and he knew that it would take even longer to get to the the resort the longer he waited. It was winter break and he had a few weeks off of school before he had to go back. He walked into his room and grabbed his two duffle bags that were on the floor and then placed then by the door.

    Checking his phone and putting on his boots, James sighed as he reached for his coat. He could practically feel the chill from inside. Giving his apartment one last look around, he grabbed both of his bags and headed for the car. The last thing he expected was trafic but then again carless drivers and slipery roads always had accidents. Gritting his teeth James sighed. Thankfully the cars ahead began to move and he was at the resort in and hour.

    Getting out the car James smiled. The resort look way better in person ( not that it looked bad to begin with) and the people were offering help with the bags. James gladly handed it to them and quickly walked inside rubbing his hands together so the warmth would come back. He was thankful that it was warm inside to heat hsi body up.

    Running his hand through his hair he followed one of the men who showed him his room and gave him his room key. Immeditally James took off his clothes which were cold and wet from the snow. Putting on some more comfortable attire he headed out the room and downstairs to look around.
  2. [​IMG]

    “Wow...” was the only word that the young woman had managed to utter as she stood before the resort. She had never been to any kind of resort in her life, but...this--it was too much. It was extremely extensive and embellished, so her mind instinctively began to ponder about the price of the reservation her brother had purchased for her. Unfortunately, her brother knew her like the back of his hand and he was aware that if he’d asked her first, she would have declined his offer. So, instead of giving her a choice, he had decided to buy the reservation ahead of time to drop her into the ‘you can’t back out now’ position. And he had recalled to whip out the, “If you don’t go, the hard-earned money I put into your reservation will all go to waste!” statement. And of course, he knew that she wouldn’t let that happen, realizing that she’d never want him to spend so much money on her in the first place. Allowing it to go waste would be a complete insult. Above all, her brother had done this for her as a gift for finishing college and landing a job as a software engineer a month later. Sure, she didn’t look like she’d be into such an occupation, but she was a total nerd when it came to technology in general.

    It was to congratulate her on her accomplishments, as well as to give her a chance to relax before she’d start her new job in a couple of weeks. That was another reason why her brother had forced her into this... Tesella would deny it, but she was an absolute workaholic and probably would have never gone on vacation of her own free will. Between finishing college, job-searching endlessly directly after, and landing the job soon after, there had been no room for rest....until now, that is. “I’m going to kill him!” she muttered to herself in that empty threat way. “How much did he pay for the reservation at such a resort?! Oh mark my words, I ‘will’ get him back! I’ll buy something even more expensive for him...or...” She began to ponder about how to ‘get back’ at her brother when, abruptly, she heard a male voice beside her. “Miss, might I be able to take your belonging up to your room for you?” the escort queried in his polite tone. She already entered the resort, but had continued to stand there in a mystified sort of way.

    Though, she was pushed out of her thoughts when the worker had spoken to her. “Ah, y-yes--thank you!” she said quickly, smiling kindly in his direction. “Um, my room number is 453.” she added in prior to following his lead to the room. Once he had arrived there, the man handed her the room’s key and went about his own way. “Thank you...” She gave out one final expression of gratitude before enthusiastically opening the door. She thought that she was amazed at the exterior, but...the interior of her room was somehow even more extraordinary. “No way...!” She ran inside, dropped her luggage and shut the door behind her. Instantly, she began to run around the room to check everything out up close. She wasn’t sure if she was excited from the fact that she’d be in such a lovely room for the next few weeks or if it was due from that coffee she’d consumed from a recent all-nighter. She definitely possessed the heart of an engineer. “If my room is this great... I’ve got to take a closer look downstairs--I’m sure there’ll be more to see~.”

    Happily, she pushed her key into the pocket of her jeans and walked out of the room, heading downstairs for a bit of sightseeing. This would certainly be a good experience her. Tesella needed to get out more often. Way more often... And who knows--she might just meet someone new in the process.

  3. [​IMG]The place was much better than he had imagined it would be. There was so much more than he had expected. A lounge with the comfy pillows, A computer room where most people that he had seen were in there, There was an indoor pool. James smiled in approval knowing that he would be visiting the pool very shortly. And there was a libary and a huge one at that. Books on every subject and every genre. James headed into the dinning room which held a bufet of all the possible food choices.

    For a moment James thought he was dreaming and that his eyes were deceving him but no matter how many times he blinked he was still in the same place. The poeple there for the most part were friendly and didn't hesitate to speak. Some people where with their children and showing them around as older kids ran and played in the small gym like area. This was the place he needed to be. In a stress free and work free zone.

