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  1. Disclaimer: I do not own any of this. All of the characters (( except the ones we make up)) are the sole property of George R.R. Martin. The world also belongs to him.

    Westeros: A continent of blood and tyranny. The Mad King, Aerys Targaryen, has been slain, replaced by Robert Baratheon, the first of his name, king of the Andals, the Rhoynar, and the first men, lord of the seven kingdoms, and protector of the realm. Robert has so far, besides the Greyjoy Rebellion, ruled peacefully.

    Jon Arryn, Roberts as well as Ned Stark's, Roberts best friend and lord of Winterfell, foster father was given the title of Hand of the King. He ruled as Roberts right hand and basically ruled the kingdom. Everything was quiet in the Seven Kingdoms...

    Until now.

    Everyone in the Seven Kingdoms is in an uproar. The word spread quickly as soon as it hit the commoners ears: Jon Arryn is dead. A fever killed him in the night... or was it? Word has it that he was killed because he knew something he did not need to know. The question is, what?

    Sorry for the bad intro :/ i am pretty tired cause i just took nyquil for my cold and am pretty tired. I will edit it tomorrow if i can. So anyway here is the link for the story line we are going to follow:

    Basically, you can create your own character, be a character from the series, or be one of the characters in the noble family i come up with. Here is the character sheet:

    Ancestral Item: ((blade, amulet, etc))
    Status: ((noble, commoner, etc.))
    Title: ((if any))

    I am still brainstorming ideas for the house i am creating.. so you may begin! :)
  2. Name: Damon Nalfur

    Age: 37

    Personality: Damon is a hard man who keeps to himself mostly and can hardly be read as to what hes feeling.

    Ancestral Item: Nalfur family Katana

    Status: EX noble after his family was mudered.

    Title: None

    History: Damon Nalfur, His house was betrayed and murdered by a mysterious man, Damon has a face of stone and chilling blue eyes. Since then he has been trained in the ways of the sword his entire life. None can defeat him in physical combat. He is the number one blademaster. His symbol is the symbol of the Nalfur, the golden crane. He has now become an adventurer.
  3. The Roleplay of Ice and Fire!

    "I am a pessimist by policy, but an optimist by temperament. I try to anticipate everything that can go wrong, and plan accordingly. Then I can play out the game happily, knowing that I've covered every possibility." -Lysander Snow

    Name: Lysander "Silvertongue" Snow (Targaryen)

    Age: 14

    Appearance: He stands at 6’4, and has athletic, broad shoulder build. He has muscle on his body, but still lots of room to be filled out. He has lavender colour eyes, but Maester Luwin has given him daily drops of a rare liquid that has the effect of changing his eye colour to dark blue. His hair just falls fast his shoulder, and he holds it up in a ponytail tied with a leather thong, his hair as black as night, except for streaks of silvery-white that have grown in his hair ever since he hit puberty and they continue to increase in frequency. Maester Luwin makes him die his hair regularly so that the hair stays dark. His face is stunningly handsome with both the beauty of his parents being spelled out on his face. He is usually freshly shaven.

    Sarcastic, witty, charming, courteous, cunning, easy going, optimistic, sarcastic, cynical, respectful to those he believes deserve it, caring, compassionate, gentle, rebellious, guarded, disciplined, curious, suspicious , determined, ambitious, responsible, hardworking (when willingly choosing to do something) and lazy if not, wary, adrenaline junky, merciful in his own way but to those who don’t know him well they can think him to be ruthless, A noted Marksmen with a bow, and still learning the sword, he is also able to play the harp and the pan flute

    Ancestral Item:
    Rhaegar Targaryen’s Valyrian Steel Hand-and-a-half Saber

    Noble Bastard (is in fact a legitimate Noble)


    It is widely believed that Rhaegar Targareyen kidnapped, raped, and killed Lyanna Stark, but to only two men the truth is known; Howland Reed and Eddard Stark. Rhaegar was married, while Lyanna was betrothed to Robert Baratheon, but in fact they day they had laid eyes on each other they had fallen in love. Rhaegar courted Lyanna in secret, and at the tourney at Harrenhal, Rheager passed over his own wife and crowned Lyanna Stark as Queen of Love and Beauty. Rhaeger loved his sister, but only as that; a sister, even if he was married to her he never truly loved her and she understood this.

