Winter is Coming...

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    Seeing the first signs of the seasonal change.. and there is something huge trying to dig a hole next to the house.. wonder if it is a groundhog.. Let us all pray for snow!
  2. Nonononononono, lets have a long and cool autumn, with NO SNOW AT ALL, YAY! :D <-- FaceofDesperation
  4. winter is a must its the only time my white ass looks somewhat dark ((or what most people call normal))
  5. I was born in December so i love winter. You can call me a Snow-flake baby if you want, Idc...
  6. This summer has sapped my will to live. COME NOW, AUTUMN! COME TO ME!

    (Highs in the 90s again, hey I think we broke a record for most days over 90.)
  7. After that hurricane gives us a ton of rain we will get over 100 for a few days then drop back down to 80's again.. 80's being normal for this time of year.. Isaac will put a nice dent in the drought for us!
  8. Oh ye gods, winter.... Does anyone want to take me away to a nice warm tropical place for a few weeks once it hits?
  9. I agree with Torsty, Scandinavia has been to cold lately, especially Sweden Dx I don't want a cold snowy winter!!! Once some years ago we had a winter with a lot of snow from October and the snow stayed until April :s I don't want that T-T And it was minus twenty degrees :o uuuh

  10. I agree with Elyd. This summer has been nothing but taxing on my health. -_-"
  11. hahaha no winter here, screw you!
  12. For fuck's sake, it's not even Fall yet and you're counting down WINTER?! D:<
  13. Let there be halloween first Dx
  14. There won't be Fall this year! the drought killed all the leaves! with no Fall color means Summer changes to Winter! Fall goes on vacation!
  15. I'm with this guy. Where on earth do you people live that you want WINTER to come? Fall I can see, but winter? I'm going to the beach this weekend, and also damn kids get off my lawn.
  16. Seriously. At least here it doesn't actually get cold 'til November. Anything under 50 just makes me wanna hide inside all day, which is no fun.
  17. We want Winter because this happened.

    All so in translation 100F - 108F is 38C - 42C. We had temps like that 14 days out of the month in July and the rest where upper 90's.. and those still kinda suck... August has been a lot like that too.. just cooled down to very hot instead of excessive hot..

    Needs to fucking snow! Or icestorm! We are due for one of those anyway!

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  18. I was raised in Alaska. You don't know cold. You don't know what cold or darkness truly is till you see no sunlight for more moons then you care to count.
  19. Blargh. You can warm up easy, but it is much harder to cool down.