    As he was looking around James stopped. Out the corner of his eye he saw this woman. She was beautiful and he was just standing looking stupid. Shaking his head he had a gut feeling telling him it was now or never. James approached the woman and then thought about what the hell he was going to say. " Hey im James". He smiled warmly and hopped he didn't sound like a retard.
  4. After reaching the lobby downstairs, Tesella began to survey her surroundings with widened eyes of wonder. Aside from the embellished lobby area, there were various sections for entertainment such as an indoor pool, a computer room, a library, a recreation center--you name it. Upon taking a peek into the dining room, she noted the large buffet in there as well. "Wow... I still can't believe I'm here..." she murmured to herself as she stood there, looking a tad lost in the huge lobby area after stealing glances from each of the hotel's sections downstairs. She knew that if it wasn't for her crafty brother, she would have never been here. On a regular basis, she wouldn't be too keen about standing around in an area that was relatively busy and full of people, but...she didn't mind it here for some reason. The people that came in emitted a positive and friendly atmosphere that she actually wanted to be in. After all, they were all coming in to enjoy a relaxing vacation for the most part, whether it be with their families or on their own like her.

    In all honesty though, Tesella really wasn't expecting someone to come up and speak to her. She had assumed that she just blended in with the moderately bustling stream of individuals moving along. Perhaps that wasn't the case after all. Quickly, the young woman spun her head around abruptly, to the point that her long brown lockes had gently whipped her in the face. Of course, she barely noticed because that kind of thing happened all the time. She possessed a bit of a startled, wide-eyed expression. Though, she was swift to erase it. Unfortunately, that startled look was just a bad habit of hers to give whenever she wasn't expecting a sudden conversation. Oh how she despised that habit. Tesella stared up at the man in silence as she took in his handsome features. His deep dark eyes threatened to entrance her even further. Thankfully, she'd caught herself in time to realize that she was staring for a little too long without saying anything. "Ah--hello James, nice to meet you. My name is Tesella." She smiled kindly in his direction, nodding her head as she spoke.

    After introducing herself, she wondered... What else was there to say? If only she had taken on social situations more often, this would have came to her as a second nature. "Are you enjoying your stay here so far?" she asked, glad that she thought of a decent question to ask to make conversation with him. She pondered about whether he had just arrived here just as she did. had she not noticed him when he stepped into the room?? Perhaps the hotel was a bit distracting on her part, but she recalled that even if she would have noticed him, she most likely wouldn't have had the guts to speak to him. Thus, the admiring from afar would have begun.
  5. [​IMG]A smile formed on James lips when the woman spoke. He knew it was random to just walk up to someone and start a conversation but James couldn't help it. She was beautiful and he didn't want to miss out on an oppertunity to talk to her because James knew that he probubally wouldn't. " Tesella huh? Thats a nice name". James was having a hard time keeping his focus and he didn't want to keep screaming but he couldn't help it. " Well I just arrived here but from what I can see, it will be very intresting here".

    James was glad that he left for the resort. The place was totally mind blowing in a bunch of ways and their was so many things to do beside go outside and freeze to death. He ran his hands through his hair out of nervousness and then placed his hands in his pocket. " Im heading over to check out the pool table, You can join me... I mean that is if you want to".

    Giving Tesella a smile, James turnned around and made his way over to the pool tanle in the small room. James wanted to get to know her but he'd have to take things slow. She seemed nice and the last thing he wanted to do was mess things up. After setting up the cue balls he grabbed a stick and made the first attempt. Solids.
  6. Tesella tilted her head slightly as she looked up to him. Her name was nice? She'd always thought it was a bit on the odd side and nothing more. Despite that, she smiled back at James, grateful for the compliment. "Um, thank you." she replied, listening to the response given to her question thereafter. "Really? What a coincidence--I just arrived here not too long ago myself, but yes, I agree that this is definitely going to be an intriguing stay." Hopefully, she didn't make it too obvious that she was not just referring to the resort itself when she mentioned how 'intriguing' the stay would be...but to him as well. "Maybe we can even check out the rest of the resort together." she suggested with a thoughtful smile. She didn't notice his nervousness, but if she had, she wouldn't have felt a bit uncomfortable feeling nervous herself. She made sure that she wasn't about to ramble about something, which was an occasional nervous habit of hers.