    What in fact had happened is that in secret Rhaegar had had his marriage annulled by a septon, and whisked Lyanna and himself away to the Tower of Joy, where they were wed by that same septon, they then proceeded to consummate their secret wedding. The couples plan was to have Lyanna get with child so that Rhaegar could reveal his bride and have it officially accepted. His sister had in fact helped him plan it for she was in fact in love with another man as well.

    Woe to behold their plans went astray when Robert began his rebellion. Rhaegar rode to help preserve his families dynasty; he attempted on the Trident to speak some sense into Robert, but he was killed for his attempt at peace.

    Ned Stark and his companions including Howland Reed rode to the Tower of Joy and fought three of the kingsguard there; Ned Stark and Howland Reed where the only survivors of that encounter. Ned then entered the tower to find his sister dying from childbirth, the midwife holding his nephew. She made Ned promise in her last breath of life to take care of Lysander.

    Returning from the war Lord Eddard Stark he brought the two new born babe to Winterfell (Jon and Lysander), insisting on raising him with the rest of his family, but keeping his parentage a secret and telling everyone the child was his as well as Jon, which turned to be a source of friction between him and his wife, Catelyn, who has seen Lysander and Jon's presence as constant reminder of her husband's infidelity, making them feel unwelcome in her eyes. However, Eddard always treated Lysander and Jon the same as his trueborns and Lysander got on well with his "siblings", particularly with Robb, Arya, Jon, and even surprisingly to a point with Theon Greyjoy, a foster of the Starks.

    Lysander was always a very mature child, holding wisdom beyond his years which baffled his elders. He read and learned anything he could get his hands on; he would climb onto the towers and terraces of the castle and read in place people couldn’t disturb him. This was not to say that Lysander wasn’t active he loved to run, ride, climb, archery, and swordsmanship, even taking interest in such things as smiting, medicine, fletching, and ravenry. He would play cyvasse with his father; quite to the displeasure of Lady Stark.

    When he started to hit puberty; alongside all normal changes that a boy would go through, his eyes started to turn a sparkling lavender in colour and his hair started to grow silvery-white streaks; revealing his parentage. Lord Stark made Maester Luwin use dyes and herbs of kinds to make Lysander look the same as before; but these things did not escape the boy so after incessant questioning; Ned took Lysander into the godswood where he revealed his parentage and gifted the boy with his father’s sword. Ned told him to keep these things a secret for if people where to find out-especially the king-he would be in great danger. And so the boy has lived the last few years with that secret in his eyes, and the secret ambition to see himself rise higher than a bastard of a noble family, when he was in fact of a royal line. He has got the nickname "Silvertongue" for his charming and cunning.
  4. Name: Viktor Peareth

    Age: 29


    View attachment 9260

    Devoted, to work and play. Viktor spends hours training everyday, but in the evening he can be found in the pub with strong drink in his hand. He is honest, brutally so, often speaking his mind without concern for anyone else.

    Ancestral Item: (Will develop IC)


    Title: Soldier of Winterfell

    History: Born in the middle of a 6 year winter, Viktor's earliest memories are of vicious storms and endless fields of white. Having been born during times of great hardship, he developed a strong sense of selflessness at a young age. Right around the time Victor would begin his training as a solider, his father caught pneumonia and died just two weeks short of his 15th name day. He was a man grown, but plagued with a deep sadness that he would carry with him for years to come.Viktor excelled in swordsmanship, learning and perfecting his skills with furious devotion. While he is gaining notoriety as a skilled solider, he fears that he may never rise in the ranks due to his common social status. Recently he has even considered taking the black in order to see what lies beyond.
  5. An RP based on a Song of Ice and Fire?! Must join. Will put up char sheet soon.


