Winter Court

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  1. The Winter Courts Crowned Princess

    Two Knights

    One Adventure


    Name: Tressa
    Age: 160
    Gender: female
    Race: Fae
    Animal; snow leopard
    Magic: ice and wind

    Name: Alred
    Age: 200
    Gender: Male
    Race: Elf

    Name: Lucius
    Age: 400
    Race: Vampire
    Gender: Male
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  2. "All bow to the new queen and head of Winter Court." The second hand's voice echoed over Tressa's pointed ears as she stood proudly in front of her throne alone. One by one the rows of people dropped to their knees heads handing low one fist on the ground. Fae were rather accepting creature loyal to their friends, family, and leaders. Not one person had a argument against her crowning all looked to Queen Tressa as a good leader. She was smart, tactical, well trained, and over all enjoyed the company of her people. She never ignored her subjects wants often speaking for them to her late father. And with no laws against an unmated female becoming ruler they quickly supported her. That being said despite the many loyal subjects now bowed before her other kingdoms and other races did not take so kindly to the Fae. Often slured words of being beastly and wild were said and though Fae openly accept other races many other did not even some Elven lines looked down on the far though so closely related. Alas all races had some kind of prejudice against them and there always those who accepted and did not. What was the point in worrying. Her army's skills were well taught and trained and their infinity to the wild helped them in many ways during a way. After a few moments everyone stood and began to clap in joy soon the parties and drinking began and last well into the night.

    Some weeks passed and now she stood the second hand bowed lightly in front of her. Many talks of a tour to build connections have been in the works. And now with the dates fast approaching her second had hand selected two personal guards for her. Though regular guards would be in charge of her traveling party he simply insisted she have two personal guards.
    "Stand my dear Rowen I have said it before I see no need in you bowing to me in privet. You have been by my side for so long that I see you more as a brother then my advisor and subject." Tressa smiled as the man rose his white hair spiked in the front as his green eyes relaxed with a laugh.
    "Yes, you have said it many time before but of course I rather enjoy making you uncomfortable with your new title." Tressa laughed before standing up.
    "What is it Rowen?" She finally said as she turned to look out the window her long blonde hair falling down her back in gental loose waves and curls. Messy and wild some would say but normal and elegant for Fae. Her gray eyes stared happily down at the town around the castle walls.
    "I have selected your two guard and would like to introduce you. Though both not Fae they are skilled and highly respectable soldiers. They are loyal to the kingdom and to you."
    Tressa sighed she didn't partially want new guards but to please Rowen she went along with it. She was more than capable of taking care of herself.
    "Yes yes send in these men." She sighed waving him to go and fetch them.
  3. The first that came in was Alred, he stood about six feet tall and had shoulder length white hair. He was an elf, his skin was pale, almost ivory and flawless. He had a serious look on his face, his brown eyes almost seemed cold. He wasn't naturally a serious man, but that was different when it came to his job. He had a bow strapped to his back as well as a full quiver of arrows. He had been an archer since he was a child so he had 200+ years of experience. He had his arms to his side and stood straight up. But when he saw her, he bows down to her. "Milady." He says to her and then stands tall once again. That was one thing, he was proud...proud to be an elf. But he didn't see any difference between Fae and Elves. And he natrually repsected and accepted all races. He wasn't one for conflict, and if conflict ensued he quickly found a solution to it.

    "I am Alred of Neverion." He says and bows once again. Neverion wasn't too far off, it was a rather large forest where Elves dwelled. But when ever the Kingdom needed his service, he happily accepted. He had been the guard for many a king and queen.

    A few mintues later a tall young man with dark hair and blue eyes appears out of no where. He had most of his body covered up, except for his eyes and the top of his head. Tucked neatly away under his armor was black clothing and a pendant that glowed slightly against the darkness of the armor. He is a vampire and the pendant protected him from being turned to dust. He had cold looking eyes and he had his arms crossed, seeming rather annoyed with the whole thing. He was known for doing odd jobs, mostly jobs that normal humans couldn't do.

    He didn't bow to her like Alred did, his simply stood there with his arms crossed. "The name's Lucius." He says to her in a cold tone. But if she asked of his race, he sure as hell wasn't going to tell her. Most looked down on vampires, thinking that they were selfish, vain, monsterous beings. And most humans- vampires had left a bad taste in their mouths, constantly being attacked by them. He didn't show respect towards her, because she had to earn it first. He had two swords attached to his belt, and he knew how to use them, when he was human which was over 400 years ago he was a well trained swordsmen. And he two had severed many a king and queen. And the only reason he was doing this was to prove that not all vampires were selfish creatures.
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  4. Tressa's silver eyes examined both the men without a word judging their very postures and demeanors. After a few moments her pearl lips twitched before she smiled a small laugh leaving her. She quickly covered her mouth with her hand the motion smooth and precise even for such a small gesture.
    "Sorry, I am not laughing at you. Just by looking you are both very capable fighters. It's just I did not think even the slightest that Rowen would actually find guards. I wanted no speaific guards for this journey but he pestered me day and night until I finally told him a requirement." Her face went placid again as she took a step forward the sudden wave of smells hitting her noes her eyes landed on the dark haired male studying him for a bit before looking away. "I had no quells about race or age, these thing have never mattered to this kingdoms rulers. But, we are a proud race and the mere fact Rowen thought I needed guards insulted me. If I didn't enjoy his company so much I would have quickly put him in his place." She sighed her eyes growing annoyed. "So, my requirement was two guards he believed to be more skilled then I. Weather that's the truth or not I do not know you certainly both carry the air of great worriers." She smirked before turning and heading back to the window. Her eyes scanning the town again in silence.

    She was quiet happy with his choices not only did they seem just as capable as herself they would give her something nice to look at on the trip as well. Though she would never say that allowed. Even a queen has her preferences. The question was did Rowen take they looks into thought know she would want to keep them around for that reason. That damn man knew her far to well for far to long. Her fist came to her lips as she thought. A few moments she tempered she was not alone. "The trip is in two days time. We leave an hour after sun rise. You may discuss shift or whatever amongst your own. I have little need to hear. Rowen had prepare rooms for you to both rest in until we set out do you need anything from me until then?" She asked not turning to look at them again.
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