    When James stated that he was going to go check out the pool table, he invited her to come along. "I'd love to join you. I've never played pool before, so...just a fair warning for you." she admitted with a chuckle. She did want to give the game a try after all. She watched games between her brother and his friends, but never attempted it. Once they were by the pool table, Tesella paused and watched James set up the table with inquisitive eyes. Not only was this a bit of an excuse to get a better look at him, but it was also see how the game was played as a refresher. After setting up the cue balls, James had grabbed the cue stick and shot the first attempt. She smiled; not bad at all, or so she assumed from the past matches she'd viewed. "My turn?" she queried to make sure prior to taking the cue stick. Trying to recall the correct way to hold her hands and place the stick between her thumb and lifted index finger, she eventually tried an easy position of striking a nearby ball into the closet side pocket. Tesella managed to strike it in...thankfully. "Hmm. Guess I'm not as bad as I thought I would be." she joked, giving the cue stick back to him.
  7. [​IMG]James was glad when he saw Tesella come into the room to play some pool with him. He looked at her and smiled. " Well im glad you decided to join me, pool would be kinda boring if it was just one person and dont worry usually people have beginners luck". He nodded and watched as Tesella proceeded in hitting her ball into the side pocket. " Impressive but you angles alightly off, let me show you". James walked behind Tesella and then placed his hands ontop of hers so that he made sure her hands and fingers were placedd properly, " Here like this". He spoke before backing up and then taking his shot with his stick.

    After a couple of minutes of playing pool James had one but only slightly. If Tesella would have hit the eight ball in before he had then it would of been her game. Looking up he couldn't help but smile. " That was a good game and your pretty good, I might have to go against you again sometime. Well im gonna head into the dinning area and grabe a plat to eat and head upstiars to check my phone but i will be down tommarow morning if your up to get a early swim". James waved and then looked back before walked out of the room and heading over to get a plate. It had just now dawned on him that his heart was beating out of his chest. Once upstairs he responded to all his messages and then finished his food. After watching tv James found himself relaxed until he fell asleep.
  8. "And I'm glad you invited me to play a game with you." Tesella replied, smiling brightly. At the mentioning of beginner's luck, she tapped her chin thoughtfully. "I sure hope I could get a bit of that beginner's luck then..." After she attempted a shot, she surprised herself by actually striking one of the solid balls into the nearby side pocket. Resting the stick onto the floor momentarily, James mentioned that the angle in which she was holding her stick had been slightly off. "Oh, really?" she questioned curiously, now pondering about the correct way to angle it. She didn't need to wonder for very long, because he took the initiative to literally show her the method of grasping it. "Um..." she began, but that was all she could think of to say as he moved behind her and placed his hands on her own. Her heart beat sped up just a tad more, but she attempted to focus on what he was showing her. "I...I see. So that's the right way. Thank you for showing me." she said, reforming her smile.

    The game didn't last for too much longer. After several more minutes of playing, they had finished completely. James had won by a point, but Tesella sort of saw that coming. He wasn't a bad pool player at all, not to mention she was still a beginner at the game altogether. "Thanks! You aren't bad at all yourself. It would be great to play another game with you sometime as I learned quite a bit in that one game from you." Tesella nodded happily afterwards. Knowing her, she would have never agreed to play a game of pool with a stranger on a regular basis. She was glad that she had chosen to do so though, and it showed that perhaps she was beginning to open up a little more to others. Peculiarly, it wasn't very hard to do so with James. When he stated that he was going to head upstairs after grabbing a bite to eat, she set her cue stick down in its former position on the pool table and turned back to him. "Okay James, I think I'll be heading upstairs myself. However, an early swim sounds nice. See you then." she responded, giving him a wave as he walked off to the dining hall.

    Once he was out of sight, Tesella sighed deeply and stood there for a moment, as if she were in a trance. 'Not only was he really nice and cool to talk to, but he's handsome too. He's even more so up close.' she thought to herself, pondering about whether this could have been a dream instead of reality. That would explain why she'd been acting unusually sociable today. But it couldn't be a dream. Not with how strongly she felt the beating in her chest along with that lingering feeling of jittery nervousness. Eventually, she headed back upstairs to her room. She felt kind of tired, and decided that it'd be best to actually sleep tonight. After all, she would need her strength for tomorrow. Speaking of which, she had just realized that she agreed to go to the pool...and that meant she'd have to wear her bikini. "Ugh, great... I forgot that I have chicken legs." she muttered to herself, but shrugged it off as she laid on her bed.

    Her legs were definitely on the slim side along with the rest of her frame, but they weren't horrible to look at as she had made it out to be. After talking to her brother on the phone about the resort and how excited and thankful she was for this getaway, she went straight to sleep. Perhaps she would tell her brother about the guy she had met today, but not now. He'd probably flip out.