  8. Sorry for the LONG wait guys, but here is the noble house of:

    House Vayne

    Arms: A wolverine:

    Words: Never Surrender

    Overlords: House Baratheon

    History: The House of Vayne has traced its history all the way back to the first men. During the War of Conquest by Aegon Targaryen, House Vayne were the kings of Crackclaw Point. When The Conquerors sister, Visenya, came to Crackclaw to demand surrender, the Vayne's and their houses had no choice but to. Ever since, House Vayne has owed allegiance to the iron throne. During Roberts Rebellion, House Vayne participated with the Mad King, and was in the Battle of the Trident, the Battle of the Bells, The Siege of Storms' End, and the Sack of Kings' Landing. When the Lannister's betrayed the Targaryens and attacked Kings' Landing, House Vayne surrendered to the Baratheons, swearing fealty once again to the Iron Throne, but to a different king.


    Varen Vayne: Lord of the House; Warden of Crackclaw Point; King of the Mud(given to him as a title by Robert Baratheon.) I will be playing him of course.

    Eddard Vayne: Heir to House Vayne

    Bethany Baratheon: Sister to Robert Baratheon; wife to Varen and lady of the house.

    Maester Gavin: Maester of Dirtwalk, the house's capital.

    Daven Vayne: Brother to Varen; currently in Kings' Landing, representing the house.

    Brynden Waters: Bastard of House Vayne; Man of the Nights Watch at the Shadow Tower.

    Feyona Vayne: Varen's sister; Married to Manfrey Martell, cousin to Doran Martell, lord of house Martell.

    Feel free to start occupying characters :).

  9. Sadly, I have not read a A Song of Ice and Fire, nor have I seen the television shows. I have played "A Game of Thrones", but that is the extent of it. This interests me greatly though, so please reserve a slot for me. : )
  10. Ok so its taking longer then usual to make my PC. I keep ending up wanting to read the books after I start researching. I think we should just all start in Winterfell when Robert arrives and we can go anyway from their; hopefully together.
  11. Name: Kelly Tyrell
    Age: 18
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Personality: Gentle, Caring, Intelligent, Kind Hearted, Diligent and Soft. Kelly enjoys makings cakes, shopping, eating, piano, working, dancing and running. Although she eats a lot, Kelly has a high metabolism that much to her friends' jealousy enables her to eat loads and gain no weight. Unlike most nobles she is very kind and loving, she is a simple girl who enjoys the small pleasures in life. A bit of a hopeless romantic, she also loves children, candy and talking to people.
    Ancestral Item: A Rose Prendant
    Status: Noble
    Title: Lady Kelly Tyrell
    History: Having grown up in a gentle, loving family who want the best for their daughter, they sent Kelly off to a private school where she was a straight A student with many friends who love and adore her. Doing all that she can for her village, Kelly she decided to help the patisserie who decided to keep her on for a small wage which she uses to buy the children of the village goodies.
  12. Their my Jon Snow twin. XP

    I have an idea for a plot. Jon Snow is heading to the Wall to join the nights watch. Lysander Snow is going to see if he would like to join and also to see the Wall. Tyrion Lannister is going to see the Wall. Viktor Peareth could be sent to guard them? Damon Nalfur could be Lysander and Jon's swordsman instructor?

    If not on Tyrions path and plot we can go with Ned Stark to Kingslanding and follow that plot.

    Also Forever; you should make Damon a master swordsman that has master all types of swordsmanship like Waterdancers from Braavos, and such.

    Anyways these are just ideas. Feel free to take them or disregard them.
  13. Ok so Harma's been gone for 6 days....I'm guessing this is dead and im pulling out of it.